Battle Frenzy
673 The chicken, or the egg?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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673 The chicken, or the egg?

Everyone felt their hair stand on end, while their blood turned cold. Only at this moment did they notice the thick chains tied around the bodies of the Cerberi, attached on the other end to an ancient war chariot.

A whip-wielding humanoid life form was currently seated on the war chariot, whipping the Cerberi just like they were horses drawing a carriage.

The humanoid life form stood at 3 meters tall, which was comparatively smaller than the 2 Cerberi. Nevertheless, as its whip fell, the Cereberi shrieked out in pain, neither one daring to rebel.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Seated on the war chariot, the humanoid life form gave everyone a leisurely impression. However, upon taking a closer look, everyone was shocked to discover that its face was absent of any features!

It had no eyes, no nose, no ears, and no mouth! It had a spotless and unblemished face! Furthermore, a hazy, flowing, dark light enveloped its entire being, causing it to appear just like the demon gods of mythology! 

This was followed closely by the appearance of over 30 Rock Hell small Demons walking behind the war chariot. These small Evil Demons appeared larger in size than those that lived in the 1st layer, and had a faint nether glow radiating from the surface of their bodies. Clearly, they were much stronger than ordinary members of their race. However, at this moment, they were moving in 2 straight and orderly lines as they ran behind the war chariot, as though they were the servants to that faceless demon god. 

This is?


This name immediately appeared in everyone's one.

After all, this being's reputation precedes itself, though it wasn't because it had projected itself on Earth in the dark era. Instead, in some of the ancient books, there were drawings and visual depictions of this faceless demon god. It had once been worshipped as a god by some of the darkness attribute families, making it one of the most famous totems of darkness in history.

The life form, which only seemed to exist in myths and legends, had now been personally witnessed by them? This...

None of them dared to take a deep breath, while so much sweat poured out from their bodies that they appeared to have been standing in the rain! Despite being this far away, the pressure radiating from the faceless demon god, Margaret, was more than sufficient to shock everyone shitless. This terrifying life form was definitely higher than 5th rank! In fact, it might even be a high-intelligence life form!

In fact, of the many people who had an intimate knowledge of the dimensional worlds, most had a silent appreciation for the protection afforded to humankind by the natural laws. If these freaks could descend on Earth at will, mankind would really enter an era of darkness!

They really were fortunate that Sister Hong had detected this in time! If not, once they left the mountainous, rocky area and entered the plains, they would definitely have died before they realised that anything was amiss.

Thud thud thud thud thud thud...

Pulling the war chariot along, the 2 Cerberi quickly galloped away, traveling at a rapid speed before disappearing across the horizon.

Despite the disappearance of the threat, everyone still felt their hearts palpitate in fear, as the imposing might of the faceless demon good was truly too frightening! High ranking life forms would naturally generate terror in the hearts of lower-ranking life forms, to the point where they would immediately lose any will to fight. Although Wang Zhong felt that this life form might not be a match for the mythological 7th rank life forms he had encountered when he had been transported to the various dangerous areas within the Hyperdimension, the fear he felt towards this one was more visceral. Perhaps, the disparity between him and those 7th rank life forms was too great, and the level of terror and fear was outside his perception. Nevertheless, the danger posed by this freak was indeed true and genuine.

Only after the sounds had long faded away did Gong Yi start thinking about moving, though he was stopped by Sister Hong, who shook her head gently. Indeed, not long after that, a Cerberus emerged from the mist like a specter. Looking around, it continued to sniff about, doing so for quite a while before leaving.

At this moment, everyone had practically turned into statues. What the hell was this freak! Frankly speaking, with all of them suppressing their Soul Power output, it was basically impossible to detect them through the concealment provided by this vile environment! Furthermore, Sister Hong also excelled in hiding their presence. Yet, if they were discovered by those bunch of freaks, their death would be 100% guaranteed.

Having stayed here for quite some time, everyone continued to forcefully resist the corrosion from the darkness energies with their bodies. Only after confirming that those fellows weren't turning back, did everyone finally breathe a sigh of relief. Sister Hong cleaned off the sweat on her forehead, before looking towards Gong Yi after regaining some of her strength. "This... is the 2nd layer?"

Without talking about Sister Hong, everyone currently had the same thoughts going through their minds.

That was the faceless demon god of the legends, a legendary life form! That Margaret really was too terrifying! If such freaks existed in the 2nd layer, was there still a need to continue forwards? With their level of strength, everyone would just be seeking death.

Gong Yi had also felt his heart turn cold and clammy; this wasn't mentioned in the information he had obtained. Furthermore, the massive amounts of information about the cursed lands that he had previously gathered had no records of this. In fact, even the armed forces' archives had not mentioned anything about Margaret.

"It shouldn't be from the 2nd layer. Don't you see that it's traveling? Perhaps it is patrolling, or doing something else." Gong Yi finally gave what he felt was a suitable reply for the current situation. Recentering himself, he continued, "These 'cursed lands' are split into many different layers, with all the layers being interconnected. In the beginning, mankind had felt rather cocky after claiming this territory as their own, treating those dimensional life forms with contempt. However, when the Evil Demon Legion emerged from underground…"

Everyone's face turned slightly ugly upon hearing his words. Just the thought of that was already that tragic. So that was how this place had been given the name of cursed lands. Mankind would build a dimensional base station in any dimensional world that could be defended. However, only by activating the might of the entire Federation and gathering all of its experts would mankind be able to gain an upper hand in this place. However, would that be a worthwhile venture?

Therefore, tossing convicts like them here was probably the most efficient choice.

"I assumed that there would be fewer life forms present in the 2nd layer. However, if we encounter fellows like that again…"

Everyone felt their scalps grow numb. Although they approved of Gong Yi's explanation, they still felt fear coursing through their bodies when they thought back to the terrifying pressure they had felt earlier. 

"Since we're here, we should take it easy. Realistically speaking, we already have no paths of retreat. Therefore, we can only gamble and test our luck for whatever we face ahead." Wang Zhong concluded.

"Little brother has a point. Danger will always exist. This is originally a path with an extremely high chance of failure." Gong Yi finally managed to stabilise himself. After a pause, he continued speaking. "In a dozen kilometers or so, there will be a lava river. In that area, there's a secret passage that leads directly to the next level. In smaller and narrower paths, we probably won't run into them."

Everyone nodded, not daring to continue wasting time in this place as they increased their pace in accordance with Gong Yi. Seeing the deeply worried expressions present on everyone's face, Gong Yi took the initiative to talk about Margaret. In fact, Gong Yi was the kind of person that loved to showcase his talents, possessing an encyclopedic knowledge that far surpassed ordinary people.

Feeling extremely excited, Wang Zhong asked: "I've heard that the faceless Margaret was regarded as a totem by a few ancient dark families on Earth. In fact, there were even some stories about it appearing on Earth. Why is it treated as a mere life form in this place?"

Gong Yi nodded his head and replied: "That's because mankind hasn't fully comprehend the Hyperdimension. However, there's one thing that has been proven; this place is a projection world. The pyramids, palace, and the mausoleum of the Qin Emperor have all been projected here. However, most of them would cause people to develop an extremely powerful mental obsession. So, did mankind's mental obsessions create projections in the Hyperdimension? Or did some powerful life forms within the Hyperdimension, who were unable to descend on Earth due to the natural laws, use their mental powers to affect the dreams of high-intelligence life forms, slowly and secretly influencing their thoughts? As of now, this question is still unanswered."

Wang Zhong nodded his head in agreement. This was basically the question of whether the egg or the chicken came first. Mankind had conducted too little research about the Hyperdimension, and was still far from uncovering the veil of mysteries that surrounded it.
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    《Battle Frenzy》