Battle Frenzy
674 The hunter“s world
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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674 The hunter“s world

"However, I've recently heard of a new explanation and thought process that can analyse this from a different perspective," said Gong Yi with a smile. "The concept that projections are eternal, or that Spiritual Souls are eternal."

"The Hyperdimension is the Spiritual Soul world. As long as they are sufficiently strong, any life form born within the universe will get projected here, with this projection being eternal. All of the life forms here seem to live for eternity, and have endless lifespans. For example, the heavens or hells depicted in mankind's ancient legends: although the fleshly body can rot, the Spiritual Soul can live forever. This perspective was put forward by some Heavenly Soul Stage expert, who seemed to have comprehended some Dao of evolution. Bluntly speaking, a person can let their Spiritual Soul leave their body to stay in a more powerful and unique dimensional plane, in the pursuit of eternal life. To maintain the energy needed for eternal life like this, it would require nourishment from the consciousness of life forms staying in lower-dimensional planes. To these life forms, this act is known as worship."

Everyone immediately sunk into deep thoughts after hearing Gong Yi's words. Being Heroic Soul Stage experts, all of them were filled with hope towards casting their Heavenly Souls, as this was the predetermined path for most humans. Although they would label each other as "weaklings" or "inferior", everyone's performance within the cursed lands was clear for each other to see. Even Wang Zhong and little Xin, the weakest 2 among them, did not get left behind.

With a smile, Gong Yi continued to speak. "This is just my personal opinion. There are times when there's no need to get a complete understanding of the truth. Having an understanding of the methods is already rather good for weaker beings. Nevertheless, it will definitely be an exhilarating matter when we manage to cast our Heavenly Souls in the future."

Gong Yi exuded an aura of a considerably learned man. Perhaps, he might not be on the level as subject matter experts, but he had a vast knowledge of various kinds of obscure information and mankind's history. Although no one dared to fully believe him, he definitely had a unique train of thought, and had a rather original analysis.

For concepts on this level, everyone had to rely on their own understanding and experience to decipher the truth. Gong Yi's display of knowledge didn't have much effect on the group's mental state. If not, this would have led to a greater consumption of their energy. In fact, Gong Yi himself was using this method to slowly diffuse the pressure that the group was feeling. By now, he had to believe that the map he obtained was correct, and that the information he had obtained was legitimate. Being a professional gambler, the thrill of the unknown was what he truly sought.

During their quiet conversation, the entire group continued to travel forward with all their strength. They all wanted to reach the narrow passageway that Gong Yi had mentioned; travelling through this seemingly endless stretch of hell had made them highly-strung.

As they traveled along, Wnag Zhong continued to survey his surroundings with his Heart's Eye. However, it wasn't very helpful. Despite excelling at observation, the strength of the Heart's Eye lay in combat, and was most optimal against an opponent when in close-quarters combat, not for long-ranged surveillance. Within this environment, he was not able to extend it further than 20 meters, lowering its usefulness greatly. In fact, when had warned everyone about the incoming Margaret, Wang Zhong did not sense anything from his Heart's Eye.

Unexpectedly, they did not bump into any other dimensional life form as they hurried on their way. Frankly speaking, this was going all too smoothly. Nevertheless, the smoother their journey was, the more unease everyone felt in their hearts. Hopefully, everything had been frightened away by Margaret?

As they continued their conversation, everyone learned about some classified information that the Federation had. After the dark era, mankind had gone crazy with greed over the dimensional worlds, with the cursed lands being one of them. In the beginning, despite knowing how powerful those dimensional life forms were, mankind had assumed that the life forms were "dumb". They either had clear restrictions, didn't demonstrate much intelligence, or had simple desires; all in all, they didn't pose any threat to human society. This continued until mankind finally encountered species that were powerful, had high levels of intelligence, and also had great ambitions. To them, humans were the weaklings, as they had evolved to become much stronger than humans. At this moment, the natural laws of the lower dimensional worlds were the only factors limiting their descent to Earth.

After traveling for a painfully long time, a gigantic faultline finally appeared before their sight. Just like the edge of a cliff, the land was split into 2 by a massive crack. Strangely, this jagged mountain range appeared rather orderly, exuding an ancient pressure that radiated out from its depths.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Standing beside the crack, they felt as though an ancient painting had appeared within their mind, one where a majestic giant had undergone a huge battle with ferocious beasts, before unleashing a casual hand chop.

The earth, and even the entire planet, shook under the terrifying might, as boundless blade intent cleaved the ground into 2, forming this massive 30-40 metre wide faultline that extended to the horizon! Even though things would change with the passage of time, the remnant might of the blade intent that was unleashed thousands of years ago could still be felt clearly, which was truly frightening! 

Everyone could not help but feel terror and respect from the depths of their hearts. It was difficult to imagine just how strong the life forms that had once fought in this very place actually were.

There was no paths present on their side of the faultline. According to the special markings that were mentioned by Gong Yi, everyone quickly found a massive hole beneath the faultline, with many black vines growing out of this hole. It was truly rare to see plants that could survive in this environment.

Without a doubt, this matched the descriptions; this was the small path that the convict had told Gong Yi about.

Nevertheless, the walls of the fault were extremely slippery, and had extremely few footholds. Therefore, everyone had to pull out their weapons to forcibly create footholds as they slowly climbed down to the hole beneath them.

This wasn't a simple task. Under the high gravity present here, the ground and the plants were exceptionally tough and resilient. Furthermore, the rocks here were multiple times harder than the rocks on Earth, and were as tough as steel, requiring a lot of strength for them to insert their weapons into them. This was coupled by the endless stretch of bubbling lava at the bottom of the fault, causing the surrounding temperatures to reach frightening levels. As they descended, the surrounding fault wall grew boiling hot, melting everyone's shoes off. It was only through their Soul Power defenses did everyone barely manage to avoid having "roasted pig trotters".

Finally, after much difficulty, everyone was about to reach the hole. However, at this moment, all of the hairs on Sister Hong's body stood up.

In the next instant, a fiery red flying beast that was similar to the legendary ancestor of birds recorded in Earth's history books, or a flying dinosaur, appeared in their view. It possessed a massive dinosaur-like head, while jet black hellish flames danced within its eyes. Flapping its massive wings, it flew over quickly, before shooting a look at everyone who was currently climbing down the fault wall.

In the next instant, this flying dinosaur became extremely excited, squawking out delighted shrieks as it dived towards them with a high speed.

This bird's speed was truly too quick! It had easily broken the sound barrier in its dive. Before any sound reached them, it had already shot over like a ray of light. Furthermore, its Soul Power output was even more astonishing, with its imposing pressure showing that it was a 4th rank dimensional life form at the very least. 

If everyone was on level ground, the group might still be able to put up a fight. However, with them hanging on the fault wall, both hands grabbing onto their weapons embedded into the wall, they were utterly incapable of putting up any resistance.

Everyone's face instantly changed. However, before everyone could react or think of any countermeasures...
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    《Battle Frenzy》