Battle Frenzy
684 Prideful Simba 1.5 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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684 Prideful Simba 1.5 in 1

She knew that there was going to be tough times ahead. Furthermore, she knew why the slot had been allocated to her.

Perhaps, she was the weakest person here. In fact, there was no guarantee that she would obtain anything in the Dimensional Blessed Lands.

In the past, she would always have Wang Zhong by her side to calm her down whenever she or the squadron faced difficulties. However, this time, she needed to rely on herself.

"Don't worry, we're in this together." Sharmie reassured Scarlet with a smile as she grabbed Scarlet's hand. "In fact, the Dimensional Blessed Lands aren't as profound as the legends claim. It's just a better place for comprehension. It all depends on a person's perception and experiences, and it's completely unrelated to combat strength!"

"Thanks, Laura, really." Scarlet knew that Laura played a big part in allowing her to obtain this slot. Not only that, if not for the support from Laura and old Potter, many parties would have suffered a worse outcome.

As for Wang Zhong, there was nothing Scarlet could do even if she were to continue worrying about him. In the beginning, she believed that the CHF would have been enough to change his status in the Federation. However, recent events had shown that thinking this way was too naive. She approved of Barran's decision, and... if not for knowing Wang Zhong, she would probably have chosen to do the same. The path ahead was arduous, and a good outcome wasn't guaranteed; in fact, with her level of strength, she would have no support in this harsh environment. Even Laura would face intense challenges in the future. Nevertheless, the Dimensional Blessed Lands were better than the Holy Land. It was said that even people like Carolyn wouldn't have any advantages in the Holy Land. 

However, this was the only chance that could make her stronger.


The dark world was not eternal.

The chance encounter with Simba in the darkness, as well as the arduous struggles during his stay in the hospital... Wang Zhong's life had started to move forwards. It was the same person, the same life, the same destiny and fate, and everything should have played out the same as his real life; however, there were still some minor differences, and the butterfly effect compounded these differences, causing his vision to deviate from his real life experiences. Wang Zhong had already realised that this was merely a vision, a dream, but he wasn't in a hurry to leave. These visions usually reflected things hidden deep within the soul. It had shown him experiences that he had lived through, and also things that he had no memory of: his birth, his past, and his future.

Naturally, only someone like Wang Zhong would dare to face such a dangerous vision in this manner. Nevertheless, this illusion continued on... 

The time within this illusion seemed to fly by, and the "Wang Zhong" that he was observing in this vision seemed to have a feeling of déjà vu with most of what was happening, as though "Wang Zhong" had experienced those events before. The only difference was that, it was a different person experiencing it all, causing him to feel rather perplexed.

Nevertheless, "Wang Zhong" was learning everything at an incredible speed. Combat techniques, real-world knowledge, he had absorbed all of them almost almost immediately upon reading the related books.

"Wang Zhong" never encountered the 25 Grassos Soul Power bottleneck. Around the time he was 10 years old, he had already discovered the secret of his Great 5 Elements Constitution. With his astonishing strength and talent, he was immediately referred to the Federation's Capital Academy by the Tianjing Municipal Administration.

This was the highest educational institution controlled by the Federation's Parliament, which gathered geniuses from all of the Federation. Fernandes and his Petrification Eyes, Borat with his Air Control Special Ability, Angele with his 5 Elements Beastial Bloodline and a heart filled with revenge. Naturally, the bookworm Dicaprio who had special connections was there too.

All of them were arrogant and obstinate geniuses. However, everyone appeared dim when compared to "Wang Zhong"'s absolute radiance. Through their own initiative, everyone gathered by Wang Zhong's side, respecting him as their superior. His name was filled with extraordinary splendour within the Federation, faintly encroaching on the level of apex experts like Mo Wen and Carolyn.

Images similar to the scenes and memories of his childhood grew increasingly sparse, as his life appeared to move towards its destined path. The confusion in Wang Zhong's heart disappeared, before resolute and hopeful goals started to appear.

The CHF started. Under everyone's anticipation, Wang Zhong brought this group of people an unleashed a massacre. Regardless of how many trump cards they had or how powerful they were, every opponent would always be seen right through by Wang Zhong. Sweeping all of their opponents, they suppressed top-notch experts one after the other. Carolyn, Vladimir, and even Mo Wen -- all were unable to create even a smidgen of trouble for him.

Too powerful! A completely mature Great 5 Elements Constitution had allowed Wang Zhong to sweep through the entire CHF like a gale through a pile of leaves. Under his guidance, Dicaprio and the bunch of die-hard followers displayed unimaginable strength. In fact, Fernandes had even managed to deal with Napier Mo, and become the new king of assassins! The 5 Element Beasts Angele managed to rely on his fleshly body to trash Stuart's barbarian, Yi Luo, as well as her summoned plants...

A complete and utter suppression!

The Federation citizens celebrated with great jubilation, all eyes focused on the heroes that had broken the divinity of the invincible aristocratic families. The Parliament had treated this matter with great importance, resulting in them helping Wang Zhong through various trainings and plans.

However, a surprising matter occurred.

Wang Zhong rejected all of the training plans proposed by the Parliament, as well as those that involved his future. The reason behind this was his increasing understanding of the Parliament the closer he came into contact with it. He was pursuing the pinnacle of strength and freedom, not to get used by those old fellows of the Parliament who had rampant ambitions burning in their hearts, which would end up in him becoming their tool for murder and slaughter.

Just the mere sight of the rejection letter had caused the Parliament to explode with rage, while they reacted with an intensity that far exceeded anything Wang Zhong had expected.

They were absolutely unable to accept the inability to use such a powerful chess piece. The Parliament started to use various kinds of treats and enticing promises, before culminating in a direct threat to his adoptive parents. This was the final straw that caused the 2 parties to fall out completely. Due to them speaking up for him, Dicaprio, Fernandes, Angele and the rest of his die-hard followers were locked up by the Parliament.

Furthermore, this happened just about half a month since the end of the CHF. Even more astonishingly, the timelines started to converge.

His friends started to leave him, with Wang Zhong being forced to the 7th Regiment. From there, he met Lieutenant Will, received the same treatment from the armed forces, and was sent through the identical dimensional base station.

Naturally, there was a loud-mouthed madam, a shrewd bespectacled man, a cold uncle, and an innocent-looking girl. Everything appeared so familiar, a feeling that hadn't appeared for a very long time.

Doubt started to grow; as he tossed the frustrated thoughts he held against the Parliament and related parties, he started to question where he had seen these familiar faces before.

The only difference was that everyone had instantly recognized him, as "Wang Zhong" was truly too famous within the Federation.

They proceeded to achieve a universal decision to pass through the cursed lands to the empire. They passed through the first layer, 2nd layer, and into the giant ant mound, before appearing in a psychedelic sea of flowers.

The darkness descended, before everything repeated itself.

The same destiny and fate, yet with a different path taken. Everything that happened differently was due to some minute changes in the next repetition.

The same kind of domineering talent and learning capabilities. However, this time, "Wang Zhong" did not go to the capital. Instead, he caught the eye of the Potter Family, resulting in him being snatched away from the Capital Academy at a mere 14 years old. Over there, he encountered the cute Laura, before they quickly started to get together, becoming a pair that received the envy and jealousy from countless people across the entire Federation.

He represented Copperfield Academy in the CHF. Although Karkel did not participate, "Wang Zhong" and Laura were more than sufficient. On one side, absolute suppression from a Great 5 Elements Constitution. On the other side, an Explosive Bear that caused terror to blossom in everyone's hearts.

Laura's talent left everyone sighing in admiration. Perhaps due to Wang Zhong's enlightenment, her explosive bear had swept everyone within the CHF.

However, after Copperfield had been crowned the champions, awaiting Wang Zhong was the all-too-familiar scenes that were present in his mind all along. He was too frightening, to the extent that people were starting to dread his presence. Suppressing Carolyn, suppressing Mo Wen, suppressing all of the so-called geniuses in the Federation, stepping on them just like stepping on ants!

No one believed that such a person would truly become a son-in-law of the Potter Family. However, everyone knew that if it really happened, no one would know just how high he would raise the bottom feeder of the 10 Great Families in the future.

He had become a threat to too many people. Therefore, the other 9 aristocratic families had come together, with the Parliament also backing their efforts.

Copperfield was exposed to have a serious financial problem. This originated from a few of their distant wastrels, and the problem escalated and began to affect the entire family.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This problem was blown into incomparably gargantuan proportions by the media and the Federation, while various parties started hit them as they went down. Overnight, Copperfield was knocked off from their status as a powerful family with a good reputation, into the blacklist of hypocrites and frauds.

Condemned by the commoners, deserted by the Parliament and the aristocratic families. Although Potter retaliated, they were utterly incapable of putting up any struggle before those massive attacks. Within a short span of a half a month, the family leader being killed, the old Potter being deported, and Laura and the other outstanding junior members being locked up. As for Wang Zhong, he was sent back yet again the all-too-familiar 7th Regiment.

He was back again to this familiar path. Yet again, he followed Gong Yi and the others through difficulty after difficulty into the 3rd layer, back to the sea of flowers...

Darkness descended once again, with "Wang Zhong" returned back to the start. Another "Wang Zhong" woke up in the hospital. Opening his eyes, he saw a ceiling with rag-dolls hanging from it. 

All of a sudden, this helpless Wang Zhong started to laugh. This illusion of reincarnation was most probably created as a way to trap Wang Zhong. Its creator probably knew how strong Wang Zhong was. Therefore, it had used the softest and gentlest method to keep him entrapped. Nevertheless, the loopholes were so obvious, as an extremely critical figure was missing in every cycle -- Scarlet.

Thinking about Scarlet, a surge of warmth filled Wang Zhong's heart. How was everyone doing? He couldn't stay trapped in this place, as his mere presence was a deterrence to the Federation and the various great families. Although public sentiment wasn't important at this moment, it would erupt with endless power in times like this.

"Pull the memories of the heart to create an illusionary world." Simba said with an exceedingly satisfied expression on his face. "Though it's a pity that it doesn't dare to use it on me."

Wang Zhong rolled his eyes in response. In the next moment, his Soul Sea started to surge, before a golden light rippled out. The entire world started to turn blurry, before the scenes started to disappear, just like a blurry car window that was being wiped clean.

 A strange scene appeared before Wang Zhong's eyes.
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    《Battle Frenzy》