Battle Frenzy
654 Victory? Victory! 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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654 Victory? Victory! 2 in 1

The rumbling continued, though a deadlock appeared in the middle of the stage. Mo Wen's palm imprint had been stopped at the middle of the stadium, being blocked by the circular plate radiating with a black and white glow.

The white and black halves spun around rapidly, unleashing a boundless ocean-like aura, contending against in the incoming golden palm. Standing in confrontation with each other, the energies of both Dharma Idols exploded with boundless pressure and vast Soul Power.

Everyone's hearts were clenched tight with nervousness. Compared to them, Wang Zhong and Mo Wen had already completely ignored everything around them, having focused all of their mind and spirit into controlling the power of their Dharma Idols.

The 2 terrifying energies were in a deadlock with each other. As the power of the Dharma Idols continued to gush out, this deadlock continued.

Evenly matched?

No, this wasn't an equilibrium.

Perhaps, in this moment, the situation might look like a deadlock. However, a golden brilliance blossomed from the Vajra Dharma Idol's body, before countless golden rays of light gushed into the giant palm. Those golden rays of light possessed an abnormally mysterious quality; upon coming into contact with the giant palm, they caused its strength to rise!

This palm was overly terrifying! The harder it was compressed, the stronger its eruption of power would be. At this moment, the entire ground was shaking, and within the stadium, countless rock chips had already started levitating due to the surging power coming from opposing sides, revolving about in the air. Golden rays of light also continued to shoot in all directions, creating plinking sounds as they smashed into the Soul Power barrier erected by the 4 deputy judges, causing the barrier to vibrate slightly.

Naturally, those impacts weren't able to pose any danger to the deputy judges. However, with their Heavenly Soul Stage senses, they were able to understand exactly what it meant to unleash such power while in the Casted Soul Stage. Frankly speaking, Mo Wen would reach greater heights than them in the future.

Wang Zhong continued to channel Soul Power into the black and white roulette, with his Dharma Idol's Soul Domination capabilities being more well-rounded than Mo Wen due to his Great 5 Elements Constitution, which allowed him to come closer the true origin of the world. However, the problem was that, both in terms of realm or comprehension level, he was behind Mo Wen by a notch. Mo Wen's Vajra Dharma Idol was more mature and developed in all aspects. Furthermore, Mo Wen knew how a Dharma Idol functioned, and what it represented, allowing him to control the power of his Dharma Idol with greater ease. Compared to him, Wang Zhong was relying on his instincts and talent. In a head-on confrontation, he definitely wouldn't be able to match up with Mo Wen.

"Wang Zhong has lost." Carolyn commented in an indifferent tone. When this situation occurred, she had already predicted the outcome.

Hearing that, Vladimir shot a look at her. He knew what she was thinking, though it was a pity that the northern regions didn't need to poach talents. "It really is a pity. A low-tier Dharma Idol against a high-tier Dharma Idol. Wang Zhong has not only lost this match, he has also lost his future."

Although he had lost to Wang Zhong, Vladimir was extremely delighted at by the outcome of this duel. The contests between people of his status should not be within the Casted Soul Stage, but in the Heroic and Heavenly Soul Stages. Although Wang Zhong's path had been exceedingly smooth, he had rushed the creation of his Dharma Idol. In fact, Vladimir was also able to create and unleash his Dharma Idol out if he staked his life. However, he definitely wouldn't choose to make such a dangerous move in a competition. The casting of the soul and the creation of the Dharma Idol were the most important steps in a cultivator's life. A perfect Heroic Soul needed to be casted in order to have smoother progress in the future. As for the creation of the Dharma Idol, the issue was that it was too difficult to change the Dharma Idol after its creation. The difficulty was similar to a man wanting to change into a woman -- scratch that, it was as difficult as a woman wanting to become a man.

There were even more bigshots in the VIP podium who were sighing emotionally at the spectacle before them. All of them knew that this wasn't Wang Zhong's fault, but a result of his background. From the very beginning, Mo Wen had executed everything perfectly.

To them, the final victor of this duel was of no importance to them. Now, the only thing they felt was pity for Wang Zhong. He had such extraordinary talent, and possessed the exceptionally rare Great 5 Elements Constitution. Yet, he had merely created the lowest tier of Dharma Idols, a weapon-type! That was an utter heresy!

Nevertheless, he really wasn't to blame. After all, he was just a commoner. How could a commoner know that much, and possess enough knowledge in the matters of cultivation? How could he have seen the vastness heavens and earth present around him?

In fact, there were some bigshots that were feeling vexed, as they felt that the duel should have already been put to a stop. Before the Great 5 Elements Constitution, how could a mere CHF competition compare to it? If Wang Zhong was given some time, to allow him to be polish his abilities and cast his Heroic Soul before creating his Dharma Idol, he would definitely have been a figure who would shock the heavens and earth! Anyone would have only one chance in their entire life to create their Dharma Idol. Now, it was already too late for Wang Zhong to regret his move.

Naturally, with his Great 5 Elements Constitution, Wang Zhong's future accomplishments would still be quite significant. However, when paired up with a weapon-type Dharma Idol, his value had instantly dropped by quite a bit. In the future, the best he could become would be a regional top-notch expert. How could he contend for the peak, against a supreme genius like Mo Wen? As time went on, the disparity between them would slowly widen, highlighting the importance of the tier of Dharma Idol with regards to a soldier's progress and cultivation.

On the stage, the golden palm important had already accumulated the power to break the deadlock. With an absolute advantage in power, it slowly started to suppress the black and white roulette, which started to pale in comparison to the golden palm. As it was pressed back by the giant palm, the entire world appeared to move alongside the palm that was pressing forward.

Mo Wen was extremely excited and delighted. He had finally accomplished his desire, and raised the power of his Dharma Idol to the next level!

Facing the giant palm, the hard ground was plowed apart like a piece of tofu, leaving a massive and deep ditch as it pushed towards Wang Zhong! 

The incoming palm felt like a mountain bearing down on him. Layer upon layer of energies surged out like waves, while the endless golden light caused people to develop feelings of guilt; it felt as though they were going against the Buddha, causing them to feel ashamed of themselves. This was capable of influencing the will of their target. Even someone with a powerful soul like Wang Zhong would still be affected by the golden light! It was really hard to understand the realm Mo Wen's Vajra Dharma Idol was in, as it could fuse power, special ability, qi, mind, and spirit together with such perfection! Furthermore, Mo Wen was able to display such an exquisite control over it! He was simply too omnipotent and terrifying! How could anyone defend against this move!

Resist! Resist! Resist!~~~

Wang Zhong clenched his teeth, as power from his Great 5 Elements Constitution continued to gush out from him. There was no retreat, nor was there any trace of despair within him. All of his body's strength, and all of his soul was now stretched taut, with everything on the brink of collapse! However, even though he was about to be ground into dust at any moment, he would not retreat!

"I believe in you, senior!" Grai's smile was ever so gentle, yet was now filled with power.

"In the future, I'll be a soldier like you, senior!" Barran said with a simple and straightforward smile.

"You're our captain, Wang Zhong." Scarlet's eyes radiated with an understanding glow as it always did, even when everything was going awry.

Having journeyed thus far, he was no longer by himself! He was carrying the hopes and dreams of every single Tianjing member! He was Tianjing's captain! Yes, their captain!


To hell with control! To hell with combat techniques! I need power! All of my power! I'll stake my life for power!

In the air, the roulette suddenly seemed to display an unwillingness to remain suppressed by the golden palm, as it started to spin with all its might in an attempt to break out from this deadlock. Faced with mortal danger, Wang Zhong unleashed all of the power from his Great 5 Elements Constitution that gushed out from his Soul Sea, sending all of it into the roulette without restraint.

At this instant, Wang Zhong's befuddled mind finally saw the light, The true origin of the Dharma Idol was stemmed from one's heart and life, and its attacks represented one's beliefs and ideals. There was utterly different from the weapon-type Dharma Idols that people assumed the roulette to be! Instead, this was a projection of the Fate Roulette that had brought him unlimited possibilities!

This wasn't a crosswheel! Instead, this was Simba's Fate Roulette!

At this moment, Mo Wen held the absolute superiority in terms of strength. From the onlooker's perspective, Wang Zhong's roars were no more than a struggle at the edge of death, or a howl of grief. However, it was at this instant where Wang Zhong had found the critical element for this showdown. It was impossible for him to raise his strength in an instant to surpass Mo Wen! However, a collision between 2 Dharma Idols didn't depend on pure power!

There definitely was a power within his rotating roulette Dharma Idol!

This was his conviction in obtaining victory!

It was also the drive that had always pushed Wang Zhong forwards. Wang Zhong's eyes radiated with splendour that was hard to describe with words. This definitely wasn't a gaze that people in despair would have!

Golden light blossomed from Mo Wen's eyes, as he could clearly see every single change that was happening to Wang Zhong, especially the perseverance within despair, as well as Wang Zhong's confident gaze. Only such a person was worthy to be his opponent! He had not been waiting so long in vain! Now, he would use his strongest power to destroy his opponent, showing Wang Zhong the greatest respect he could give!

Mo Wen roared out with a low voice: " Mo School Vajra Lion's Palm!"

Having accumulated power all this while, the left palm of his Dharma Idol slowly traveled forward, rumbling out with incomparable heaviness.


The massive Vajra Dharma Idol proceeded to push both palms out, instantly increasing the might of his attack.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

What seemed like countless palm shades burst forth from the overlaying palms, causing the radiance blossoming from them to intensify. At the same instant, their power suddenly skyrocketed. This would be the final move to overwhelm Wang Zhong.

Without stopping to even consider it, Wang Zhong sent his Roulette Dharma Idol rumbling forwards. Victory and defeat all rested on this move! Just as this happened, the entire stadium, no, the entire heavens and earth appeared to be illuminated in a black and white glow, before disappearing with a flash.

Fate Judgment!

Black and white glow alternated with one another, before the radiance suddenly retracted. In a split second, the Roulette Dharma Idol seemed to have disappeared, being replaced by a scorching white clump of light. The shield-like roulette had suddenly turned into a glowing disk, spinning as it flew out! Seeing this, a confident smile appeared at the corner of Mo Wen's mouth.

However, in the next second, his smile suddenly froze...

The massive Roulette Dharma Idol had suddenly pierced through his Dharma Idol to appear right before his eyes!


Before he could even react, the Roulette Dharma Idol had cleaved right towards Mo Wen! At this instant, despair surfaced within his eyes, before an earth-shattering bang rang out. While this happened, Mo Wen's Buddha's Palm shot forwards like a wild horse set free, rumbling straight towards Wang Zhong...

Shockwaves exploded forth from both sides, as both of them had simultaneously landed their attacks on the other...

Instantly, everyone lost their hearing, and their eyes were completely blinded by the surge of scorching white light that had blossomed in the center of the stadium, while their hearts appeared to be gripped by a hand that squeezed so that that they were unable to gasp for air! The energies that blasted out in all directions, flying rock chips, and the endless plumes of dust filled the entire stadium, while the circular area multiple kilometers in radius from the stadium were shaking intensely, as if a massive earthquake just occurred! 

Massive rumbling noises proceeded to ring out from the stadium, as the Soul Power barriers erected by the deputy judges sparkled fiercely as they shook, as though 2 objects had smashed into the barrier. This was closely followed by 2 clear sounds of collisions. Mixed within the shaking of the earth and the dust that blotted out the skies, an ear-splitting rumble reverberated throughout the stadium, taking a long time before it finally started to subside!

Other than a limited number of experts, humming and rumbling noises were the only sounds everyone else could hear for a very long time. At this moment, the center of the stadium had already turned into a stretch of chaos, while the Skylink had been deathly silent for the entire duration...

Finally, as the dust started to settle, 2 figures appeared before everyone's eyes! Impressively, they were still standing!

The people in the participant viewing gallery were still in shock, as they were utterly dumbfounded about what had just happened before their eyes. Wang Zhong's Dharma Idol had unexpectedly pierced through Mo Wen's Dharma Idol. This was utterly inconceivable! However, this had resulted in both of them bearing the full brunt of the other person's Soul Domination combat techniques! With their earlier physical state, this seemed to be a situation of mutual destruction.

When their lines of sight finally cleared up, everyone had already focused their gaze onto the 2 standing in the middle of the stadium.

Mo Wen looked towards Wang Zhong and vice versa. Both of them had already displayed everything they could in this duel. A sliver of a smile appeared at the corner of Mo Wen's mouth as he looked towards the sky. In the next instant, blood spurted out like fountains from his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears, before slowly falling backwards.

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All of the Mo Family members had already stood up, with all of their faces filled with utter disbelief as they looked towards the slowly falling body of Mo Wen. At this instant, Mo Wen wasn't the only one that had collapsed, as it was accompanied by the collapse of the hopes and dreams of the entire Mo Family. Within the Mo Family, Mo Wen was an existence akin to a god. Every single member in the younger generation had treated him as a role-model to follow! He was their representative! He could not be defeated!


The sound made by Mo Wen falling overs sounded extremely soft. However, it had an impact akin to a large gong being rung in people's hearts as he landed on the ground. Immediately, tears started to flow uncontrollably from Napier Mo's eyes. Within the infirmary, Mo Ling was lying on a bed, not moving a single inch, though tears dripped silently from his eyes. His fingers had been clenched so tightly that they were already digging into his flesh. The massive amounts of hard work that every member had put in was also collapsing alongside Mo Wen.

Long Mei'er and the other bigshots were extremely clear that this should have been Mo Wen's victory. However, for some inexplicable reason, Wang Zhong's Dharma Idol possessed some kind of mysterious penetrative ability. It definitely wasn't a dimensional movement ability, yet it was unexpectedly able to travel unimpeded through Mo Wen's Dharma Idol and strike him! This resulted in Mo Wen being unable to unleash the full might of his attack before being struck by a lethal attack, completely flipping this duel around!

If Wang Zhong's Dharma Idol really possessed this unique ability, it would definitely not be a Low tier one! However, even with her vast knowledge, she was unexpectedly unable to get even an inkling of understanding about it! In fact, even with her Heavenly Soul Stage abilities, she was unable to wrap her head around what had happened during the final exchange.

The only thing that could be said was that the Great 5 Elements Constitution was the blessed child of the heavens.

At this moment, a white ray of light suddenly shot out towards the center of the stadium like a bolt of lightning. This figure was traveling so quickly that people were unable to react before it had appeared right beside Mo Wen. It was deputy judge Zhou Mu! Proceeding to help Mo Wen up, his quick actions appeared just like lightning arcing about, as he purged the remnants of the final attack from Mo Wen's body. A wave of power burst forth into Mo Wen's body, stopping the flow of blood from his wounds, before a fiery red medicinal pill was shoved into his mouth.

Since a deputy judge had taken action to save Mo Wen, the outcome of the duel had already been decided.

Looking towards the crowd from Tianjing, Wang Zhong's vision started to turn blurry. As though his body had split apart, blood spurted out from the injuries across his body. Although he had endured Mo Wen's attack before it could reach its maximum might, he had still received 70-80% of its full power. From the start of the CHF, this was the first time he had encountered such a powerful opponent! What a delightful opponent to fight against! The meaning of his fight had already transcended victory or defeat. This was the first time he had fought against Mo Wen, though this definitely wouldn't be the last time.

Next time, he would be stronger, much stronger than before!

As head judge Long Mei'er's voice rang out, Wang Zhong's body swayed about, almost completely losing consciousness, as well as control over his body. Nevertheless, only when the sound of cheers rang out did he feel completely relieved and fell over...

"5th Duel, Tianjing, Wang Zhong, victory!"

Upon hearing those words, countless people felt their body start to tremble, and so did their souls. Every part of their body also started to tremble. He had won?

He had actually won?
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    《Battle Frenzy》