Battle Frenzy
629 Dumbass teammates 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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629 Dumbass teammates 2 in 1

Not only were they feeling regretful, the current situation was still a shock to most of them. Before the start of the CHF, everyone had assumed that Carolyn or Vladimir would be the ones facing off against each other in the finals. This was especially true for Vladimir, as the Vasilyevich squadron truly had the strength to win their semifinal match. With both Noriba and Pomo, they possessed the strength to finish off the half-dead Wang Zhong. Despite Wang Zhong having quite a bit of time to recover, the exhaustion from his duel against Vladimir would have led to a greater expenditure of strength. What a pity...

Just thinking about this caused anger to surge within Pomo's heart, especially when he noticed the large screens playing back the moment of Noriba rushing forwards with his Heaven's Raising Axe high in the sky, before being easily knocked out by Wang Zhong with a twist and chop of his hand blade. At this moment, Pomo could not help but to get choked by feelings of dumbfoundedness, while a massive weight pressed down on his heart. However, the most lethal thing was that Noriba, who was seated beside him, was not even showing any signs of remorse! Instead, he was making massive strides towards becoming a fool!

"Look! See how handsome my chop is!" Noriba still had that silly expression present on his face as he gave a sigh of regret. "Look at that strength! Look at that might! Tsk tsk tsk! If Wang Zhong had dared to meet my chop head-on, I would have definitely made him doubt his life!"

Pomo almost spurted out blood upon hearing Noriba's words. "Fuck! Doubt my motherfucking ass! Before making other people doubt their lives, I'm already doubting my own life! Don't continue talking about this! If not, I'll squeeze the life out of you, you dumbass!"

Noriba started to chuckle heartily in response. Instead of feeling angry, a sliver of regret flashed subconsciously across his eyes. He knew that he was not able to handle the pressure during that moment. Nevertheless, it wasn't his style to wallow in regret and dejection! One day, he would become stronger!

"It's truly interesting to have such a teammate." Carolyn said with a smile. "It will be an interesting experience if he's able to become my teammate."

"Ha ha. I really hope to have a teammate like miss Carolyn. However, that would probably be an extremely hard wish to fulfil." Vladimir replied with a faint smile, his eyes as calm as an ancient and tranquil lake.

Although their journey in this CHF had come to an end, their new journeys had just started. He knew what Carolyn meant by "teammate", though it was a pity that it would never come true. Of the 3 great factions in the Holy Land, Vasilyevich was not in the same faction as Stuart. Being the most direct of competitors, the 2 families have already tried countless times to entice each other's talents whenever the opportunity to enter the Holy Land appeared. However, that would only apply to those external talents. The thought of wanting to entice Noriba Vasilyevich was basically a joke! 

"Compared to Noriba, isn't there someone else who miss Carolyn is looking forward to recruit? However, the 3 great factions of the Holy Land will definitely for the chance to recruit him. Ha ha, even I am no exception."

Although none of them mentioned any names, both of them knew who "him" referred to. Only he had no connection to any of the 3 great Holy Land factions. And only he possessed the qualifications to cause them to struggle to snatch him up. 

Carolyn proceeded to exchange a long and deep stare with him, before ending the conversation with a smile. The members of the aristocratic families were either like Gui Hao, who couldn't accept losing, or would treat victory and loss with the same indifference. They knew that they had a long road before them, and that there were still many more opportunities for them to seize. Therefore, they would not care much about momentary gains or losses.


Just at this moment, 2 bell rings resounded across the stadium, before the various musical sounds came to a stop. Black screens filled large screens, as Ruo Zhi's passionate voice rang out from the speakers.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Ladies and gentlemen! It's now 2 pm in the Federation, and the massively anticipated 25th CHF final is about to start!"

In an instant, all of the cameras focused on the sparkling CHF trophy sculpted out of dimensional crystals that now sat in the centre of the VIP podium. In the next moment, the voice of the CHF organizing committee chairman, Long Mei'er, proceeded to ring out. Although she wasn't shouting passionately at the top of her lungs like what Ruo Zhi was doing earlier, being a legendary expert, her voice was clearly weightier and filled with dignity. This allowed people to get a better grasp of how important this upcoming match was.

"Yes, this is the CHF championship cup, a trophy the represents unlimited honour and glory! Every single squadron and every single participant is here for the sake of obtaining this! Today, 2 of the most outstanding soldiers in this generation would shed sweat and blood for this! 2 powerhouse squadrons from 2 distant places of the Federation, will give their all for this! This is the greatest suspense of this CHF! Today, let us see who claims ownership in the end!"

"Now, let's welcome one of the 2 squadrons that will be competing for the final honour and glory of this CHF... Tianjing squadron!"

The countless viewers within and outside of the stadium were already high as the announcement for the Tianjing squadron came. So many days had passed since the semifinals! Everyone had been waiting for this moment! In the next instant, every single Tianjing fan started to roar out with their souls, cheering and roaring for their squadron, for Tianjing, and for their Tianjing dreams!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Tianjing! Tianjing! Tianjing!

"All Mouthy King!"

The berserk roars instantly shook the stadium on its supports, permeating across the entire stretch of land. In the Skylink, countless people were already chanting "Tianjing will win!" in the chat!

Dressed in a smart-looking Tianjing squadron uniform, Wang Zhong took the lead and walked into the stadium. Here was a captain of a small squadron that was once the butt of jokes. Today, he had become the focal point of the audience, and the idol of worship for countless people! Following closely behind him were Grai, Barran, Scarlet and Emily. When the only spotlight shone towards them, the group of 5 people, with Wang Zhong at the helm, had turned into the focal point of the world, immediately causing the entire Federation to erupt into cheers.

He did not belong to any power or influence of the Federation. He had also not used any of the power and resources from the aristocratic families that would always make people's eyes turn green with envy. All by himself, he had walked all the way to this stage! No one within the history of the Federation had ever accomplished the feats that he had! No one even came close to him!

He was the one and only king!

Be it the stadium or the Skylink, there were truly too many Brother King fans cheering and shouting. In fact, there were even those that were being choked full of emotions. They had watched their legend-making hero take step after step, before finally accomplishing the unimaginable to stand at the finals of the CHF! Words could not describe the excitement and emotions gushing through their veins! 

Under the countless attentive gazes focused on him, a faint smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face, hiding the unstoppable fighting spirit that filled his entire body. He had waited a long time for this day!

As he turned his gaze towards the other participant passage, Long Mei'er's voice rang out. "Today, in this stadium, the Tianjing squadron will face against the Heaven's Fate squadron, led by Mo Wen!"

"Heaven's Fate! Heaven's Fate! Heaven's Fate!

"Mo Wen! Mo Wen! Mo Wen!"

The first person to walk out from the brightly-lit passage was an eye-catching soldier. His stable stride with his hands crossed behind him made him appear as though he was a natural-born leader. There was no need for words, eye gestures, or any further commentary from the CHF officials; Just his very presence was enough to incite mad responses from his countless fans!

As the Brother King fans continued to make noises, the Heaven's Fate fans started to join in. Compared to the sudden eruption of All Mouthy King into the scene, Mo Wen was the genuine god, who's splendour was already present before the start of the CHF!

Even after experiencing the ordeal that was Carolyn, he continued to stand tall! He was the strongest genius in the history of the Heaven's Fate Mo Family, the strongest Casted Soul, the number one under the heavens, Mo Wen!

Present behind him was an incomparably terrifying lineup of Mo Ling, Napier Mo, Mo Zhong and Mo Shang. Mo Ling and Napier Mo truly exemplified the meaning of terror, as they possessed the strength to suppress the 10 great Mo's List Soldiers! Although the new 10 great CHF experts had yet to be announced, Napier Mo and Mo Ling would definitely be on that list! If the previous announcements of all the number ones were just for entertainment, the new 10 great experts would undoubtedly possess the greatest credibility, as it did not use occupations as a judge, but just pure combat strength!

Every single person walking out of the passage was greeted by waves of passionate cheers. At this moment, the 2 squadrons had become the focus of attention! Both sides came to a stop, before the 2 captains, Mo Wen and Wang Zhong, exchanged glances.

Upon seeing this, the entire stadium quietened down so quickly it appeared as though a silencing curse had been placed on the audience. At this instant, be it Long Mei'er on the podium, or the bigshots in the VIP podium, or the star-studded experts in the participant viewing gallery, all of them appeared to have lost all of their splendour. Coupled with the brilliant spotlights shining down onto them, the 2 of them appeared to be the only people present in this entire world!

"Captain Wang Zhong."

"Captain Mo Wen."

Both of them could see through each other's hearts. There was no need to use their eyes, as both of them could sense the fighting intent radiating from every cell of their opponent's body! After all, both of them had treated each other as whetting stones before advancing to the next level! It was precisely due to this uncertainty in victory that made this all the more possible!

Both of them were extremely satisfied to finally come face to face, as both of them had long known about each other's existence and strength. Therefore, both of them had already treated their upcoming duel as the highest goal and test of the martial dao in the Casted Soul Stage.

2 right hands extended out at the same time, before coming together for a powerful handshake. There wasn't any intention of checking the other party out, as both of them would not rely on childish stunts. There wasn't any spontaneous chatter either, appearing as though both of them had known each other for a very long time. 

Both of them were the same kind of people, the same of men within this vast, worrisome and lonely world.

This was a handshake filled with absolute respect. Respect towards their opponent, as well as respect towards their own goals!


Both of them simultaneously withdrew their hand and turned back towards their respective squadrons. This super cool scene wasn't the result of the 2 of them posing, but something that came naturally to them in the current situation. However, this super awesome scene made the countless viewers feel as if their blood was boiling.

"Ah ah ah! The two captains are really too cool!"

"The most awesome showdown in history!"

"Start! Start! Start!"

Both the Tianjing and Heaven's Fate fans immediately turned batshit crazy! After waiting for so many days, the showdown was finally starting!

"Both sides have returned to their respective resting areas. Ladies and gentlemen, the match is about to start!" Taking over the commentary, Ruo Zhi's emotion-filled voice flooded the stadium, uplifting the atmosphere even more while buying some time for the 2 squadrons to make their final preparations. "As expected, the viewership numbers on the Skylink have reached an all-time high. In fact, 1 hour before the start of the match, the viewership number had already crossed an astonishing 200 million! Now, the viewership number has crossed the previous record of 300 million during the semi-finals! As of now, with the widespread product of Skylink units, the maximum possible viewership number would be around 350 million. With the absolute majority of the Federation possessing Skylink units, all of them have already tuned in to this live broadcast of this match! This is an unprecedented level of attention, never seen before in history!" 

"What's astonishing is that there's actually no Mo Xingchen in the Heaven's Fate lineup." Chen Yu'er said with a surprised gasp, causing quite a few people to take notice of this. Due to everyone being too emotional from the appearance of the 2 squadrons, they truly had overlooked this surprising change. "Mo Xingchen was extremely effective against Stuart during the semifinal match, as she had finished Yi Luo off without even taking any damage. All along, she has been hailed as the hidden trump card of the Mo Family. However, why isn't she being fielded in this finals against Tianjing? Could it be that Tianjing's inferior to Stuart?"

"You can't say it in this manner. Tianjing and Stuart are 2 completely different squadrons." Ruo Zhi replied with a chuckle. "Being the most mysterious occupation within the Federation, we know too little about what it means to be a Heaven's Fate Master. Perhaps miss Mo Xingchen excels in the ability to gain control over her opponent's dimensional life forms? This would allow her to have a miraculous effect against Stuart's Yi Luo. However, this would clearly be not useful against Tianjing, as captain Wang Zhong is the only person from Tianjing who possess a Soul Beast. Now, Wang Zhong would definitely be duking it out against Mo Wen. In a real fight, miss Mo Xingchen might not be able to threaten captain Wang Zhong in any way, as she would only be able to control his Dimensional Wanderer King should he summon it out to deal with her. With the Dimensional Wanderer King having an extremely low physical defence, it might be dealt with in a single punch."

"So that's the reason." Chen Yu'er saw the light.

"Therefore, this is the genuine Heaven's Fate lineup, as well as being the most stable and powerful one. Of the 5, only Mo Zheng is on a slightly lower level. After all, he didn't have any eye-catching performances so far, while his victory against the Mammoth squadron was rather hard-earned. Perhaps he is the only weakness within this lineup. I feel that if Tianjing wants to win, they should capitalize on this weakness."

"Naturally, the more important factor will still be the arrangements for the vanguard duel. For Heaven's Fate, a counter to Grai will allow them to gain control over this match!"

Ruo Zhi's words immediately caused quite a positive response within the stadium and Skylink, as the disparity between the 2 lineups were indeed extremely massive. However, just like how Tianjing had defeated Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, as well as Vasilyevich, the core towards victory still lay on 2 points. If Heaven's Fate was able to squeeze on of the 2 kings of Tianjing to death, they would be able to gain an absolute advantage in this match. The main lineup of Heaven's Fate was much stronger than Vasilyevich, with each member possessing suppressive levels of strength; Napier, Mo Ling, or even Mo Shang and his liquid-like body. The only "weakness" would be Mo Zhong. It would definitely be a matter of luck and prediction to get matched against him.

Endless chatter rang about in the stadium, as the audience continued to guess the selections from both squadrons. A similar sight was also present in the participant viewing gallery. 

From Tianjing's earlier matches, their vanguard duels had been historically settled by Grai. There seemed to be almost no exception to this, with today being the same. For Heaven's Fate, Mo Wen and Mo Ling were the most likely people that were capable of taking Grai down with certainty. 

In the eyes of almost every expert, there was no need for any further explanation towards Mo Ling's combat style, while defence was his most frightening aspect. The all-roundedness of his 4 beastial body coupled with the practical strength of the Mo School would allow him to gain an impenetrable position in combat. Unless it was someone with comparable defence and strength in the fundamentals, in talent, and in combat strength, like Wang Zhong or Mo Wen, anyone else would be in despair when locked in combat against him. 

After his victory over Divian, many people had believed that she was undeserving of her fame. However, in reality, Divian had lost because Mo Ling was too strong. If any other Mo's List Ranker, or even one of the 5 great Mo's List heavy soldiers, they would be hard-pressed to endure her attacks. A man who wouldn't die or even tire out would be the most frightening opponent anyone could face. Furthermore, he would be the most energy-consuming, and most powerful person to fight against. He would also bring victory for the squadron in a very unassuming manner. The only reason behind his lower fame and reputation was due to the presence of Mo Wen masking his splendour. If this was the previous CHF, Mo Wen's strength would be absolutely sufficient to allow him to take the role of the captain of Heaven's Fate!

In comparison, Napier Mo was also extremely strong. In fact, he was the number one assassin in this CHF. However, he and Grai were the same kind of people, focusing on technique, speed, and lethal one-hit strikes. If the 2 of them were to fight, the odds of victory would be tied. Although Grai's combat results weren't as spectacular as Napier Mo, the majority of the experts could see that Grai would definitely go all out in a match like that. Furthermore, the possibility of random factors or emotions could affect the final outcome. Therefore, this was not a safe matchup to make on a tactical standpoint.

The first duel would be the key to deciding the final victor of the match.

Everyone waiting in anticipation. Without letting everyone wait for long, the 2 captains quickly made their choice, which was immediately displayed on the large screens.

Vanguard duel: Mo Zheng VS Barran.
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    《Battle Frenzy》