Battle Frenzy
653 Gambling his life in an ultimate attack 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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653 Gambling his life in an ultimate attack 2 in 1

Great 5 Elements Constitution -- only the powerhouses in the Heavenly Soul Stage were clear about the meaning behind this! What could normal humans do in the face of this? This was the legendary heaven's favourite! This had never been seen before!

Indescribable astonishment was everywhere throughout the audience, viewing galleries, Skylink and the Federation, accompanied by incomparably excited gazes.


A dainty jade-like hand gripped onto the railing, while its owner had gone into an absentminded state. Appearing to have forgotten about controlling her strength, she instantly left a deep hand-shaped imprint on the thick metal railing, causing it to vibrate.

Finally, a sliver of regret appeared within Carolyn's eyes. She had only felt pity before this duel began, and still believed that everything was under control; yet at this moment, Carolyn felt a deep sense of helplessness surge out from her heart.

If she could turn back time, she absolutely wouldn't have treated Wang Zhong the way she had. This person… had already become too important in the Federation.

He possessed a talent that even Heavenly Soul Stage experts would be envious about. That was because his talent would become critically important during the Heavenly Soul Stage. At this stage, it could be said that as long as Wang Zhong survived, entering the Heavenly Soul Stage was guaranteed even if he didn't improve any further. Not only that, he would be able to break into the Heavenly Soul Stage without any issues, extending his life, allowing him to pursue and reach greater heights.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Simply speaking, this was the first time a Great 5 Elements Constitution and a divinized 5 Elements Constitution had appeared in the history of mankind. Both were sharply opposed to each other, with neither prepared to back off. This showdown would end up with only one at the top!


As his body recovered, endless amounts of power gushed out endlessly from within him. This power was absolutely amazing! This was similar to what he felt when observing Mo Wen earlier. Only upon reaching the same realm did could he sense exactly how big the disparity he was when compared to Mo Wen earlier.

Reviewing his earlier performance critically, Wang Zhong felt that the purple flames that he had risked his life and spent so much effort to create, was an utter crap when compared to this newly awakened Great 5 Elements Constitution. The purple flames was completely surpassed in all aspects. In fact, just the power from awakening the Great 5 Elements Constitution had allowed Wang Zhong to discover many hidden mysteries of his body that he could now uncover at any given moment.

It felt as though a door had been shoved opened for him, allowing his previously ignorant self to walk through. All he saw before him were mysteries that he had never come into contact with before, causing him to feel an impulse to immediately start researching them.

He could feel his entire body becoming stronger, and his already sharp senses were improved further. He heard the sound of the wind around him, the breathing and the heartbeats of the audience... this was an evolution of his fleshly body, not a new special ability.

Although the awakening of his Great 5 Elements Constitution meant that he had awakened all of the other elementary attribute special abilities, it did not mean that he could control all of them. This awakening only created the opportunity for him to learn to control them. His future path would be similar to that of Mo Wen; the obstacles he would encounter, would be much tougher as compared to others. Those chosen by the heavens would naturally experience a tougher journey.

As for a realistic progression of his strength, most of it would come from his Great 5 Elements Constitution itself. After being quietly nurtured for 20 years within his inner world, Wang Zhong could finally unleash the power of his Soul Sea! Before its awakening, the Great 5 Elements Constitution was completely useless, and would cause its bearer to be stuck in a more miserable situation than those with a normal 5 Elements Constitution. Just think about it. Considering how powerful it was, how big did the Soul Sea need to be in order to support it?

Therefore, if he didn't perish early, he would definitely lord over the masses. However, the unique nourishment the Fate Stone provided to his Soul Sea was completely capable of supporting the gargantuan power that the Great 5 Elements Constitution required.

In an instant, Wang Zhong pulled his mind back to reality, before slowly standing up. At this moment, the already torn and tattered pants left on his body left some skin exposed, with the gleaming luster of vitality evident to anyone watching. Perfectly fusing with the darkness, the unique Soul Power energies from his Great 5 Elements Constitution circulated around his body. Flashing with brightness and darkness, it created a mysterious scene, as abstruse as the endless void.

2 predestined opponents were now faced against each other, as their gazes met.


Akin to meteors streaking out as stars shattered apart, a murderous air instantly perfused the stage, as both of them unleashed every single bit of fighting intent they had. At this moment, there was already no need for further restraint. 

There wasn't much of a difference between the Soul Power coming from Wang Zhong's Great 5 Elements Constitution and Mo Wen's divinized 5 Elements Constitution. On the surface, they appeared similar. However, Mo Wen had a slight advantage in terms of purity. Nevertheless, it was already too difficult to predict the final victor between the 2 of them.

The Mo Family members didn't know what else to say. This was originally a fight that should have ended. Yet...

The 2 had nowhere else to retreat. Reaching their realm and possessing similar levels of strength, their all-out attacks would no longer be easily defended against with their own Soul Power defenses.

When one's power was unleashed to the extreme, victory and defeat might only take an instant to be decided.

There would only be 1 opportunity!

Life and death would be decided in an instant!

At this moment, the stadium, Skylink, and especially in Tianjing city far away, everyone's actions had came to a stop. Everyone's eyes were focused on the screens before their eyes. All of the transportation on the streets had came to a complete stop, as if a magic that stopped time had been casted over the world. All of them were engrossed by the fight, so deeply engrossed.

This was the closest moment Tianjing came towards endless honor and glory...

The final exchange was about to start!


Both of their Soul Powers exploded outwards at the same time, surging out just like a blossoming lotus. Layer upon layer of Soul Power expanded in all directions, making it seem as though they no longer bothered about the wastage and consumption of their Soul Power.

The 2 of them had possessed 5 Elements Constitutions that exceeded anything recorded in history! Regardless of Wang Zhong's Great 5 Elements Constitution, or Mo Wen's divinized 5 Elements Constitution, Gui Hao's Firmament Soul Sea was just a joke when compared to them, and completely not worth mentioning. 

Not giving any leeway to each other, their Soul Power output continued to rise, while continuously getting purer and purer.

With a solemn expression on his face, Mo Wen locked his hands together. The Soul Power that he was accumulating caused his mind and spirit to rise continuously towards an even greater apex. It was this feeling! He had finally found it! As this happened, a power that Mo Wen could not control was finally activated.

At this instant, he knew that he had achieved his goal. From now on, he would no longer need to travel down this road of invincibility! He had travelled this path, and experienced the taste of danger while on it. Having tasted it, he no longer wanted to experience it again!

Reaching his peak, a massive phantom appeared behind him.

It was a massive bald monk that had golden eyes radiating with fury. Standing 7-8 meters tall, it appeared just like a big mountain behind Mo Wen! Golden light circulated around his palms, flowing about, with every single bit of light appearing as dazzling as the sun! 

"Oh my god! Is that a dharma idol?! Vajra dharma idol?!"

"How's that possible! Did he already cast his Heroic Soul? That means that he doesn't meet the criteria for participation in the CHF!"

Only outstanding Heroic Soul Stage experts could cast their dharma idols. This was a corporeal projection of one's power. However, this Mo Wen has yet to cast his Heroic Soul, yet he had already managed to reach this critical point. Not only did he comprehend the power of the Heroic Soul while in the Casted Soul Stage, the exquisite control he had over it now would also give him endless benefits after entering the Heroic Soul Stage.

The deputy judges could not help but display their shock on their faces, while the feelings within their hearts could not be described with words. The talents Mo Wen was demonstrating had really caused envy to surface within them. Mo Wen was about to use his divinized 5 Elements Constitution to display a Soul Domination combat technique. 


Raising his left palm gently, the vajra dharma idol acted just like his shadow, raising its mountainous arm in the air.

Raising its arm, and straightening its palm!

Although it was only a phantom, the aura that rumbled with its movements,

The golden radiance within its palms shone like a sun, illuminating Mo Wen's dharma idol with golden light, causing it to appear exceedingly dazzling in everyone's eyes!

It was just a simple movement, yet it appeared one with the dao, and nature. Every single move was filled with an endless righteous aura coming from a protector of the dao. This righteous aura radiated with dignity, causing people to worship it unconsciously. 

At this same time, Wang Zhong's Soul Power continued to revolve around his body. Having just awakened his Great 5 Elements Constitution, his senses were at their pinnacle. The process in which Mo Wen unleashed his Heroic Soul power was the perfect demonstration for him to comprehend, allowing him to absorb and understand all of it within an instant.

This marvellous feeling really couldn't be described with words. Just like what he had comprehended, his Soul Power proceeded to flow out naturally. Continuing to revolve, it formed a roulette-like form, slowly being activated, all while spinning about...

In the next moment, an indistinct phantom proceeded to take shape behind Wang Zhong's back! Furthermore, it was getting clearer by the second! That's right! This was also a dharma idol! Unlike the humanoid shape dharma idol that Mo Wen had formed, Wang Zhong's one seemed to be in the shape of an object!

A... circular, spinning plate?

Could this be considered as a dharma idol?

Was this even a dharma idol?

The Heroic Soul Dharma Idol would be a projection of a cultivator's inner world, and could also be said as a projection of one's essence.

Using Mo Wen's Vajra Dharma Idol as an example: this was the projection of his ideals and beliefs. Furthermore, it was his own portrayal of what a Heaven's Protector should be. Without a doubt, it was a supreme existence standing at the apex of strength. 

The majority of the other Dharma Idols were similar. They were either humanoid, various kinds of strange beasts that existed within the heavens and earth, or totems.

However, what was with Wang Zhong's Dharma Idol? It wouldn't be strange if it was dim and blurry; after all, he had just awoken his Great 5 Elements Constitution. This transformation might be an indication of his lack of perfect control over his newfound power. However, the critical fact that it had a shape of a plate! What kind of ideals, beliefs, or inner world's essence could have led to that shape?

Could it be a crosswheel?

If that was the case, it would be a disadvantage; without a doubt, weapon-type Dharma Idols were considered to be a lower class than others. However, no one dared to say those words, as they were now witnessing the 2 most talented experts in the history of mankind.

Regardless of his Dharma Idol or the way Wang Zhong had condensed it, the little roulette wheel appeared exceedingly minuscule before the massive vajra's palm. Nevertheless, not one bit of contempt appeared within Mo Wen's eyes. At this instant, the fighting intent of the 2 had completely skyrocketed. Regardless of their Soul Power or the auras they radiated, both of them had already reached their peak. 

As the skyrocketing energies coming from the 2 smashed against each other, the deputy judges immediately erected their Soul Power barrier once again.

Mo Wen pushed his hand forwards. This time, he would not keep his strength in check! He would use his greatest power to obliterate Wang Zhong!

Although it's execution might appear exceedingly slow, Mo Wen's extending palm gave the impression that he was pushing the entire world with his palm! However, upon appearing, it gained speed and exploded forwards with terrifying speed within a blink of an eye.

Soul Domination Mo School——Pilgrimage of a Thousand Buddhas!

The Vajra Dharma Idol gave a ferocious roar as it shoved its massive palm straight out, bringing along an earth-shattering might with it. I, Mo Wen, am the sole supreme, within and beyond the heavens!

Wang Zhong proceeded to flip his palms.

The roulette phantom blossomed with radiance, before the Yin-Yang, black and white halves started to revolve, radiating with a mysterious glow that was akin to the boundless stars within space. All of sudden, the 5 Elemental powers merged into one, and following Wang Zhong's palm movements, fused with his Soul Power, special ability, and Dharma Idol.

There was no unique moveset, nor was there much control. As though there was no need for him to comprehend or learn anything, he had already managed to master the usage of his Dharma Idol upon its formation, allowing him to control it as easily and effortlessly as his four limbs.

The roulette Dharma Idol shot forward, before expanding in size. In an instant, a phantom proceeded to shoot forward. It appeared just like a massive circle coloured with an intertwining black and white pattern, or a star, or an incomparably massive roulette that radiated with various kinds of mysteries.

Long Mei'er had focused her gaze on Wang Zhong throughout this duel. Mo Wen definitely had experience in utilising his Dharma Idol, while this was definitely the first time Wang Zhong had comprehended how to activate his Dharma Idol. Yet, he had actually succeeded in summoning it. Nevertheless, it seemed to be a slightly weaker weapon-type one. What a waste. It would be greatly beneficial if guidance was provided during the creation of one's Dharma Idol, as half of one's strength within the Heroic Soul Stage came from the Dharma Idol. Therefore, everyone needed to be exceedingly cautious when creating their Dharma Idol. A Dharma Idol like Mo Wen's would definitely increase his strength. Furthermore, being a humanoid-type, while possessing a slight relation to Buddhism and the fusion of qi, mind, and spirit, it was definitely a high-tier Dharma Idol. Compared to him, Wang Zhong's Dharma Idol was only a low-tier one. 

Frankly speaking, Long Mei'er was feeling some regret. She admired Wang Zhong's talent, and also felt that he was wasting it by comprehending how to display his Dharma Idol at this given moment.

The same feelings also appeared in Carolyn and Vladimir's hearts as the regained their sense from the shock they had sustained from seeing Wang Zhong's Dharma Idol. They too felt that Wang Zhong had really made a wrong move. Nevertheless, in this situation, this could be considered as a blessing from the heavens.

In a split second, radiance blossomed from Wang Zhong's eyes. Having accumulated the power of his Dharma Idol to its peak, he sent it rumbling out, causing the black and white roulette to bring along the heavens and earth as it smashed against the incoming giant golden palm. 


Without talking about those within the stadium, even the massive crowd present outside of the stadium could feel as though a massive earthquake had hit them. At this moment, within the indestructible Stuart Dimensional Arena Stadium, already quite a few of its decorations had already been shaken off their anchors, toppling over onto the ground. As this happened, what sounded like ghosts wailing was transmitted outside the stadium, sending everyone retreating in fear.

As this happened, the weaker Casted Soul Stages present within the Stadium turned dizzy, feeling as though a massive impact had wracked their brains. As for the countless ordinary people present, they were already clutching their heads while shrieking out in pain. 

Heroic Soul Stage soldiers… had already broken away from the realm of mortals. The aristocratic families understood this, and so did the Parliament. In fact, they were privy to more secrets of this world. The ordinary laymen knew too little about the world they were living in. They most probably assumed that there mutated life forms were the only things in this world that could contend with humans, and that soldiers who could cultivate were just stronger and faster than ordinary people.

However, the truth of the matter was completely different from what people had assumed.

The power present before them was the strength that a true blue Heroic Soul Stage expert could unleash, and was really too terrifying! This was why the Federation had prohibited ordinary people from witnessing fights in the Heroic Soul Stage, and that decision had been made with good reason. This was why the 4 great deputy judges had turned into 4 bodyguards and erected a Soul Power barrier to block the absolute majority of the incoming shockwaves. If they did not do so, the bodies of those ordinary people would have shattered into pieces just from the shockwaves that had formed from the collision between attacks.

However, those who truly knew exactly what was happening in this apex showdown couldn't be bothered about how ordinary people were faring.

Carolyn, Vladimir, and high ranking representatives of the various aristocratic families… as well as those bigshots in the VIP podium, had locked their gazes tightly towards the center of the stadium.
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    《Battle Frenzy》