Battle Frenzy
658 Rejection 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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658 Rejection 2 in 1

The noisy trio instantly turned silent. At this moment, Laura and Scarlet's faces were still covered with stickers as they sat cross-legged on the bed with Wang Zhong. Instead of worrying about their appearances, they were even more surprised to see the person standing outside the room. It was actually Carolyn?

There was no change to Carolyn's expression upon seeing the state the trio was in. Maintaining her usual faint smile, she said, "Looks like you've recovered pretty well. Sorry to bother you all, but could I have a word with Wang Zhong in private?"

Her indifferent voice was filled with an imposing tone that could not be refused. 

Without talking about Scarlet, even Laura was unable to refuse Carolyn's request. During the CHF, she hadn't been directly targeted by Carolyn; but now, being in the same room, the aura radiating from Carolyn was indeed something that no one in her generation could contend against.

Scarlet and Laura also knew that the matter between Wang Zhong and Carolyn wasn't something that outsiders could get involved with. Looking at each other, they proceeded to leave. There were some matters that were best left for Wang Zhong himself to decide.

"Congratulations, Wang Zhong." It was difficult to tell whether Carolyn's smile was genuine. At the very least, it felt real. "Your combat performances this time have really left people tongue-tied. Even I was shocked by them."

"Thank you." Wang Zhong replied with a faint smile and a short answer. In usual circumstances, this wasn't the correct way to maintain a conversation. Wang Zhong's reply was barely adequate, reflecting his desire to end the conversation. The atmosphere within the room turned cold. Neither said anything as they continued to size each other up.

Resting on the bed, Wang Zhong was still his same old usual self. Despite still needing to rest, and unable to make any casual movement, his eyes still sparkled with splendour and radiance akin to that of the sun, causing him to appear to be brimming with vitality and spirit. This was completely different from a person who had sustained heavy injuries. It was precisely this vitality of his that had attracted Carolyn during their initial meeting.

On the other side, Carolyn was still as beautiful as ever. In fact, she had purposefully worn some makeup and dressed in a rather body-hugging pure white dress. The buttons on the dress were made from diamonds that sparkled like the stars, undoubtedly amplifying the aura of a goddess that she radiated. The makeup she wore was identical to the time she had met Wang Zhong in the gravity training room, though she was clearly more beautiful than that moment in the past.

However, at this moment, the 2 of them discovered that they no longer had the same feelings they had for each other that had spawned during their first meeting. Wang Zhong couldn't tell what Carolyn was thinking about, and no longer cared about it. After everything he had experienced, he had discovered that Carolyn was not the type of girl that he liked.

Admittedly, the first criteria would always be one's appearance. However, apart from that, character was another important factor to consider. To Wang Zhong, Carolyn's character was too complicated, and at the same time, she clearly didn't need someone like him.

Wang Zhong wanted to say something to break this awkward atmosphere. He had believed that he would have many things to say if he had the chance to meet Carolyn. However, all of a sudden, he felt that he was unable to find anything to say.

This wasn't an issue of liking or disliking her; it would be more appropriate to describe it as a lack of any feelings towards her. Furthermore, due to the disparity of their status, it wouldn't be suitable for them to be friends. The only thing that could be said was that there was nothing weighing his heart down any more, and that this was no more than an ordinary meeting.

Since the visitor was the guest, the guest shouldn't just be left hanging like that.

Carolyn gave a chuckle, before casually taking a seat on the sofa nearby. This awkward atmosphere seemed to dissipate slightly as she started to speak. "Do you have anything planned for the future?"

"I'm going back to Tianjing." Wang Zhong replied as he pondered over her question. "The first matter to consider would probably be about casting my Heroic Soul."

Carolyn nodded her head. "Have you thought about anything else?"

The look she was sending to Wang Zhong was filled with some anticipation, as this was her primary objective for coming here. Clearly, she wasn't here to continue the old relationship she had with Wang Zhong.

"After experiencing this CHF, you should be aware of how the aristocratic families can assist in individual growth. The resources and various opportunities to gain experience will become more important in the Heroic Soul Stage. Come join the Stuart Family. I'll guarantee that you'll become the number one expert in the Federation! Let us join hands and create a new era!"

Carolyn was being straightforward; there was no point in mincing her words. The various powers and influences were extremely interested in Wang Zhong. Regardless of intention, Stuart wanted to be the first to take action.

From Divian's description of Wang Zhong, he wasn't the kind of person who couldn't forgive and forget. Carolyn wasn't worried about this, as he was a smart person, and was pursuing the pinnacle of the martial dao. From either perspective, Stuart was the best option for him.

Despite that, her unquestionable tone resulted in Wang Zhong chuckling in response.

Frankly speaking, if it was the Wang Zhong before the start of this CHF, he would have agreed with her without the slightest doubt. Even if he would become a "hired gun", love was blind, and first love could easily cause people to become reckless. However, the entire journey through the CHF had made him mature, not only in terms of strength, but even more so in his state of mind and control over his emotions. 

All of the recklessness that had once existed was now gone. Although his Heart's Eye was only able to give him an advantage in combat, the progress in his state of mind had given him a clearer understanding of people and many other matters.

Carolyn was right about what she had said. Indeed, resources and opportunities to gain experiences were important, and Wang Zhong had already considered this possibility.

However, without talking about their previous matter, he could tell that he was merely a tool in Carolyn's eyes. As long as he was useful, she would treat him with importance. Once he became useless, she would simply dispose of him. This was her nature.

Maybe Carolyn in the past wasn't much of a utilitarian, but Wang Zhong felt that even then, he would probably just be an interesting toy in her eyes. Although people find that their extrinsic traits might change as a result of their environment, their base nature was deeply ingrained in their soul. Therefore, it wasn't easy for them to change their nature. For example, when Zhao Zimo was causing trouble, Carolyn didn't respond to the situation at all.

At that point in time, Carolyn probably assumed that Wang Zhong wouldn't make it out in one piece. In fact, even a casual reply from her, regardless of its usefulness, would reflect the pure feelings they had for each other the first time they had met. However, it was a pity that she did nothing. It was precisely this that allowed Wang Zhong to understand her true nature. 

The only reason she was standing here was due to him being useful to her plans. Their previous relationship was merely a bargaining chip. In fact, it might even just be an excuse for her.

Such soul-stirring words. Probably all of the aristocratic families and bigshots loved to hang those words in their mouths. Painting marvelous pictures and playing the emotional cards were methods they lived by. Furthermore, these were especially useful against the younger generation.

However, having overcome his initial crush, and having experienced this CHF, Wang Zhong was no longer the person that had lunged over recklessly towards the soul-stirring girl he had seen in the gravity training room.

"I probably won't be able to get used to the aristocratic family lifestyle. I'm just more used to freedom. You also know that my good friend Ma Dong's the successor to the Assassin Family. The Assassin Family will provide assistance to me in terms of resources. Naturally, there's also the Potter Family."

Wang Zhong gave a faint smile. Not only did he reject her proposal, he had also told her his choice. He had to display his determination in order to make her give up. After all, he did not wish to get entangled with the Stuart Family.

"However, I do have to thank you." After a brief pause, Wang Zhong added a few words. "Thanks for your invitation."

Regardless of everything, Carolyn was not a suitable match for him. Wang Zhong wasn't someone who would blame the gods for his misfortune, nor would he go so far as to bear grudges. Since she had come all the way here to personally invite him, he would respond in a courteous manner. Regardless of the circumstances, it was a need to have some grace and elegance in his behavior.

Carolyn's eyes flickered slightly upon hearing his reply; she probably hadn't expected Wang Zhong to reject her in such a straightforward manner. She had assumed that he would take some time to consider her proposal. Even responding with some ridicule was better than this indifferent attitude he was displaying, as it showed, at the very least, that Wang Zhong cared about her. However, with what just transpired...

"I hope that you'll consider it seriously. There are a lot of things that you don't understand." Carolyn said in an indifferent tone, her expression remaining unchanged. "Your 'supports' may not always remain the same. The world doesn't work they way you think it does."

Her tone had already turned somewhat harsh; regardless of the situation, it was extremely rare for the Stuart Family to get rejected. This was clearly reflected in Carolyn's stance.

Nevertheless, she was still met with Wang Zhong's smile. "Perhaps you're right. However, I wish to lead my own life."

The room turned quiet once again.

Carolyn had nothing else to say.

Just like what she had mentioned earlier, Wang Zhong didn't have much of an understanding of the cruelty of this world, and had thought too highly of himself.

Many things had been set in motion. Furthermore, the interest the various powers and influence were showing towards Wang Zhong might not be merely goodwill. In fact, even the Stuart Family still had an ongoing debate on what to do with Wang Zhong.

That's right! The number one person of this CHF! The number one expert that had defeated Mo Wen, and condensed a Dharma Idol in the Casted Soul Stage… etc, etc, etc. He had an exceedingly splendid and dazzling list of accomplishments and was a god-like existence among the commoners. However, at the very end, he was still only one "individual". Furthermore, he was an "individual" who had offended a lot of people.

When aristocratic families attracted external talent, they would also have to balance their relationships with the various other powers and influences. There were also many other issues that needed consideration.

Most importantly, other than the Mo Family, the other great families did not conduct much research in the "Great 5 Elements Constitution." Therefore, even Stuart would need to pay a heavy price if they wanted to nurture Wang Zhong, and there was no guarantee that their methods would be effective. If they were to get targeted by everyone else, and only ended up with an ordinary expert after paying such a gargantuan price, it would really be a loss for them. 

This time, Carolyn had not come over to beg Wang Zhong to join her Stuart Family. Instead, she had come to give him an opportunity, making use of her family's influence. If he didn't grasp this opportunity...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There wasn't any confusion. On the contrary, it had given her a good chance to resolve their situation.

Carolyn shot a deep look at Wang Zhong, before smiling as she stood up.

"Get well soon."

Before turning around and walking out of the door.

She had come abruptly, and left with decisiveness.

When she turned around, there was no more of that gentleness she had shown when she had entered the room. Instead, the usual prideful and tranquil look had reappeared on Carolyn's face, devoid of any emotion, as though she had severed everything from her past.

It was time to make their boundaries clear. It wouldn't be long before Wang Zhong understood that he was no more than a speck of sand in this world!

As she pushed open the door, the "sneaky" appearances of Laura and Scarlet were immediately revealed before Carolyn's eyes. Frankly speaking, she felt disdain upon witnessing this. Naturally, it wasn't towards Scarlet; Scarlett didn't possess sufficient qualifications to warrant her displeasure. Instead, she had felt this way towards Laura.

She was a direct descendant of a great aristocratic family. Yet, she was actually wasting her time here, all for the sake of a man!

The Potter Family's decline wasn't something that happened overnight. Their undisciplined style, lack of ambition, and pursuit of over-idealistic goals would lead to their ruin sooner or later, and would end with their removal from the 10 great families.

Now she had gotten so close to Wang Zhong; even if it was just an attempt to recruit him into the Potter Family, they didn't have the means to protect Wang Zhong. Did they really think that everyone could as capable as Stuart?
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    《Battle Frenzy》