Battle Frenzy
642 Who“s afraid of who?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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642 Who“s afraid of who?

However, the Soul Power essence formed by the transformation of one's Soul Power into that of a Heroic Soul Stage would far surpass something like the increase in damage output. It was an improvement in all aspects!

When breaking through to the Heavenly Soul Stage, the entire body would be reborn. When that happened, the person would naturally be able to succeed in transforming their Soul. However, wanting to accomplish that during the Casted Soul Stage was just too difficult! This matter would normally exist only in theoretical discussions.

Would anyone dare to use their Casted Soul Stage body to endure the power of a Heroic Soul Stage? That would just like using a 0.33 calibre pistol to fire a torpedo! It was an utterly impossible feat to accomplish!

Under normal circumstances, those who were watching this on a screen would definitely assume that they were watching a CGI fight. However, this spectacular transformation of Mo Wen's Soul Power colour was happening right before everyone's eyes! At this moment, the essence of his Soul Power had already changed completely, all of it glistening with a bright, translucent silvery shade. After entering the Heroic Soul Stage, not only would the Grasso value of the Soul Power increase, even the might of the Soul Power essence would undergo a massive change.

Although his Soul Power Grasso value was still at 200, he was displaying it with the Soul Power of a Heroic Soul Stage. There was no way that it was as simple as a multiplication of his fundamental combat strength.

This was the reason why Mo Wen was always able to be highly regarded and respected by the Federation's Mechanized Battalion, which stood at the frontlines. He, in the Casted Soul Stage, was completely able to stand tall among the Heroic Soul Stage soldiers in terms of strength!

He had used his true strength right from the start of the duel!

Silence continued to hang within the participant viewing gallery, though quite a few people were starting to pay a silent tribute to Wang Zhong. Frankly speaking, Mo Wen currently possessed a strength that had crossed boundaries, and also possessed the strongest combat techniques in the Federation. At this moment, he was absolutely a BUG level existence! Although Wang Zhong was very strong, he...


Many of the people that were sighing immediately took notice of it.

Wang Zhong was also continuing to accumulate his Soul Power. However, unlike Mo Wen, he did not have any capabilities like the "5 Elements Soul Condensation" that allowed his Soul Power essence to rapidly undergo a qualitative change. Nevertheless, he continued to accumulate, and continue to compress his Soul Power.

When Mo Wen's Soul Power essence had undergone a qualitative change, while turning into a silvery shade, Wang Zhong's Soul Power was still in the ordinary semi-transparent milky white tinge state. However, the milky white shade continued to increase, while continuing to turn denser.

Gradually, the semi-transparent state turned solid, before turning into a pure milky white shade. This continued into faint grey, silvery grey...

There was no sudden change, just slivers of Soul Power that continued to be emitted, compressed and fused together. Layer by layer, they continued to blossom, appearing just like an endlessly surging wave.

This was a slow, yet stable process.

Finally, with the bad tossed and the good kept, Wang Zhong's Soul Power essence had similarly turned into a silvery shade.


Although the laymen in the audience were only able to sense a similar aura radiating from the 2, and thus were feeling excited, the knowledgeable ones within the stadium were already dumbfounded by what they saw.

Different methods were used, yet a similar outcome was achieved!

When did crossing the boundary become that easy?

These... these 2 freaks!

It was within everyone's realm of acceptance for Mo Wen to possess a realm-leaping strength, as, after all, he was using the unique traits granted by his 5 Elements constitution. This allowed him to reach a level of compatibility and fleshly body toughness that far exceeded anyone else.

However, what about Wang Zhong? Who was he? How did he do it?

There were no unique traces of any fusion! Instead, he had completely relied on the compounded accumulation of every single compressed drop of Soul Power! How much Soul Power was required to pull that off? How tyrannically strong would his fleshly body have to be in order to pull that off? Furthermore, even if his fleshly body could handle it, what about his Soul Sea? Without any unique body constitutions, there was simply no way the Soul Sea of a Casted Soul Stage could endure this change! 

Unless, Wang Zhong also possessed some kind of unique talent? What an inconceivable trump card... despite both of them not taking any action, they had already shocked everyone that was watching their duel.

That's why Wang Zhong was always able to pull of inconceivable wins from fights where he had horrible luck in! There were many unconvinced people that had previously attributed it to him being lucky, with the fight between him and Vladimir being one of them.

However, only after seeing the spectacle before them did people finally get an understanding of this matter. Just like Mo Wen, Wang Zhong had yet to display his true strength all throughout this CHF! Only when people of their calibre faced off against each other, would they bring out their true strength.

A wave of shocked gulps rang out across the participant viewing gallery, as many had their mouths wide agape.

At this instant, Carolyn and Vladimir, who had held themselves with great pride, both felt feelings of admiration and helplessness surface within their hearts. In the past, both of them had believed that they were still rather close in strength to the 2 on stage. In fact, they had even managed to oppress those 2 in combat. Now, they had discovered that they had accomplished those feats when these 2 were using only 70 to 80% of their true strength. In fact, the actual percentage might be even lower!

That was why they were unable to feel even a sliver of a life-or-death aura coming from these 2 during their duels after looking through the video footage!

So, this was the reason!

Being the first to transform his Soul Power essence, Mo Wen wasn't hasty to go on the offensive. Instead, he continued to wait. To him, victory was no longer his objective in this fight. The only goal he had was to meet and exchange pointers against the most powerful opponent he could find.

Indeed, Wang Zhong did not let him wait for long, nor did he disappoint Mo Wen. As the silver-coloured Soul Power blaze burned into the air, surging across the stage, the auras radiating from the 2 instantly experienced an earth-shattering change, appearing as though they had evolved into higher-levelled life forms. However, both of their Soul Power essence had already possessed the unique characteristics similar to a Heroic Soul Stage soldiers. Now, even ordinary Heroic Soul Stage soldiers wouldn't be able to move under the pressure coming from their auras!

Mo Wen could feel all of the blood in his blood immediately surging up, and so did Wang Zhong standing across him. The intense desire for combat was present in both of them, as smiles simultaneously appeared at the corners of their mouths.

Time appeared to slow, as the entire scene froze up. At this moment, the viewing galleries, audience, and even the entire stadium had instantly "disappeared" without a trace. The only thing that were present in their eyes was their opponents, the silvery Soul Power flowing around their bodies, as well as the crazed fighting intent present in their eyes.


Without any indication, the 2 instantly disappeared!

The cameras broadcasting to the large screens were utterly incapable of catching any wind of this. In fact, there weren't even any sounds made, appearing as though both of them had evaporated into thin air. In the next second, the mere 7-8 metre distance between the 2 was crossed.

A terrifying ripple of power rapidly expanded from the centre of the stage, while a massive air wave rushed out in all directions. This was followed by an explosive bang of a collision.


The defensive barrier shook as the entire stadium hummed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The apex of showdowns had begun!

At the centre where the air and shock waves had rippled out, 2 deity-like figures appeared at the same time. Both of them sending their right fists rumbling out, while simultaneously using their left to grab the other's right fist. At this moment, the 2 displayed a gaze of excitement and anticipation that they had no shown to any other soldier they had fought with in this CHF; these were feelings that had already surpassed how they felt for this competition.

The lightshow created from terrifying collision between the Heroic Soul Stage Soul Powers blossomed in all directions. The resulting Soul Power collision was incomparably dense. When humans reached the Heroic Soul Stage, especially those elites within the Heroic Soul Stage, their strength could no longer be measured against other people. Generally speaking, Heroic Soul Stage soldiers were subjected to restrictions by the Federation to prevent them to take action before an audience. Wang Zhong and Mo Wen definitely were exceptions to this rule.
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    《Battle Frenzy》