Battle Frenzy
677 They“re all Oscar-worthy actors
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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677 They“re all Oscar-worthy actors

Their sharp claws appearing just like sharp steel blades, the 4 to 5 adolescent Cerberi proceeded to move in cooperation, lunging over to Wang Zhong and little Xin from various angles just like what they would do when hunting prey.

Little Xin's small face turned pale in fright as she turned to run, moving at a rather quick speed. On the contrary, Wang Zhong immediately lifted his runic shield. 


The massive impact caused the azure glowing runic patterns of his runic shield to tremble, sending Wang Zhong several large steps backwards, his hands turning slightly numb as a result.

This impact was almost at the level of the top-notch heavy soldiers in the CHF! Yet, this was merely one adolescent Cerberus.


Wang Zhong stamped his left foot fiercely into the ground, forcefully stabilising his body. As this happened, the second Cerberus had already rushed over.


The runic shield sparkled with an intense brilliance that was even brighter than before.

At this moment, Wang Zhong's whole body was surging with Soul Power. However, he did not compress his Soul Power to transform it into silver-coloured Heroic Soul Soul Power. Therefore, in this instant, he could only unleash the 200 grasso limit his Casted Soul could display.

The potential of his Great 5 Elements Constitution was displayed to its full effect. Despite only unleashing 200 grassos of Soul Power, the resonance it formed with the movements of his fleshly body allowed him to unleash extraordinary power, which increased his body's toughness to a level that wasn't inferior to that of Dimensional life forms. 

His upper body had been bent backward by the impact. However, relying on the leg supporting his weight, he stopped himself from bending back further, forcibly resisting the incoming force of the impact.

Wang Zhong's eyes erupted with brilliance as Soul Power surged out from him.

3rd drive!

In an instant, he unleashed a killing move. Turning the rebounding force into a counterattack, he smashed his runic shield into the head of the adolescent Cerberus!

After all, being just a 3rd rank Dimensional life form, 200 Grassos was the maximum power the adolescent Cerberus could unleash. Although it wasn't much inferior to Wang Zhong's Great 5 Elements Constitution, they were miles apart in terms of combat techniques and fighting experience.


The runic shield was shoved forwards fiercely, and the head of the incoming Cerberus simply exploded into bits and pieces.

Wu wu!

Seeing this, the other adolescent Cerberi seemed to be scared shitless, as they immediately whimpered in response.

"Roar, roar, roar, roar!"

However, on the other side, the adult 1-headed female Cerberus had gone crazy with anger.

Despite being a cruel and vicious Evil Demon life form, they would still develop maternal instincts. At this moment, its child had been decimated by an incomparably weak prey! It was furious and filled with endless anger!

Immediately giving up on pursuing Sister Hong, who was just a few feet away, it turned around and rushed towards Wang Zhong. The dark hellish flames from its eyes spurted outwards over a meter long, unleashing an astonishing pressure through its furious gaze.

Filled with rage, the female Cerberus shot forwards at a truly astonishing speed. Just as Wang Zhong unleashed his attack, the former had already arrived before him!

Lunging its head forwards, it bared its sharp teeth, wanting to rip Wang Zhong into shreds! With a sway of his lower body, Wang Zhong's figure disappeared like a shadow as he forcibly turned his body in evasion.

However, the beast was really too quick! Furthermore, its acceleration was too terrifying! There was utterly no time for Wang Zhong to condense any Heroic Soul Soul Power. However, it was too hard to rely merely on his Casted Soul Stage strength to match up against the female Cerberus. Although he had managed to move and started to sway his body, the sharp fangs still pierced his waist, causing blood to spurt out. The attack shoved his centre of gravity to the side, causing Wang Zhong to spin like a top.


Having exceedingly abundant combat experience, its gigantic claws had already swept downwards fiercely as its initial attack connected with Wang Zhong.

He was once praised by countless people during the CHF for standing on equal ground with Mo Wen, who was powerful enough to match up with the best of the best in the Heroic Soul Stage. However, there were 2 mistakes in this assumption.

Firstly, the "best of the best" was mostly indicating the apex of those in the first phase of the Heroic Soul Stage, who had between 200 and 1000 Grassos of Soul Power. Although they could call themselves "peak Heroic Souls", they were merely at the peak of the initial phase. The second thing was the origin and eruption of power. If Wang Zhong and Mo Wen were given sufficient time to compress and transform their Soul Power, they would indeed be invincible among the Initial Phase Heroic Souls. However, the problem was, who would give their opponent so much time to prepare during genuine combat?

Too quick! The Cerberus had hurtled over too quickly!

In fact, Wang Zhong was utterly incapable of reading the moves of the 1-headed female Cerberus with his eyes. The only thing he could rely on was his Heart's Eye!

Before he could restore his balance, he had already sensed the Cerberus' second attack heading his way. Wang Zhong stopped caring about his balance as he instantly channeled all of his Soul Power into his runic shield. At the same time, he activated his Great 5 Elements Constitution, turning his body as rigid as steel!

Just as he made his preparations, the giant claws landed.


An imposing might akin the toppling of Mount Tai instantly caused the earth to shake, while a human-sized crater was formed in the tough ground of the cursed lands.

With the weakened pressure, Sister Hong was able to wipe the bloodstains off her face. At this moment, another scar had been added to her face. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and there was a reason why this saying existed.

A cruel sneer appeared at the corner of Sister Hong's mouth as she hollered, "You damn smelly bug! You dare hurt this old lady's face! Don't you know that this old lady relies on this face to earn her keep!"

At this moment, Sister Hong appeared to have turned into an entirely different person, as a peculiar aura gushed out ferociously from her body. In an instant, she had unleashed all of her Soul Power, which reached the peak of the Initial Phase Heroic Soul Stage, a terrifying 1000 Grasso output!


A phantom started to appear behind her back, while a terrifying aura surged out. In the next second, an incomparably gigantic blood-red cobra took form.

This was?

Dharma Idol?!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Everyone was shocked by what they saw. Frankly speaking, despite knowing that she was holding back in the earlier battles they had experienced, Gong Yi sighed in admiration. Her near-perfect concealment of strength had managed to fool him, even with his unique and acute senses, as well as his prior investigations. Of course, they didn't believe her claims of being a weakling Heroic Soul Stage soldier that had consumed medicines and drugs to cast her Heroic Soul, nor did they believe that she had merely trained a few days with her personal bodyguards.

However, they didn't expect that Sister Hong was actually a Heroic Soul Stage soldier with a Dharma idol!

This was a completely different concept. According to Lieutenant Will, at most 2 to 3 people among 100 Heroic Soul Stage soldiers would be able to condense their Dharma Idol. The rate was this low even after grouping the Initial, Middle and Top tier Heroic Soul Stage soldiers together; one could imagine the difficulty involved.

Sister Hong's Dharma idol was definitely much more refined in comparison to that of a newbie like Wang Zhong. With a twist and tap of her fingers, Soul Power circulated, before exploding out from her Dharma Idol's mouth.

The blood-red cobra phantom had already opened its maw. Upon appearing, its sharp fangs that dripped with concentrated poison gleamed in a chilling light, before shooting at lightning speed towards the female Cerberus was biting Wang Zhong.

"Blood Red Fangs!"

A sense of danger instantly surged out from the very being of the Cerberus, shaking its heart and causing its whole body to tremble. It immediately wanted to hide and evade. However, at this instant, 2 golden lights blossomed from the shattered shield that it had slapped into the ground!

The spiraling cross wheels drew a massive arc in the air before flying with incomparable accuracy towards the Cerberus's eyes.

Roar roar roar!

Having focused all of its attention behind its head, the Cerberus had left its front completely unguarded, resulting in the golden spinning cross wheels striking its eyes head-on. The fiercely dancing hellish flames within its eyes contracted furiously as it closed its eyes in pain, shrieking out as its evasive manoeuvres came to a temporary halt.

It was only for a brief instant. Yet, that was already more than sufficient.


The blood-red fang phantoms bit down fiercely into the Cerberus's neck, injecting a potent venom. Radiating with a reddish glow, the glowing-red poison visibly expanded across its neck. Within the short span of 2 to 3 seconds, it had already travelled to its 4 limbs!
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    《Battle Frenzy》