Battle Frenzy
641 We belong in different levels
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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641 We belong in different levels

Although the clamouring noises were shaking the entire stadium from their might, everything in their surroundings had turned unimportant for the two on stage. Incomparably earnest expressions were now present on their faces. At this moment, the noises in the stadium were no longer important to them, much less the significance of the CHF championship.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Both of them were only paying attention to the person standing before them, looking at the indiscernible, yet incomparably exciting strength the other possessed.

One step at a time, they walked closer to each other. Walking at a pace that was neither slow nor fast, both of them appeared to walk with a unique rhythm, affecting the will of people, while causing countless fans to go into a trance.

The 2 continued walking forward until they were only 7-8 metres apart, before settling down. Just like tranquil lakes and tall mountain peaks, not a single shred of Soul Power radiated from them. Nevertheless, everyone felt as though the entire world had suddenly turned quiet.

In the next moment, the noisy clamouring within the stadium and the Skylink rapidly dropped in volume. Everyone felt what appeared to be the calm before the storm, causing people to hold their breaths involuntarily in nervousness.

Mo Wen raised his hands up and clapped his palms together. Although his actions were slow, they brought about an incomparable sense of stability and solemness. "Please."

The ancient martial arts style treated respect with high importance. This was especially pronounced in exchanges devoid of hatred or grudges, where they were extremely particular about showing respect in their ceremonies. 

With a faint smile, Wang Zhong cupped his hands and replied, "Please!"

All of a sudden, the imposing feel radiating from the two of them froze up, with time seemingly slowing to a halt. As Wang Zhong's "Please!" rang out, it appeared as though this scene was instantly framed up in the world. 

At this moment, the considerably tense atmosphere within the stadium turned completely peaceful, with utter silence immediately setting in. Now, within this massive stadium, the hundreds of thousands of audience were so quiet that the people could hear the sounds of their hearts beating! 

No one made a single sound. In fact, everyone's breathing started to involuntarily turn gentle, having been affected by the tense atmosphere present. A genuine top-notch expert would always be able to influence the people around them without having to take any action. Without talking about the laymen in the audience, even the participant viewing gallery was now submerged in absolute silence.

These 2 people...

A second after the entire stadium turned silent, as 2 Soul Power surges of equal power blasted out simultaneously!

Frankly, despite this being a rather ordinary display of Soul Power, both of their Soul Power blazes had tinges of a milky white colour present within. This was the most unique characteristic that could be displayed in the Casted Soul Stage. This characteristic didn't cause one to display any overly-disgusting level of strength, with the grasso level being at the peak of 200.

However, it took just 2 to 3 seconds for everyone to notice the difference. Although both of them had reached the pinnacle of the Casted Soul Stage, their Soul Powers did not come to a stop. Instead, they continued to rise! Furthermore, the Soul Power they released did not radiate out. Instead, they appeared to be continuously compressed and compounded. 

Although Soul Power Grasso values were used to measure progress, the might of Wang Zhong and Mo Wen's Soul Power did not halt in their increase. Their bodies appeared just like narrow spaces where their Soul Power was forced into. Nevertheless, their Soul Power was completely held within those narrow spaces, while more and more poured in, compounding and increasing their overall might!


Everyone held their breaths in shock.

"Rise!" All of a sudden, Mo Wen shouted out fiercely.

In the next instant, changes started to appear on the considerably dense Soul Power that had already been gathered around his body. Just as though a catalyst had been added into it, the ocean of Soul Power that had been compressed until it had started to distort, rapidly condensed and fused together.

"5 Elements --- Soul Condensation!" Divian gave a soft sigh.

This was something that could only happen after being at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage. If there were sufficient reserves of Soul Power, and the person possessed a sufficiently strong control over it, they could, after a period of preparation, forcefully condense, fuse and compress it. Due to the massive increase in density, the Soul Power would undergo a qualitative transformation. Naturally, if ordinary people attempted this, the most likely outcome would be the explosion of their Soul Sea due to the overwhelming load and pressure. Simply speaking, it was just like weight lifting. If the load was too heavy, it would break your back. 

5 Elements --- Soul Condensation! This was a move made specifically for situations like this. Using the exceedingly strong tolerance of the 5 Elements Constitution to calm down the explosive Soul Power during its compression, before using the powerful fleshly body granted by the 5 Elements Constitution to hold it together. Only through these 2 protective guards would one have a sliver of a chance in succeeding to transform their Soul Power!

The control over Soul Power that was required to pull this off was much more difficult than the control over strength. In fact, this move could be used all the way into the Heavenly Soul Stage. Simply speaking, this was a move that would make one invincible among their realm. Compared to this, Gui Hao's talent truly appeared inferior.

At this moment, Mo Wen's transparent and milky white tinged Soul Power started to gain a light grey shade, as well as... silver!

This… was a qualitative change in Soul Power!

The entire participant viewing gallery had turned absolutely silent; everyone was mute in shock. At this moment, deep feelings of dread had surfaced within Carolyn's eyes. In fact, feelings of inferiority started to surface within her heart.

Although Carolyn had placed her sights into the future, appearing as though she did not give a care about who won this CHF championship at all, that was frankly just a show of helplessness. To any expert that held pride for themselves, it was always extremely difficult for them to suffer any setback, much about giving no care about it.

After her loss, she had watched the video footage of her fight against Mo Wen countless times over, coming to a conclusion that she was relatively well-matched against him. This made her feel that she still stood a chance of victory if she were to engage in a duel against him. It was this conclusion that made her hold onto what was left of her dignity. However, when Mo Wen unleashed his 5 Elements Soul Condensation, and caused his Soul Power to gain a silver shade, Carolyn immediately turned silent.

The elites within the participant viewing gallery were all too clear what a silver Soul Power represented.

Of the many differences that separated the 3 different soul stage cultivations that mankind could achieve -- the Casted Soul, Heroic Soul, and Heavenly Soul -- the most obvious difference would be the colour of the Soul Power. In most circumstances, the Soul Power of a Casted Soul Stage would be translucent, and possessed a slight milky white tinge. This was the essence of Soul Power. The purer the milky white tinge, the purer the Soul Power essence, and the closer the person was to the next stage.

Naturally, special abilities and special constitutions would lead to differences. Therefore, there was a wide diversity in the colour of people's Soul Power.

For example, Fire attribute special ability users. They would have a somewhat faint red fog present within their transparent Soul Power, causing their Soul power to have a faint red tinge. Those who possessed a Gold attribute special ability would have a faint gold tinge in their Soul Power. Water attribute would lead to a blue tinge, Wood attribute would lead to a green tinge, and Earth attribute would lead to a yellow tinge... However, those colours were just decorations used to separate one's special abilities. These colours would not affect the milky white and semi-transparent state of one's Soul Power essence.

Only when the Soul Power was genuinely able to be changed completely into a milky white shade, would it be possible for the Soul Power essence to be raised to the next level.

A silver colour was the unique representation of a Heroic Soul Stage soldier. Upon reaching the Heavenly Soul Stage, the Soul Power would turn into an incomparably dazzling golden colour! This was the qualitative transformation of Soul Power essence, something completely different from the unique colour tinges that were a result from special abilities. 

Compared to this, a pure increase in Grasso value, like the result of Gui Hao's talent, was rather limited in terms of increasing damage output. Whether it was a 3-fold, 4-fold, or even 5-fold increase, the person would still be in the Casted Soul Stage, and would still use Casted Soul Stage techniques. Therefore, the only people they could compared to were those in the Casted Soul Stage. Furthermore, many other things would have to be sacrificed, such as Soul Power control, which would become even more difficult with the increased Grasso value.
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    《Battle Frenzy》