Battle Frenzy
693 A Drop Of Blood
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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693 A Drop Of Blood

Everyone felt a pang of fear. A 4th rank Cerberus was trouble enough, let alone this 5th rank evil multi-armed king. There would be heavy casualties even if they were still that well-equipped military team, not to mention facing it with their low combat prowess. Fortunately, it was a distance from the spatial coordinate.

This evil multi-armed king had come to mark its territory in advance, probably due to its detection of the pending dissipation of the spatial coordinate in this area. It was seemingly not interested in the spatial coordinate itself. 

There weren't many organisms left on the surface of the cursed lands ever since the Great War against the human armies, but the Federation had already lost interest in them. God knew how many of them there were in the Abyss; thus, the federation had no intention of provoking them further. 

After a rather lengthy period of observation, everyone realized that waiting wasn't in the cards. God knew how long these Evil Demons needed to awaken from their sleep. Even if hey woke up, they might not leave to search for food either. For every single minute they waited, they ran the risk of facing other unknown threats. 

Furthermore, that fragile spatial coordinate was in an extremely unstable state and darkness was spreading constantly. If it had closed off or dissipated right in front of everyone, then all hope would be lost. 

Gong Yi gestured for everyone to keep quiet and drew a path in the air with his fingers for everyone to see. They were to circle round the hill to reach the area right above the spatial coordinate and descend. 

Everyone nodded and tried their best to hold their breaths. Everyone had also fully concealed their Soul Power. Although releasing their Soul Power aided in resisting the invasion of dark matter related foreign bodies, they would then be easily sensed by Evil Demons. The dark matter present in the air was far greater than what was present in the previous two levels. As the sticky and slimy dark matter to stained everyone's skin, it was as though the bones throughout their body was being frozen, sending shivers down their spine. Their consciousness was also affected as they were unable to dispel the garbled thoughts and fragmented images in their minds. 

But they could not give up. 

With Gong Yi leading the way, followed closely by Reynolds and Sister Hong, and Wang Zhong and Little Xin taking the rear, they gritted their teeth and pressed on. Hand in hand, they followed along the path Gong Yi drew previously and moved downwards with extreme caution. At the same time, the thunder-like snoring continued nearby. The snoring was following a pattern and with each snore, the cliffs would quake, causing low vibration sounds to echo within the cliffs. 

Everyone's heartbeats began to increase rapidly.

100 meters, 50 meters, 30 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters... 

Everyone could already feel the gentle elemental aura radiating from the spatial coordinate; it was similar to the sea breeze of a summer beach, removing fatigue and adhesion of the dark matter off everyone. It made everyone experience an unparalleled pleasure. 

Their heartbeats grew faster and faster, following their excitement. There was still some control over their pace in the beginning but as they got to the entrance of the spatial coordinate, everyone, including the usually calm and collected Gong Yi, could not help but increase their pace. Just then, a light scream was heard.


As soft as it might have been, the snoring beside the hill stopped immediately and everyone came to an immediate halt.

It was Little Xin!

Everyone turned back in astonishment, only to see Little Xin, about to burst into tears. She raised her hand for everyone to see. Her finger was cut by something, causing a flow of blood to trickle down her finger. The wound was neither large nor deep; it might have been due to a bite from something small or a laceration from the cliff. Despite so, in such a place, the scent of human blood was had lethal consequences; thus, Little Xin rushed to cover her wound.

As the originally rhythmic snoring came to a halt, everyone's heartbeat seemingly stopped as well.

There was a segment of the hill that happened to block them from the evil multi-armed king's sight. They could hear the light shuffling of the creature, but they were blind to what was happening. It sounded as though the monster with three heads and six arms had rolled over to seemingly stand up.

It was like the entire world grew quiet.

Everyone stood still, forced their Soul Power to the lowest possible level and held their breaths completely. Under the cover of darkness, they pressed their backs close to the cliff walls, as though they were statues. 

One second, two seconds, three seconds...

Nothing else was heard, as though the evil multi-armed king continued on sleeping after rolling over. But, why was there no snoring? Perhaps it was because it had just gone back to sleep, and the snoring would just take some time to sound again.

Everyone stared at the hill without blinking, praying silently as their hearts were about to stop beating.

Around seven or eight seconds passed and it seemed like everything was alright. However, just as everyone began to regain their composure, a pair of big bell-sized eyes abruptly stuck out from behind the hill.

It was a pair of jet-black eyes, different from the eyes of those low-level Evil Demons, which was filled with hellfire. The supposedly white part of the eyes was filled with darkness, as though the eye sockets were empty, but radiating a will that caused one's heart to palpitate.

The so-called cover of darkness was useless in front of this pair of jet-black eyes. What an absolute joke. It was born and bred in darkness. Generations upon generations, its lineage was passed down in darkness. What organism could know darkness better than this Evil Demon? 

The evil multi-armed king instantly locked onto the five people pressing their backs against the cliff. An ugly smirk could be spotted on its originally twisted and hideous face.


In a blink of an eye, its enormous body emerged from the side of the hill. With its three left arms, it grabbed onto the edges of the hill like a hook and directly flung its gigantic, three-meter tall body outwards, rushing towards them at lightning speed.

"Spread out!" Reynolds shouted.

Gong Yi, Sister Hong, Wang Zhong, and Little Xin leaped off the cliff immediately whereas Reynolds drew his blade straightaway. At this stage, it was impossible for all of them to run.

A burst of silver Heroic Soul filled his whole body, instantly making him look lustrous and brilliant in the darkness. A the same time, his runic blade gave out a sudden burst of blade force of around four to five meters, dazzling with silver light. 


His blade strengthened his aura and his aura strengthened his stance. With eyes filled with anger and in a state like a crazy tiger, Reynolds leaped high up into the air, instantly boosting his blade intent to an extremely terrifying state. It emitted a dragon-like roar similar to that of roaring thunder. Aiming at the evil multi-armed king who had already returned, he swung his blade downwards without mercy, taking the initiative to gain the upper hand!

However, when the blade was still in mid-air, a red fiery whip had already swept fiercely upwards.


A loud sound echoed forward. The white blade beam was utterly destroyed by the red fiery bone whip, turning into nihility and leaving behind only starry light specks in the air. This life form was not alike Cerberi, dumb life forms who only knew brute strength. In the past, the Evil Demon Legion which emerged from underground were already considered intelligent if they took any form of leadership.

They were not only big and powerful, but also highly experienced in terms of battle and tactics. They could even learn and mimic the battle tactics used by humans during war times. The Evil Demons of this dimension were not half-wits; instead, they were a species capable of civilization and filled with intelligence, in no way losing out to the humans. This was what troubled and intimidated the Federation. Evil Demon Blood was the best material for researching their energy source and civilization. But even this was only the tip of the iceberg of the Dimensional World. Humans were truly too minuscule.
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    《Battle Frenzy》