Battle Frenzy
666 Overwhelming power 1.5 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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666 Overwhelming power 1.5 in 1

"Don't panic. I've already contacted some friends to help me investigate this matter. Let's wait and see." Grace had also realized the gravity of the situation. She had truly seen too many cases of shady businesses being conducted in the armed forces, especially within the wilderness battalion that was stationed on Earth. There were many crooks mixed within the honest people in there, while the aristocratic families had their influence extended deep into its roots, completely unlike the mechanized battalion that was fully controlled by the Parliament. 

The factions that made up the wilderness battalion were too complicated, with various influences mutually restraining each other. Furthermore, the majority of them were drawing salaries without doing any work at all, with widespread corruption causing the whole battalion to be in an utter mess. Without talking about something as premeditated as the current issue, even an ordinary matter would take ages if it was investigated via normal channels. 

Having liaised with the armed forces before, Ma Dong was naturally aware of all these issues. Therefore, despite being extremely worried, the only thing he could do now was to wait for their replies.

The passing of time while having anxiety was akin to torture. As noon arrived, responses from various parties began to trickle in.

"Grace, immediately return to our headquarters. I've already arranged for other people to take over your recruitment job at Tianjing." The one speaking was Grai's previous instructor in command school, who was now one of the bigshots that commanded the entire mechanized battalion. "You've meddled around too much. If you continue to cause trouble, even I cannot protect you. You don't have the capability to concern yourself with those matters, and neither do I. Return immediately! This is an order!"

"Old Tu? Didn't I just explain that I've also been given the cold shoulder by them? Their replies were really firm, and they aren't even giving me any face regarding this matter. Being your old friend, I have to remind you to not get too involved in this matter... Your Assassin Family is unable to shoulder it. Aren't you guys on the rise recently... sigh, just treat it that I've said nothing."

Ma Dong's heart twisted and turned just like a roller-coaster, as the attempts to gather information from various sources had all been blocked. Obviously, the people involved in this matter had a clear understanding of the situation, and it was undeniable that there was some powerful obstruction from above. Exactly how much power was being used to deal with them? Why? For what reason? Those people possessed sufficient power to overturn mountains and flip oceans! Furthermore, Wang Zhong was just a student!

Could this be the collaboration between the Gui and Zhao Families? However, wasn't it said that this wouldn't be a problem? Naturally, Ma Dong did not believe in the bullshit that was the Federation's "rulings" and "public justice". The equilibrium between powers and influences existed. If the Gui and Zhao Family were to do such a thing, the fabric of society would collapse. This would be an extremely big blow to the government, and was also something that was impossible for them not to understand.

"Ma Dong, my grandfather did not say anything after contacting the Institute of Sciences. He just won't answer to me no matter how I ask him! I'm so frustrated! Now, he has disappeared, and I've yet to find him." The final piece of news came from Laura, with her sounding extremely worried. Old Potter's reactions had caused her to conclude that this matter wasn't simple. "Do you have any new information from your side? What about teacher Grace?"

Her words instantly caused Ma Dong's entire body to be drenched in cold sweat. There's only one explanation that lined up with everything. Since the old Potter was unable to settle this, and had even been placed under a gag order, this meant that the Potter Family was also involved! Although old Potter was part of the Potter Family, his main role was to take charge of the Federation's Institute of Sciences. He was not the family leader, and was incapable of betraying the entire family for the sake of helping Wang Zhong. That meant that the various great families, and even the Parliament, was involved in this trade of benefits!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, all of these just for Wang Zhong? That was impossible! The Zhao and Gui Families would never make a trade where they were the losing parties. What was the cake that everyone wanted a bite in???

Assassin, dimensional base station...

"Du du du"

Someone knocked on the door to the room Ma Dong was staying in. Just as he told Laura that he would return her call, the door to his room had already been busted open.

Having experienced much of this world, the current Ma Dong already possessed the ability to remain calm and maintain his usual demeanor in tumultuous times. Since they had already found him, that meant that his guesses were right. There was no such thing as luck in such matters, and there was no point hoping for opponents to show mercy and stop in their tracks.

Although his emotions were in a mess from what he had experienced throughout the day, his expression remained calm as he was instantly surrounded. Remaining unmoved, he placed the Skylink in his hand gently on the table.

At this moment, a suit-wearing fellow walked through the door, before a familiar face appeared before Ma Dong. This fellow was the youngest member of the Stuart City's municipal administration, Zhao Zifeng, and was precisely a core member of the Zhao Family, one of the 10 Great Families. He appeared to have walked down the same path as Zhao Zimo, who was killed in the iron cage fight, as he also did not have an awakened Soul Sea, and relied on family connections and his brains to earn his keep. Following closely behind him were 2 gun-wielding Casted Soul Stage soldiers.

"How are you, Mr Ma Dong?" Clearly recognizing Ma Dong, Zhao Zifeng gave a faint smile as he extended his greetings. Although there wasn't an antagonistic look present on his face, he pulled out an eye-catching arrest warrant from his breast pocket. "We're currently suspecting you of bribing high ranking officials stationed at the Federation's dimensional base stations, and using improper means to steal the Federation's core method of dimensional transfer. This is the arrest warrant sent out by both the Stuart City municipal administration as well as the Federation's internal security battalion. Please immediately follow us to aid in the investigations."

"Bribe?" Ma Dong laughed in response. From his point of view, he could see 2 dark figures hiding in the shadows that were currently moving closer.

Without saying anything, Zhao Zifeng proceeded to raise his hand. Immediately, the 2 soldiers behind him walked forwards, before disengaging the safeties on their weapons.

However, just as they had taken their first step, both soldiers immediately felt as though they had entered a freezer. It was as though they had been enveloped by the god of death, causing them to be so shocked that all of their hairs stood on their ends.

"Hold your hand." Ma Dong's voice wasn't loud, nor was it hurried. Instead, it was extremely calm, as though everything was within his grasp.

The entire scene froze, as 2 incomparably cold black glints appeared on the necks of the 2 soldiers. The slivers of chilling intent radiating from the blades caused the 2 soldiers to feel as though their heads could return to their ancestors at any given moment, causing them to not dare to even move a single inch. At this moment, the runic guns originally in their hands had already been taken away, while 2 specter-like shades radiating with heart palpitating murderous aura appeared right behind their backs.

As of now, Ma Dong was no longer a fringe member of Assassin like he used to be. Now, being a main member of a family of assassins, what more an incomparably important one, how could the family not arrange bodyguards for his protection? Hiding in the darkness, they were able to unleash lethal strikes at anyone who dared to threaten Ma Dong.

Compared to the 2 soldiers, Zhao Zifeng appeared to be a tad braver. Instead of displaying any fear, he reacted with a smile while saying, "You should be an intelligent person, right, Mr Ma Dong? Since I dare to bring 2 ordinary soldiers to arrest you, I naturally have the confidence to do so. I also have the obligation to remind you that you're still in Stuart City. If anything happens to us 3, it will only result in the quicker death of Assassin."

This was just an excuse. If Ma Dong took action, Assassin would have no leeway at all. In an instant, the murderous auras coming from the 2 shades turned even denser than before.

Ma Dong continued to remain seated. With everything that had happened today, he had already started to make some guesses about how this situation would end. Nevertheless, he did not expect it to come this quickly. "No one will hurt you three. I just want to know, is this so-called arrest directed by the Parliament, or by your Zhao Family?"

"Is there any difference?"

With a smile, Ma Dong replied. "I just feel that the crime of bribery is a little too amusing, so I really want to know who's stupid enough to come up with such a charge."

"It's not funny at all. This is the iron-clad law of the Federation." Zhao Zifeng replied in an indifferent voice. "The Assassin Family did not pass the endorsement procedure for dimensional base stations. Yet, you've already signed the contract with the Dimension Research Institute for the construction of your dimensional base station in private, and have even received a first-hand edition of the blueprints. Vice-head Azar of the Dimension Research Institute, that Assassin is in cahoots with, has already been arrested. Furthermore, it has been found that he had used his name to illegally obtain 2 million credits for your joint venture. That sum was wired to his account by you, Mr Ma Dong, at 11:50 am yesterday. We have proof to back all of these claims. In fact, we have enough to send you directly to jail. Now, we're using this arrest warrant to get you to aid in the investigation. It's already very gracious of us to do this."

In this short conversation, Ma Dong had already gained a clear understanding of the entire situation.

The endorsement procedure was the final bridge that connected everything together, as it was the matter Ma Dong had been occupied with these past few days. In reality, the municipal administration had already told Ma Dong that their endorsement was a success, though it would need time to obtain the necessary construction materials from various places. Therefore, they had informed him that he could first sign the contract with the Dimension Research Institute. This, coupled with the various kinds of hidden signals vice-head Azar had been giving him, as well as his fear of having long and complicated delays, had caused him to sign the contract. As for the 2 million credits, it was a commonly known open secret that any businessman, aristocratic family or official of the Federation would know.

Even if wasn't a deliberate setup, all of the businesses conducted within the Federation was established on the foundations of strength and power. However, he really did not expect the Zhao and Gui Families to actually have that big of an influence over such matters.

Nodding his head, Ma Dong stood up. At this moment, there was no use in resisting or quibbling with them.

"Go back." said Ma Dong towards the two shadows.

"Young master!"

"This is just a small matter." Ma Dong's voice was deep, yet extremely stable. "Go back and tell my grandfather, that the skies have changed!"

Throughout the whole matter, Zhao Zifeng maintained a calm and faint smile on his face, with him feeling rather cheerful all the way. With Zhao Zimo gone, his opportunity had finally arrived. Despite being a Zhao Family member, he had been sent to Stuart City to work. It was possible to imagine just how difficult it was for him to live here. However, due to him not awakening as a new human, this "weakness" had granted him protection in the form of "ignorance" from the world. Nevertheless, the strongest power in this world that mankind could use to kill other people wasn't in the form of a sword or a blade. 

Ma Dong's final statement, as well as his calm face, appeared in the eyes of someone watching through Skylink. Present beside that person was a Skylink display, which had just replayed the scene of Wang Zhong being sent to the dimensional transmission array in the morning.

There weren't any ripples of emotion appearing on Carolyn's face, as though she was simply watching the outcome.

It was a need to get rid of Wang Zhong, as the news of Stuart being rejected had just been spread. The Zhao and Gui Families immediately got to contacting the various powers, requesting their aid to get rid of Wang Zhong in exchange for some of their benefits. However, despite it being the combined request of the Zhao and Gui Families, the final straw was Stuart's approval, moving the matter to the benefit partition part.

Frankly speaking, being tossed into a place like the cursed lands was equivalent to being sentenced to death. This roundabout manner was used just to give some people a sense of balance and comfort, or in other words, a way to extricate themselves from being murderers. 

Admittedly, Wang Zhong was an important chess piece that possessed astonishing talent, and nurturing him was certainly worthwhile.

However, so what if this Heavenly Soul Stage expert could be nurtured? Why would they nurture a Heavenly Soul Stage expert they had no control over, and offend all of the other aristocratic families in the process? The Parliament wasn't stupid. Wang Zhong's pride and arrogance, as well as his ambiguous attitude towards them, had in some ways led to the Parliament finally giving him up.
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    《Battle Frenzy》