Battle Frenzy
631 Snake Dance 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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631 Snake Dance 2 in 1

On the other end of a Skylink, Tumo Assassin was currently watching the match. Being a king of assassins, he was able to see through little Emily's intentions better than other people. It was impossible for her to obtain victory in this duel. Nevertheless, Tumo wasn't disappointed. On the contrary, a faint smile was currently present on his face, as he had once experienced an encounter with an opponent like Napier Mo. Facing off against someone like him was an extremely wonderful opportunity for Emily. Now, it would be up to her, to see how much she was able to learn and comprehend in this fight against him. Wang Zhong had definitely given her a massive gift. The breadth of mind and situational awareness of this young man had exceeded his expectations!

Truthfully speaking, Tumo was overthinking things slightly, as Wang Zhong was considering the entirety of Tianjing when making decisions in this final. The only wish he had was for Emily to be able to grow and mature. As long as she had sufficient confidence, she would be able to benefit in the future, despite the many losses she had sustained in the past.


Right when the competition bell went off, Emily was the first one to take action. The special-ability enhanced dash caused her to appear like a flaming gale, as she closed the distance in the blink of an eye. Using rapid movements, a chilling glint flashed out, as she went on the offensive. Compared to her, Napier Mo's movements appeared considerably slower. Nevertheless, the problem that was despite his "slow" movements, Emily's speed was utterly incapable of matching up to his rhythm!

They seemed like slow movements, but they somehow covered more distance than Emily's all-out attacks! Napier Mo's movements had already exceeded the boundary of speed; he had already entered a higher realm in the way of the assassin!

Shadow Dance!

The basic swaying steps that made up the Shadow Dance created a rhythm that was at a higher level, and was able to make opponents lose control, causing them to make errors in their visual judgement. Chilling glints flashed off Emily as she continued to attack with her daggers. However, there wasn't a single sound of an attack connecting, nor was there even any damage on Napier Mo's clothes!

There wasn't even a need for Napier Mo to take action. Just his swaying footsteps were already able to cause Emily to feel dizzy. In fact, there was even a deep feeling of powerlessness surfacing within Emily's heart.

No! This couldn't continue! He's really too formidable! We're not on the same level. Should I surrender...

At this moment, she realised that her mind, which she had believed to be sufficiently resolute, was starting to be filled with confusion. Various complicated thoughts started to surface in her mind. Concentration was a key aspect for an assassin. Once such complicated thoughts began to surface, one's action would definitely slow down.

Emily's completely brainless dash was easily avoided by her opponent. At this moment, with her mind being filled with complicated thoughts, she was unable to control her centre of gravity, causing her to plop onto the ground with a fall.


From the start of the fight till now, Napier Mo had not even attacked even once!

At this moment, the clown stood a few meters away from her, while an expression of helplessness was present on his face. Frankly speaking, he had utterly no desire to fight in this duel, as his opponent had turned dizzy just after a few steps from him! The little lass assassin before him made it extremely difficult for him to even develop a sliver of fighting intent.

Unconsciously, a feeling of wanting to assist her up appeared in his mind, which he responded by patting his head. This is the finals...

Countless high-level experts in the participant viewing gallery felt somewhat regretful upon witnessing this. Despite the fact that they were already eliminated from this CHF, the strength of Heaven's Fate caused people to feel suffocated, as well as being unable to continue watching on.

"Mo Wen's really pushing it. Napier Mo could have been kept all the way till the end."

"I feel that this is just preparation for the group battle. This is the last match of the CHF, so no one's going to give up easily. On the off-chance that Tianjing brings this match into the group battle, a Napier Mo in optimal condition would definitely be extremely useful."

"I think that you're thinking slightly too much about it. Also, do you think that Napier Mo would get exhausted from fighting Scarlet?"

"I feel that Mo Wen is just casually making his selections. It's just an assassin against another assassin... in any case, it will be good as long as there's him and Mo Ling left to deal with Wang Zhong and Grai. Everything else is just optional."

"Heaven's Fate has too many experts."

Emotional sighs continued to ring out within the participant viewing gallery, while quite a few people in the audience started to laugh out in response. The majority of them were fans of the Heaven's Fate squadron, though there were also a few Tianjing fans in the mix. Although there were many people who favoured Tianjing, and had good impressions towards Emily, all of them had frankly not expected her to be able to pull off a victory at all. Everyone knew that she was a dud upon gracing the stage. Other than Grai and Tianjing, everyone else from the Tianjing squadron could only rely on fate when going up against their opponents, Heaven's Fate. 

"Ha ha. This little assassin from Tianjing is really too weak. She's only able to enter the finals by piggybacking on Wang Zhong and the others."

"Hai. It's about time you give surrender, little Emily! Hurry up and let us watch the magnificent 3rd duel!"

"Assassin... It's a pity. If it's Yingmei Assassin, he might be able to hurt Napier Mo a little."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What's the use talking about Saint Mongol, they were defeated by Stuart in the first round."

"Even he will not be able to put up any show. This is the so-called assassin family. Seems like that's all Assassin amounts to."

Emily slowly climbed up from the ground. As she did so, the jeering and laughter coming from her surroundings appeared somewhat ear-piercing. Indeed, Napier Mo's strength was obvious for all to see. Despite how much she was going at, it would be extremely hard for her to create any miracles!

However, all of the hard work she had done, her cousin's sacrifice, as well as the hope he had in her before his death. Despite all of these, was she going to grovel in misery and admit defeat in the face of a strong opponent? 


Hell no!

There shouldn't be any complicated thoughts in her head, nor was there any need for misery! Since she had already lost upon standing up the stage, was there any need for her to continue caring about it?

She was a willful little lass! She was Emily!

Emily's back started to straighten, while the hesitation disappeared from her face. At this instant, the cold indifference she wore after, as well as the calm expression she gradually acquired during this CHF competition, disappeared into thin air.

Arranging her clothes, no presence of any life-risking expression appeared on her face. With a slight frown, the expression of a little loli with the greatest grievance appeared on her face. "Senior Napier, how can you be so vicious to a girl? You're not even giving me any face! I'll cry, you know!" 

Ma Dong, who was still feeling flustered, immediately opened his mouth wide in response, while the squad members around him opened their eyes wide agape. Was this even possible? Acting cute on stage?

This appeared just like what Emily was before the special training! However, only those people who were incomparably clear about the various changes Emily had been through during the past 2 months would come to a sudden realization that this lass had experienced a major transformation once again!

This, this this this! This wasn't right! Was this the little Emily who had returned from her family's special training with a face filled with deep hatred and suffering?

The audience instantly burst into hearty laughter. There wouldn't be any harm if there wasn't any competition. Being unable to discern the difference the current Emily was showing compared to her usual self, all of them felt that she was just doing something a little loli would do.

"That's how little girls should be!"

"Oi, clown nose guy! Is it fun to bully little girls?"

"Give in to her!"

Napier Mo didn't know whether to cry or laugh. How could what he did be considered as bullying? He didn't even take any action? Faced against such a cute loli, he ought to give way. However… Heaven's Fate had to win. This was the finals!

Naturally, since he would win no matter what, he should at least give her some face, right? However, she had fallen onto the ground without him even taking action! What face could he leave for her?

Napier Mo stopped his swaying body, before his clown-like nose started to wrinkle. Placing his hand under his chin, a conflicted expression appeared on his face.

He was now facing a problem that would seriously test his intelligence. However, at the instant Napier came to a stop, a fiery glow had already bloomed on the stage. Emily knew that it was useless to rely on her opponent being careless or showing pity, as the Mo Family would never be that naive. Furthermore, how was Napier Mo a good target to scam?

Nevertheless, she only needed her opponent to come to a stop for just a moment, for her to create an opportunity that probably wouldn't amount to much.

However, just one chance was already enough for her!

No one had favoured her, just like how no one had favoured Scarlet and Barran in the past. However, they had created miracles! At this instant, her blossoming fire attribute special ability erupted out, immediately forming into the shape of a lotus.

Countless flames expanded in all directions, sweeping out like flying knives. Within the core of this fiery lotus, an even more dazzling lotus proceeded to bloom. This was the double lotus Wang Zhong had used to deal with Yingren. Although Emily wasn't able to unleash this move to the same degree as Wang Zhong, she was able to obtain a similar effect through the addition of her special ability.

Thousand Birds --- Fiery Lotus Dance!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh~~

Waves of flames were launched chaotically in all directions. Clearly, this sudden attack was within Napier Mo's expectations. Clearly, there weren't any benevolent people within the Mo Family. As for the incoming Fiery Lotus Dance, it was basically nothing in the eyes of Napier Mo. Even with the additional lotus created by Emily's fire attribute special ability, it did not possess even a shred of danger to him.

2 chilling glints flashed out, as 2 daggers appeared in Napier Mo's hands. It was at this instant when the rotating knife edges, the compounded blade waves, as well as the sea of fire rushing out from the blossoming lotuses came barreling over. They instantly submerged him within their might, causing everyone watching to feel as though a gigantic fiery flower had completely covered the stage!

Ding ding ding ding ding ding...

A rapid succession of metallic dings rang out as daggers collided into each other, ringing out so fast they formed a single sound. As the flames dissipated and the chilling glints subsided, Emily's chest heaved up and down, while Napier Mo appeared as relaxed as before.

Silence filled the entire participant viewing gallery. For those high-level experts, there really was nothing much to take from Emily's Fiery Lotus Dance. Even with the boost from her special ability, the more than 200 attacks were unexpectedly blocked by Napier Mo, just using his daggers. He had used the most simple move, and had completely dismantled her attack! This superiority… was truly worlds apart! He appeared as though he could win this fight just by blinking his eyes!

This number one assassin truly lived up to his reputation!

Furthermore, not only was he fast, he had defended her attack in a relaxed and casual manner! That was the most frightening thing!

A peculiar brilliance flashed past Tumo's eyes as he focused his gaze firmly on the screen before him. Before the CHF, Emily had already undergone the most vicious of special training their family could offer. Even though her cousin's sacrifice happening right before her eyes had caused changes to her mentality, there was no qualitative change to her core being. In the end, she was still a child that would feel despair when despair presented itself, feel helpless in a difficult situation, and give excuses when met with failure, instead of accepting it wholeheartedly.

She believed that still consolidating experiences for her qualitative change. However, those were not the core traits of an assassin. Unlike other combat occupations, an assassin would need to take missions that exceeded their capabilities in order to undergo a qualitative change, and would also need to accept defeat when it came. If an assassin only wanted to gain experience and settle their thoughts, they would never be able to undergo a qualitative change and reach greater heights!

Only by going up against the strong would one be able to become stronger. In situations of despair, what was required was maintaining a cool head as well as having absolute confidence throughout the process. Victory had to be the main goal, and they would need to forget about everything else and pull out all the stops for the sake of victory. Only by achieving all of these things would one be considered as a genuine assassin!

At this moment, Tumo could clearly feel that Emily's fighting intent did not get damaged and extinguished by the barrage of counter-attacks from Napier Mo. On the contrary, he could feel that she had become even more spirited!


With a slight twist of her blades, Emily started up her Fiery Lotus once more. Although it still appeared as gorgeous as before, it was the same move, and was at the same level as the earlier one. Furthermore, the first attempt was already utterly useless against Napier Mo!

Napier Mo felt the urge to laugh. Nevertheless, he did not plan to continue being tangled with Emily. He had already given her sufficient face by completely blocking her killing move. Feeling merciful and softhearted due to his opponent being a girl wasn't the only matter he needed to consider, as he also needed to consider the situation he was currently in. This was the CHF finals! Not only did he need to win, he also needed to show the might and dominance of the Mo Family. Nonetheless, being too cruel and vicious would always incite responses from those so-called "peace-loving crowd."

His clown nose shook up and down. 


The blossoming Fiery Lotus Dance was completely unaesthetic in his eyes. Regardless of how many times she had unleashed this move, it was still full of mistakes. With a single glance, he could already see the weaknesses present in the of his opponent's rhythm.

A chilling glint suddenly flashed out, as a single dagger slashed forwards. Just like an obstruction in a set of gears, the revolving Fiery Lotus Dance immediately came to a halt!

However, it was in this instant that Napier Mo raised his eyebrows, as the revolving lotus did not come into contact with his dagger. As flames danced within Emily's eyes, all of the lotus petals disappeared, being replaced by 2 streaks of chilling glints with long fiery trails behind them. Streaking out, they shot straight towards Napier Mo's forehead with a speed so fast that one couldn't even hear the sounds they made when they pierced through the air!

An ingenious play of changing moves, with everything being taken into consideration! Relying on the forward motion Napier Mo was in, her 2 daggers could not be evaded!

A trap!

Seeing this, a smile appeared on the clown's face. With a flash, the swaying figure and the unstable feeling appeared once again. Clearly, he was still in a forward dash. However, his momentum was instantly dispelled by his miraculous movements!

It appeared just like an armoured train speeding at 100 over km/hr coming to a halt in an instant! Not only did he stopped his forward momentum, he had also fired the reverse gears and shot back in retreat!

An invincible Shadow Dance!

Everything happened in a blink of an eye! The 2 thrusts that were supposed to hit had failed to connect, while Napier Mo had retreated backwards like a bolt of lightning. However, like shadows, the 2 chilling glints shot forwards with an increase in speed granted by the assistance of flames. At this moment, Emily had decided to pursue the retreating Napier! At this instant, a chilling glint sparkled before her. Napier Mo's blade shade!

A carefree smile was still present on the clown's face. He had retreated only to create temptation for Emily, before going on the offensive in the next instant.

This was an unavoidable strike. While similarly using the habit of one's opponent to land an attack, Emily's outwardly strong move was easily broken by her opponent. However, the casually arranged killing array set up by her opponent was tens of thousands of times more dangerous than her meticulously constructed plan! 

In usual circumstances, Emily would absolutely be unable to evade the incoming attack. However, at this moment, she had already sunk completely into this fight, losing all sense of herself. Her body immediately started to twist unconsciously, causing her to evade the life-threatening attack! Emily seemed to have found some kind of secret!

Upon seeing this, a bone-chilling cold burst out from Tumo's eyes. It has finally appeared! Chilling glints blossomed on the stage! As though she had become a completely different person, Emily and Napier Mo collided into one another, with their daggers instantly unleashing a mad frenzy of attacks towards each other!

Those pair of gleaming, hazy eyes that lacked one bit of splendour, yet gave people a peculiar and indistinct feeling upon seeing them. Napier Mo, who clearly possessed absolute superiority in this fight, started to have his attacks successively striking thin air! Every time he unleashed an attack with his dagger, it would always be evaded by Emily with that mysterious body movement of hers! She appeared... just like a snake, slithering about!

The reason why the Assassin Family could become one of the 2 great assassin families in the Federation was due to them possessing an ultimate move similar to the Brooks Family's exquisite dagger combat techniques. Unlike Brooks, the Assassin Family's ultimate move was a set of movements, one that could rival that the Shadow Dance --- the Snake Dance! 

However, the problem was that this set of movement would have a diminished effect when used by males. Only females could truly completely unleash its might! Not only that, it also required them to possess the nimbleness and talent for it. Ever since the end of the dark era, the Assassin Family had been on a decline, as they had no outstanding female leaders born into the family, resulting in the Snake Dance being at the brink of extinction. Even the king of assassins, Tumo Assassin was not able to master it. As for the occasional outstanding females that appeared in the history of the family, most of them would always end up in accidents. An example would be Ma Dong's mother. Previously, she was held with great importance within the family, as she possessed the talent required to master the Snake Dance. However, in the end, she had married a steward, while losing the opportunity and drive to continue her cultivation. This was one of the reasons why the Assassin Family had a dislike for Ma Dong's family.

Perhaps this was fate, as well as the reason why they had always been suppressed by Brooks, causing the entire family to gradually decline. However, at this moment, their curse of fate seemed to be at the brink of being broken! No! It had already been broken!

At the very beginning, it appeared to be just a burst of subconscious thoughts, akin to the recovery of memories. However, as these thoughts continued and formed habits, Emily started getting more and more skilful in her movements! Nevertheless, she still appeared to be moving about without any consciousness involved.

Was this an accidental eruption of strength? No, there were no accidents in this world!
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    《Battle Frenzy》