Battle Frenzy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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639 Spy activated!

At this moment, the lead judge, Long Mei'er was in a discussion with Joseph and the other deputy judges. These people had been monitoring the Skylink's live-broadcast all this while. From the looks of it, their expressions and attitude showed that they were definitely communicating with the Parliament and the higher levels of the Federation. Time to time, they would turn their gazes towards Grai, while continuing their intense debate about the latter.

What was the current situation? Was there any dispute to the duel's outcome?

Without a doubt, this matter was caused by the definition of Grai's identity. If he was classified as a heresy, Grai's victory would not be qualified as a win.

On the other hand. 

Just as Long Mei'er and the others were continuing their debate, Grai, who was swaying about on stage, suddenly smacked face-first into the ground. Grai's collapse instantly roused quite a few disturbances within the stadium. At this moment, the Tianjing squadron members had already rushed up the stage, though they were halted in their tracks by the Heroic Soul Soldiers that were responsible for law and order in the stadium.

After Grai's victory, it was now supposed to be the moment for Tianjing to celebrate. Instead, the atmosphere within the stadium clearly appeared to be incomparably heavy and full of pressure. The hosts started to give an explanation. The board of judges were still debating about Grai's identity, and they would appreciate it if everyone in the audience would maintain their calm and wait silently for the outcome.

The match came to a temporary halt as both squadrons entered a sudden ceasefire. 

A stretch of silence filled the Heaven's Fate preparatory area, as Mo Wen sat calmly on his chair like a monk in meditation. Behind him, all of his other squadron members had their hands ramrod straight by their sides, including Mo Ling, who had just been stretchered off from the stage. They did not allow the organizing committee's medical squad to take action, as their Heaven's Fate's support group was more than sufficient to provide aid for him. In fact, they were able to provide better aid than the medical squad. 

On the other side, the Tianjing could only wait anxiously for the outcome, as their fate was not in their control.

At this moment, Solomon was watching everything through his Skylink. The development for this match had made an exceedingly interesting turn. Even Yi Luo who was exceedingly focused on eating his lollipop, felt slightly surprised by this development. "Eh? Did the dandelion make a mistake?" 

A faint smile appeared on Solomon's face as he replied, "No. Our goal is accomplished." His plan had started to kick into motion. The most interesting part will what came after this, as well as being the most important period for his plan. This was the same for Grai, for Tianjing, and for Heaven's Fate as well. At this moment, Carolyn was most likely ridiculing him within her heart.

That girl was extremely smart. However, there were times that she was overly confident about herself. The people of the Federation always had an uncontrollable feeling of superiority at the core of their being.

Ma Dong and the others wanted to speak to the organising committee, though they were rejected. The organising committee was still stuck in their debate, while simultaneously wanting to seek the opinions from the Heaven's Fate side.

"Why? Why is a discussion needed after a hard-fought duel?"

"Why aren't they announcing Grai's victory?"

A buzzing noise continued to linger around the stadium, mostly due to righteous indignation as well as puzzlement.

"That's because he's a member of the Blood Race. After all, the Blood Race is considered to be a taboo bloodline. Furthermore, Grai's Blood Race member status has come too suddenly."

"Everything is dependent on what the organising committee decides on, as well as whether Heaven's Fate will raise a petition or not." Gui Xinying said with an indifferent tone. "If they prosecute Grai due to him possessing a taboo bloodline, there's an 80 to 90% chance of him being immediately disqualified from this match."

"He doesn't have any support. Take Adam Galen as an example. Even though he possessed one of the taboo bloodlines, the Werewolf bloodline, there's no one out there that're raising any allegations at him."


Blood Race? How many years has it been since their last appearance? Furthermore, among the alien races that were prosecuted by the Federation, the Blood Race possessed one of the strongest, yet hardest to control bloodlines. Even though Bella Dean were still conducting ongoing experiments on a similarly taboo "Werewolf" bloodline, the Blood Race were a group of even stronger, vicious and complete freaks that could not be reasoned with. Never in history were they controlled or did they submit to mankind.

However, in this duel, Grai was completely unlike the stereotypical Blood Race members that everyone had heard about. He had managed to perfectly control the eruption of his Blood Race bloodline! In the last 3 bouts of exchange against Mo Ling, Grai was clearly able to maintain absolute control over his reason and consciousness!

A Blood Race member that had a sense of self, intelligence, and could control his power...

A frown started to appear on Carolyn's face. During the end of the earlier duel, the instant where Grai had come to a halt had led to him receiving a severe injury, and that was definitely not caused by a backlash of power. Instead, it should have been something done by the dandelion arranged for by Solomon. Who would have thought that the Tianjing squadron member, Milami was a dandelion? Regardless of how Solomon had achieved it, the spies the empire had slipped into the Federation couldn't be underestimated. Nevertheless, this didn't seem to have the effect of letting Heaven's Fate be the final victor of this CHF finals. Tianjing should be the final victor of this duel. With the current public opinion, the state of the Tianjing supporters, as well as the style of Heaven's Fate, the likelihood of that happening was as high as 90%. Furthermore, once that happened, Grai, with his Blood Race bloodline, would absolutely become a super hot commodity out there.

"4th duel, Tianjing, Grai, victory!"

As Long Mei'er proceeded to announce the outcome, a calm atmosphere was still present within the stadium. There was no immediate cheers or shouts, as everyone stared tightly at Long Mei'er, hoping to hear good news about Grai as well as an explanation of all this fuss.

"The organising committee has come to a decision about Grai's evolution of the Blood Race bloodline. From his personal details as well as his combat performances, he had managed to perfectly control his bloodline power, which is classified to be a first-class bloodline in the Federation. In accordance with the Federation's constitution, we encourage any power that can safely help the development of the Federation." Long Mei'er firmly emphasised those last few words. "After a vote, the organizing committee deems the 4th duel to be valid, with Heaven's Fate giving their acknowledgement to this decision. What a spectacular match this CHF final has been."

When her words rang out, the anxious hearts of the people worried about the possibility of Heaven's Fate pulling a despicable move for victory could finally come to a rest, with all of them taking a deep sigh of relief. The entire stadium proceeded to give their warmest applause and cheers for the 2 fights. In fact, both sides had obtained a win. Public praise for the Mo Family had skyrocketed once again. Compared to the petty matters that the Gui and Zhao Families had raised in this CHF, to the point of scheming against people, the Mo Family was now serving as an incomparably magnanimous and upright example in contrast. A win was a win, a loss was a loss. 

The warm applause and cheers coming from the stadium broke through the clouds, an offering to Grai and the Heaven's Fate squadron. Furthermore, they were also welcoming the most anticipated showdown in this CHF! This really could be described as killing 3 birds with one stone! Finally, it has arrived!

With the medical squad already getting involved, Grai was no longer in mortal danger. Nonetheless, he had sustained very serious injuries. Mo Ling's final counter-attack was exceedingly powerful. Now, these 2 people were no longer able to participate in the final group battle. Looking at the unconscious Grai, a somewhat absentminded expression appeared on Milami's face. She had finally done it, yet she had not completed her mission. If she hadn't done it, she would have died, and so would her family. Most importantly, she wasn't a real spy. Instead, her parents were the real spies. She was being forced to accept this inheritance, something that was common within this era. In the past, due to their hatred towards the prosecution from their families, her parents had entered the dark world to seek for opportunities for themselves. In the end, they obtained summons from the empire. Due to a contract with them, Milami's family was able to obtain a footing in Tianjing after leaving Blazing City. They continued to grow, and were even able to change the attitude the main family treated them with. Over the past couple of years, they had started to feel relaxed, feeling as though everything was just a natural occurrence. Yet, none of them knew how much hatred Milami's father had in his heart. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.
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    《Battle Frenzy》