Battle Frenzy
638 Waiting for the verdic
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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638 Waiting for the verdic

Blossoming fighting intent burst out from Mo Ling's eyes as he forcibly braced himself with his left foot. The massive inertia forced his supporting leg to buckle slightly, before a crack rang out; something seemed to have been dislocated. Nevertheless, he had managed to stop the backward force.

In an instant, he forcibly reined in the chaotic energies in his body, before converging his Soul Power again. Taking advantage of the rebounding tremors formed by his forceful braking, his palms drew mysterious arcs in the air.

Mo School —— Cloud Pushing Palm!

He had unleashed another ultimate combat technique. However, this time, he had ended up in a more miserable state. The multiple layers of illusionary clouds formed by his palm imprints were penetrated by the bloody ray of light as though they didn't even exist in the first place.


Crack crack crack crack!

A massive bang rang out, followed by the sound of his bones dislocating and fracturing. Mo Ling's armed shattered, with bone shards piercing through his skin, revealing their chilling white colour for all to see. Beads of sweat rolled of Mo Ling's forehead, as he fell backwards, his head smashing fiercely against the hard ground beneath. However, at the instant his head came into contact with the ground, it was instantly surrounded by a layer of tortoiseshell scales, forming a protective helmet for his head.


A large hole was formed on the ground by the tough "helmet". Unexpectedly, remaining fully conscious after the terrifying exchange, Mo Ling relied on his momentum to do a backflip, landing down onto the ground with a fierce stamp.

Although his arms were broken, his unharmed legs sliced out fiercely in the air, sending a massive blade arc chopping out towards Grai.

Mo School —— Divine Wind 18 Kicks!

Air currents formed as what seemed like endless might was unleashed by Mo Ling's legs as it chopped down. Frankly speaking, only an opponent like Mo Ling was able to force Grai to reveal his true power! Seeing Mo Ling's retaliation, Grai could not help but feel respect for his opponent. Only a person like Mo Ling was qualified to force Grai to go all out.

He would use his greatest strength to show his respect for his opponent!

The blood flowing through the blood vessels in his body started to surge and churn akin to boiling water, causing the blood fog surrounding his body to grow exceedingly dense in an instant. Immediately, Grai's speed and power skyrocketed, taking him a split second to send a fist brimming with dense blood fog right before Mo Ling's face! At this moment, the latter's legs were still hanging in the air!

It was over.


All of a sudden, a fierce heartbeat rang out.

Grai felt a fierce shudder pass through his heart, as though something had grasped hold of it! In an instant, his surging blood froze up, causing his entire body to lock up, just like what a lightning strike would do, while his rushing actions furiously came to a halt. 


The heavy leg arrived, smashing fiercely on Grai's completely defenceless head. Puff...

Blood spurted out from Grai's mouth, and flowed out from his orifices. However, it was at this instant when Grai unleashed the terrifying might of his Blood Race bloodline! Due to the surging of his blood caused by Mo Ling's attack, Grai's strength skyrocketed, causing the originally frozen blood in his body to start slowly circulating again. While this happened, he sent a fist rumbling out.

2 figures exchanged blows in midair and separated; bang, bang!

2 giant pits formed in the ground, while the rumbling vibrations expanded in all directions, causing the entire stadium to sway and shutter. Dust clouds erupted where the 2 fighters had landed, blotting out the sky.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Although the laymen in the audience didn't notice the instant where Grai had came to a halt, so what if they could?

Countless people stood up and focused their anxious gazes towards the 2 on stage... Did, they knock each other out?

Both fighters had sustained injuries of differing degrees. Despite both of them recovering rapidly and displaying exceedingly strong combat strength, everyone knew the so-called "recovery" was just a special response in combat where they were able to forcefully suppress the effects of their injuries.

Finally, both of them had clearly bet their lives on their final attacks, causing their already injured bodies to endure a terrifyingly heavy blow...


People didn't need to guess for long, as after 1-2 seconds, the sounds of rocks being moved quickly rang out, before a swaying figure climbed out from the deep pit.

It was Grai!

Despite his blood-drenched face and his staggering, Grai managed to stand up, while his incomparably pale face caused people to feel as if a gust of wind would be enough to sweep him off his feet.

However, on the other hand, Mo Ling had already sunk into complete unconsciousness, unable to get up!

4th duel. Tianjing. Grai. Victory!

After a momentary silence, the silence was blasted completely apart. Frankly speaking, the Tianjing fans were already on the edge of their seats for the entire match. The Mo Family has seemingly done everything in preparation for this match. Furthermore, with the exception of the 2 perverts, Wang Zhong and Mo Wen, Mo Ling was known to possess the strongest offence and defence within the CHF. Regardless of his combat strength and tactics he had employed in this duel, all of it had already sent the Tianjing fans into the pit of despair.

However, Grai had won! This motherfucker pulled off an inconceivable victory!

This was Tianjing! A squadron that had continued to pump out miracle after miracle! A squadron that had never let people down!

Countless fans felt hot tears dripping down their faces, while the shrieks from the female fans instantly enveloped the entire stadium!

"AHHHHHH! My Blood Race prince! My Grai!"

"I don't want to give birth to monkeys! I want to give birth to mixed-blood babies!"

"A reversal from the very depths of hell! I love the Blood Race! I love aliens! All hail aliens!"

"Everyone's gone motherfucking crazy!"

The entire stadium immediately erupted into a hotpot of chaos, while the Skylink was filled with various kinds of astonishing remarks. Clearly, there was no one here that cared exactly what kind of bloodline Grai possessed, so long as he appeared just like an ordinary person. There were times that people standing at the very top loved to control the fate of others, as well as using their own opinions to control the life or death of others.

However, the greater majority of the laymen had an unbiased view on this matter. Grai was definitely a human! In fact, he was even more human than many other people!

When the referee announced Grai's victory, the latter, who was barely able to remain standing, finally revealed a faint smile on his face. In the next moment, his eyes rolled back, before smacking face-down onto the ground. Now, he could care less about the referee and judges. 

He had won!

Fortunately, Tianjing had Grai! Fortunately, Tianjing had this mysterious Blood Race prince!

Why was Grai a prince? With how handsome he was, he definitely was a prince!

For the sake of victory, Grai had even ignored the risk to his life and activated the Blood Race bloodline within him. Did he know how much of a danger that was? Of course he knew! However, for the sake of Tianjing, and for those fans who had supported him, he was willing to disregard his life. 

Below the stage, there was one person, Milami, who should be extremely happy, yet had an exceedingly pale shade on her face. In fact, her entire being seemed slightly absentminded. However, no one within the crazed audience had paid any attention to this. In fact, they felt that this was a result of her feeling overly excited. 

Nonetheless, the maddened noise erupted for only a few seconds, before rapidly receding.

There were 2 matters that were now in consideration.

This was clearly a wholly accepted victory. However, even though this duel had ended, the referee did not immediately announce Grai's victory.
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    《Battle Frenzy》