Battle Frenzy
683 Being ordinary, being famous, both are valid choices
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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683 Being ordinary, being famous, both are valid choices

It was said that the purest energy essence could be found in the blessed lands, and the energy would be exceedingly dense, ripe for the picking. Here, the original form of all Dimensional Energies could be clearly observed; under normal circumstances, this was something only Heavenly Soul Stage experts could observe without external means.

Frankly speaking, the original state of Dimensional Energies was too complex and profound for Casted Soul Stage soldiers to comprehend. With a Casted Soul Stage's understanding towards Dimensional Energies, it would be utterly impossible for them to gain a true glimpse of its essence. However, it could still improve their understanding, and it would change their perspective and frame of thinking on the concept. Although cultivating at this place wouldn't be much faster than cultivating on Earth, it had an unimaginable effect on one's enlightenment. 

However, the appearance of the blessed lands didn't stick to a fixed schedule of time and location. There were times where it would appear frequently in the Hyperdimensional territories that were controlled by the Federation over a span of 2 to 3 years, and there were times where it was impossible to find it even once over a span of 20 to 30 years. There were too many aristocratic family members that had deliberately remained in the Casted Soul Stage just for an opportunity to enter the blessed lands. To them, the honor, glory, and prizes obtained by participating in this CHF, was nothing when compared to this true prize that they genuinely cared about.

Carolyn, Gui Hao, Laura, and the other aristocratic family members would naturally obtain this opportunity, while Dicaprio and the mainstay members of the Parliament had also been given a number of slots. Compared to them, the other selections were made through an extremely thorough process. After all, despite knowing the spatial coordinates of the Dimensional Blessed Lands, sending people there required a huge price and large amounts of resources.

On the Tianjing side, there was naturally no contest for Grai to be selected. However, Barran, who everyone felt had much potential, did not end up being selected. It wasn't because is performance during the CHF wasn't dazzling enough, nor was it a deliberate attack from the Federation. In fact, Barran was given a slot, but he had chosen to reject it.

This "stupid" decision had caught everyone by surprise; no ordinary person would reject this once-in-a-lifetime offer, making many others question his reasons. However, only Hymin knew that Barran had made this decision for her.

Barran knew that he would definitely need to go to the Holy Land if he was to enter the Hyperdimension to use the Dimensional Blessed Lands. That place was isolated from Earth, and the flow of time would be different than on Earth. That would also mean that he would have to separate from Hymin, and this separation might even become eternal. Once he stepped onto a different path, their futures would no longer intersect.

There were people that were born to be extraordinary in life. However, Hymin was everything to Barran. Perhaps, he had just missed a massive opportunity. However, what was the meaning of life?

Although most people would aim to continue growing stronger, was there an end to that path? What was the point of this constant striving for power?

Barran's thought process was simple, but it was simple-minded people like him who were able to achieve happiness much more easily.

However, this wasn't a bad piece of news for Tianjing Academy. With a freshman who had experienced the cruelest CHF of the highest standard staying behind, the entire academy appeared to have been filled with much more splendour than before.

Other than those 2, Emily clearly wasn't given a slot. Firstly, her strength was subpar, and secondly, her identity as an Assassin Family member was a nail in the coffin. On the contrary, Scarlet had surprisingly obtained a slot.

This was the compromise that the Institute of Sciences and the Parliament had made with old Potter, in an attempt to resolve the problem of his decision to retire. In the end, Old Potter had negotiated for a slot for Scarlet in exchange for staying on. Furthermore, the other side was happy to take advantage of this and take a step back, which allowed them to gain a small favour in return.

On one hand, they had considered this as compensation for old Greene, and to pacify the conflicting feelings from the student body at Tianjing Academy. After all, old Greene had been transferred when Tianjing was at its height in popularity and fame. Despite his promotion, it was, in fact, a removal from his current position. Truthfully speaking, this had been done because Tianjing had become an overnight celebrity, and was now too famous. The Parliament needed old Greene to give way in order the harvest the fruits of their labour, as well as giving him suitable compensation to express their goodwill and impartial stance. 

Other than that, the Mo Family was the other factor that had caught all of the higher-ups by surprise.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Being the strongest squadron and champion of this CHF, all of their 5 mainstays, including their substitute Mo Shang, were awarded slots for the Blessed Lands. However, Mo Wen had chosen to give up his, transferring his slot to another substitute in his squadron. After that, Mo Wen, the fellow who had gained the greatest fame from being crowned champion, had unexpectedly disappeared from public view.

No one knew where he had gone. In fact, even Mo Long and Napier Mo weren't in the know.

There were people saying that his heart had turned cold after losing to Wang Zhong, resulting in his self-abandonment. However, those who had even the slightest understanding of Mo Wen would know that this was absolutely impossible.

Just like Wang Zhong, who had similarly disappeared and entered into a Dimensional Secret Realm, he might have obtained a better training opportunity than everyone else. After all, the Dimensional Blessed Lands wasn't the only good choice in this world for casting one's Heroic Soul. Nevertheless, other than a handful of people, the real reason behind his disappearance was forever lost to the world.

All kinds of discussions were popping up, about the various heaven gifted children that were going to enter the Dimensional Blessed Lands.

It was extremely easy for people to forget about the past when faced with interesting fresh news. The matter involving Assassin that had shook the Federation over the past few days have already been tossed to the backs of people's minds. This was just like the various other powers and influences that had glorious histories. At their peak, they were hundreds of times more dazzling than the current Assassin. However, it only took a short while for them to fade into the background, before being completely forgotten by people.

History would only record the powerful and the victors. As for weaklings and the defeated? They would not be recorded. In fact, they didn't even possess the qualifications to be missed.

A group of 30 people was quickly gathered in Stuart City. Passing through the peaceful wilderness, they were about to enter the Dimensional Blessed Lands via the 7th Regiment Armed Forces Camp.

Within the massive off-road vehicle, Laura and Scarlet were currently seated together. During this period of time, the matters that have happened over the course of 2 weeks had taught them a deeper lesson than what they had experienced throughout the entire CHF.

Both of them were extremely smart and intelligent girls. Unlike the cleverness in trivial matters that many girls possessed, their intelligence lay in their calmness and patience, traits that made them slightly similar to Wang Zhong. This might be one of the reasons why both of them were attracted to him, and had formed a strong friendship after that. The earth-shattering changes to the world, as well as Assassins' destruction, had made Scarlet treasure the opportunity that she was given. Only by persevering on would she have the possibility of seeing Wang Zhong again. After all, she did not believe that he would fall that easily.

Present on the same vehicle were the "geniuses" from the other cities, with everyone having met one another during the CHF. With their familiarity with one another, they engaged in merry talk and discussion, all while expressing their anticipation and hope towards the Dimensional Blessed Lands. The CHF was already over. Despite the victories and defeat everyone had suffered, everyone needed to move onto new paths. Furthermore, everyone could feel that this was just a brief interlude before the Heroic Soul Stage that they were all about to enter. In fact, victory or defeat did not matter in this period of time; the only thing that mattered was whether they survived.

At this moment, an exceedingly calm expression was present on Scarlet's face. Throughout the journey, she didn't converse much with others, as though the matters she had experienced had increased the stability of her mindset. Seated within the shaking off-road vehicle, an absent-minded shade appeared within her eyes as she looked out of the window.
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    《Battle Frenzy》