Battle Frenzy
680 Insane gambler
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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680 Insane gambler

During the earlier fight, the insta-kill attacks that Wang Zhong had used against those adolescent Cerberi were exceedingly beautiful. Furthermore, not only did he receive the female Cerberus's all-out attack and come out unscathed, he was still able to unleash a counter-attack. This was the main reason why Sister Hong's Dharma Idol Soul Domination attack had managed to connect. This level of combat performance was too ridiculous for a Casted Soul Stage!

"You guys should stop talking about me. The real shocker should be about the Casted Soul Stage that could unleash this level of combat strength. I'm really curious. Which family is brave enough to dare send you to this place?" All of a sudden, she patted her head, before commenting as though she had suddenly come to a realisation. "I've heard about a Casted Soul Stage member of the Mo Family who's extremely famous within the Federation's Mechanized Battalion. He could defeat Heroic Soul Stage soldiers with his Casted Soul Stage combat strength, and had become an instructor for Heroic Soul soldiers. Furthermore, the Mo Family's training of their later generations is always perverted and life-threatening. Could you be that inhuman one from the Mo Family?"

However, before Wang Zhong could reply, Gong Yi had already taken the lead while shooting an ambiguous smile towards him. "Indeed, Mo Wen is a terrifying genius among the Federation's younger generation, and is the Mo Family's Heaven's Protector; his future prospects are indeed boundless. However, he isn't Mo Wen, but... the person who defeated Mo Wen."

Defeated Mo Wen???

Astonishment appeared on both Reynold's and Sister Hong's faces. Unlike other people from aristocratic families, Mo Wen did not have an exaggerated reputation. Nevertheless, despite not having as much fame as Gui Hao, he was rather famous among the Heroic Soul Stage soldiers. Although his current combat strength was still insufficient, he would definitely become a terrifying powerhouse in the future.

Yet, Wang Zhong had actually been able to defeat Mo Wen….

Hearing that, Wang Zhong smiled towards Gong Yi, who shrugged his shoulders before continuing, "You're too famous. Although I didn't pay attention to your name in the beginning, I came to a realisation after some time. A Casted Soul Stage by the name of Wang Zhong. If you aren't a fake, it definitely has to be you."

Wang Zhong immediately understood what Gong Yi meant. That fellow had already recognized him right at the beginning, though he did not mention it at all. Thinking about it, despite being captured, Gong Yi was once one of the higher-ups within the Gui Family, so it was impossible for Wang Zhong to have escaped his information network. In fact, he might have even watched some of Wang Zhong's fights during the CHF.

Compared to Gong Yi, Sister Hong's eyes were wide open. A surprised expression appeared on Reynolds's face as he looked over. As for Little Xin, her eyes had already lit up like torches, along with an expression of worship on her face. "Really? Brother Wang Zhong, you've defeated Mo Wen, the strongest successor of the Mo Family? Oh my god…"

However, Little Xin's worshipping and hopeful gaze quickly turned dim and tear-filled.

Everyone else was so strong, and she felt that she was the most useless among them. Not only had she been a dead weight, in the battle earlier, her immediate reaction had been to flee.

Gong Yi laughed, before saying, "You did pretty good just now. Not creating any inconvenience during a situation like that is already a worthy contribution."

Although she was in the Heroic Soul stage, she was, after all, a 13 to 14-year-old little girl. Among the people present, only Little Xin had casted her Heroic Soul with the help of medicines and drugs. Although her little bit of combat strength was still passable against small Evil Demons, she was extremely clear about how useless she was against stronger Dimensional life forms.

A rare look of kindness appeared on Gong Yi's face. Regardless of the situation, having a bunch of formidable fellows by his side was definitely something to be happy about. Both Sister Hong and Reynolds had left him slightly astonished with their displays of strength. In fact, Wang Zhong had also given him a big surprise. Despite already having recognised this little Casted Soul Stage soldier a few days ago, knowing that he had defeated Mo Wen in an epic showdown and had been crowned as the number one youth Casted Soul Stage expert in the Federation, Gong Yi didn't truly believe that Wang Zhong would actually be able to go toe-to-toe with a 4th rank Dimensional life form! Furthermore, he and Sister Hong had managed to work together to kill a mature Cerberus.

Actually, the Casted Soul Stage was considered to be equivalent to a junior apprenticeship in terms of cultivation progress. In fact, those in this stage were practically infants learning how to walk. Regardless of their individual strength in this stage, there would always be other limitations and restrictions. Furthermore, it was impossible for those Casted Soul Stages to genuinely experience live combat under harsh conditions. Even those aristocratic family princes, princesses, and successors who claimed to have undergone countless training and experiences were of no exception! Their "life and death training" was merely a more intense form of training, but supervised by their elders to ensure that there was no true danger.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Although these "experts" might be able to put up extremely spectacular performances in competitions, they would instantly turn into weaklings or cowards if they were thrown into the frontlines of the Hyperdimensions, to face against those frightening Dimensional life forms without the protection of their elders. 

Therefore, Gong Yi wouldn't simply establish connections with everyone he recognised. On the contrary, he had already seen many different kinds of experts, but didn't make a move. This was how he had developed his foundation as a gambler. In fact, he was even able to judge the strength of those in the Heavenly Soul Stage. Nevertheless, he had truly underestimated Wang Zhong. From the looks of it, Wang Zhong might not even have used his full strength in the earlier fight!

"Ha ha! Everyone here has been brought together by fate." The earlier battle had helped reform and deepen the level of friendship between them. Resting lazily against the cave wall, Sister Hong continued, "With so many famous people here, it suddenly doesn't seem to bad to be tossed into this place."

"Enough with that!" added Gong Yi with a hearty chuckle as he shook his hands. "Don't say such unlucky words! I still want to live on, and enjoy a new and vibrant life over at the empire."

"The only one I'm curious about is you." said Sister Hong with a grin as she looked towards Gong Yi. "You make yourself appear like an extremely bright man, with all of your actions being meticulously planned. Furthermore, with your status in the Gui Family, how did you end up here? All for just embezzling some of their public funds?"

"Do you want to hear the truth, or the cover story?" Gong Yi chuckled as he gave his reply.

"You don't say." Sister Hong rolled her eyes at Gong Yi.

"It's a result of my decisions." Gong Yi replied while pushing his spectacles up; "The so-called loss of public funds is just a casual joke to make you guys laugh. Sorry about that. After all, everyone wasn't that familiar with each other at the start."

"Truthfully speaking, I've made a gamble within my circle. In simple terms, it's a bet." he said with a smile. "If I'm able to survive and get out of here, I'll be able to win a large sum of money, and that's much better than working for the Gui Family."

Everyone looked towards Gong Yi in dumbfounded shock. Is this motherfucker insane? Even being forced to, or doing so for training, was still better than doing it all just for a bet…

"Just for that? Are you mad! You've actually come here on your own accord." Sister Hong rolled her eyes, her inner gossipmonger flaring to life. "You have to be alive to spend money, you know. This old lady also likes money, but I absolutely wouldn't do charity work like that."

Gong Yi raised a finger in response.

"100 million? That's a lot, but you have to alive to spend it. What's more, there are many ways to earn money. This isn't worthwhile." Sister Hong concluded while shaking her head.

With a smile, Gong Yi replied, "10 billion."

Everyone within the cave collectively held their breaths; this was a gargantuan sum even for the 10 Great Families.

How much was 10 billion? For the sake of establishing their new area in Tianjing and building a dimensional base station, the Assassin Family had staked their entire wealth, also selling quite a bit of their businesses in Saint Mongol, yet they were barely able to raise 8 billion... 10 billion was almost enough to buy all of the assets that a 1st class aristocratic family owned!

What kind of person could make such a bet with this fellow?

"It's a pool, so there's naturally more than one person involved. In fact, there's a lot of people involved in this bet." Gong Yi replied. "Furthermore, the loss of the Gui Family's money is naturally real. After all, I need to give the Gui Family a reason to send me here. What's more, I need a large amount of capital to organize this bet."

"Fuck! You already made such a massive bet, and yet you still want to harvest that little bit of Evil Demon Blood…" Sister Hong was dumbfounded.
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    《Battle Frenzy》