Battle Frenzy
665 Full mobilisation 1.5 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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665 Full mobilisation 1.5 in 1

Everyone turned silent, before the scarface started to ball rolling a few seconds later. "Where's the location of that spatial coordinate? How good is your understanding of this place's geography?"

"The cursed lands are basically a massive meteorite crater, with the entire place being sloped downwards to the center, with the core being the lowest point in this place. That's where the legendary doors of hell are said to be, where it connects to the world of demons and devils. According to the information from the armed forces, the entire meteorite crater can be separated into many different levels." Gong Yi used a runic sword to draw a dozen circles on the ground, each one bigger than the other. "The paths here aren't complicated. As long as you head in one direction, you'll be able to move around the meteorite crater. That convict didn't record a precise map. However, if you map it out according to his description, the spatial coordinate should be at the entrance of the 4th layer. When we reach there, we should be able to see some conspicuous signs, so it shouldn't be too hard to find."

Clearly, Gong Yi wasn't going into much detail. If he wanted to gain control over this group, there was no reason for him to reveal too much information. After hearing his explanation, everyone quieted down, processing the information that he had just provided.

Although there wasn't any insurance in the armed forces' commitment, this kind of risk-taking also didn't have any guarantee. In fact, the survival rate might even be lower. 

Moving towards the core of such a vile environment clearly meant putting themselves in greater danger. Just the lowest ranking Evil Demons at the fringes of this place were already viewed by the armed forces as a rather difficult to handle; what more the 4th layer? More powerful Evil Demon life forms and various kinds of unfathomable dangers would definitely be found along the way. The most problematic issue for them though, was that they had utterly no idea whether the spatial coordinate still existed! After all, it had been discovered a few years ago! On Earth, people in the Heroic Soul Stage all knew that it was extremely easy for spatial coordinates to shatter. Only the larger-sized ones that were constantly maintained by the Federation's aristocratic families and armed forces were able to be expanded into transmission passageways, maintaining their existence for a dozen, or even over 20 years. In fact, even after various protective measures, these spatial coordinates might even shatter after a few short years.

Furthermore, that Gong Yi fellow seemed to have too good of an understanding towards this cursed lands? Exactly where did this fellow come from? If he had become interested in this place before being captured, had spent a substantial amount of effort to investigate this projection world that he was nigh impossible to come into contact with, and had even managed to find a convict that had escaped from here that the armed forces were not aware of... wasn't it too much of a coincidence?!

"Cough cough. Gong Yi, it isn't because we don't believe in you, but you seem to be too prepared for this place. How are you to believe you?" asked Cao Hong.

"Indeed, there aren't many coincidences in this world," replied Gong Yi with a smile. "Looks like I have to do my self-introduction once again. Before coming here, I'm one of the persons in charge of Ghost Emperor Group's eastern regions. I think all of you should have heard about the Ghost Emperor Group before. With the position I'm in, I've naturally done business with the black market. As long as I'm careful, it isn't too difficult to get information about the cursed lands. As for why I'm here, that's something private." 

Everyone's expressions changed upon hearing this, while a silver of interest appeared within Wang Zhong's eyes.

The Ghost Emperor Group was the business arm of the Gui Family, and was renowned within the Federation. Their main business involvement was with the black market. Being one of the persons in charge of their eastern regions, Gong Yi's status definitely wasn't low. In fact, he would definitely have been in direct contact with the core figures of the Gui Family.

Being an external member, yet gaining such a high position within the Ghost Emperor Group. Just thinking about the methods and abilities that allowed him to make it that far, everyone could tell that he definitely wasn't a simple figure at all.

However, why did a person like him get sent into the cursed grounds?

Scarface looked calmly towards him, seemingly trying to find any loophole or weaknesses within Gong Yi's words. "If you're planning on leaving through the spatial coordinate in the 4th layer, why do we have to harvest Evil Demon blood instead of leaving as quickly as we can?"

"We're basically broke." Gong Yi answered instantly without giving any thought at all. "The exit leads straight to the Tutankhamun Empire. The Evil Demon Blood fetches a pretty good price in the black market over there. Although we're fleeing from the Federation, I do not plan on doing so by being so poor I can't afford to eat. What's more, it's along the way. It won't be much trouble to harvest a bit of Evil Demon Blood."

Gong Yi grinned towards everyone before continuing. "You all have to acknowledge that we are all convicts in the eyes of the Federation. However, the Federation people are VIPs over at the empire. If you're unable to come to a decision now, just consider this. Although there will be dangers, and the possible likelihood of us ending up empty handed, as long as we succeed, we can unbind ourselves from our enemies and gain control over our fate. After that, we can live comfortably for the latter half of our lives in the empire. This is a rare opportunity for us all." 

Although everyone had locked their gazes onto him, a look of calmness continued to exist on his face. 

Wang Zhong's Heart's Eye had already enveloped his surroundings from the very beginning since he arrived here. At the very least, he could tell that Gong Yi was speaking honestly and sincerely, and he had described what everyone wanted to hear. He was also able to sense that Gong Yi's calmness stemmed from him being true to his own nature.

Everyone present here wasn't a blockhead, and Cao Hong didn't need to say this out loud. Gong Yi had tailored his words to appeal to their desires, and the information he provided definitely wasn't 100% true. Nevertheless, he did want to leave this place; no one would bet their life on making a joke. Furthermore, it was definitely impossible for him to reach the 4th layer alone.

"Reynolds." Breaking the silence, the scarface finally revealed his name. "I don't want the Evil Demon Blood. However, if we're unable to find the spatial coordinate when we arrive at the 4th layer, I'll personally butcher you."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Gong Yi smiled in response. That scarface possessed incredible combat strength, so it would definitely be a huge boost to the success rate if he joined in. "Relax, I would never treat my compatriots unfairly. You know that your portion won't be small, right? If we're unable to find the spatial coordinate, there isn't any need for you to take action; I'm not planning on returning to the Federation alive. We humans are born into this world to play, and what's the point if it isn't exciting? This time, I'm gambling big on this matter."

"Consider me in!" Cao Hong said with a smile. "I want to expand my entertainment business to the empire and open the world to those barbarians, and to let them experience the joys of civilisation."

"Haha. The empire isn't lacking in that aspect. However, they definitely haven't gone as deep down the rabbit hole as Sister Hong has. Looks like we've reached a unanimous decision. I hope that from now on, the battles will be led by me, and I hope nobody minds."

Settling Reynolds and Cao Hong meant possessing authority over this group; Wang Zhong and little Xin could be ignored. Power was everything in this place. At this moment, a sliver of delight flashed past Gong Yi's eyes. Although heading deeper into this dangerous place would magnify the threats they already faced, there was no shortage of benefits, so it would naturally be better if more people joined in. Furthermore, he could tell that Sister Hong was not as simple as she had said. Instead of saying that she could only handle simple 2nd and 3rd rank mutated beasts, she definitely possessed the greatest combat strength behind him and scarface.

The little loli looked impatiently towards everyone else. Her princess persona was getting a little obnoxious. Fortunately, Cao Hong was interested in her, and she knew that Cao Hong's attitude was extremely important to her survival. As for the future... that would depend on whether she could make it out of this hell alive.

The sun bearing down on them was truly too malicious, as everyone was already finding it unbearable after just being here for a short while. This was especially obvious for the little loli, who now wore a rather weak look after being roasted by the sun. Even for a person who had casted her Heroic Soul, she really had a weak constitution.

Everyone decided to immediately hit the road, while guarding against potential problems that might spring up.

"The desert around us is relatively safe to be in, as the armed forces had considered the existence of dimensional life forms before building their transmission array. There won't be any large size life form in the vicinity. When night falls, there will often be extremely massive sandstorms that will travel through this desert, so most life forms will choose to pass the night peacefully. This place isn't suitable to stay in, so we definitely have to leave this stretch before night falls."

Gong Yi started his explanation of this place. Being someone who held significant authority in a large organisation, his words were naturally filled with some charisma that made people believe in him. Furthermore, he clearly had adequate preparation before coming over here. 

"Okay, let's save every bit of our strength while moving off at full speed. I estimate that we were transmitted here at around 9 am Earth Time. However, it seems to be noon here, so time's rather tight. Let's strive to get out of this desert area as early as we can, as the sandstorms might appear before it's night. The earlier we leave here, the safer we'll be."

Everyone nodded their heads in acknowledgment. Even the little loli put up a strong front. 5 figures proceeded to kick up dust trails as they streaked across the golden desert, heading rapidly towards the center of this cursed lands.


Due to his tumultuous thoughts that led to insomnia, Ma Dong only managed to groggily fall asleep when day broke. Upon waking up, it was already 9.30 am. Thinking back about the uneasy feeling he got yesterday, he gave a yawn, before immediately calling Wang Zhong's Skylink.

At this moment, the army camp should have already lifted their communications blackout. However, "du du du du du" sounds came from the other side of the Skylink, continuing all the way till it cut off from the lack of response. 

The feeling of unease within Ma Dong's heart grew increasingly dense as he continued to call. After calling repeatedly a few more times, the Skylink was unexpectedly shut down. 

Ma Dong's grogginess was instantly swept away as he completely woke up, his heart having completely sunk.

Something had definitely happened, as this absolutely wasn't Wang Zhong's style.

This was not the time to get flustered.

Leaping out from his bed, Ma Dong planned out what he needed to do in a single thought. He first needed to call his family's old man, Tumo Assassin, to see if that old many knew any friends in the armed forces that could investigate this matter for him, before calling Laura to ask about this.

Laura immediately contacted the old Potter, who had some clout within the armed forces. However, even though he was using his connections to investigate into this matter, Ma Dong wasn't able to feel relieved. Thinking back that teacher Grace was currently residing at Tianjing Academy, he immediately gave a call to old Greene's Skylink.

At this moment, Grace and old Greene were present within the academy's office. The sudden call from Ma Dong had surprised and shocked them, as both of them understood the severity of this issue, as Wang Zhong did not report back to the academy before going off. With his current level of fame, the Federation should not be negligent towards him, no matter how rushed they were to send him to the blessed lands. Both of them were extremely keen to notice this.

Grace immediately stepped into action.

Although her reach within the Federation could not be compared to Copperfield's old Potter, being a member of the armed forces, the mechanized battalion she was in had a rather extraordinary reputation and intelligence network. Compared to the 7th Regiment of the wilderness battalion, Grace's rank of Colonel made her outrank even their commanding officer. Therefore, she had immediately contacted the headquarters of the 7th Regiment. Originally, she had expected to get some sort of explanation at the very least. However, her inquiry was brushed off lightly, as though the other party didn't even care about her reputation as a colonel from the mechanized battalion!
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    《Battle Frenzy》