Battle Frenzy
687 Beggars
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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687 Beggars

"This really is a Dimensional Wanderer." said Gong Yi as he adjusted his spectacles. Showing great interest in Fatty, he extended his hand to touch it. Unexpectedly, not only did Fatty not resist, it even started to act cutely, causing Gong Yi to sigh in admiration. "This is a species that is extremely proficient in using mental energies. That's why it can defeat the Succubus. However, I've heard that a Wanderer that lost its herd would quickly perish due to loneliness. I really didn't expect that you would be able to summon an individual one, Wang Zhong. This really is…"

"Thank you, little fellow!" said Sister Hong as she extended her hand and gave Fatty a happy rub on its head. At approximately half a meter wide, Fatty's current shape was no longer the same as before, appearing much smaller than during Wang Zhong's duel against Vladimir. Floating about, Fatty gave a blink of its large, moist eyes. "You've saved everyone!"

Seeming to enjoy the head rub from a pretty lady, it used its head to rub against Sister Hong's leg, appearing incomparably cute in the process.

Simba shouted out in Wang Zhong's Soul Sea: "I cannot stand this motherfker! Let me out Wang Zhong! The almighty Simba is your true savior! They're actually thanking a foolish little brother that's the epitome of foolishness! Where's justice in this world? Is there any law?!"

Being the controller of the whole operation, there was no question that Simba, who sat in Wang Zhong's Soul Sea, believed himself to be the greatest contributor to the demise of the Succubus. However, at this moment, he was locked in Wang Zhong's Soul Sea like a prison cell, while the foolish little brother was prancing around happily on the outside, enjoying the admiration and respect from everyone. 

Wang Zhong ignored Simba's protests; not everyone would be able to understand an existence like Simba.

"Are you alright, Little Xin? Oh pity little lass, your face is so pale."

"Thanks, big sis Hong. I'm alright." Little Xin replied with a laugh.


The sky appeared gloomy and dim.

Despite being around noon, it was already quite rare to see any trace of light at this time of the year.

There was an incomparably majestic giant wall. In fact, the main body of the "wall" wasn't visible, as it appeared just like a mountain that stretched across the horizon. Its height towered over the clouds, while its sides extended so far that no one was able to see the ends.

The Wall of Life, also known as the Wall of Sighs. Never tiring, it stood where it was, giving the people within the city a sense of protection and security, while causing the floods of mutated beasts outside the city to sigh in admiration. Present outside Tianjing, the Wall of Life not only separated humans from mutated beasts, it had also separated the countless refugees from the residents of the city, dividing them into 2 completely different worlds. 

Although those refugee camps were situated around the edge of the cities, they weren't arranged together. Even refugees needed resources to survive, with the refuse heap outside the city being one of the major locations for them to gather resources. Therefore, more than half of the refugee camps were formed around it. 

One of the camps was located rather far from the city, in an area where garbage trucks didn't usually frequent, and without much resources present around it. Comprising 17 to 18 tents, this small camp wasn't far from the refuse heap, which radiated an intolerably disgusting stench. There were about 30 to 40 refugees that lived in this camp, with the majority of them being deformed in one way or another, having been affected by the radiation. In fact, it was already rather lucky for them to retain a humanoid figure under such conditions.

An absolutely messy-haired, dust-covered tramp was present on the refuse heap. From the looks of it, he appeared to be a new vagrant, or a person that had been stripped of his citizenship due to committing an offence. Such matters occurred on a daily basis, and was an extremely common sight throughout the Federation. Instead of staying in any tent, he was present in a pile of garbage, not moving at all, as though he was dead.

A little kid with pus-filled ulcers on his head threw a rock over, hitting the person's foot. Immediately, his elders hastily hid the child away in fear. Like a frightened rabbit, a pair of eyes revealed itself from under the tent, shooting a gaze filled with a sliver of hatred and dread towards the vagrant. 

The vagrant did not respond as he continued to lie on the garbage pile. Curling his legs up, he hugged them tightly against his chest. Clearly, he wasn't used to the cold temperatures outside the city. Despite it being summer, the temperatures were extremely low in the radiation-filled wastelands, as most of the UV rays from the sun had been blocked. 

The refugee gave a sigh, before the camp regained its calmness, one that appeared no different from death.

This was the state of the refugee camp. For the sake of survival, for the sake of conserving energy, the only option they had was to sleep. They definitely wouldn't run, stand, or even sit.

The deathly atmosphere was present in this environment. However, why was it like that? Were they lazy? Did they lack vitality? All of that was just nonsense; all of the refugees had only one goal in life, which was to carry on living.

The vagrant slowly opened his eyes, before tightening his collar. Just now, he had felt a gust of wind, causing an involuntary shiver down his spine. The deathly atmosphere that hung around the entire area made it seem as though this place was utterly incapable of supporting any life. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

 Clang clang clang clang...

All of a sudden, the rumbling of heavy machinery broke the silence of the camp. Instantly, dozens of heads started to peek out of the 17 to 18 deathly silent tents. A beastial aura immediately burst forth from their hollowed eyes, glistening with thirst and greed.

The vagrant had also opened his eyes. Forcing himself to stand, his gaze shot over to the giant garbage truck present not far away.

A glistening lustre blossomed from his eyes. This not only happened to him, but also from all of the people in the surroundings. Everyone, including those turbid, bizarre-looking eyes, glowed with a fierce radiance of hope and thirst, with all of them being focused on the movements of the incoming garbage truck. 

Emerging from the tents, even the smallest of them, a 3 to 4-year-old kid, had eyes glistening with light!

Everyone was waiting for the truck's arrival. In fact, there were quite a few of them that had their 4 limbs planted on the ground, preparing to dash over.

Clamour clamour….

Coming to a stop, the garbage truck slowly raised its gigantic container. Immediately, quite a few pieces of junk and garbage came tumbling out, stirring up dust plumes in the process.

Everyone's eyes turned green with envy, yet none of them dared to make a move. In the eyes of the Federation citizens, those mutated refugees living in the dark were like maggots and poisonous tumors. They were too timid, had no self-esteem, and were petty. Most of the time, they wouldn't even appear before "humans", especially during the day, where their mutations were especially obvious.

All of them were waiting, madness filling their eyes as a violent storm started to brew.

As the garbage truck shook off the last bits of rubbish, the driver naturally noticed those beast-like ants present below, causing him to shake his head with a ridiculing smile appearing on his face as he turned his head to speak to the person beside him, who was carrying a runic gun. This other person seemed like a new hire; shock and astonishment was plastered on his face. Not saying anything more, the driver proceeded to drive the garbage truck away.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Right as the tail lights of the truck disappeared from view, dozens of figures instantly lunged forwards like raving dogs, rushing towards the new pile of garbage.
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    《Battle Frenzy》