Battle Frenzy
676 Eat them all!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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676 Eat them all!

Upon seeing life forms brimming with vitality walking out from its lair, the 2 large Cerberi instantly gawked, before quickly reacting.


The 2-headed Cerberus lying on the ground immediately gave a loud roar. The terrifying hellish flames in its eyes danced crazily, instantly expanding in size, causing them to appear just like jet-black burning lanterns that radiated with a dark glow. Furiously standing up, its hind legs gave a stamp, propelling its body ferociously towards Gong Yi and the others.

Everyone started to curse silently.

The speed of this 2-headed Cerberus was extremely quick, travelling at more than double the speed of the small Evil Demons they had encountered in the 1st layer. Therefore, wanting to throw them off was practically impossible, leaving the group with no option but to enter a head-on confrontation.

"Take action and kill them!"

Without needing Gong Yi's commands, Reynolds had already taken action!

Fights that were destined could not be avoided. Throughout this journey, everyone had managed to evade many potential fights with the help of Sister Hong. Nevertheless, all of them knew that if they were to flee right now, they would be decimated by those freaks. Furthermore, where the hell could they flee to in this place?!

Therefore, Reynolds had already taken action even before Gong Yi had said anything. The runic blade in his hand blossomed with a scorching white-hot radiance, appearing to greatly expand in his hand, turning long and large as he cleaved downwards before him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The eruption of a Heroic Soul Stage soldier was extremely frightening. Furthermore, with his incomparably rich combat experience, Reynolds did not display any gaudiness or glamour in his attack. In an instant, he had already fully unleashed his blade intent. Being unable to assimilate with the terrifying blade slash, the darkness essence in the air was cleaved into 2, creating what seemed like a spatial tear, Blade glint perfused out, displaying its endless might!

Faced against such a ferocious attack, the 2-headed Cerberus had unexpectedly not shown any intention of evading, as it smashed its head straight towards the descending chop! Hellish flames exploded forth from its eyes, expanding to half a meter in height, while black gases started to seep out from its body, enveloping its entire being with a black defensive layer. 


The blade arc cleaved down onto the 2-headed Cerberus, causing a terrifying white halo of light to expand out alongside a frightening energy shockwave. All of the sounds coming from the collision were instantly distorted, before a figure was sent flying in retreat as the massive halo of light rippled out.

Reynolds felt his arms turn numb, as the strike on the Cerberus head made him felt as though he was attempting to chop a meteorite. The Cerberus' head had a thick external layer, coupled with the black defensive layer, making it extremely tough and resilient. Despite taking Reynolds's terrifying chop head-on (punny, heh), there was only a slight scratch on its surface before Reynolds was sent flying from the rebounding force.

Nevertheless, the massive chopping force had caused the Cerberus's left head to shake slightly. To reduce the impact, its body started to tilt to the left. However, the right head started to roar out malevolently, wanting to exact revenge on the thing that attacked it!

Pa pa!

By this time, a silvery whip shade had welcomed it, immediately twining around its neck. With a fierce tug, the long whip wrapped around the latter's neck twice, before its barbs hooked on, instantly anchoring it on the Cerberus's skin.

"Come down here!" Sister Hong gave a loud roar as Soul Power surged from her entire body, causing her to sparkle with silvery light.


Feeling pain from the silver whip's barbs biting into its neck, the 2-headed Cerberus roared out in fury, displaying its endless power as it gave a fierce tug of its head.


An explosive sound rang out, as the silver whip was unable to endure the freakishly powerful forces coming from Sister Hong and the 2-headed Cerberus, resulting in its Soul Power-condensed extension to be forcefully snapped apart. The rebounding force from the snap sent Sister Hong off her feet, as if a fist had smashed into her chest, causing her face to turn red and blood to fill her mouth.

Despite facing against 2 simple attacks, a 4th rank dimensional life form was utterly heaven-defying in its strength and defence!

Having snapped the silver whip, the Cerberus immediately lunged towards Reynolds, as his chop had caused it to feel more threatened than Sister Hong's whip. However, before it could increase its speed to deal with Reynolds, Gong Yi's exceedingly quick figure had already appeared high in the air above the Cerberus's body.

The twin daggers in his hands sparkled with an unstoppable silvery glow as the Soul Power condensed at their tips started to intertwine and weave about. In the next second, they started to form what seemed like a spiraling drill that jabbed down fiercely towards one of the Cerberus's massive eyes.

The power from the twin daggers was more than sufficient for the Cerberus to feel danger, as well as the extremely powerful destructive force present within. Not daring to defend against this attack with its eyes, the Cerberus hastily pulled its head to the left.

However, as pulled its head to the side, a silvery whip had already come wrapping around from the left, while a resplendent blade glint had blossomed right before it.

The hunting of small Evil Demons in the 1st layer during the past few weeks had allowed everyone to reap great benefits, also creating a certain level of coordination between them. As long as one of them took action, the others would naturally know how to mutually complement and supplement one another's movements, attacks and positioning. At this moment, the trio had formed an encirclement, unleashing attacks from 3 different directions that restricted the movements of the 2-headed Cerberus, leaving the latter stunned with attacks smashing down onto it.

Sister Hong's silver whip had wrapped around its hind leg before pulling it up, causing the Cerberus to lose balance, and unable to exert any force. Gong Yi's spiralling daggers was now the attack nearest to it, aiming right at the Cerberus's eyes, attracting the greatest portion of its attention.

Yet, this wasn't the true killing move. At this instant, Reynolds had already recondensed his blade intent, forming a radiant blade arc that he chopped down fiercely on one of the Cerberus's head. Upon landing, it smashed down so hard that the head turned dizzy, its legs turning soft.

Despite 3 great Heroic Soul Stage experts taking action together, it was difficult to deal with a 4th rank Dimensional life form.

However, there wasn't just a single Cerberus here.

"Roar!" With an intense blast of wind, the female 1-headed Cerberus roared in fury as it entered the fight, lunging over towards the silver whip-wielding Sister Hong. 

Sister Hong attempted to pull her whip back and lowered her head to evade the incoming Cerberus. However, the whip was immediately tugged repeatedly by the left leg that it was wrapped around, which resulted in it snapping free. At the same time, the female Cerberus had already lunged over. Despite avoiding sharp teeth, Sister Hong was now met with a gigantic tree-sized paw sweeping over, instantly smacking her away. Flying through the air, she smashed against the side of the cave, caused a large depression to form!

"Careful!" A few people shouted out, while Gong Yi and Reynolds attempted to immediately head over to help. However, they were immediately obstructed by the 2-headed Cerberus who had shaken itself free of the whip. This 4th rank dimensional life form really moved too quickly! Without Sister Hong's obstruction, their 3-man encirclement had immediately collapsed. Furthermore, they were now being suppressed by the Cerberi's counteroffensive.

Furthermore, the eyes of the litter of adolescent Cerberi lit up like torches as they rushed towards Wang Zhong and little Xin. Taking this advantage, the little Evil Demons that they were playing around with earlier had scattered like birds, disappearing instantly without a trace.

All dimensional life forms possess innate senses that allowed them to estimate the dimensional energies coming from any life form. Clearly, those adolescents could tell that Wang Zhong and little Xin were the weakest of the bunch. In fact, the Soul Power responses from the 2 were even weaker than the small Evil Demons they were playing around with. Furthermore, the blood and flesh of these humans were brimming with abundant life force, which was exceedingly enticing to those Evil Demon life forms.

Eat them, eat them! Eat them all!

The adolescent Cerberi started to launch their offensive. Although they were young, each one of them was close to 2 meters height, about as tall as a human. Their sharp teeth dripped with saliva, while a dense, foul smell gushed out from their jaws. Although their hellish fire eyes had yet to take shape, they still radiated with a heart-palpitating netherglow. Furthermore, they also moved at an extremely quick speed. Perhaps, due to their smaller size and greater agility, their speeds weren't inferior to the 2 mature Cerberi, appearing right before Wang Zhong and little Xin in a split second.
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    《Battle Frenzy》