Battle Frenzy
645 Counterattack 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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645 Counterattack 2 in 1

All of a sudden, a mysterious spectacle appeared. The tornadoes seemed to turn transparent, revealing Wang Zhong and Mo Wen within. At this instant, both of them had opened their fists and pushed their palms towards one another. Unleashing their Circular Force to their very limits, they smashed all of the force right towards the other person. In an instant, the fused Circular Force was split apart, revealing the earth-shattering power that had been condensed within.

Rumble bang bang...

The heavens shattered and the earth was rent as dust plumes instantly filled the entire stage. The terrifying spiralling power smashing in from both sides formed a blinding white wave of air, exploding out in all directions. As it rippled out, everyone had their eyes opened wide. Who was the final victor??? 

It should be Mo Wen, right? It definitely had to be Mo Wen! After all, the Mo School's Circular Force was renowned under the heavens. Who was Mo Wen? He was the number one expert in the Mo Family!

However, those confident and fervent Mo Wen fans had frozen solid before they could go berserk!

Wang Zhong's Circular Force was actually suppressing Mo Wen! This was utterly...


A massive tremor shook through the second defensive barrier as a figure smashed into it like a cannonball! It was... Mo Wen!

It really was Mo Wen!

While Mo Wen was sent flying, the swirling energies rushed towards the skies, leaving Wang Zhong's figure standing alone on the stage.

Wang Zhong had actually smashed Mo Wen away in a confrontation of Circular Force???

The entire stadium had instantly sunk into a madness stemming from people doubting reality. Was All Mouthy King going to continue defying the heavens? How could anyone live after this?

Everyone knew about how difficult it was to learn how to display Circular Force! Everyone also knew how frightening it was! Vladimir and the others all had their mouths opened wide in shock. Although they knew that there was a possibility of Wang Zhong defeating Mo Wen, never in their wildest dreams did they expect him to gain an advantage using the Mo School's ultimate art!

This... How was this possible?!

"That isn't Circular Force!" Long Mei'er commented with a frown. This fellow from Tianjing had truly given her too much of a surprise, so much that she was starting to treat it as a norm. Nevertheless, she was still unable to resist sighing in admiration. 

It was nigh impossible for laymen in the stadium, and even those talented experts in the participant viewing gallery, to recognize the move Wang Zhong had just unleashed. For them, they were probably assuming that it was the same Circular Force that Mo Wen was displaying. However, although their effects appeared to be similar, the essence of Wang Zhong's moves wasn't quite the same. Precisely speaking, this was the genuine form of the Circular Force, also known as the Yin Yang Force in the dark era. However, it was assumed that this move had been lost to history! How did Wang Zhong learn it? 

Mo Wen's Circular Force had been applied in a rather extrinsic manner, forming a unique shield that could defend against all incoming attacks by rotating the killing force away. However, when Circular Force was applied in an intrinsic manner, it would transcend from a defensive combat technique, becoming one that could be used in an offensive manner! This was a super combat technique that combined offence and defence into one!

However, wanting to comprehend the Yin Yang Force to the highest degree was even more difficult than comprehending the 5 Elements Constitution, as almost all of the information about it had been lost over the ages. Although the Mo Family had managed to preserve the knowledge of Circular Force, that was all they could do. Therefore, despite Heavenly Soul Stage experts being able to understand the intricacies behind this combat technique, they had already lost the means to comprehend the essence that was required to master this technique.

It was utterly incredible for one to possess this level of comprehension ability within the Casted Soul stage. Mo Wen was already terrifying by himself. However, who would have thought that an obscure figure like Wang Zhong, hailing from a small city, would be even more astonishing than him!

Many bigshots in the VIP podium were now whispering to one another. Compared to the shock that the audience was experiencing after having just witnessed such an awesome scene, this bunch of old men and women were more interested in the Yin Yang Force. This had naturally spiked their anticipation towards Wang Zhong's future performances. In the previous duel, he had summoned in Sovereign of Fire into his body. Now, the Yin Yang Force had appeared?

Perhaps, they could no longer view this fellow in a simple light. Furthermore, the Gui and Zhao Families had been incomparably quiet during this period of time, as though they had realised something that others did not. Naturally, this bunch of bigshots had their own guesses about the matter, though the all-knowing looks they concocted to hide their guesses had the negative effect of creating many misconceptions.

So he knew it, then my guess is probably right. Ah, he also knows about it, so my guess is definitely right. These were the thoughts swimming behind their expressions.

At this moment, the tornado swept out, as Soul Power lightning arced and sparkled.

The churning tornado hid the skies and covered the earth as it swept outwards, sending massive air currents that bound Mo Wen and slammed him fiercely against the defensive barrier.

Rumble bang bang~~~

In a split second, the heavens and earth shook, as dust filled the air. An intense flash blossomed from the defensive barrier. so dazzling that people were unable to open their eyes. While this happened, the entire stadium shook and swayed intensely, sending the continuous sounds of shattering glass panels reverberating in all directions.

Crack crack crack crack...

Creak creak creak...

Sounds that caused everyone's heart to tremble reverberated across the stadium.

The entire stadium remained quiet as they took in what had just happened before them. Earlier, the defensive barrier was barely able to handle the burden created by Wang Zhong's blow. However, the immediate activation of the second defensive barrier with its added protection gave people a sense of relative stability, causing them to feel safe.

Yet, at this moment, the second defensive barrier appeared to be unable to bear the brunt, and was showing signs of collapse!

What about Mo Wen? He had received that terrifying attack with his body! This... even with a powerful fleshly body, he couldn't endure it, right?

Numerous cracks were present on the transparent and colorless dual-layer defensive barrier, while Mo Wen's entire body was embedded right into it from the earlier blow, as if it was stuck... However, he still seemed to be doing fine...

At this moment, Mo Wen's expression appeared exceedingly solemn, and so did the atmosphere within the stadium.


Raising his hand slowly, he "pulled" his left hand out of from the shattered defensive barrier it was embedded in.

Crack crack crack crack...

Incomparably clear sounds akin to those made when glass panels were shattered rang out. As though the most critical foundation had been removed from a jigsaw puzzle, a large hole instantly appeared in the crack-laden dual-layer defensive barrier. Subsequently, the cracks rapidly widened, before the entire barrier shattered apart!

Mo Wen proceeded to pull his body out and descended onto the ground. Due to being embedded 20-30 meters in the air, he could not avoid landing heavily onto the ground like a cannonball striking the ground.


Just like a god of war, he did not even bend his knees upon landing, appearing just like a lump of lead landing straight down onto the ground, shattering the already shattered stage into 4-5 large pieces! 

The cracking sounds from the defensive barrier and the ground mixed together with the shocked cries coming from the audience, reverberating throughout the stadium.

Rumble... bang!

The viewing gallery, which was already extremely quiet, turned in a stretch of deathly silence, as everyone placed their gazes onto Mo Wen's body.

It looks like... he really wasn't injured?

From the state he displayed when he had landed on the ground, that seemed to be the case.

However, how was that possible! He had taken that terrifying move from Wang Zhong head on! Even a meteorite would get dented by the power behind that blow! 

Admiration surfaced within Long Mei'er's heart upon seeing this, a shocking response for someone of her level. After discovering the differences in his opponent's power generation, Mo Wen had immediately diverted all of his strength into defense, while displaying the mysteries of the Circular Force to its limits, allowing him to divert a large amount of the attacking force away. It was a must for any expert to be able to judge the might of an opponent's attack. Mo Wen was known to be top-notch in his reaction speed and judgement. Upon landing, he had also diverted all of the remnant force from the attack. It could be said that Wang Zhong's sudden attack seemed to have achieved nothing.

Well, apart from ripping up his opponent's clothes.

Of course, Long Mei'er would not comment about this. There was nothing more to be said towards those who knew exactly what had happened, and it was pointless to explain it to those who didn't. She would only comment on matters that would influence the judgement for this duel. The majority of the soldiers present in the participant viewing gallery weren't able to make out what had happened. It was likely that only 5-6 people were able to get an inkling, though they only had a smattering of knowledge towards the true mysteries of Wang Zhong's and Mo Wen's actions.

The reason why Wang Zhong and Mo Wen were truly powerful wasn't just due to the amazing attacks they could unleash, or the outstanding defenses they could muster. The more important reason was that they were able to make accurate and decisive responses during a fight. This was the core of what made people powerful. Regardless of how powerful a technique could be, it required the right timing of execution before it's brilliance could be displayed.

Landing emotionlessly onto the ground, Mo Wen proceeded to clench his fists. Soul Power burst forth fiercely from him, before cracking sounds rang out across his body. What seemed like delight appeared on his face, and as the cracking sounds continued, the sliver of a smile on his face gradually turned clearer.

Only after the last attack did he finally gain an understanding of Wang Zhong's methods. It wasn't Circular Force, but a move that was beyond Circular Force! It was the epitome of the Circular Force's movement of power, combining offence and defence into one!

Yin Yang Force!

No one had a greater understanding of this lost set of ultimate arts than the Mo Family. Using the 5 Elements Constitution as a basis for cultivation, Mo Wen had only managed to grasp half of the mysteries behind the Circular Force. He would have never expected Wang Zhong to be able to obtain the other half! However, it seemed that Wang Zhong had yet to completely master it. If not, he would not have been able to defend against the last attack. During their preparations for this match, his family was suspecting that Wang Zhong might have inherited his skills from a master, as it was impossible to comprehend the unique combat techniques that he had previously displayed without the aid of a good teacher. Although cultivation was still dependent on one's own ability, a master was still needed for guidance through the basics. Therefore, it was impossible for Wang Zhong to be treated as a new upstart who possessed superficial knowledge.

If Wang Zhong's master was an existence as powerful as the Mo Family, the identity of the master would have already been known. It appeared that he was not from this plane. Could he be from the hyperdimension?

One had to know that from the time mankind had walked out from the dark era, there were many absolutely powerful experts who had given up on all worldly matters in the pursuit of ultimate strength. To them, this was the ultimate path in mankind's evolution. After all, not everyone had the heart of Buddha, especially those experts. As they grew older, they would become more willing to pursue longevity and the mysteries behind it. This meant that some of these experts were travelers of the hyperdimension. Who knew if one of them was the source of Wang Zhong's knowledge?

Mo Wen was hard-pressed to conceal the excitement that had appeared on his face. Regardless of the truth behind the matter, this was what Mo Wen had hoped for. The fight was finally interesting! Only through this would he feel that he had not wasted his time in this CHF! Extending his hands, he ripped the remnants of the tattered clothes that covered his body.


The tattered clothing was instantly torn into bits, revealing a ghastly sight to everyone.

His muscles weren't the exceedingly thick and substantial type, yet were incredibly tough and resilient, as though they were made of countless steel wires twisted together. This was coupled with his bronze-colored skin, which gave a tough look akin to cured leather, as well as the distribution of his muscles, forming a tough layer of defence. Frankly speaking, it wasn't very aesthetically pleasing. However, from the perspective of a soldier, his body was basically a perfect piece of art!

Rippling Muscled Steel Body!

However, that wasn't the aspect that had shocked people the most! What caused everyone's heart to palpitate with fear was the innumerable scars that covered the bronze, cured leather-like skin! Various kinds of holes made by knives and arrows, and bite marks made by teeth were present, with their numbers so dense that not a single patch of unblemished skin remained on his body! 

The heavens-gifted children in the viewing galleries, who were initially jealous of Mo Wen's talent, believing that he was the most blessed by the heavens, were utterly shocked by what they saw. In reality, they felt they had worked pretty damn hard, and had given quite a lot in their pursuit of strength. Every single day, they would train till their backs were drenched with sweat. While other people were having fun, they were training. While everyone was at gatherings, they were training. All of them felt that they had sacrificed a lot of their personal time just for the sake of training. However, upon looking at Mo Wen...

Exactly what kind of training and experiences had he gone through? Exactly how many times did he linger on the edge of life and death, to have obtained so many terrifying scars? Exactly who would be able to leave scars like these on that pervert, Mo Wen?

Even those soldiers from the northern regions, who treated scars as something beautiful, and were famed from their cruel and vicious training, instantly felt terror and were drenched in cold sweat upon seeing the state of Mo Wen's body. Present on their bodies were various kinds of scars, which were their symbols of honour and glory. Compared to the average person, they understood exactly what scars meant! The northern regions never lacked brave and courageous soldiers, nor did they lack madmen who would cut themselves up when they had nothing to do. However, there had never been anyone who possessed a similar extent of decorations as Mo Wen!

With the level of strength he possessed, exactly how much did he have to experience to force himself to such a point? The stronger one was, the harder it was to get injured. Of course, fighting against people of a higher level than oneself had a very high probability of resulting in one's death. That was why it was difficult to achieve a breakthrough. It would be absolutely impossible to encounter life-or-death situations that offered the opportunity to surpass one's limits, if the older generation were to always provide care and protection. This was the most difficult aspect in the pursuit of the pinnacle.

This was no longer an issue of hard work and bravery! Each and every one of those terrifying scars was indication of a step that Mo Wen had taken at the edge of death!

Even more frightening was the fact that Mo Wen was now standing there, completely free of injuries, whether hidden or external. That meant that he was extremely lucky! This wasn't a joke! Without luck, any powerhouse would have already been buried in the ground. Although those Heavenly Soul Stage experts, or those standing at the apex of their various occupations, would have surely undergone many bouts of pain and suffering, luck was one of the major factors that allowed them to reach their current positions.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Being able to escape from the reaper's scythe so many times showed that Mo Wen was genuinely blessed by the heavens!

A crystalline, silver coloured Soul Power rippled across his toned, bronzed body, illuminating the numerous scars with a peculiar shade that caused people's hearts to palpitate.


Mo Wen let his breath out in a long exhalation of air, before his Soul Power started to transform. Being incomparably sensitive to Soul Power frequencies, Wang Zhong could clearly sense those changes. In this instant, an intense undulation had shook through Mo Wen's original stable peak frequency. 

This was a sharp and intense undulation. If a graph was used to describe Mo Wen's current Soul Power frequency, it would appear as though there were countless spikes present on it at this very instant!

A sharp intent appeared on his body!


A sliver of a gold tinge surfaced on his silver Soul Power, as though golden threads were spun around his Soul Power.

This was closely followed by another transformation. This time, it was much more calm than the sharp and intense undulation earlier. The change brought about a wave of exuberant life force!


His Soul Power changed again! This time, it surged about like a tsunami about to smash into the shore, yet appeared deep and unending! An additional transparent luster appeared around his silver Soul Power.


Yet again, this was quickly followed by a berserk billowing, a ridiculously intense fluctuation! This brought about an intense surge of energy, as well as a fiery-red tinge!


Finally, the Soul Power frequency returned to a calm and tranquil line, with no waves or troughs, as stable as Mount Tai, with a yellow tinge surfacing as it appeared.


Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth!

Compared to the 5 Elements Constitution he had activated during his duel against Carolyn, he was now using the Heroic Soul Stage silver Soul Power. Therefore, the 5 different coloured glows that the 5 Elements Constitution should have caused, had now fused into one!

An incomparably mysterious spectacle appeared before everyone. For those soldiers without special abilities, Mo Wen's Soul Power appeared to be a pure silver shade. For those soldiers with a fire attribute special ability, they would see a fiery red tinge around his Soul Power. For those that with an ice or water attribute special ability, they would see a transparent luster. As for those with a gold attribute special ability, they were terrified to see a soul-stirring gold tinge present around Mo Wen's Soul Power!
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    《Battle Frenzy》