Battle Frenzy
648 Mo Wen opens his eyes 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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648 Mo Wen opens his eyes 2 in 1

They were evenly matched!

Throughout the exchange, the fighting intent that they radiated never ceased rising, with both of them going deeper and deeper into the zone. In both the eruption of strength and the use of it, the two of them continued to increase their output at a near-limitless rate.

Furthermore, their lightning-quick punches and kicks had already started to create afterimages. Those weren't fanciful moves; moves like that would be utterly useless before each other's Heart's Eye. The combat techniques they were displaying purely used power, like the 2nd drive or 3rd drive, also like the Circular Force and Yin Yang Force. The addition of their strength to these combat techniques caused the destructiveness of their attacks to multiply. As the 2 continued to sink deeper into their exchange, their combat fundamentals that they had developed on their journey towards the Martial Dao, as well as their own habits and quirks, started to show. At this point in time, both of them weren't bothering to raise any defence; they were simply launching the most extreme attacks they had against the other side.

Cladding themselves with Circular Force and Yin Yang Force fused with their incomparably gargantuan Soul Power output, both of them engaged in an all-out flesh and blood brawl. 

During their brawl, both of their fists smashed simultaneously on each other's chests, sending both of them flying backwards. In the next second, a 5-colored brilliance, as well as a dim purplish one, sparkled in the air.

As Mo Wen shot backwards in the air, a longsword suddenly appeared in his hand, sparkling with a 5-colored brilliance. Transforming nothing into something! 5 Elements Sword!

Across him, an incomparably overbearing blade had appeared in Wang Zhong's hand. Formed from the dim purplish flames, the edge of the blade emitted purple flames, causing it to radiate with uninhibited dominance.



The blade and sword smashed fiercely against each other, sending a terrifying shockwave expanding out from their point of collision! Once again, as though it had suffered near mortal danger, the energy-rich defensive barrier hummed and shook in response.

At the point of collision, the blade and sword instantly swept past each other. Although they were just constructions condensed from energy, dazzling sparks had formed when they collided.


An ear-piercing screech reverberated across the stadium. Residual light seeped out from the corners of the 2 figures' eyes. Time on the stage appeared to slow down, as both of them turned their bodies with an impossibly quick speed.

The 5 Elements Sword vibrated, drawing a profound arc in the air. Appearing as though it was shaking its butt, it twisted around via its inertia, before stabbing up from Mo Wen's waist at lightning-quick speed. Being the number one expert of the Mo Family, Mo Wen was obviously proficient in wielding this weapon!

Blade intent surged within the purple fiery blade. With dominance being the essence of its combat techniques, the blade brought along Wang Zhong's body for a somersault, before cleaving downwards from the air. At this moment, Wang Zhong's blade arts were unleashed without any restraint.


Bang bang bang bang!

In a split second, the sword and blade smashed against each other, sending shockwaves expanding outwards. Although the blade and sword had just smashed into each other, the 2 opposing powers within them had already collided dozens of times in that split second! The purple fiery blade was frantically trying to devour the 5 Elements Sword, while the latter was trying its utmost to break the body of the fiery blade. As the collisions grew more intense, the pure energy-condensed blade and sword should have begun to grow weaker; after all, the energies that formed them were being rapidly consumed. However, after 2 to 3 minutes, and hundreds of clashings, the blade and the sword in their hands did not show any signs of weakening. Instead, they started to glow with a greater, and even more dazzling brilliance!

The dust that was kicked up on the stage obscured everyone's vision, though the 5-colored sword glow and the dark purple blade arcs were clear for all to see, their radiance penetrating through the dust plumes.

Rumble boom!

A long explosion rang out, as the radiance blossoming from the blade and the sword reached their peak. The intense collision seemed to reach a point where even those 2 perverted freaks were unable to endure, causing them to be sent flying back by the resulting impact. However, before people could get a clear view of where they were sent flying to, the terrifying shockwaves had already expanded out in all directions.

All of a sudden, the 5 Elements Sword, which focused on speed and viciousness, with all fancy combat techniques being overlooked, drew a rapid circle in the air. This wasn't a circle drawn by the tip of the sword, but by its handle. In an instant, hundreds of 5 Element Sword shades fanned out like a peacock tail, displaying a perfectly circular arc of swords for all to see.

Subsequently, the sword fan rotated, as the sword shades condensed together. Countless sword shades and sword intent instantly layered upon one another, forming one gigantic sword shade!

At this moment, an upward arc surfaced at the corner of Mo Wen's mouth. Mo School --- Myriad Swords Returns to One!

Before him, the purple fiery blade that was less than 2 meters long had suddenly grown larger. The purple flames surged and churned endlessly like the galloping of tens of thousands of horses. Possessing endless amounts of fire, the flames contained the technique of surging waves within.

Flaming Tsunami Slash!

Wang Zhong and Mo Wen's auras continued to skyrocket, causing their massive auras to smash into each other on stage, appearing just like tsunamis surging from both sides. Both sides weren't giving even an inch. With the assistance of their weapon intents, their combat techniques had already risen to the peak, causing people to believe that those techniques were on the level of Soul Domination techniques!

When their auras reached a critical point, both Wang Zhong and Mo Wen erupted with berserk roars, before unleashing all of their might without any restraint.


In an instant, the terrifying demonic fiery blade and the "myriad swords into one" divine sword covered the distance that separated them, before colliding madly against each other. 


An explosion immediately erupted at the point of collision, as countless frightening air currents swept about within as they smashed against the sealed defensive barrier, whipping up dust and rock chips into the air, with even some table-sized rocks being thrown into the air!

Bang bang bang bang bang~~~

It took only an instant for the defensive barrier to be filled with white smoke and air currents, completely blocking everyone's view of the situation on stage. The only thing they could see were countless rock chips smashing against the defensive barrier, akin to a hail of bullets raining down on the world. 

The defensive barrier that was already raised to its limits sparkled endlessly with a golden glow, while countless runic patterns appeared on its surface, appearing just like comets streaking about in chaotic fashion. The entire defensive barrier started to creak and shift in a somewhat unbearable manner, while some parts of the dome structure had already completely changed in shape by the frightening air currents smashing against it. It was only through Zhou Mu's control, as well as the endless energies being dumped into it, that made it able to barely hold on!

While the defensive barrier vibrated, the ground shook, and the entire stadium trembled!

There was no way to measure the level of this match between Wang Zhong and Mo Wen. At the very least, that was the case for the laymen in the audience. Frankly speaking, ordinary people weren't usually able to witness the strength possessed by a Heroic Soul Stage soldier, as it was heavily restricted by strict laws within the Federation. Therefore, what the audience was currently seeing was nothing short of a miracle in their eyes!

Regardless of the Skylink or the stadium, everyone was already holding their breaths as they stared anxiously at the dust-filled defensive barrier.

Since the sounds had stopped, was the outcome already determined?

Exactly who was the victor? Frankly speaking, it was possible for either party to win!

The dust clouds quickly dissipated. Upon seeing the situation present on stage, everyone could not help but to suck in their breaths.

Although the stage had already shattered into multiple pieces from the earlier exchanges, it still maintained its overall shape prior to the final explosion. However, at this very moment, it appeared to have experienced a small-scale nuclear blast, as the entire stage had disappeared...

A large, structured pit had taken its place, extending 2-3 meters into the ground and spanning over 40 meters in radius! From the look of it, what seemed like the area of a football field had been excavated into the ground!

This… what was this destructiveness?!

Without talking about the laymen in the audience, even people like Carolyn felt terror and heart-palpitating fear fill up their hearts. Their strength was truly too tyrannical! Truthfully speaking, their exchanges, their attacks, or the amount of backlash they would need to endure when their attacks collided, was absolutely above the limits other people could handle.

How could anyone live through that???

On opposite sides of the pit stood 2 figures, both of them standing stock-still...

At this moment, the blade and sword in their hands had already disappeared. The greatest exchange of power within the CHF had shocked the hearts of everyone watching, though that was still unable to shatter their defenses! When a soldier unleashed his or her strength, the primary consideration wasn't whether the strength was sufficient to destroy their opponent; it was whether they would survive the process of unleashing that power.

Wang Zhong's body was still clad in a faint layer of demonic flames, its dark purple color appearing abstruse in nature, while revealing a calm and peaceful glow. As for Mo Wen's body...

Everyone opened their eyes wide, while covering their mouths in unimaginable shock. At this moment, the 5 colored radiance from his 5 Elements Constitution had already disappeared. In fact, there wasn't even any Soul Power radiating from his body!

Furthermore, although both of them had caused the ground to collapse upon them landing from their exchange, the position Mo Wen was standing was clearly deeper into the ground than Wang Zhong, with the depression formed being larger. In fact, the passageways formed by the backlashing energies had extended all the way from him to the side of the defensive barrier! 

On the contrary, the collapse caused by Wang Zhong was only limited to the deep pit he now stood in. There were no cracks behind him, a clear indication of the absence of any energy ripples that managed to get past him.

Did this mean that Wang Zhong had won the earlier exchange?

Once again, absolute silence filled the stadium, enough that everyone could almost hear the increasingly heavy breathing of the 2 on stage. At this moment, both of them stood still, though with a slight shiver, a sliver of blood appeared at the corner of Mo Wen's mouth.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He was injured! The freak Mo Wen was actually injured?

Inconceivable! Unimaginable! Even against Carolyn, he was limiting the amount of strength he had used to deal with her! Now, Mo Wen, who had only used 2 fingers to block her strongest attack, was unexpectedly injured by Wang Zhong!

Within the quiet stadium, the absolute majority of the audience was still trapped within their fear of the unstable defensive barrier exploding apart. However, within the Skylink, all of the All Mouthy King fans had already gone batshit crazy. That was Mo Wen, the person who had triumphed over Carolyn! Even after using more of his strength, in the end, he still had to kneel before their brother King!

Their brother King was invincible under the heavens! The number one in the entire universe, brother King! Their brother King, unrivaled in his handsomeness!

"A hundred 6's for brother King!"

"You think that a hundred's enough? That's so small! Help me type 100 million 6's!"

"The great demon king invincible throughout this universe!""Our majestic brother King!"

"Scram off! What does a demon king have to do with our brother king? He's clearly a war god, an angel!"

"All hail All Mouthy King! It really feels too blessed to be a brother King fan!"

The berserk Skylink, as well as the crazed supporters, exploded into complete madness. As this happened, the Tianjing supporters in the stadium finally erupted with utter chaos. No one could blame them for being slow on the uptake, as the shock experienced by those in the stadium were incomparable to those watching via Skylink. Now, various kinds of crazy shouts and roars reverberated across the entire stadium.

"Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" On the other side of the Skylink, Gui Hao was on the brink of descending into insanity, while his Skylink had already been thrown fiercely onto the ground.


The Skylink shattered into bits. At this moment, endless amounts of fury and chilling intent were present in Gui Hao's eyes. Despite knowing that the duel had yet to end, he was already unable to continue watching.

That fucking dog actually became stronger, and now he's the one in the limelight!

Why? Why! How could a mere commoner that was beneath a dog, without any unique resources and background, become so fucking powerful?! 

The flames of anger had already turned Gui Hao's mind upside down, causing him to vent his anger in madness. Just as this happened, the door to the room shook, before a specter-like figure appeared silently behind Gui Hao.

"Young master." The specter said in an indifferent voice. "The shadow division has reported back. They're unable to find his foster parents."

"They're really unable to find to commoners? Do you shadow division wastrels only know how to eat shit?!" Gui Hao roared out in fury. "Go and check their Tianjing work records, registries for the armored railways... go find them! You have to find them! I want this family of commoners to die! I need all of them to die!"

Did the shadow division really need him to tell them about these basic checks? The problem was that the shadow division had already searched through many areas, yet were still unable to obtain any traces of their targets' location! Wang Zhong's adoptive parents seemed to have completely disappeared from this world! That pair of husband and wife were somehow able to cause the shadow division to feel helpless! They definitely weren't "ordinary" commoners.

However, rational thought was clearly useless before their infuriated young master. He only wanted results.

An emotionless expression remained on the specter's face as he nodded in agreement, before quietly disappearing from the room, leaving behind the useless, yet furiously roaring, person whose mind had been messed up by his own anger.

The fury in this small corner of the world reflected the glory that Wang Zhong had obtained. At this moment, the stadium was already drowning in an ocean of roars and shouts.

The members of the Tianjing squadron, Ma Dong, Scarlet, Emily, as well as Laura in the participant viewing gallery, finally managed to take a long breath of relief. Finally, their hearts, which had been beating so hard with nervousness to the brink of exploding, and were stuck at their throats, about to jump out of their mouths, could take a moment of respite. Compared to them, the bigshots in the VIP podium and the people in the participant viewing gallery appeared exceedingly silent. How could this amount to anything?

This was just a slight victory in terms of combat techniques. The audience was too hasty in their conclusions.

Cleaning away the bloodstain at the corners of his mouth, Mo Wen took a deep exhalation. What a rare feeling this was! Although he had been injured in his duel against Carolyn, that was completely different from the head-on brawl that he had just experienced! Finally, he had met into an opponent of this calibre.

The stadium quickly quietened down, and so did the Skylink. That was because Mo Wen didn't appear to have suffered any serious injuries. If he did not suffer any serious injuries... no one knew what moves Wang Zhong could still pull out of his pockets. However, Mo Wen definitely had some left over!

Every single member of the Tianjing squadron appeared exceedingly calm, though a sliver of anticipation was present in their eyes. What an inconceivable demonic fire! However, it was still slightly lacking in power to defeat Mo Wen.

Wang Zhong's continuously heaving chest appeared to be the result of the internal injuries he had sustained, as well as the energy consumed from the earlier exchanges. However, it was definitely also due to his erupting excitement.

"You're the 2nd one." Mo Wen's voice sounded extraordinarily calm.

His calm voice rang out in all directions. However, within this destroyed stage, its reverberations caused people to feel a suffocating pressure bearing down on them. This wasn't formed from Soul Power, nor was it formed by an aura he radiated. Instead, it was a projection of his will, as though something within the darkness was preparing to wake up.

"... to be qualified for me to undo my seal."

Mo Wen's words felt extremely heavy, as though his heavily suppressed excitement had finally burst through his calm exterior. In the next moment, Mo Wen slowly raised his hands. Moving to the back of his head, he made a strange gesture with his fingers, before giving a slight tug to the blindfold that covered his eyes. A golden runic array started to surface on his blindfold, appearing like some kind of seal.
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    《Battle Frenzy》