Battle Frenzy
640 The 2 men standing at the pinnacle of the CHF
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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640 The 2 men standing at the pinnacle of the CHF

In the end, Milami was the one who had suffered the most. She had known about all these matters from the time she was 12, yet she did not know what kind of mission she would eventually be tasked to do. Therefore, she was genuinely shocked after seeing the coordinates for a summoning appear in the villa. After putting on a disguise, she went over to meet the other party, where the mission given to her struck her like a bolt out of the blue.

On the night after finishing the meeting, she had bumped into Grai and Ma Dong. Although she had joked around with them in that conversation, she had been unable to fall asleep that night. She really didn't know what she should do, yet she had finally come to a decision. In fact, ever since she had concealed the entire matter during their talk in the large hall, she had already made the decision: to betray her squadron members. Nevertheless, she was unable to change the outcome of the 4th duel. However, looking over towards Grai and his serious injuries, before looking at the excited and happy faces of Ma Dong and the others, Milami felt as though her heart had been stabbed by needles countless times over. 

Regardless of the reason, she had made a wrong step, and thus, had no way to turn around anymore.

"Dear! Mimi! We've won! We're about to enter into the group battle! Hahahaha! Come over and let me kiss you!" A crazed Ma Dong gave Milami a fierce peck. However, he suddenly felt Milami shudder. "Eh? What's the matter, Mimi? Are you unwell?"

"No, no it's nothing. I'm just too happy. I was just too worried about earlier. We've won!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Haha! That's for sure! Grai's not in any mortal danger now. I knew it! That fellow's strength is as reliable as his face!"

The heavy pressure that was hanging over the stadium not long ago had now been dispelled, causing the stadium to return to the fiery and explosive atmosphere that was previously present. Not only that, it started to expand at an exaggerated rate. The upcoming duel had caused everyone's fervent and passionate feelings to rise continuously. 

This was the showdown between the heaviest of heavyweights, it was the duel with the greatest suspense in this CHF! This would be the showdown that decided the final victor of this CHF finals!

The fight for the number one soldier!



Although Wang Zhong and Mo Wen had yet to walk up onto the stage, the stadium was already filled with the chants from the crazed fans of both sides. The apex showdown! Both of them had the greatest fame and supporter counts in this CHF. No one could ever match up to them. Now, their showdown was about to happen!

"Finally! This is the moment that we've all been waiting for! Thinking about it, the significance of this duel has already exceeded that of this finals!" Ruo Zhi's crazed voice rang out from the speakers. "The captains of Tianjing and Heaven's Fate are hailed as the 2 strongest people in this CHF!" 

"I'm honoured to invite our chief judge, General Long Mei'er, to give a play-by-play for this duel!"

The job of the chief judge wasn't to wait by the side of the stage, but to be the person with the final say during a referee verdict. Matters that required a sudden halt of a duel or match were naturally handled by deputy judges like Joseph. It was only due to the uniqueness and high standard of this upcoming duel that warranted her personally taking up this role. The various experts had rated the 2 captains exceedingly highly, and predicted that there was an extremely high likelihood for their fight to exceed the boundaries of an ordinary fight. Clearly, Ruo Zhi and Chen Yu'er were already unable to cast this match between experts. This included the semifinals, like the one between Wang Zhong and Vladimir. Both of them had spent the majority of those fights adding only funny comments for comedic moments. Due to them having a great disparity in their realm when compared to the experts duking it out on the stage, they were completely unable to adjust the atmosphere and provide the audience with a greater picture of the strength the fighters were displaying.

At this moment, using a tone of delight, Long Mei'er's voice rang out. "I believe that this will be a showdown that will be recorded in the history books! Many years later, everyone will feel proud to have personally witnessed this showdown, this historical moment!"

It had to be said that anyone who was able to stand at the apex of politics would be considerably adept at their articulation and eloquence. In an instant, Long Mei'er had ignited the passion within everyone's hearts, causing the already explosive atmosphere to rise by a notch. In fact, even Long Mei'er herself was feeling somewhat emotional. Even legendary Heavenly Soul Stage soldiers might not get such a chance to stand before the entire world! Yet, both Wang Zhong and Mo Wen had accomplished it. Such was life...

Perhaps due to coincidence, or them sensing the reactions of each other, Wang Zhong and Mo Wen started to walk towards the stage at the same exact moment. Smiles proceeded to simultaneously appear on their faces as they did so. The spectators in the crowd weren't the only ones waiting, as both of them were more excited than everyone else.

Tap, tap, tap, tap...

Without any delay, Mo Wen and Wang Zhong strode up the stage with stable and powerful steps!

Just like the drizzle before a downpour, the entire stadium exploded into mad chaos, as everyone instantly turned high. Ruo Zhi's crazed, emotion-filled voice reverberated through the stadium. "The most anticipated, most dazzling, the pinnacle of all showdowns is about to start! Let us give our warmest applause to welcome the 2 strongest captains in the history of the CHF!"

"All Mouthy King! Overlooking the heavens!"

"Mo School, Mo Wen! Number one under the heavens!"

Without a doubt, the fans of both captains were the most fervent, and the most numerous within the entire CHF, dominating the inside and outside of the stadium, Stuart City, Skylink, and even the entire Federation! There were simply too many people standing up and staring at the stage! In an instant after Ruo Zhi's words, the fans turned batshit crazy as they roared and shouted. There were no need for more shouting and cheering; the names of the 2 soldiers were more than enough!

Whether it was the all-capable All Mouthy King who specialised in using his opponents' weapons to silence the naysayers, or the instructor of the Federations' mechanized battalion, Mo Wen, who had trained tens of thousands of Federation soldiers, both of them had achieved a perfect mastery of weapon handling and combat.

However, the two on stage had gone up empty-handed.

They definitely weren't unarmed for the sake of being unarmed.

Among all of the soldiers out there, quite a number of them might feel a loss of security without their weapons in their hands. Even Laura, who hailed from the Potter Family, known throughout the world for being specialized in unarmed combat, had used the family heirloom, gloves made from the 9 rotation ice silkworm, to protect her hands in her final duel in this CHF.

Only those people who had absolute confidence in their own strength, and had used the most devout of attitudes to pursue the epitome of martial dao, would dare to treat unarmed combat as a sign of faith, as well as the greatest challenge to themselves.

"I was still hoping for Wang Zhong to use his signature cross wheels." Waves of sighs rang out within the participant viewing gallery.

"These 2 people are already in a realm of their own." Vladimir said as his eyes lit up like torches. The auras the 2 were displaying had appeared in the instant they stepped onto the stage. However, their auras didn't blast or surge out. Instead, they flowed out as though they were one with nature. Perhaps, due to the short bout of meditation before the start of this duel, both of them had already tuned their concentration to an unprecedented level. Although they had yet to display any of their strength, just the intensity of their concentration, as well as their dedication, had already far surpassed everyone else.

These 2 seemed to have held back for far too much in the earlier stages.

"What earnest fellows…" Gui Xinying commented with a frown. Compared to the Wang Zhong who had duelled against her in the quarterfinals, it appeared as though it was a completely person present on the stage.

"Wang Zhong's so insincere." Karl said with a hearty chuckle as he winked towards Divian. "Boss, this fellow was teasing you in the OP."

"...Every time he encounters any difficult situation, he will always be able to turn it around. This fellow's limits are unfathomable."

"I still favour Mo Wen. Even though they've yet to make any moves, Mo Wen gives me a more reliable feeling, as he has obtained victory with ease throughout this CHF."

"Ah, I favour Wang Zhong more." Naturally, Laura and Sharmie were ardent supporters of Wang Zhong. "He's a fellow that excels the most at creating miracles."

Compared to everyone, Carolyn appeared silent. Clearly, she wasn't feeling well at all, while an absentminded look appeared in her eyes. Solomon wasn't an unreasonable person. To her, the best outcome would be for Wang Zhong to be unable to walk up the stage. Only when that happened would she be able to advance her plans. She would have been able to show him the importance of having a backer. Now, that would be an extremely difficult feat to accomplish.
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    《Battle Frenzy》