Battle Frenzy
678 Heart“s Blade
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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678 Heart“s Blade

The berserk power that had been surging out from the Cerberus's entire body seemed to have spontaneously vanished into thin air. As whimpering sounds rang out from its throat, the glow of its eyes rapidly turned dim, while it started to sway. With a furious shove, Wang Zhong pushed his shield upwards, sending its gigantic body into the air. Flying towards the left side of the cave, it smashed against the wall with a massive bang!

Sliding down the cave wall, its gigantic body collapsed onto the ground, starting to twist and distort. Clearly, Sister Hong's Dharma Idol was a poison type. Once formed, a Dharma Idol usually expressed the most outstanding trait the user possessed and shape it into a high-level Soul Domination Combat Technique. Bluntly speaking, a Dharma Idol would be the final ace up their sleeves.

Even Wang Zhong was secretly astonished by Sister Hong's Dharma Idol. Although this 1-headed female Cerberus wasn't particularly strong, its strength was still at the boundary between the 3rd and 4th rank, and it possessed an extremely strong vitality. Furthermore, it possessed what seemed like endless amounts of darkness energies within his body. Yet, it wasn't able to resist for more than a few seconds after getting bitten by Sister Hong's Dharma Idol. 

After unleashing her move, Sister Hong's chest heaved fiercely alongside her gasps for air. Obviously, it wasn't easy for her to unleash such a move. Using Wang Zhong's long fight against Mo Wen as a benchmark would be a mistake for estimating how difficult it was to project the Dharma Idol and unleash a Soul Domination attack. After all, those 2 had yet to use the full power of their Dharma Idols. Genuinely powerful Heroic Soul experts who knew how to properly control their Dharma Idols were able to use it to do almost anything. Furthermore, they would be able to instantly activate it, and unleash inconceivable combat strength that was far more than just a simple multiplication of their strength. However, at the same time, doing so would be exceedingly taxing on their Soul Seas. The greater the power they unleashed, the greater the cost.

Landing onto the ground, Sister Hong staggered a few dozen steps before managing to arrest her forward momentum and forcefully stand up straight, gasping heavily for air the entire time.

On the other side, the 2-headed Cerberus was already at the brink of madness.


Terrifying roars rang out from its 2 heads, while the hellish flames within its eyes, the source of its darkness energies, erupted outwards, turning into 1-meter long flames. In an instant, its power output doubled as it forcefully smashed Reynolds away! Completely ignoring the Gong Yi's attacks, it rumbled straight towards Sister Hong.

This Cerberus was a genuine 4th rank Dimensional life form! The frightening power it unleashed had formed a suppressive pressure on everyone, causing everyone to immediately felt as though night had fallen, forming a world without any sun, moon or stars. Being enveloped by such terrifying pressure, Sister Hong, who had just unleashed an extremely exhausting Soul Domination Combat Technique, was completely incapable of enduring this 2-headed Cerberus's attack.

"Not so fast!"

An explosive roar shook through the lightless, pressure-filled world, before a white ray of light suddenly condensed and took form before the 2-headed Cerberus.

It was a gigantic blade 7-8 meters long and 2-3 meters wide!

In the instant it condensed and appeared in the air, the body of the blade blossomed with a blinding radiance, with numerous runic patterns laying criss-crossed across its surface; it lit up the entire dark, pressure-filled world like a sun!

"Yet another Dharma Idol?" Simba cried out in exasperation within Wang Zhong's Soul Sea. "This bunch of fellows are really too fake! They only take action during critical moments! They really made me worry!"

No, that didn't seem like it.

The majority of Dharma Idols would conform to the essence of what Dharma Idols were. Being the "lowest-tier" of all Dharma Idols, a weapon-type, it shouldn't possess such eye-dazzling radiance and might upon its appearance.

Instead, this Dharma Idol gave Wang Zhong a slightly similar feel to the "Heart Sword" Carolyn had displayed, which was that of a life weapon, a Soul Weapon. This kind of weapon needed to be nurtured by one's own Spiritual Soul, resulting in it possessing unfathomable power. It was extremely likely that Reynolds was talented in the aspect of the Spiritual Soul, one of the most mysterious and most powerful talents. Even though he might not be on the same level as Carolyn, he definitely couldn't be underestimated. Furthermore, his Heroic Soul was way stronger than Carolyn, who was still in the Casted Soul Stage. 

At this instant, the dazzling white blade radiated with a majestic might. The darkness that had enveloped the entire area immediately dissipated, while the furious 2-headed Cerberus was forcibly shaken up by the blossoming might.


The blade arc cleaved down fiercely from the air. Despite wanting to evade, a hazy feeling surfaced with the 2-headed Cerberus, as though the blade had locked-on to it, making it impossible to evade!

An instant after being shocked, its vicious character erupted with a roar. Black flames blossomed from its sharp claws as it met the blade arc head on.


The 2 attacks smashed against each other.

The entire space seemed to have instantly solidified, before an alternating black and white air wave expanded furiously in all directions, followed closely by a massive shockwave!

The terrifying "Heart's Blade" cleaved right between the Cerberus's 2 heads like a knife through butter.

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Its entire body was chopped into half!

Standing behind the 2 halves was Reynolds, with his short hair standing on its roots. His clothing and sleeves flapped about from the winds generated by his surging aura and massive Soul Power, causing him to float in the air.

On the side, the few remaining adolescent Cerberi reacted quickly, as the spectacle of the 2-headed Cerberi being chopped into half had scared the living daylights out of them. Terrified whimpers rang out of their mouths as they fled quickly into the distance.

The group didn't attempt to pursue, while Reynolds landed on the ground. Just like Sister Hong, unleashing such a powerful move had consumed an intense amount of energy. Being in a slightly better condition than Sister Hong, he was barely able to control his breathing.

From start to finish, the combat lasted no longer than 2 minutes. Nevertheless, everyone felt completely exhausted after the end of this incident. 2 mature Cerberi, as well as 4-5 adolescent 3rd rank Cerberi which were stronger than those small Evil Demon. Being able to forcefully compete against this line-up, as well as finishing this fight in a swift and decisive manner, had completely exceeded Gong Yi's estimations.

Little Xin rushed over with her beet-red face. Everyone had fought, yet she had fled. Fortunately, no one blamed her; involving her in the fight really wasn't much better than having her hide in a corner. Gong Yi made everyone rest as much as possible to recuperate as much as energy as they could, while looking over to the corpses of the 2 mature Cerberi.

Despite possessing thick and muscular limbs, there still wasn't any fresh blood flowing out from the 2 halves, filling everyone with regret. Nevertheless, their flesh appeared red and soft, with quite a few slivers of blood coursing through them. Clearly, they had much more blood essence than the dried up small Evil Demons. From an economic aspect, it would be a crime to waste it. Therefore, immediately taking action, Gong Yi cut up its chest, collecting its heart to harvest its blood essence. The quantity of blood essence present was worlds apart from the small Evil Demon. Although its blood was jet black, it possessed a quality that caused Gong Yi's ears to shiver and his expression to change.

The sounds of combat as well as the smell of blood coming from the Cerberus's corpse seemed to have attracted some uninvited guests in the vicinity, with terrifying beastial roars ringing out from the east not far from them. The roars didn't seemed to be from Cerberi, yet everyone could tell that it definitely came from rather frightening life forms.

Everyone's expression changed slightly. Although Reynolds and Sister Hong had yet to completely recover, they could no longer wait and hang out here any longer. Rapidly using his dagger to dig out the 2-headed Cerberus's heart, which was still full of blood, he gave it a forceful squeeze, filling up half a small bottle. Not daring to stay here any longer, Wang Zhong supported Sister Hong, and Gong Yi supported Reynolds, as they rapidly fled the area.
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    《Battle Frenzy》