Battle Frenzy
692 Evil King
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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692 Evil King

Although the separation with its herd had caused the Dimensional Wanderer King Fatty to become much weaker, it still possessed its exceedingly sensitive perception of all mental and spiritual type life forms in its surroundings, allowing the group to avoid most of the powerful life forms in their journey. As for the remaining few that they were unable to avoid, the group managed to make it past them by using Fatty. By hiding their auras and using Fatty's power as a mask, the group managed to cross the 3rd layer without any threat to their lives.

It took them approximately 4 to 5 days to safely arrive at the entrance into the 4th layer. Upon arriving, everyone noticed a gigantic light screen that extended endlessly across the horizon. Extending so high that it seemed to reach through space, water-like ripples were present on its surface, creating an exceedingly mysterious sight before them.

After walking through the light screen, everyone noticed that it had disappeared upon when they turned around to look. Instead, present before them was a jet black wilderness, with the exit of the ant nest appearing to be approximately 4 to 5 meters behind them.

"The so-called 3rd layer should be a pure illusion world that exists between the 2nd and 4th layer."

"We've only walked 4 to 5 kilometers over the past few days?"

"Perhaps it's just a false perception from the illusionary realm." Gong Yi concluded with a shake of his head. " Naturally, that might also be wrong. This is more complicated than it appears to be, and there are too many confusing explanations towards the cursed lands."

As they looked into the distance, everyone discovered they were looking into the wilderness of the 4th layer, which appeared markedly different from what they had seen in the 3rd layer.

This truly was a blessing through a disaster. Despite Gong Yi's astonishing memory, all that the prisoner who has escaped from this place had provided him with was a vague description of his escape route through the cursed lands. However, having personally traversed through the first 3 layers, Gong Yi now had a clear mental map of the whole area.

The "exit" wasn't far from their current location, approximately 10 kilometers away. Under normal circumstances, this would only take a dozen minutes for them to cross. However, none of them dared to be one bit reckless in their movements.

Sister Hong's danger perception had regained its usefulness, with her immediately able to discover the threats in their surroundings. This caused her face to scrunch up in solemness, with traces of dread also appearing. There were too many tyrannical life forms present on her radar. In accordance with the direction Gong Yi was pointing towards, she could sense at least 7 to 8 massive threats laying in the way. Furthermore, the danger they posed were much higher than the 2-headed Cerberi they had faced in the 2nd layer.

None of them wanted to forcefully push their way forward. In fact, they didn't have any intention of going forward to confirm the identities of those freakish life forms.

In the 4th layer, Fatty's mental concealment had lost its usefulness, as it was only effective against mental and spiritual type dimensional life forms. Unlike them, ordinary life forms relied more on aura perception, smell, and sight. In preparation, everyone plastered some of the foul-smelling earth onto their bodies. Despite its limited use, it was still imperative for them to do everything they could to mask their auras.

With Gong Yi's "map" and Sister Hong's "radar", the group managed to evade the most dangerous threats while making multiple stops and detours. However, it took them a whole day just to travel the short 10-kilometer distance. 

Nevertheless, they managed to achieve a good result. Despite being terrifying powerful, there weren't too many of these dimensional life forms, and they were rather spread out. Evidently, these life forms were quite territorial, and maintained some separation between one another. Therefore, by finding the gaps between their territories, the group managed to avoid any troubles along the way.

Now, they were faced with one final problem, which was the exit. At this moment, no one had spare energy to think about unnecessary thoughts. Not only did they need to conceal their presence, they were also filled with nervousness and apprehension.

The closer they got to the exit, the more nervous they became. This was their way out, and the only alternative was death!

Did the spatial coordinate really exist? It was impossible to know how long it had existed before it was discovered by that escaped prisoner. Furthermore, it had been another 10 years since he had used it to escape from the cursed lands! Even those stable spatial coordinates that appeared on Earth couldn't last this long.

Furthermore, even if the spatial coordinate still existed, wouldn't it be protected by powerful dimensional life forms? After all, various kinds of dimensional life forms wanting to evolve would be attracted to the dense energies radiating from spatial coordinates, just like the mutated spider Wang Zhong had fought against in the chaotic lake region outside of Tianjing city.

Nevertheless, everyone had staked their lives to reach this place. They had no path of retreat. If any problems were to arise, what awaited them was only ice-cold despair.

Cold sweat continued to drip from Gong Yi's hands, though excitement surged through his heart. To a gambler like him, wins and losses weren't the most enjoyable part of the action. Instead, it was the instant when the outcome was revealed.

Finally, after walking for the whole day, everyone arrived in the vicinity of the exit.

Present before them was a low-lying hill with a depression in the middle, with a peculiar glow radiating out from its far left. This was a dark and eerie glow that was rather eye-catching within the jet-black world, a sliver of a chill present within those radiating energies.

Those were the elemental auras from the energies radiating from the dimensional worlds, which were in total opposition with the darkness energies present in the cursed lands. This opposition prevented it from radiating out into this world of darkness. The radiance and the darkness were constantly colliding with one another, causing sparks to blossom sporadically, just like a never ending battle of attrition between two enemies.

From the look of it, this spatial coordinate was already rather unstable, as the brilliance of the dimensional energy radiating from it was exceedingly weak. Under the powerful corrosion of the darkness energies from the cursed lands, the spatial coordinate appeared just like a flickering candle flame that could be extinguished at any moment. 

Nevertheless, it still continued to exist.

"It exists!"

If not for the dangers that existed in their surroundings, everyone would have already leapt forward in uncontrollable excitement. Although it had been weakened, it was truly difficult to believe that a spatial coordinate could remain in existence for so long without dissipating. Therefore, it wasn't just a spatial coordinate; it was hope for the future in everyone's eyes.

In an instant, the worry and apprehension present in everyone's hearts evaporated, causing everyone's face to ease up. However, all their expressions froze in apprehension.

At this instant, they noticed a strange humanoid figure lying down at a location approximately 700 to 800 meters away from the hill where the spatial coordinate was located.

Despite being completely naked, there was no way to distinguish its sex, as it did not have the defining human anatomy to make that distinction. It had 3 heads, all of them possessing features similar to a human being. Fierce expressions were present on its face despite its closed eyes, and despite its relaxed appearance, it radiated a strong pressure and might. Furthermore, it also possessed 6 incomparably thick and muscular arms, 2 of them extending out from its shoulders in a human-like fashion, and the other 4 extending out from the back of its neck. Those 4 arms were currently in an interlocking pattern, forming a pillow-like embrace that hugged its head and neck as it snored thunderously in its slumber.

Rumble~~ Rumble~~

The thunderous noises ringing from its nose caused the hill beneath it to shudder slightly with every breath, while rings of black smoke lingered around its glossy bronze skin. Flames continued to spurt out from its nostrils, turning into fiery snakes that circled back and forth in the air. The 3-headed, 6-armed humanoid life form was present in the records from the Federation's invasion of the cursed lands. This was a member of the Evil Legion that had emerged from the depths of the cursed lands, and was considered to be a leader of a small section or platoon. Possessing endless strength, it was a 5th rank dimensional life form that excelled at controlling fire and close-range combat, and was known as the evil multi-armed king.
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    《Battle Frenzy》