Battle Frenzy
672 Other intelligent life forms
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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672 Other intelligent life forms

The faint silvery glow radiating from Gong Yi and the others' bodies grew much more resplendent, an obvious indication of the increase in Soul Power being channelled to defend against the devilish energies in the air. This automatic energy consumption wasn't something that they could simply ignore. In the 1st layer, their body's natural resistance was adequate to defend against the radiation. However, at this layer, there was also the added burden from the increased gravity, and even though they were Heroic Soul Stage soldiers, the pressure they were experiencing was still rather significant.

The rest of them had assumed that the pressure would be extremely taxing for Wang Zhong. However, Gong Yi and the others were surprised to see that Wang Zhong didn't even appear to be straining much under the pressure. On the contrary, he had simply followed along in silence, completely in sync with everyone's movements.

A Casted Soul Stage was actually able to accomplish such a feat!

Truthfully speaking, not only was Wang Zhong not feeling any strain, he actually felt amazing.

The radiation resulting from the dimensional energies was different here than on Earth, which was slightly surprising to him. The dense darkness essence would be extremely toxic for ordinary life forms. However, it felt really warm and intimate to him. 

The darkness essence and the devilish energies continued to drill into his body, before being absorbed by the darkness half of his Fate Roulette Dharma Idol. The energies then settled in the darkness half of his Soul Sea, increasing its density. However, it didn't negatively affect him in any way, and instead appeared to provide nourishment, causing minute transformations to occur throughout his entire being. With the nourishment, his skin and muscles became tougher and more resilient, while his qi and blood become more exuberant. Although the speed of these "transformations" was extremely slow, it was still progress and growth in the end.

This was too miraculous! Wang Zhong had truly felt that his fleshly body had already reached the pinnacle of mankind after awakening his Great 5 Elements Constitution. At the very least, it was at the pinnacle of the Casted Soul Stage, so there was no room left for improvement. However, at this moment, he was unexpectedly starting to improve slowly just by traveling within this darkness-filled world. If he could train and cultivate here for an extended period of time, just how strong would his fleshly body become? Would there even be a limit to his growth?

"You'll become an ugly freak." Simba declared smugly. At this moment, he was currently riding Big White, and they were moving in circles. Although he could not go out, he could still frolic around with Big White.

Wang Zhong was speechless. Nevertheless, he understood what Simba meant. After suffering heavy injuries, his Great 5 Elements Constitution had clearly demonstrated its outstanding self-recovery capabilities. More than simply restoring his condition, it had even caused his physical capabilities and strength to rise significantly. Nevertheless, a balanced constitution required an equilibrium to be maintained. If he was constantly exposed to these darkness energies, his Soul Sea would be filled to the brim with darkness, and his body would collapse, or he would turn into some kind of freak!

After giving Wang Zhong a mental blow, Simba continued to do somersaults to show off his smugness. Wang Zhong made a resolute decision to ignore Simba; the more he tried to control this fellow, the more enthusiastic Simba would become.

As he travelled along with everyone, Wang Zhong was quietly paying attention to the various changes in his Soul Sea and body. There was definitely nothing wrong with him experiencing the mysteries of darkness. As he continued to do so, he was astonished to discover that the essence of darkness was truly too mysterious, abstruse, deep and profound! In fact, even the divinized hellish flames that he had was just touching the surface of what darkness energies could do; he had merely arrived at the doorstep.In other words, "divinization" was just a term the people of the Federation used to praise themselves. Mankind was merely a small grain of sand in the vast river of dimensional mysteries. "Divinization"? "Ruler-level"? "Dominion"? These were all drops of water in an ocean! This was so laughable!

The more powerful one was, the greater the understanding of just how insignificant they were.

The dense darkness energies could obscure most of the light from the surroundings. Even the gigantic red sun hanging in the air had become quite dim. Nevertheless, it was still unable to obscure the flickering lights coming from the centre of the cursed lands.

There was no flat ground around them, with many gigantic canyons and large cracks present throughout the 2nd layer. There were even some "red rivers" beneath the canyons that flowed with boiling lava, creating an intensely hot and humid atmosphere. Nevertheless, there were much fewer dimensional life forms in this region, a completely different situation from the 1st layer with the herds of small Evil Demons. Other than the occasional appearances of rather strange large birds that flew past their heads, they had only seen a handful of other life forms in their 30 minute journey.


All of a sudden, Sister Hong's expression changed as she immediately made a "halt" sign with her hands. Everyone instantly come to a stop, before dropping to the ground, while simultaneously dissipating their Soul Power defences. The Soul Power unleashed by humans was easily detected by dimensional life forms, and would even lure them over. Furthermore, everyone present could still resist the darkness radiation for a short period of time without their Soul Power defences.

Gong Yi didn't ask any questions, though his questions were obvious in the gaze he sent towards Sister Hong.

Although Sister Hong wasn't very strong in terms of combat, she was extremely sensitive in her observational and sensory capabilities. Previously, in the 1st layer, her early detection of danger had allowed everyone to escape the encirclement by the small Evil Demons more than once.

At this moment, an extremely solemn expression had appeared of Sister Hong's face, a stark contrast to carefree and relaxed appearance she wore on a daily basis. She pointed slowly, but forcefully, towards the northeast. Everyone immediately focused their attention in that direction, though they were unable to see anything unusual through the dense darkness. Nevertheless, tapping sounds quickly rang out in the distance.

In the next moment, 2 terrifying life forms emerged from the darkness.

Standing 4 to 5 meters tall, they looked like large 3-headed dogs. Each head seemed to move independently, panting sounds coming from their mouths that were dripping saliva. Multiple half-meter long fangs were present. Their massive lantern-sized pupils appeared to be constructed from pure black flames, radiating with a soul-shocking brilliance.


This vicious dimensional life form, which had been projected on Earth before, was known for being vicious and feral. Having 3 grown heads meant that it was a fully-grown adult, with the weakest ones starting at the 5th rank!

A 5th rank dimensional life form couldn't be compared to those 5th rank mutated beasts present on Earth. In fact, after reaching the Heroic Soul Stage, life forms would be classified under a completely new ranking system, though Wang Zhong didn't have the opportunity to learn prior to being sent here. While on Earth, dimensional life forms were naturally restricted due to the influence of laws and physics, causing them to become weaker. Furthermore, if they were unable to replenish their loss of energy, they would continue to get weaker. This caused every projected dimensional life form that appeared on Earth to have a heightened aggression.

1- or 2-headed Cerberi were already terrifying life forms. Upon growing its 3rd head, no ordinary Heroic Soul Stage soldier would stand a chance against it. Furthermore, in the dimensional worlds, its combat strength would be immensely greater.

Everyone felt a gust of freezing wind blow past their necks. Initial 3rd rank dimensional life forms, like the Rock Hell small Evil Demons, were already extremely formidable on their own. Therefore, if they had to face a peak 4th rank Cerberus, they could only pray for a good outcome.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fortunately, the 2 Cerberi didn't seem to be walking in their direction. Immediately, Gong Yi signalled for everyone to stay silent and keep still.

Roar roar roar roar!

The heads of one of the Cerberus seemed to bump into the other Cerberus, causing them to start glaring at each other angrily. Roars began to be exchanged, and it seemed like a fight was about to break out. However, before they could actually start anything, a long fiery whip had already come whipping over from behind.

Pa! Pa!

Those were just 2 gentle whip strikes, yet these 2 powerful dimensional life forms actually started to whimper, as though they had instantly turned into little kittens!
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    《Battle Frenzy》