Battle Frenzy
635 The definition of defence 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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635 The definition of defence 2 in 1

The heavy soldiers of this CHF appeared slightly childish when compared to Mo Ling, as most of them had massive and powerful bodies, yet did not possess much of a brain. These heavy soldiers would merely appear as blood-filled meatsacks before those experts standing at the apex.

However, this shaky equilibrium did not continue for long. The frightening aspect of Grai's Blazing Hundred Strikes was in the continuation of its attacks, which was everlasting, until the target was dead. Although it was called "Hundred Strikes", Grai had already unleashed no less than 2 to 3 hundred attacks. Not only did the momentum of his successive attacks not diminish, it had also continued to climb; it seemed as though there was no limit! Clearly, attackers reaching the apex in offence had all mastered compounding combat techniques which would surge continuously and compound together in a succession of attacks. 

Every single successive spear strike causing the silvery glow around Grai's body to grow brighter, while his spear moves become increasingly ferocious, along with his imposingness. The clinging of the 9 rings monk staff gradually became chaotic, a clear sign of it leaving the boundaries of Mo Ling's control.

The spear shades that shot out sent shockwave after shockwave rippling out from the incomparably tough dark-green tortoiseshell, causing its glow to waver. Growing stronger in one moment and weaker in another, it appeared as though it was about to break at any time. Nevertheless, the eyes of the 2 fighters were ablaze with a sharp and fiery fighting intent, though their hearts remained in ice-cold calmness.

The edge of life and death was merely an equilibrium. A genuine soldier was able to be reborn from the ashes of death!

Silvery light blossomed from Grai's eyes. At this moment, the spear intent he had accumulated had already reached an unimaginable level! The true test of one's mastery over the spear would be the ability to unleash all of this power in a single breath. However, this amount was still insufficient!


The sound of the spear rippling through the air disappeared. In the next instant, the body of the spear also dissipated away.

The spear appeared as though it had never existed in Grai's hands, transforming into a ray of light invisible to the naked eye as it shot straight at Mo Ling's chest. This was the most frightening spear-thrust! It could not be seen, it could not be heard, it could not be evaded, and it could not be resisted!

Only after the attack were people able to hear the ear-piercing sounds of it rippling through the air, the reverberations of its cry, one that wanted to drill right into Mo Ling's bones!

Ray of light blossomed from Mo Ling's eyes upon seeing this. Only a thin line separated life and death! He needed to endure! Instantly, he gave up on using his 9 rings monk staff, as he had immediately deduced that Grai's target was his chest.

Mo Ling gripped his palms together, as a mysterious power started to silently surge out from within him. At the same time, the 4 spiritual beasts appeared behind his back. Upon appearing, they unleashed their power to the extreme, causing layers of black-green tortoiseshells, bear fur, and beast bristles to instantly form around his body!

4 Beasts Fusion Body ultimate combat technique --- Protection of the 4 Spirits!

The strongest shield VS the strongest spear!


A massive bang rang out, as a powerful wave of air rippled out from the epicentre of the impact. The attacker and defender both unexpectedly came to a halt after colliding with each other, their figures locked in an epic showdown of power!

The entire tip of the Cloud Smashing Spear had stabbed into Mo Ling's defences, though its body was firmly held onto by an iron-vice grip from 2 hands, stopping it from piercing any deeper! At this same time, the entire spear was bent to an almost 90-degree angle from the forces exerted on it from both ends!

Humm humm humm humm...

Ripples of power expanded out from the 2 fighters, while countless rock chips were sent were tumbling and flying about. At this moment, Mo Ling's eyes had already turned bloodshot from the full display of his strength, causing his entire body to radiate the aura of an ancient beast!

Both sides had entered the wildest of showdowns, with victory and defeat about to be decided! Regardless of the attacker, Grai, or the defender, Mo Ling, both of them had no path of retreat!


The cycle of life and death --- 2nd Drive Blazing Smash!

No one was able to believe what they saw! In a showdown like that, Grai was unexpectedly still able to unleash a 2nd drive! This was inconceivable! However, before he could unleash the power out, the spear exploded apart! The exquisitely forged runic spear from KD Heavy Industries wasn't able to handle the opposing forces of such magnitude!

Nevertheless, the instant before it shattered, the power coming from Grai was still transmitted through. BOOM!

In that instant, Mo Ling felt an unstoppable force multiplying ferociously, exceeding the limits he could endure. As his centre of gravity was shoved backwards, a stabbing pain radiated out from his chest, while the massive force barreling into him sent him flying back like a cannonball! With a bang, he slammed into the defensive barrier, sending a massive tremor that shook the entire stadium. A bloody mess was now present on Mo Ling's body, with the giant gaping hole in his chest causing people's blood to run cold!

Even the spear goddess, Divian had a primal feeling of dread surfacing in her heart. Everyone knew the compounding effect of strength. However, it was an extremely difficult feat to accomplish, what more at that level of strength output, and after erupting for multiple times! How much control, and how tough would the fleshly body need to be, in order to control that level of power?

This thought fluttered across Divian's mind for a brief instant. Before the countless people watching could regain their senses from Grai's astonishing strike, he had not stopped for one instant, as his palms had already come together!

Pa pa pa pa pa pa!

This hands and fingers started to rapidly move about, creating a sting of runic imprints that instantly encased his hands! As golden threads started to create an outline in the air, Grai had already started to execute his new offensive move!

This was precisely Grai's killing move --- Subwoofer Cannon!

Clearly, regardless of Grai or Mo Ling, both of them did not show any contempt for each other. In fact, despite clearly being injured, Mo Ling's injuries weren't as severe as what people had assumed! The gory mess was but a flesh wound! 

Deep feelings of dread flashed across Pomo's eyes upon seeing this. Mo Ling's defences were so tough it had even caused this number one heavy soldier of this CHF to sweat bullets. Furthermore, his strength in offence was more than a level higher than Pomo's, yet he had still been beaten up to such a state. In today's duel, Grai appeared to be a completely different person than before! Frankly speaking, this was a complete contrast to the Grai that had fought against him in the semifinals, as that version of Grai didn't even have a sliver of thirst for victory. Then, he had fought just for the sake of fighting. However, now, this Grai appeared to be incomparably motivated, causing his combat strength to be significantly greater than his past self!


Humm humm humm humm~~~

In the blink of an eye, the first note had already left Grai's mouth. A mysterious runic pattern had formed into a 3-dimensional construct between Grai's hands.

As this was happening, Mo Ling had just fallen off from the defensive barrier he had been embedded in. The phantom-like tortoiseshell around his chest had shattered, with a large gaping hole present where an indistinct mess of blood and flesh was present. However, even though blood continued to pour out from his mouth, his spirit showed no signs of collapsing. Right as he landed on the ground, he had immediately thought of retaliating. Yet, just as he raised his head, his opponent's Subwoofer Cannon had already been fully constructed, with the bore of the runic cannon aiming right towards him!

This distance! This position! Regardless of how much he wanted to dodge the impending attack, he was completely incapable of evading it, much less launching a counter-attack.

There was no time!

A slight change appeared on Mo Ling's face, before a 2nd note was blown out!


Humm humm humm humm~~

Sonic waves visible to the naked eye started to solidify and transform into light, passing through the runic construct held by his hands before expanding out! In the next instant, the funnel-like 3-dimensional runic construct rapidly expanded in size. As this happened, each and every rune within it started to move about as though they were alive, vibrating and humming about as they did so!

The ground shook, as ring after ring of sonic waves rippled out rapidly from the activated runic construct, causing people to feel as though the entire stadium was vibrating! Other than the terrifying ringing coming from the stage, the entire stadium had turned completely silent, as the fans of both sides had their hearts lodged at their throats! 

What a powerful chain of attacks! What a perfect linkage between attacks! Furthermore, what a powerful killing move that was sufficient to end this fight!

At the very least, Pomo, who was recognized to be the number one heavy soldier in this CHF, and an expert in defence, was barely able to defend against a Subwoofer Cannon at 70 to 80% max power with his Soul Beast and a sealed ice barrier!

However, at this very moment, Mo Ling was facing against an all-out Grai, as well as a completely powered Subwoofer Cannon!

This... was this the advantage people were talking about? Was victory about to be decided? Was the mighty Grai about to create a miracle?

Countless people held their breaths in nervous anticipation! This instant, this was an instant where everyone was waiting for a miracle to occur!

Mo Ling continued to hang on tenaciously like a boulder embedded into the ground. There was no delight or worry present on his face as he continued to squeeze his energy barriers together. This was an extremely bad situation for him, leaving him in an extremely pitiful condition. Despite that, he didn't show a single shred of hesitation! This was a matter of life or death!

Finally, Grai's mouth parted slightly, before the 3rd note left his mouth.


Rumble rumble...

The entire runic construct instantly expanded in size once again, filling up with radiance, before rapidly opening in the blink of an eye! Converging all of the energy Grai was channelling into it, before transforming it into a high-powered shot! A frighteningly high-powered sonic wave instantly transformed into a thick, flashing pillar of light that seemed to be able to penetrate everything in its path! Just like a constantly expanding hula hoop, it rumbled out, filling the entire sky with its awe-inspiring might!


As it rumbled outwards, Mo Ling had simultaneously completed his defensive measures. A gigantic pair of black-green phantom wings unfurled from his back, before rapidly wrapping around his entire body. At the same time, he proceeded to seal his 5 senses. Only members of the Mo Family would go all the way to master these fundamental skills despite the extreme difficulty in doing so. Although they were completely useless in most fights, they were rays of hope in showdowns against experts! 

Sparks flew in all directions, 


In the instant his protective shield was complete, the white pillar of light had already drowned everything out, while the terrifying roar instantly shattered everyone's eardrums, causing them to be only able to hear humming sounds, just like the fervent chirps from countless mutated cicadas in a maddened frenzy! Everyone clutched their ears in pain. At this instant, only people as strong as the big shots in the VIP podium, or genuine experts like Wang Zhong and Vladimir were able to see exactly what had happened on stage.

At the instant of the collision, Mo Ling, with his "eggshell" protection, was smashed firmly into the defensive barrier. The remnant energies from the berserk sonic attack caused his layered defences to crumble one after another, while a deep imprint of his back was formed on the defensive barrier, creating a clear outline of a human-shaped figure!

The continuous pressure coming from the sonic wave and resistance of the defensive barrier squashed Mo Ling like a pancake, threatening to turn him into a pulp!

As the pressure from the sonic wave faded, Mo Ling's entire body was now embedded into the defensive barrier. Unexpectedly, even with its powerful self-recovery capabilities, the defensive barrier was unable to immediately reform to its original shape. At this moment, the layered defences that Mo Ling had erected were all completely wiped out, while his body was scrunched up into a ball, appearing as though all of the bones in his body had been smashed, shattered and turned into a pulp!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


A deathly silence filled the stadium, as the transformations of Mo Ling's body was truly too horrifying! In fact, the less courageous people did not dare to take a further look at him! This was how powerful a berserk Grai was. He was utterly inhuman! Now, people finally understood why Heaven's Fate had not chosen to send Napier Mo up to deal with Grai. Despite his deftness, it would be really hard for Napier Mo to deal with such super-wide radius killing move. As for using Dimensional Combat Techniques to counter Grai's attack, Gui Wulie had attempted to do so in the earlier stages of the CHF, and it had been proven that using that method was similarly ineffective. Therefore, a showdown between Napier Mo and Grai would be decided by the person who was able to unleash their attack first. That would have been an extremely volatile matchup. However, after Grai's astonishing display, was stability the right choice?

Although Mo Ling wasn't a heavy soldier, he was definitely a number one grandmaster in the CHF in terms of defensive capabilities. As everyone held their breath in suspense, Grai's chest heaved up and down as he gasped for air. The continuous eruption of strength and unleashing of attacks had consumed a massive amount of his energy. It could even be said that he had expended all of his strength in a single spurt, with not a single drop left. The tyrannical power output was basically continuous, and therefore had a massive burden on his body and Soul Sea.

This was the tactic that he had decided on, which was that he needed to unleash all of his strength in one go in order to deal with Mo Ling, as there was basically no such thing as a long game against him.

Crack crack crack crack...

All of a sudden, sounds kinds to bones being snapped into place started to ring out from the ball-shaped Mo Ling. Hearing that, a frown appeared on Grai's face, while expressions of dumbfounded shock appeared on everyone's faces. What the hell was that???

Although Mo Ling was covered in wounds, his body started to gradually unfurl... This was...

Mo School —— Bone Displacement Technique.

This was an obscure and unique combat technique that only a few assassins would train in, specifically used for some special assassination missions. It wasn't strange for the Mo Family to know this combat technique, though no one had ever expected for Mo Ling, with his barbaric combat style, to have actually learned this technique!

Napier Mo waved his hands in glee as he saw this. The members of the Mo Family weren't restricted to what combat technique they wanted to pick up, even if it belonged to other combat occupations. The only requirements were that they possessed sufficient capability and talent to learn them. From the looks of it, the slightly simple-minded Mo Ling possessed a talent only second to that of Mo Wen. In fact, his talent was even greater than Napier Mo! He really was one of the most low-profile experts in this CHF.

The Bone Displacement Technique had allowed Mo Ling to reduce the surface area of his body that was subjected to the pressure coming from the sonic attack, as well as further strengthening his body's defence. Nevertheless, his phantom shell defences appeared to be in a state of complete collapse, while blood dripped out from all of his orifices. 

Nevertheless, he had done it; he had endured all of Grai's attacks. Now, Grai had completely exhausted all of his strength!

Having regained his original shape, Mo Ling slid down from the defensive barrier. Frighteningly, a calm and resolute expression was still present on his face, even after exhausting all of his abilities to erect a defence that was barely able to block against the impact from Grai's Subwoofer Cannon. This move from Tianjing was worthy of being hailed as one of the most dangerous killing moves in this CHF!

Seeing this, Grai immediately started to move his fingers about. The few breaths that he had managed to catch weren't sufficient for him to recuperate from the intense energy consumption earlier. This resulted in his imprint-forming speed being a tad slower than before. Furthermore, the formation speed of the runic construct was far from the rapid, near-instantaneous speed that he had displayed earlier. Now, there was a huge disparity in his Soul Power fluctuations from before, while his face grew even paler as he continued to draw runes with his fingers.

A bloody glow flashed across Mo Ling's eyes as he made his move. At this moment, his heavily injured body burst forward with a speed not too inferior to what he had unleashed earlier in this fight! While moving forward, he conveniently picked up the 9 rings monk staff he had tossed away earlier.

Ding ding ding ding...

As the 9 rings started clanging about, the situation of the fight was now completely reversed. As long as the injuries he sustained weren't lethal, the energy Mo Ling possessed was way above that of Grai, who had consumed much of his after unleashing that terrifying string of attacks. Mo Ling was definitely the strongest defensive-oriented soldier in this CHF!

"That's the 4 Beasts Fusion Body after all."

"He's powerful not only in terms of his physical strength and speed, he also possess the most crucial factor, which is the self-recovery capabilities of the 4 Beast Fusion Body."

"Grai's advantages are now gone. What a pity! He just missed victory by a little bit! What an unkillable Mo Ling! This is the real reason why the Mo Family had sent him up for this duel."
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    《Battle Frenzy》