Battle Frenzy
624 Crashing under pressure 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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624 Crashing under pressure 2 in 1

All of the Grozny fans remained in their seats, wearing the same solemn expression on their faces. None of them joined in on any of the blind discussions that were raging across the stadium. Instead, they sat quietly, waiting for the group battle to start. Naturally, that wasn't the case for the rest of the audience. The Skylink was now broadcasting the highlights from the previous duels, as well as the excited and unrestrained chatter from the commentators and analysts. Of course, they would not give up on the opportunity to promote and showcase themselves to the world.

After half an hour, the resting period was over. As both squadrons started to send their respective lineups up, the entire stadium turned quiet, to the extent that it felt as though there were no people present within.

The first to appear on the side of the stage was Vladimir, immediately turning the Stuart Dimensional Stadium so silent one could hear a pin drop.

The Ice Prince's strength had been wholly demonstrated to everyone in the earlier duel. His terrifying strength truly deserved the reputation it possessed, while his Ice Dominion was basically a BUG-level existence in group battles. It was possible to imagine how terrifying it would be if the ice-cold air and energies were to flood the entire battlefield, and what's more, there was still the frightening Absolute Zero. Even the ordinary ice-cold energies that he radiated would be enough to freeze a large bunch of those so-called experts! His very presence was more than enough to shake the hearts of people. Yet, Vladimir did not walk up the stage. Instead, he continued to stand by the side, with only his gaze focused on the stage.

His exceedingly pale face showed, on first glance, how frighteningly exhausted he was from all of the energy he had expended in the earlier duel He was barely able to stand and observe the upcoming group battle. Nevertheless, even though he had been defeated, he could not hide and retreat. There was also no use for him to take any medicine or drugs to forcibly recover his strength. Although there were some that he could consume, using those that stimulated one's potential would leave him at the edge of death. Clearly, unlike the Gui and Zhao Families, the Vasilyevich Family wasn't going to throw their dignity for the sake of victory.

From the looks of it, Vladimir was barely able to keep himself from falling. Despite that, he did not need anyone to carry him. This was his squadron! At this moment, he was required to oversee the group battle!

Vladimir's display was very well-received, garnering the cheers and applause from the entire stadium. The heroism of the northern regions was genuine. Being able to face challenges and defeat head-on showed an attitude that far surpassed that from Gui Hao and Zhao Yilong.

Once again, Gui Hao had taken the brunt of it. Recently, he had been the target of so many stabs he had now was now riddled with holes.

Even though they were shocked by how strong Vladimir was, the Tianjing fans were full of respect for how open he was even after his loss. Regardless of strength, attitude, or willpower, Vladimir was truly worthy of being a king!

The stadium responded with intense applause. Not only were they coming from the grown men from Vasilyevich, whose eyes were moist with tears, they were also coming from the countless Tianjing and brother King fans, sending their heartfelt respect for this expert hailing from their generation. This time, there were quite a few girls from the Tianjing camp shrieking for their Ice Prince, with no one from the Tianjing side standing up to stop it.

Both sides gave their full applause to the lineups walking up on stage. There was nothing that was beyond expectations in the Vasilyevich's lineup. Mainstay defender, Pomo. Mainstay attacker, Noriba. Assassin, Leninski. Soldier, injured, De Gea. Finally, substitute soldier, Lance. 

Although they lacked the most crucial member, Vladimir, in their formation, they still had Pomo and Noriba, 2 Mo's List Rankers; an extremely powerful defender and attacker respectively. With these 2, Vasilyevich's lineup had no clear weaknesses. More importantly, almost their entire lineup was in tip-top condition. They had only one injured person, De Gea. In fact, his injuries weren't even serious at all.

On the Tianjing side, there was Wang Zhong, Scarlet, Colby, Milami and Lily. There were no complicated formations or lineups. Unlike everyone's expectations, Wang Zhong wasn't exhausted or even pale. In fact, his face had a rather healthy-looking shade. 

Although Wang Zhong and Vladimir were spent from their duel, Wang Zhong had used more energy in the duel than the latter. However, different types of energy consumption had different kinds of after-effects. The after-effects from having fully unleashed the energies of his Ice Dominion had an unimaginable burden to Vladimir's body. Compared to him, Wang Zhong's special ability had only consumed his Soul Power and physical strength in the duel. Therefore, the most he felt was exhaustion and fatigue. In fact, Hymin didn't have to conduct any specialized treatment to aid in his recovery. Therefore, Wang Zhong only needed to recuperate in the resting room. The eruption of his special ability had stimulated his meridians and flow of energy, allowing his body to recover to 60-70% of his optimal condition. Nevertheless, his outer appearance had already fully recovered! 

As a result, despite bringing along a whole bunch of substitutes, not a single person out there, be it in the stadium or watching via the Skylink, felt that Vasilyevich had any advantages in the upcoming group battle. With Wang Zhong in his restored condition standing on the stage, the overbearing pressure he brought could be seen on the faces of the Grozny squadron members, so much so that even their breathing was stifled. 

Noriba was the key to victory or defeat in this battle. However, for some unknown reason, whether it was excitement or nervousness, his hands had started to tremble. He was even beginning to pant! He really hated this unknown feeling he was experiencing, yet was unable to control anything about it!

A few obviously weak and harmless people were present among the Tianjing lineup. However, when placed by Wang Zhong's side, they immediately turned into fortresses so difficult to breach, that they brought out the disgust in people... Colby, Lily and Milami's hands were all dripping with sweat, with their hearts brimming with more excitement and nervousness than their opponents.

During the previous strategic discussion, Wang Zhong had only said one sentence, which was to display their abilities at will. Already having a considerable understanding of their captain, everyone knew what that meant. Their captain was planning to take on all of their opponents. Allowing them to take part in this crucial fight was only for the sake of letting everyone experience the atmosphere of being in such a massive competition. This would become one of their most treasured memories to come. Regardless of how it went, everyone had fought together, shoulder to shoulder!

There wasn't much pressure to achieve victory. The only thing they had was the desire for glory and the belief in their captain. With Wang Zhong in the lead, and 4 of them behind, the heroic spirit of Tianjing gushed forth from their very being.

This was the threat and advantage of a trump card. Without talking about combat strength, it had a boost in morale for the side with the trump card, as well as a minus for the opposing side. This was already enough to break the equilibrium for this group battle. Furthermore, Wang Zhong stood right before in the front! Despite being unarmed, his expressionless face radiated an overbearingness as though he was showing disdain towards the entire world!

"It's impossible for Wang Zhong to have completely recovered from his earlier duel. This group battle will depend on the collaboration between Pomo and Noriba, as the other 3 members from Grozny aren't sufficient to put up a fight against Wang Zhong. There's also no use in any siege tactics, though it will be wise to take pre-emptive action to remove the small troubles in the form of the other Tianjing members." 

"Don't joke about it. Those were the exact thoughts the members of Bella Dean had during their group battle against Tianjing. Now, without Vladimir, Vasilyevich probably has the same level of strength as the complete Bella Dean lineup. Yet, they were still thrashed by Tianjing."

"....Thrashed. What a pity, Vasilyevich. Although they are S+ ranked powerhouses, being forced to such a point by All Mouthy King…"

"Do you think that he's called brother King for no reason at all? Go, go brother King! Go, go, almighty Tianjing!"

All of the brother King fans turned high, going crazy for their idol. Faced against this and not wanting to show any weakness, the Vasilyevich fans replied with equal levels of cheers and roars for their squadron. Clearly, the injured Vladimir, still present in the stadium, had given them a sufficient boost in pride. Cheers, roars and shouts instantly filled the entire stadium, skyrocketing the already fiery atmosphere to new heights.

The squadron members had already taken their places. For the Tianjing side, Scarlet and Milami stood side by side, forming a group. Colby and Lily took the flanks, allowing them greater freedom, while also being able to aid the group. A starved camel was still stronger than a horse, and they did not have the capacity to be reckless.

Compared to them, the Vasilyevich side was clearly more rigorous in their formation. None of them dared to stand separate from the group. With Wang Zhong, who knew Dimensional combat techniques, their only choice was to huddle together tightly. The closer they stood with one another, the greater the mutual support and assistance they were able to provide to one another. With his extremely strong defence, Pomo was clearly the central pillar of the group. With his raised shield, he stood right at the front, with Noriba by his side, and the rest present close behind him.

A somber note started to brew in the atmosphere, causing feelings of desperation to fill the shattered and hole-ridden stage. This match would be fought to the last man.

"There's no path of retreat for both squadrons. Vladimir's defeat has caused Tianjing to be incomparably close to creating history. They will obviously give their all in this group battle."

"That's right! With the honour of northern regions and their dignity as a squadron, the S+ ranked Vasilyevich would absolutely not give an inch!" Ruo Zhi was already shouting into his microphone, his voice already turning hoarse as a result. He had burnt a large amount of his energy while casting the earlier fight between Vladimir and Wang Zhong. Nevertheless, he still continued to shout with all his might, "On one side, we have a powerhouse squadron with 2 great Mo's List Rankers! On the other side, with have an absolute trump card with a group full of substitutes!"

There were more people who favoured Tianjing and captain Wang Zhong in this group battle. No one could deny his heaven-defying individual strength, which could turn an impossible 1 VS 5 into an actual victory. However, captain Wang Zhong still needed to face the problem of energy consumption. After all, Vasilyevich possessed 2 great Mo's List Rankers in their lineup. Both Noriba and Pomo were people who could not be underestimated. Having fought all the way this far into this match, this group battle was no longer just a contest of strength, but also one of spirit, will power, as well as the desire for victory!

"Both sides have already taken their places! The referee's about to ring the bell! Now, the atmosphere within this stadium is on an unprecedented high! Even us, seated in the sound-isolated commentator's room, can feel the fervent and passionate roars and shouts coming from everyone present here, shaking the entire stadium up! What a showdown, what a match! Let us witness the final moment where victory is decided!"

As soon as he finished talking, the competition bell rang.

Competition start!

Flames of fighting intent immediately erupted from the 2 squadrons.

"We'll advance as in a sharp V formation! Pay attention to concealed attacks. I'll defend against their long ranged fire. Let's force our way in…" With Vladimir not participating in the group battle, Pomo had taken the role of the commander, as he had a rather considerable understanding of combat tactics and strategies. With all of them huddled together, they would rely on his defence to tank all of the long ranged threats, while forcing their way into close combat range. Simply speaking, other than Wang Zhong, the rest were all thrash! Their primary goal was to get rid of Wang Zhong as quickly as possible!

As long as they were able to get close, the Tianjing squadron substitutes would not be able to assist Wang Zhong. If he dared to unleash a sneak attack, the 5 of them would collaborate and meet him head on! Pomo had already made preparations to deal with the fiery Heaven's Raising Axe Wang Zhong had displayed earlier.

This arrangement was the most reasonable and stable combat tactic for Vasilyevich to implement. Before doing so, they had already made sure everyone within their group had understood what to do, especially Noriba. Pomo had obtained a fierce nod with a "Whatever you say" reply from him.

However, just when the fight had started, an explosion rang out before Pomo could finish his words.


A frightening shockwave exploded out from beside him, shocking the completely unguarded Vasilyevich mainstays into dumbfoundedness. In the next instant, a flash of light shot out from beside Pomo.

It was Noriba!

What formation, what combat tactic! Fuck your sister! Do you think I'm terrified?!

Who would have thought that Noriba would be the one that would go out of control! At this instant, no one could tell if Noriba was possessed or not, as a fearless and crazed expression was plastered on his face. Coupled with the critical moment where everyone's focus was on him, the idea of defending caused him to shiver and feel suffocated, so much so that even a second of it would cause him to die. He wanted to end this fight as quickly as possible! Regardless of the outcome, the only thing he wanted was to end this match!

Upon seeing this, Vladimir's face turned even paler than before. Compared to this, Pomo remained cool headed as he took this in. Using combat tactics was the right decision. However, Noriba... was still too young. With his ever smooth-sailing life, he had never faced a disadvantageous situation before. Furthermore, Wang Zhong's use of a similar combat technique had dealt a massive blow to his ego. Under the multitude of emotions surging through his heart, he had lost control of himself!

Nevertheless, Vladimir did not feel much grievance upon seeing that, as this was not that bad of an outcome for Vasilyevich. This was how Noriba was. He knew that this fight would end either through the eruption from silence, or by them being extinguished in silence. Staking everything in one attack was not that bad of a choice. However, everything still depended on how much Wang Zhong had recovered from the break!

At the instant when he shot forward, Noriba's eyes had already turned into burning orbs of fighting intent. Only a fight would cause him to lose sight of everything. Most of the time, instead of death, soldiers were more afraid of waiting... waiting for judgement to come. That was because their fate would no longer be controlled by them!

Having accumulated all of his power into his Heaven's Raising Axe, it immediately blossomed with incomparable radiance. The instant it lit up, everyone felt that the power within had already exceeded the chop Noriba had unleashed against Karkel! At the moment, the entire space appeared to be pulled towards his Axe intent, as though it was being attracted to his power!

Faced against this sudden attack, a few hastily unleashed gunshots rang out. Nevertheless, they were unable to pose any threat to Noriba, as the bullets were utterly incapable of breaking through the Soul Power defences that encased him. There was no activation of any special ability. The pure might of his Axe Intent had surpassed everything.

This was the genuine accumulation of power! At this moment, the entirety of Noriba's being had already sunk into his Heaven's Raising Axe!

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His eyes blazing with fire, Noriba had only one person in his sights. Held in his hands, this chop was the accumulation of all of his power! This axe would decide life and death! If Wang Zhong was able to endure it, he would win!

Come! Let's see whose Heaven's Raising Axe is the real deal!


Everyone was dumbfounded by what they saw! What an unexpected situation! Only an instant had passed since the start of the fight, yet it had already turned into a life-or-death moment!

However… in the next second, everyone were stunned by what they saw.


A clear bang rang out, while the axe intent that blotted the skies and the seemingly endless wave of power came to a halt.

In reality, Wang Zhong did not need to use any Dimensional Combat Technique. At the instant Noriba unleashed his chop, all he did was a simple assassin's revolving step, easily evading Noriba's attack. With that, the frightening Axe Intent was completely useless against him.

This was followed up by a 2nd drive powered hand blade chop to the back of Noriba's head. Before he could even struggle or shout out in pain, Noiba had already been knocked unconscious by his own all-out attack. Collapsing onto the ground, he skidded face flat on the ground for 10 metres, carving a ditch on the already shattered surface.
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    《Battle Frenzy》