Battle Frenzy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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670 Bait 1.5 in 1

Although he had flared up against his big brother, Old Potter was all too clear about how helpless he was in this matter.

Taller trees in the forest would get swept away by the wind. Wang Zhong was just too outstanding! He was so outstanding that it had incited dread in others. Old Potter had never imagined that the Gui and Zhao Families would be so vicious, even giving up on all of the benefits they gained from eliminating Assassin, just for the sake of pacifying the other powers and influences.

"Can you tell me the truth, grandfather?" In the end, Laura still persisted in asking her grandfather. By now, she already knew that the reason her grandfather had disappeared was due to him rushing all the way back to Copperfield to have a big argument with the family leader. Therefore, she had deduced that Old Potter definitely knew some details about this entire matter.

Rubbing Laura's head, Old Potter noticed her luxurious hair was somewhat messy, a clear sign that she hadn't taken care of it for a few days. This was an inconceivable matter for Laura, who had always prioritised her appearance above anything else. After remaining silent for a while, he finally replied, "From the information I've received, he has gone to the Hyperdimension."

"Of course I know this. Even the news is broadcasting about them going there. The problem is that I've obtained information that Wang Zhong isn't going together with us at all. Where did he go?"

Shaking his head in helplessness, Old Potter replied. "Sigh, Laura, you've already grown up, right? There's no use pressuring an old man like me. Even I don't know where he went. Perhaps you'll find out when you're strong enough."

Laura shot a deep look at Old Potter. She knew that her grandfather had paid a heavy price during this period of time. In fact, he was even willing to tender his resignation in protest. Nevertheless, an arm couldn't outpower a leg. Her nagging was only due to her being unresigned towards this matter.

"Grandfather, I just want to know why there's no one objecting to such a commotion?"

"Do you really like him?" Old Potter asked as he looked at Laura.

Nodding her head, Laura replied without any hesitation. "Yes!"

"However, you should know that you and him are 2 different kinds of people. I'm not talking about family background; these things aren't a problem in the Potter Family. I'm talking about his pursuits. He's a martial artist, and bluntly speaking, is the same kind of person as Mo Wen."

"I know, grandfather, I do get that feeling from him. However, I don't want to betray my heart. Regardless of the outcome, I believe that the journey will be the most perfect and beautiful set of memories. Therefore, please tell me what the problem is."

Hearing that, Old Potter shook his head bitterly. "Truthfully speaking, you should be able to guess it already."

All of a sudden, Carolyn's image appeared in her mind. If the 10 Great Families had to make a unanimous decision, just the Gui and Zhao Families alone were far from being able to sway everyone. Therefore, Stuart's approval was definitely required. Furthermore, no one had come to visit Wang Zhong after Carolyn's visit.

"Although it might be extremely difficult for him, Wang Zhong should still be alive." Old Potter couldn't help assuring her.

Laura felt that she had gained some new insights, causing her to turn silent and ponder for a while, before nodding her head earnestly. "Grandfather, I'll go for that special group training. Furthermore, I'll definitely head to the Holy Lands! That's because I believe that one day, his brilliance will shine radiantly before everyone!"

Old Potter did not know whether to cry or to laugh at her decision. Nevertheless, he did not show any rejection. If Laura was willing to head down this path, he did not need to advise her any further. However...

"However, you're not sincere enough, grandfather. With your good relationship with Wang Zhong, how can you stand seeing his friends get bullied?" A cunning glint flashed across Laura's blinking eyes.

Yet again, Old Potter sighed in helplessness. "Come on, spit it out, what do you want from me?"

"I want Scarlet and Barran to join the Holy Lands namelist." Laura replied. If Scarlet and Barran weren't able to maintain their progress, they would lose out greatly. Although others might not be sensitive towards politics, Laura was extremely clear about how things worked.

"Okay, leave this matter to me." Old Potter nodded his head, radiating a powerful aura as he stood up. Nevertheless, a heavy feeling weighed his heart down.

Even Laura felt somewhat unbearable as she saw the departing figure of Old Potter. What he was going to do, was equivalent to placing himself on the roasting pit. Nevertheless, her grandfather was the only person who could help them.

The clamouring of the outside world did not affect the "peace and tranquility" within the cursed lands, and Wang Zhong was entirely unaware of recent developments. At this moment, he could sense that surviving in the cursed lands wasn't as easy as it seemed. Even the hunting of Evil Demon Blood at the outer fringes was already fraught with difficulties.

These Evil Demon life forms were too different from the ordinary 3rd rank life forms that any Heroic Soul Stage soldier could handle easily. Regardless of mutated life forms or dimensional life forms, the Federation had a clear-cut classification of strength, which was useful for the rank classifications of both types of life forms.

The classification was made based on the Soul Power they radiated. The Soul Power that 1st rank life forms radiated would range from 0 to 50, 50 to 100 for the 2nd rank, and 100 to 200 for the 3rd rank. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

For humans, that would be the equivalent to the initial Casted Soul Stage, middle Casted Soul Stage, and peak Casted Soul Stage.

However, similar to how 2 soldiers who had a 200 Grassos Soul Power output could have a wide disparity in their combat strength, there was a gargantuan difference between the combat strength of those life forms. The combat strength of dimensional life forms with 200 Grassos Soul Power output far outclassed mutated life forms and humans of the same rank.

Furthermore, they were able to run faster than others of the same rank. After all, most of them inhabited a higher gravity environment, resulting in stronger fleshly bodies, along with offensive and defensive capabilities that far outclassed those in the same rank. Nevertheless, the main reason was the influence of higher gravity. After all, a higher gravity would cause one's body to be subjected to more pressure, resulting in a greater tempering of the body.

Furthermore, their usage of their Soul Power or Dimensional energies could not be matched by mankind or mutated life forms, as it stemmed from their innate capabilities. This allowed their utilisation of those energies to be more complete, skilled, and pure. At the same time, almost all of the dimensional life forms had innate capabilities unique to individuals that were comparable to mankind's special abilities. When all of these factors were placed together, it had to be said that dimensional life forms were indeed blessed by the heavens, with their powerful strength capable of causing despair to those fighting against them. The most disgusting trait was that most of the dimensional life forms present here were of the darkness-attribute type. A special ability that was rarely seen in humans, was abundant in this place.

In accordance to the Federation's ranking system, Scarface, Sister Hong, Gong Yi, and even little Xin were considered to be Initial Heroic Soul Stage soldiers, with their Soul Power responses, being between 200 to 100 Grassos. A Middle Heroic Soul Stage Soul Power response was between 1000 to 5000 Grassos, with Peak Heroic Soul Stage being from 5000 to 10000.

In accordance with the Federation's ranking system, an Initial Heroic Soul Stage human expert should possess the combat strength of a 4th rank life form, so they should be able to utterly suppress the Rock Hell Small Evil Demons who only had a 200 Grasso Soul Power output. However, the actual outcome was just like a tight slap on their faces.

This cursed wastelands...

The entire cursed wastelands was assumed to be a gigantic meteorite crater. Also attributed to the opening of the doors to hell, the entire world was sloped down towards the centre. There were various explanations for this phenomenon. However, without a doubt, this world appeared just like a massive pit when looked from above.

This pit was truly too large! Just its fringes already spanned an incomprehensibly vast distance. Standing at the fringes, the downward curve wasn't even noticeable; it just looked like a vast and spacious plain!

Within the mountain range, the massive sun was especially large, as if it was almost coming into contact with the planet's surface. It was just like a terrifying furnace hanging over everyone's heads. It was hard to determine exactly how far this planet was to the "sun". The high temperatures and piercing sunlight was terrifying, and if not for the dense layers of radiation that originated from the cursed lands which shielded much of the ultraviolet and infrared rays, this entire planet might have already been cooked.

The endless wastelands, the massive celestial body hanging in the air, the terrifyingly hot temperatures, as well as the visible heat waves rising everywhere, caused the entire cursed lands to be enveloped in a mirage of hell that was hard to describe with words. It appeared just like a sleeping Evil Demon that had climbed out from the pits of hell, reclining on the surface, radiating waves of pressure that blotted the skies. Hellish flames surrounded it, while heatwaves surged forth, unleashing a suffocating pressure upon everyone present.

At this moment, Gong Yi, Reynolds, and Cao Hong were lying prone within the dry and withered bushes that were sparsely scattered, their hands filled with cold sweat as they looked around nervously at their surroundings. Present within their lines of sight were 2 humanoid figures, who were currently pulling up the surrounding shrubbery while making some noisy chattering sounds, searching for food.

These figures were small in stature and had pointy ears. Although one could barely recognize the facial features resembling that of humans, their entire faces appeared just like the bark of a long-dead and withered tree. Their creased, withered, and twig-like limbs appeared rather weak, as though they could be snapped easily into 2 like matches.

However, they possessed very large, yet pupil-less eyes with clumps of black fire dancing within, a complete contrast with their weak-looking physique. At this moment, one of them seemed to have dug out a disgusting worm-like thing from the ground. At the instant the worm shot out from the bushes, its entire body became clad with surging flames as it rapidly fled at lightning speed.

This was precisely the source of much trouble for Gong Yi and the others during these past few days. It was rather difficult to locate their concealed forms underneath the sand, and they were extremely offensive when attacking. Furthermore, their attacks were coated with an intense fire poison, which would squirm into one's body like maggots when injected, with the resulting sensations being utterly terrifying and disgusting.

However, it only took a split second before the worm was caught by a withered arm that shot out at astonishing speed, and incomparable accuracy. Upon capturing it, the disgusting worm was tossed directly into the figure's mouth.


With a powerful bite, roaring flames immediately erupted from its eyes, nostrils, and ears, causing a shudder to shake through the small Evil Demon's body, as a satisfied expression appeared on its face. In contrast, the small Evil Demon that didn't manage to catch the worm appeared rather indignant as it turned and ran away.

This opportune moment couldn't be missed.

"Hiss!" Gong Yi sent out the hidden signal.

A figure rushed out from the bushes near that small Evil Demon, smashing the rock in his hand right down onto its head. Anger and rage filled the small Evil Demon. However, upon seeing a "gigantic" humanoid figure before it, its eyes immediately lit up like torches, appearing as though they were on the brink of popping out.

These wastelands were truly too barren! Upon seeing such delicious food, how could this dimensional life form not go crazy in delight! Not a single shred of hesitation appeared within the small Evil Demon's fiery eyes as it lunged over.

This small Evil Demon had clearly held back its strength. Upon erupting, it was evident that the 7x gravity had utterly no effect on this life form, as an azure fire started to burn faintly on its withered arms. Spreading its 5 fingers, it revealed incomparably sharp and thick claws that were like an eagle's talons, tearing through the wind with inconceivable strength.

Gong Yi and the others felt cold sweat appearing on their bodies, fearing for Wang Zhong. Despite having gone through this experience multiple times, all of them felt their hearts tremble in fear whenever they saw that Casted Soul Stage fellow being chased by the small Evil Demons. Indeed, his movements were extremely nimble, though they were lacking in power. After all, it was too difficult for a Casted Soul Stage to match up to a 3rd rank dimensional life form.

These small Evil Demons were extremely cunning. The reason behind their rampant actions was due to them sensing the true level of Wang Zhong's strength. He was basically the perfect food for them! Furthermore, there was something on this human's body that attracted their attention so much that they had gone berserk for it.
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    《Battle Frenzy》