Battle Frenzy
633 Crossing the Rubicon 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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633 Crossing the Rubicon 2 in 1

Despite Scarlet being suppressed, there weren't any depressed feelings radiating from the stadium. Perhaps due to the peaceful extinguishing of flames, many people were still cheering for Scarlet. Ma Dong, Lily and the others had formed a cheering squad, cheering and shouting at the top of their lungs. Although they knew that it was nigh impossible for Scarlet to win, they would not lose in morale! Being able to experience a competition at this magnitude was already something people could use to boast for a lifetime!

"Here, have a drink! Your throat's already hoarse!" Being the logistics support for the Tianjing squadron, Milami poured a cup of water for Ma Dong.

Brimming with excitement from cheering at the top of his lungs, Ma Dong drank all the water in one gulp, before chuckling heartily in a spirited manner. "Hurry up, dear! Pour some for them, if not everyone's gonna say that you're biased towards your beloved."

"Is there a need for you to say that?" Milami glared at Ma Dong, before distributing cups to Wang Zhong, Grai, and the rest of them.

This was a duel which had an outcome that was predictable with 99% certainty. Rather than watching for victory or defeat, people were watching for magnificence, memories, and the future! 

Naturally, there were still people who held hope for a miracle to happen.

After all, they were the number one black horse of this CHF, Tianjing!

Not only was the Tianjing preparatory area shouting with all their might, even the support group and old Greene were also shouting like crazed youngsters, waving their hands wildly in the air, giving their all in support for Scarlet.

However, it was a pity that no miracle was created in the end.

Just like the earlier 2 duels, where Barran was unable to create any miracle, and where Emily had failed to do so despite erupting with her newly comprehended Snake Dance, Scarlet too was unable to do so.

Miracles couldn't be created just through words. Other than requiring a breakthrough of one's soul, it also required accumulation of fundamentals. Furthermore, the disparity of strength between opponents couldn't be too large.

However, compared to the earlier squadrons, the strength of Heaven's Fate was at a frightening level, possessing no weakness in terms of combat occupation. It seemed like they didn't have any weaknesses in any areas. Even more frightening, they possessed a machine-like willpower and stability in combat.

The only way to defeat Heaven's Fate was to be stronger than them! As for hoping for miracles? That absolutely wasn't going to happen!

The twin pistols were already broken, while the final defence line had been breached. The exchange lasted for 3-4 minutes before the runic sword was pressed against Scarlet's neck.

From the looks of it, Mo Shang did not use his full strength in his duel against Scarlet. Instead, he was pursuing a complete victory. This was the confidence Heaven's Fate possessed, and could be classified as a stable combat technique that could defend against any counter-offensives. It was useful against Barran, Emily, as well as Scarlet.

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The score was now 3 : 0 in Heaven's Fate favour.

Finally, the hearts of the countless Tianjing fans watching from the stadium and Skylink were finally filled with crazed excitement. According to the arrangements Tianjing had made, losing the first 3 duels was within expectations. It was the last 2 duels that mattered. They were the focal points for this CHF final!

"Heaven's Fate has already reached match point." there were fewer points of ridicule and teasing present in Ruo Zhi's voice, with increased points in prudency and surging emotions. "Now, Tianjing needs to win the 4th duel to stay in this match! Now, Tianjing has 2 people, Wang Zhong and Grai, to choose from! This will be a do-or-die fight for Tianjing! However, who will be the first one up?"

"I feel that it will be captain Wang Zhong. Compared to Grai, captain Wang Zhong clearly has better combat results, and has a more stable level of strength. Furthermore, Heaven's Fate has purposely left Mo Ling in contention to deal with Grai. Clearly, with both sides have made detailed analysis of each other, Mo Ling will stand a greater chance of victory."

"That's the same conclusion many experts have arrived on over these few days of analysis. Mo Ling's combined offence, defence and toughness seem to be a degree higher than Grai."

"That's right. Furthermore, the 4th duel is lost, there will be no 5th duel. Isn't captain Wang Zhong really looking forward to a fight against Mo Wen?" Therefore, I feel that captain Wang Zhong's the more likely one."

"You can't say that. The atmosphere within Tianjing is really good. Captain Wang Zhong will definitely choose to believe in his squadron members, just like how he had let the other mainstays take part in the earlier 3 duels." There were also people that had opposing views. "Truthfully speaking, if Tianjing wants to win, both Wang Zhong and Grai have to win their respective duels. It doesn't matter who goes first. As for the apex showdown between Wang Zhong and Grai, even if Grai loses, with both captains giving the go-ahead, as well as the current level of attention the Federation is giving, do you think that there will be no 5th duel? Regardless of victory or defeat, this showdown will be for the sole sake of deciding the glorious title of number one soldier of this CHF! Furthermore, if there really aren't any more lingering thoughts of victory or defeat for this match, the showdown between the 2 of them might be even more spectacular than it can ever be!"

Wang Zhong looked towards Grai, with the latter also looking at the former. In reality, there wasn't even any tactic employed by Wang Zhong in his selections, as Wang Zhong had no combat tactics he could use against his opponents. In the face of Heaven's Fate, all ordinary combat tactics would lose all any effect. In the next moment, Grai stood up. "Leave this duel to me, senior."

There were times where people needed to take the initiative and make their own choices.

Despite being as simple as who went first, with many fans having deduced the result, many people were still focusing their anxious gazes towards the Heaven's Fate preparatory area. That was because fate was no longer in the hands of Tianjing! This time, who would it be? Mo Wen, or Mo Ling?

Everyone hoped that it would be Mo Ling going up against Grai, while Mo Wen would go up against Wang Zhong. However, if Heaven's Fate chose to pull a feint and send Mo Wen up, there would no longer be 2 spectacular showdowns to see! Furthermore, Heaven's Fate will have an excellent opportunity to end this match with a 4:0 result, and snatch this CHF championship!

The combat results achieved would create history in the Federation, with no one having ever accomplished what they had! Furthermore, it could be said that no one else would be able to surpass their accomplishments! Such a history-making feat was definitely an extremely appealing thought to any squadron and participant out there, especially those Heaven's Fate fans that had benefits tied to this. In fact, all of them were hoping for Mo Wen to take action and become the invincible legend for this CHF!

Honour and glory had appeared right before Heaven's Fate's eyes.

Who would they choose to send? What would Mo Wen choose to do?

The surrounding atmosphere grew solemn, as the hundreds of thousands of people in the stadium, and millions of others watching via Skylink, set their gazes on Mo Wen, waiting for his selection. Truthfully speaking, regardless of what choice he makes, it would be the right one. In fact, it was a better choice for Mo Wen to go up now, though it would just make him appear slightly less emotional. However, no one would doubt whichever choice he made, with pity being the only thing they would feel. 

Emotions were something too extravagant in a competition. Reality would prove that those are just fleeting things...

It was Mo Ling!

After countless astonished gasps, the entire stadium erupted with the greatest applause and cheers that had unleashed since the start of this match. However, the entire stadium was chanting Mo Wen's name. Although this choice would cause more variables to appear in this match, do the Mo Family really care about a mere CHF championship?

No, the Mo Family wanted to win the people's hearts!

If the Mo Family was able to pull off a victory even under such circumstances, they would reinforce their fame with merit! The reputation of the Mo Family would instantly reach the apex, and perfection! 

Compared to the responses from the other great families, Mo Family's decision was obviously able to garner the good impressions from people more easily. However, they still needed to prove it through the outcome. Only with a good outcome would they be able to accomplish perfection.

The genuine suspense had descended onto the match! This was Tianjing's do-or-die duel!

The Skylink and stadium turned much quieter than before, with everyone focusing their attention to the man walking out from the Tianjing preparatory area, the man with the greatest aesthetic appeal in this CHF!

It was precisely due to him and Wang Zhong that Tianjing was able to walk all the way to the finals! This time, would Grai possess the strength to turn the tide?

Grai and Mo Ling took their positions in the centre of the stage. After a moment of silence, all of the Grai supporters present in the stadium immediately erupted with the greatest and wildest cheers and roars for their idol.

All of them hoped for a miracle to happen! And, throughout this CHF, Tianjing had given them many miracles to celebrate! 

Everyone knew that the earlier 3 duels were just Tianjing trying their luck, as there was a genuinely massive disparity in strength. However, at this moment, the true showdown had begun.

"Grai~~ Grai~~ Grai~~!"

"Ah ah ah! My Grai! My heart! My spleen, my lungs, my kidneys!"

"Aesthetics will decide everything! All the men out there are dregs in front of Grai! Grai will definitely win!"

The entire stadium resonated with the shocking shrieks of all the girls present, with their combined voices breaking through the heavens. On the Skylink, the chat exploded, with various kinds of bullet comments filling up the entire screen! 

At this moment, Yi Luo was eating a beef steak, the legendary Copperfield beef. The luxurious import process made it such that the claim of this beef being more expensive than humans wasn't an exaggeration at all. So delicious! Meat could actually taste this delicious! However, it really was a bit too expensive. As for the explosive CHF finals that were being broadcasted live on Skylink, Yi Luo only took a look at Grai before shaking his head. To him, that was just a show, a mission that his boss had arranged for! As for the so-called know yourself, know thy enemy, how could that compare to this Copperfield beef... this beef steak was really damn delicious!

Yi Luo's gaze was already locked firmly on the steak before him. Wang Zhong and Mo Wen definitely possessed the greatest fame and reputation in this CHF finals. However, the person coming second to them wasn't Napier Mo, but Grai.

When Vladimir had been eliminated, Grai became the only person with the appearance to rival him. All of the females within the Federation were now focusing their attention on him. From a certain perspective, his fame had already exceeded the 2 ranked above him! This was the support from all of the females!

Grai wasn't unarmed this time, stepping onto the stage with a weapon he had never used before. Cloud Smashing Spear, 2.6 metres long. This was a standard Federation issue weapon, with its streamlined appearance reflecting a man's vigour and unrestrained wildness. Coupled with the straight Tianjing squadron uniform, as well as the aura of nobility radiating from him, Grai appeared just like a god, whose appearance could shock the heavens and earth! 

How could he be that handsome!

How could he be that cool!

How could he have such a model-like figure!

It had to be said that a spear matched a prince! He had reached a new level of fusion, and new heights!

All of the females continued to shriek, causing the stifling atmosphere to reach new heights, instantly submerging the stadium into the fervent blaze of passion! At this moment, even those participants who once hated Tianjing to the bone were no longer feeling sour for their losses. This was the finals! Everyone was watching this! Who had the right to feel sour about this?

In fact, there were countless people who were dreaming about how good it would be if they were in Tianjing's shoes. Being able to stand on that stage, and being the focal point for everyone across the world! It would be an honour even if they were going to be beaten and thrashed up there! However, not just any person could have the opportunity to do so.

Faced against the berserk popularity of Grai, Mo Ling continued to remain as tranquil as before. He was the most stable all-rounded soldier of this CHF, a master of the Mo School and the existence that stood beside Mo Wen. Without talking about Mo Wen, he was able to completely lead the Heaven's Fate squadron. His brilliance was being masked by Mo Wen's presence, though that did not mean that his strength could be overlooked!

At this stage, there was already no need to talk about talent. Victory or defeat was the most crucial factor of this duel. It could be said that the odds for a duel between Grai and Napier Mo would be 50:50, with victory or defeat being something that would be decided in a split instant. However, Mo Ling possessed a 70 to 80% chance of victory, with the key factor being "stability".

Similar to Grai, Mo Ling did not appear unarmed. Instead, he was now wielding a weapon that the absolute majority would not associate with him. A staff, appearing just like the symbol that previously represented the ascetic practitioners of the Mo Family. However, this rod was large, and felt heavy. There were even 9 interconnected rings present at the tip of the 2-metre tall staff. As it drew a small arc across the ground, the combined picture of it in the hands of Mo Ling caused the latter to appear much more solemn and filled with respect. 

Originally, everyone expected this to be a flesh and blood showdown, yet both sides had actually chosen to bring out their weapons! Furthermore, they had brought out weapons that no one had ever seen them using before! Looks like both of them were bringing out their big guns for this duel!

The 9 rings monk's staff. A piece of equipment used by the Mo Family's ascetic practitioners, and a relatively obscure weapon among the cold weapons. Although many of the Mo Family's ascetic practitioners would carry these staffs, it was more of a symbol of an ascetic practitioner than a weapon to them. However, Mo Ling was definitely not bluffing or acting by wielding for this duel.

On the other side, Grai had given up on his usual weapons of daggers or lithe runic sword, and had chosen to use the Cloud Smashing Spear. From the looks of it, he also knew that the way of the assassin would be useless against the defence-oriented Mo Ling. The spear was known to be the leader of a hundred weapons, and was known as one of the most overbearing cold weapons out there. Only the strongest of attacks had hope the breakthrough Mo Ling's defence. Meet ferocity with ferocity, and use violence to curb violence. For Tianjing, this duel was a showdown within retreat! Everyone had placed all of their hopes onto Grai's shoulders!

However, even the "Spear Goddess" Divian was unable to accomplish this feat! Could Grai's mastery of the spear be above that of Divian?

"You can't put it in that way. There's definitely no need to mention about Divian's mastery of the spear, though her attacks were all of the same type. In the end, she was unable to break Mo Ling's defences, though she was able to force him to a certain limit. Unlike her, Grai has the runic techniques, and especially that Subwoofer Cannon. The sharp attacks from the Cloud Smashing Spear coupled with the blunt attacks from the Subwoofer cannon will definitely be a new test for Mo Ling's defences." 

"I'm just afraid that it will just be a worthless exterior!"

"Very difficult! It'll be very difficult. Mo Ling isn't ostentatious, but extremely strong and practical in his actions. In this place, there's no point in aesthetics and popularity."

"Wang Zhong's bestie will lose this match! If that happens, Wang Zhong would really suffer everlasting sorrow from a single loss! All of the earlier astonishing feats will be for naught!"

Laura and Sharmie felt exceedingly nervous. Being loyal allies and supporters of Tianjing, it would be pointless to say that they weren't nervous about the 0:3 current score. Tianjing had no leeway left! Their feet were right at the edge of the cliff! Now, everything rests on Grai's shoulders!

Discussions rang about within the participant viewing gallery as everyone was filled with anticipation for this duel. In contrast to them, Carolyn's eyes started to light up. Although she knew that Solomon would take action in this match, she had finally seen a trace of it. Tianjing will definitely lose this duel. Although it will be absolutely unintelligent to take action against Wang Zhong, Grai, on the other hand...

Solomon... please don't disappoint me. I really want to see what kind of expression Wang Zhong will show when he loses...

As both sides took their places on the stage, the atmosphere started to calm down, just like a tranquil and silent lake. Both parties appeared to have similar personalities, though Mo Ling gave a more stable image to people, while Gai appeared to exude a more intelligent and spirited appearance. This was just like how one would feel when looking at a tall and majestic mountain, which had a valley filled with mystery present right beside it. There wasn't any clashing of auras, as though both of them had formed a world of their own. There was no conflict, yet both of them stood on separate shores, silently enchanting people to gaze at them. 

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    《Battle Frenzy》