Battle Frenzy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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686 Big White“s contribution

Demonic wings extending from its back, long pointy ears, and a curvaceous body that formed a perfect S shape. Walking out from the darkness, it revealed its graceful feet, which lacked toes, an elegant gait, painting the image of an incomparably sexy and alluring belly-dancer. The only thing that ruined this image was the rows of sharp teeth in its mouth that was capable of grinding through bone.


She gentled grasped the almost dying rose before slowly pulling it out.

A long and thick whip-like root revealed itself beneath the little withered flower, covered with countless spikes.


With a flick, it shot towards Reynolds.

This was the moment!

Wang Zhong's eyes suddenly burst open with brilliance, while his already fully prepared Soul Power within his Soul Sea exploded forth with a bang.

"Fatty!" Simba shouted out loudly while giving a kick to the Dimensional Wanderer King's backside, sending it flying out from Wang Zhong's Soul Sea.


The Dimensional Wanderer King's massive body instantly appeared in mid-air.

The appearance of the Dimensional Wanderer King was an extreme surprise for the succubus. Although they were not from the same race, they possessed similar abilities. Furthermore, there were quite a few Dimensional Wanderer herds present within the depths of the Doors of Hell that the succubi had fought against, resulting in both parties being hostile against each other.

The Succubus immediately sent a threatening roar towards the Dimensional Wanderer King, sending powerful sound waves visible to the naked eye rippling towards it.

Nevertheless, despite being weak and flabby, the Dimensional Wanderer King was still a "king" level existence. Its endurance, usage of mental abilities, as well as its understanding of its capabilities, could not be matched by any mere 4th rank Succubus. The mental attack was ineffective and was completely ignored by the fatty. On the contrary, the attack had triggered some instinctual response from the fatty, who rushed over while giving a loud roar.

Ying ying ying ying ying ying ~

A terrifying high pitch sound completely negated the Succubus's mental energy attack. Not only that, it became a counter-attack, instantly locking the Succubus up. 

"Right now!" Simba snapped out in joy and excitement. He had originally wanted to use the fatty as a lure to attract the Succubus's attention, creating a chance for Wang Zhong to take action. However, he truly didn't expect the fatty to actually possess such an ability.

While this was happening, Wang Zhong had finished his preparation in the instant the Succubus had been distracted.

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His hands started to flutter about rapidly, before a series of runic imprints appeared between his palms.



Wang Zhong's actions flowed like water, as sonic waves visible to the naked eye shot out from his mouth, transforming into light waves that converged into a runic array between his hands.

The entire funnel-shaped 3D runic array suddenly expanded in size. Instantly coming alive, everyone single rune started to move and shake about, producing humming noises. 

The ground swayed, as ring after ring of sonic waves expanded outwards from the active runic array. As it shook the ground, the Succubus was suddenly knocked awake from the mental attack. In the end, that attack was a reflection of its own. Despite being surprised, it was able to deal with it quickly.

The sonic wave attack that was growing in might had triggered its danger warnings, causing its expression to change. A distinct feeling of being targeted surfaced within its heart, but there was no time for it to evade!

"Ang Ang!"

Shrieking out, it whipped out the rose root right towards Wang Zhong.

However, at the same time, Wang Zhong's mouth opened, sending out the 3rd tone.



The entire runic array instantly expanded, before it shrank, condensing all of its power together to form a high energy attack. The frightening sonic waves instantly transformed into a thick, radiant beam of light that seemed to want to destroy everything in its path.


The mighty white beam of light swept out, instantly devouring the Succubus and the rose whip in its hands, shooting out over a hundred meters before it dissipated! 

No trace of the Succubus remained. Being a Dimensional life form of the mental and spiritual soul type, its attacking methods were exceedingly crafty and powerful, though its body wasn't particularly strong, just like the Dimensional Wanderer King. In the instant his attack landed, Wang Zhong could feel that his Subwoofer Cannon had already shattered the Succubus into pieces, and it had dissipated into thin air. 

Plopping sounds rang out as Gong Yi and the others instantly woke up from the Succubus' illusions. Nevertheless, due to the massive amount of mental strength sapped away by the illusionary worlds, all of them collapsed on the ground. Sister Hong and Little Xin had rather exhausted looks on their faces, while Reynolds appeared to be on the brink of fainting. 

Only Gong Yi was in a slightly better condition than the others. The level of intelligence and mental capacity was positively correlated to the strength of one's mind and spiritual soul. Therefore, Gong Yi's soul was stronger than the rest, allowing him to still have a bit of energy left after the consumption by the illusionary world.

In fact, he had already extricated himself from the illusionary world the instant Wang Zhong unleashed his Subwoofer Cannon. Upon waking up, he saw the thick silver beam of light shooting out, telling him that Wang Zhong had destroyed their enemy. In fact, he could see a figure disintegrating within the beam of light.

Immediately realizing what had happened, he instantly felt shocked, before fear gripped his heart.

That was a Succubus! It had descended onto Earth during the dark era, where a group of them had destroyed a city populated by tens of thousands of people for over 4 years, while causing the Federation to lose dozens of Heroic Soul Stage squadrons. This was a legendary frightening existence that would change the face of anyone who heard about them! 

Never did he imagine that their group would actually meet one here. Even more, he did not expect Wang Zhong to actually manage to deal with one!

Gong Yi was shell-shocked by what he had witnessed, so much that he was unable to say anything for a good while.

"Fatty! Fatty! Fatty!" Fatty flew around Wang Zhong in excitement, coming to a stop once in a while as it sized up its surroundings in curiosity. Wang Zhong gave the Dimensional Wanderer King a pat on its head. Similar species would counteract each other. Although Fatty was weak, it still possessed the aura of a king from a mental-type life form. This bought him the opportunity to unleash his Subwoofer Cannon, as his other attacks would not bring about the same level of effectiveness. A purely physical attack would definitely be useless against a Succubus. Therefore, the Subwoofer Cannon was definitely the best choice, as it was a simple, brutal AOE attack, and it would not give his target any chance to retaliate.

Everyone rested for a while, as this ordeal was even more tiring that the battle against the Cerberi. Gong Yi remained silent, Reynolds was in deep pain, Sister Hong was still delving in nostalgia and her emotions. Compared to them, Little Xin was in a better state. Wang Zhong gave a simple explanation of the Succubus and the illusionary world, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

"Did I say anything while in the illusion?" Sister Hong asked with a slightly guilty tone, as she was able to remember some blurry details of the illusionary world she was trapped in, although she wasn't able to fully remember the process or the intricate details. Nevertheless, she could feel the remnants of deep pain present in her consciousness; pain that she never, ever wanted to mention or recall ever again.

"I don't know what happened. All I saw was Sister Hong repeating a cutting action that you seem to be rather familiar with." Wang Zhong replied. Everyone gawked, before revealing faint smiles, while all of the males present felt a shiver up their spine.

Breaking the silence, everyone could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, before thanking Wang Zhong once again. Who would have thought that a Casted Soul Stage would possess this much power! Naturally, they also didn't expect him to be a Soul Beast Master, one with a miraculous Dimensional life form!
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    《Battle Frenzy》