Battle Frenzy
652 Great 5 Elements Constitution 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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652 Great 5 Elements Constitution 2 in 1

Wang Zhong's Soul Sea was truly resilient, as he was actually able to activate his Soul Power despite everything that had already happened. This was simply inconceivable! However, what would this achieve?

Although he was still able to output his Soul Power, he was no longer able to condense those purple flames anymore. 

The best decision he could make right now would be to surrender immediately. He would be able to retain some of his dignity, as well as some honour, as, after all, he was the second strongest person in this CHF.

Swaying about as he stood up, Wang Zhong appeared to be intending to fuse his divinized azure flames and his divinized hellish flames together again. However, after spreading his hands out a few times, the only thing that occurred was a few puffs of flames that proceeded to dissipate immediately. Nevertheless, he continued to stand there, trying his best to summon his divinized azure and hellish flames.

However, the more focused and earnest he was, the more helpless and sorrowful it made him look.

In the stadium and Skylink, everyone looked at him silently, while an unspeakable feeling surfaced in their hearts. So, in the end, All Mouthy King just an ordinary person.

Wang Zhong's divinity had been broken, and he had been stripped of his apparent immortality. The other great aristocratic families weren't able to do it, but Mo Wen had succeeded. Now, Mo Wen had inherited everything and walked towards the apex. At this moment, there were countless students in the Tianjing Academy with tears streaming down their faces. Over this period of time, Wang Zhong had already become the god within their hearts, their future and everything else!

Mo Wen looked towards Wang Zhong, who was still trying hard to summon his special abilities, though his gaze was now filled with only one emotion: disappointment. This was the first opponent within this CHF that had triggered his danger senses, as well as being the only opponent who possessed the qualifications to make him unseal his powers.

Up till now, Mo Wen could still sense the powers that were contained within Wang Zhong's body. However, it now seemed that Wang Zhong was utterly incapable of using it in any way or form. Through his experienced perspective, despite having undergone a pretty decent amount of training, Wang Zhong was lacking in his real-life combat experience, and had too little of an understanding towards life and death!

This was just like the time when Wang Zhong was young. There was only darkness, and he was alone, all by himself. He had lost his sense of time; everyone was now focusing their gaze onto Mo Wen.

Mo Wen bent his left thumb with his index finger, before giving a gentle flick. 


A high-pressure bullet of air shot towards Wang Zhong. Now being unable to summon even a shred of defense, the clump of azure flames he had just condensed was instantly extinguished. Just like a broken kite, Wang Zhong was sent flying into the air.


Smashing onto the ground a dozen meters away, a large clump of blood spurted out from his mouth. The best decision he could make right now would be to lie down, and quietly wait for the duel to end. However, Wang Zhong continued to struggle, swaying as he staggered up.


Before he could stabilise himself, he was met with a 2nd high-pressure bullet, sending his weak body flying into the air once again, before he landed at an even further location. There was not a shred of emotion present on Mo Wen's face, as the Mo Family would never display any mercy on the battlefield. This was a family that specialized in combat! They, of all people, valued the meaning of combat.

This was closely followed by even more high-pressure bullets!

High-pressure bullets shot out from Mo Wen's hand like a machine gun, causing muffled explosions to ring out as the bullets collided with Wang Zhong's body, sending him smashing straight into Joseph Cole's side of the Soul Power barrier.

The continuous barrage of high-pressure bullets plastered Wang Zhong into the barrier, while the bullets continued to explode on his body, causing visible depressions to form in his flesh!

Blood continued to spurt out, while his willpower continued to weaken.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang...

In the viewing gallery and the preparatory area, the eyes of Scarlet, Emily, Ma Dong, Hymin, Laura, and the ever-so-loud Sharmie were already filled with tears.

Laura's clenched hands were currently trembling, while Scarlet had bitten her lip to the point of them turning white.

Both of them were well aware of Wang Zhong's perseverance, yet they weren't able to stop the tortured feeling present within their hearts.

Silence hung over the entire Skylink and stadium, as the eyes of countless All Mouthy King supporters had already turned completely dim, as though they had lost all the lustre that was present before. In fact, there were even some people who were sobbing in pain.

The person who was being bombarded like a living target, was none other than their All Mouthy King!

This was originally an incomparably beautiful dream, one that represented the hopes of every single commoner out there, as well as the hopes of everyone living in the bottom rung of the Federation. However, in the end, it was being destroyed by the aristocratic families, and the supreme expert Mo Wen.

The deputy judges, as well as Long Mei'er, did not put an end to this duel.

On one hand, Wang Zhong's willpower was still shining within his eyes, showing that he still wanted to fight on. On the other hand, Mo Wen did not unleash any life-ending moves. The majority of the high-pressure bullets had struck Wang Zhong's legs and hands. Their aim was to destroy his capability to move, not take his life.

Therefore, regardless of Wang Zhong standing or collapsing on the ground, the decision to end this duel was up to the 2 on stage to decide, and was not for the judges to decide.

Unlike the despair that everyone else felt, a sliver of splendour was present in Mo Wen's eyes. In usual situations, he would have already taken Wang Zhong's life. When Wang Zhong had lost the ability to erect a defense, his bones should have already shattered. Yet, they had yet to break! This meant that there was still some power that was protecting his body, which also meant that Wang Zhong had no way of consciously using it. 

All of a sudden, a figure flashed forwards. In the next instant, Mo Wen had already lifted Wang Zhong up. Looking over towards the Tianjing preparatory area, he whispered in Wang Zhong's ear. "If you don't block this attack, who do you think will die?"

Facing Scarlet and the other Tianjing squadron members, an enormous power had already condensed within Mo Wen's hand, while he flung Wang Zhong away. If Wang Zhong wasn't able to block this attack, not only would he die, all of his squadron members would perish alongside him!

This was Mo Wen's punishment for Wang Zhong, punishment for causing him to feel extreme disappointment!

Not being able to comprehend his strength was equivalent to not having it at all. In that case, Wang Zhong was trash!

Flying in the air, Wang Zhong struggled desperately with all his might. Every single Tianjing member had persevered and went all out. Barran had gone through numerous setbacks and teetered on the edge of death. Grai had risked the danger of being burnt alive. Scarlet and the others had not given up against powerful opponents. In fact, he wasn't the one that had pushed Tianjing to the finals. Instead, it was his squadron members who had hoisted him forwards. Yet, he had become just like a ghost in his first match against a genuine expert!


He could die, but his squadron members could not!

He did not want to be lonely! He did not want the darkness! He did not want to lose his close ones!

Regardless of who it was, no one could hurt the people by his side! The lively Ma Dong, the tear-drenched Scarlet, the nervous filled Barran! He did not want to let them down!


Something seemed to explode within Wang Zhong's body, causing him to float in the air. Rampaging Soul Power surged out from him, blocking Mo Wen's attack.

Not only did Mo Wen's attack not land on his body, it even caused Wang Zhong to feel more comfortable than before! The entire stadium was dumbfounded! Was this the Soul Power of a heavily injured person who was about to be wasted???

All of a sudden, a gust of wind started to surround Wang Zhong's body. This wasn't any ordinary wind, as it glowed with a crystalline radiance, sparkling as it revolved around his body.

Despite appearing ordinary and without any power, its sudden appearance around Wang Zhong's body made it feel exceedingly strange and mysterious. Didn't Wang Zhong possess fire and darkness attribute special abilities? Why was there wind suddenly appearing around him? Furthermore, why did it seem that some kind of power was in the process of awakening?

Before Joseph and Mo Wen could wrap their heads around it...


5 exceedingly thin strands of energy started to appear within the revolving wind. Red, brown, yellow, blue, green. These 5 shades of colors were the representations of special ability essences.

The simultaneous appearance of these 5 elemental essences gave the impression that they had already existed from the very beginning. The gently revolving wind was the result of their revolutions around Wang Zhong's body. At the very beginning, those lights were too weak, and too dim, which had caused everyone to overlook their existence.

However, at this moment, they had revealed themselves! It was as if they had finally finished brewing, waiting until the time was right!

The 5 colours revolved around, chasing after one another. Although it was clear that the 5 essences were completely different from one another, they also formed a mysterious equilibrium with one another. Mutually repulsive, mutually restrictive, yet co-existing. In a split second, 5 different simple-looking runic constructs appeared around Wang Zhong's body as they took shape in the air.

The first one was a golden construct, appearing just like a sharp triangular spearhead. The runic patterns that made it up appeared considerably robust, with the angles and edges appearing rather distinct.

The 2nd one was a green-colored wood rune construct, with what seemed like a spiral in the center. As it rotated, it radiated with teeming life force.

The 3rd one was a blue-colored water rune construct. The wave-like appearance made it easiest to recognize. With its circular edges, it appeared soft and gentle.

The 4th one was a red-colored fire symbol. Despite being the lack of life in the symbol, one could feel how realistic it was, appearing just like a clump of fire burning in the air.

The final one radiated with a heavy earthen shade, and was shaped like a mountain. Despite being a small construct, it appeared to be incomparably heavy in people's eyes, just like a majestic mountain present near the horizon.

These 5 naturally forming runic constructs were incomparably clear to everyone's eyes, brimming with a miraculous and mysterious flair, causing everyone's minds to be drawn towards them. Before people could regain their senses from this mysterious feeling, the 5 elemental runic constructs suddenly transformed into phantoms, before immediately expanding endlessly in size as they shot outwards.


As though some kind of illusionary item had exploded apart, a terrifying power ripple exploded out from Wang Zhong's body. Rushing outwards in all directions, these energies swept throughout the stadium, gushing at the audience with such might that they were unable to keep their eyes open.

Breaking before establishment; 5 Elements Constitution!

Such a spectacle was something that only members of the Mo Family had witnessed before. A similar spectacle to this had occurred when Mo Wen had awakened his 5 Elements Constitution. However, in that case, there were 5 Heavenly Soul Stage experts who had taken action to help Mo Wen open up his meridians. Furthermore, this had happened when Mo Wen was still at a young age. This was something only the Mo Family could accomplish.

Unlike him, Wang Zhong did not have the fortune to receive such treatment. This was the underlying reason why Wang Zhong had faced such a great difficulty in raising his Soul Power during the start of his cultivation. At the very end, he had no choice but to rely on the Fate Roulette to forcefully defy the heavens and change his fate. These were the disadvantages of the 5 Elements Constitution. Now, in this fight, with the help of Mo Wen and his divinized 5 Elements Constitution, Wang Zhong had finally managed to open his meridians. Naturally, there was still one bit that was missing earlier. Mo Wen's final provocation had completely infuriated Wang Zhong; to him, it was taboo. To him, the people around him were far, far more important than himself! 

At this moment, the expressions of the Mo Family members finally changed from their usual calm. This wasn't only the case for the members in the preparatory area. A sliver of a change had also appeared on the faces of the Mo Family elders currently watching this duel. That was because the difficulty Wang Zhong was experiencing to awaken his 5 Elements Body was much more difficult than what Mo Wen had experienced!

Wait a minute!

The faces of the experts present here frozen solid, with everyone, including Long Mei'er, turning completely dumbfounded by the spectacle before them. Wang Zhong definitely didn't have a 5 Elements Constitution; the 5 Elements Constitution absolutely wouldn't contain any darkness attribute special ability! 

That was because Wang Zhong's already formed 5 Elements Constitution was actually only "half" of his body.

When a 5 Elements Constitution was condensed and linked up, the gentle radiance that represented the myriad living things would come together and form a single entity. This was the unique trait of the 5 Elements Constitution. However, this did not end here. When Wang Zhong's 5 Elements Constitution stabilised, a wave of darkness attribute energies gushed out from his body. Forming a stretch of darkness, it formed a contrast with the 5-coloured elemental radiance, appearing just like night and day!

While the Mo Family members were stupefied by the spectacle surrounding Wang Zhong, Mo Wen's eyes were lit up like torches. This was the first time after removing his blindfold where excitement was evident within his eyes… in fact, there was even a sense of terror mixed within, as well as a silver of regret!

Never would the 5 Elements Constitution ever contain a darkness attribute special ability. It was even more impossible for them to co-exist! They were on completely different sides! This... wasn't right! Not right!

Could it be….

All of a sudden, a tale of a legend surfaced in Mo Wen's mind. The 5 Elements Constitution represented the myriad living things within the heavens and earth. This had already been a proposition that included all of its aspects. From the dark era to the present, the 5 Elements Constitution had always lorded over any other special abilities.

However, this was not its limit. This was not the entirety of the world! Among the myriad of living things within the heavens and earth, there was also the corresponding darkness.

The 5 Elements Constitution was just like a world. If it only contained the concept of brightness, it could only exist as a painting in a museum. Even if more colours were present, it wouldn't be complete. However, if darkness was added to it...

It would become the complete, legendary, Great 5 Elements Constitution!

Mo Wen's gaze instantly turned scorching hot, while he could feel sweat actually starting to form on his palms! This was a talent that could rival his divinized 5 Elements Constitution!

A 5 Elements Constitution Soul Power ripple instantly surged out from Mo Wen's body, while his already extinguished fighting intent reignited like a scorching blaze on a dry prairie. He would not show mercy any further! He would now unleash all of this power in this fight, even if it would spell his death! Furthermore, from this point onwards, he would no longer be that "naive". Enemies and opponents had to be eliminated!

Compared to the casual and tranquil state he had been displaying earlier, berserk energies from the 5 elements surrounded his body, lighting his body up with vibrant colours, making him an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

Standing across him, the 5 Elements Constitution Soul Power surging out from Wang Zhong contained a sliver of darkness, appearing rather conspicuous upon first sight. However, after taking a few looks, one would feel that the darkness that was mixed within the light had unexpectedly caused the entire world to appear more bright and resplendent!

This was too easy to understand! How could one enjoy the fruits of their labour without first suffering to harvest those fruits? Without opposition from the darkness, how would one appreciate the sanctity of light!

It became purer, and more resplendent.

Within the embrace of the 5 Elements Constitution Soul Power, the numerous wounds present on Wang Zhong's body started to rapidly patch up at a rate visible to the naked eye. Unlike the commonly seen Soul Power recovery, this was much faster! It had already far surpassed the self-recovery capabilities of the 5 Elements Constitution! 

This was not solely due to the Great 5 Elements Constitution. This was also the benefit of the awakening of his 5 Elements Constitution. The baptism that came from the energies of the heavens and earth was just like obtaining gaining instant enlightenment in many aspects, bringing about exceedingly great benefits and an unfathomable transformation to his entire being.

At this moment, the eyes of the Federation's higher-ups had turned scorching hot, to the point of turning fanatical.

The appearance of the Mo Family's Heaven's Protector and his divinized 5 Elements Constitution had already shocked all of their hearts. However, a considerable portion of the shock stemmed from their concerns about the influence the Mo Family would have in the current situation within the Federation, and how the Mo Family's might would tip the balance of power present between the various influences.

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    《Battle Frenzy》