Battle Frenzy
694 Destroyed One By One
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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694 Destroyed One By One

The Evil King destroyed Reynold's blade force with a single lash. Without a reduction in its charging force, its other two huge arms stretched out from the back of its neck and went straight for Reynolds, who was still in mid-air. Making use of the rebound force from the destruction of the blade force, he somersaulted sideways to avoid the two hands which had already clapped together. With his runic blade, he dragged his blade upwards, slicing the bronze-coloured skin off the evil multi-armed king's hand.

Chink, chink, chink, chink, chink!

Sparks of fire were actually produced as the tip of the blade slide across its skin due to its hardness. Even though it was a basic counterattack, but combining the strength of a heroic soul soldier and the sharpness of the runic blade, it was impossible not to penetrate its outer layer. It was unexpected.

The evil king also didn't expect this puny worm-like human to avoid his grasp in mid-air. However, that was all to its surprise.

The second lash!

Its two main forearms each held a whip and moved with extreme nimbleness. From the first lash to the double hand pincer attack to this second lash, there was absolutely no delay between each attack, as though they were launched at the same time.

With such short intervals, even someone twice as strong as Reynolds couldn't avoid such high-frequency attacks, let alone him.

Fortunately, he was not alone. Another whip bristling with silver light lashed from far, speed on par with the evil multi-armed king.

Electrical sparks flew as the whips, one silver, one red, smashed against each other forcefully. Previously, Reynolds was using softness to counter hardness with his blade force, but in the case of Sister Hong, she was retaliating with the same soft attack nature with her silver whip. The two lashes clashed in mid-air, entangling each other amidst the electrical sparks as though they were tangled by dead knots, pulling taut and straight.

The blood-red bone whip appeared to be the vertebral column of an unknown lifeform, joints intersecting and crisscrossing like a long chain and extremely tight. At the same time, the whole bone whip appeared to be coated with a blood-red colour. As the evil multi-armed king augmented the bone whip with darkness-attribute energy, its surface energy surged, appearing to burn with bright hot flames.

"Let's KO it together." Sister Hong's voice rang loudly from the side. "What the hell, I can't believe I would meet a fellow sadomasochist."

As though it could understand human speech, the evil multi-armed king gawked slightly. Even if it could not understand fully, it did seem to identify it as an insult. The expressions on its three heads twisted in fury, boosting its strength while its arm muscles bulged from its huge arms like mini mountains. Prepared beforehand, Sister Hong let go of her whip straightaway at the same time as the Evil King pulled at the whip. Even so, she was slightly reeling from the sudden burst of power as it pulled her forward, causing her to stagger forward by a few steps. "Since you like whips so much, here's one for you!"

"Let's work together to kill it, then we can leave this place!" Gong Yi shouted in a deep voice. At this stage, no one could leave unless they put forth a united effort.

Just as it was about to reach Reynolds, having pulled the whip too hard, the evil multi-armed king staggered two steps backwards, causing him to miss. At the same time, dagger in hand, Gong Yi had secretly crept towards the Evil King. Similarly, with clenched fists, Wang Zhong launched another sneak attack from the other side, taking advantage of the fact that the evil king had been triggered by Sister Hong.

From the past month in the cursed lands, they had developed chemistry and trust in each other; thus, all four of them didn't show any trace of selfishness. Everyone was smart. The more precarious the situation, the more they had to fight, With all roads blocked, they could not hesitate. They knew they would be destroyed one by one and eventually meet a violent death if they did not unite to kill the other party.

Only by working together were they able to survive this ordeal. With freedom and a new lease of life on the line, everyone released all the power they had.

Reynolds had also re-condensed his blade force, causing it to sparkle brightly with white light. Together with Gong Yi's dagger on the left and Wang Zhong's punch on the right, he hacked at the evil multi-armed king with a loud bang.


Everyone were experienced and experts in real-life combat. With chemistry and a common goal, their combined attacks were extraordinary and perfectly in sync. If they were fighting against any other monster, excluding those with sufficient strength to withstand direct sweep attacks head on or those with extremely high speeds, the target would definitely be thrown into confusion.

However, the evil multi-armed king had three heads, each controlling a pair of arms. Each movement was perfectly in sync and never stood in the way of each other. The close-to-perfect three-prong combined attack by Reynolds, Wang Zhong and the rest was merely a joke to the evil multi-armed king.

The two red fiery bone whips lashed around violently and rapidly, destroying the attack Reynolds and Gong Yi had condensed, leaving them in a tight corner, barely avoiding the remaining force of the lash attack. At the same time, one of its huge arms stretched out from behind, curled its fist in mid air and hammered towards Wang Zhong.

Its fist was as huge as a washbasin. It was too fast, arriving at Wang Zhong face within a split second.

Wang Zhong's eyes flashed brightly with power, destroying the punch.

2nd Drive!

The 2nd Drive, which has never failed Wang Zhong before, was actually blocked by brute strength! Wang Zhong felt that he was attacking a huge mountain, instead of a fist. The power of his 2nd Drive was easily dissolved by the huge towering mountain-like fist, similar to that of a drop in the ocean, unable to form any rebound force for attack. On the other hand, the power in the evil multi-armed king's fist never seemed to cease and it came crashing down with the weight similar to a huge mountain.


Bursting with power, the huge impact from the fist almost shattered Wang Zhong's arms, at the same time causing him to fly backwards, crashing into a cliff wall up to a hundred meters away, creating a human-shaped dent in the wall.

Shocked and furious, soul power erupted from his body. As he was about the unleash his Heart Blade, the evil multi-armed king who knew all about human tactics, fiercely assaulted Reynolds immediately, before he could release his soul power. The two red fiery whips swept over horizontally without delay, distracting and forcing Reynolds to block the attack; thus, causing him to fail at condensing his Heart Blade.

5th rank Evil Demons were really too terrifying, 4th rank humans were really no match for their speed and strength. Its combat tactics were rather skilful, wielding its red fiery whips shrewdly and at top speed. Its extra four arms could aid in both defense and offense, leaving it advantaged in terms of offense. Gong Yi and Reynolds movements were restricted almost immediately, leaving them almost defenseless and seemingly about to drown in the series of attacks, let alone be able to gather their power for a counterattack.

However, at the same time, an extremely powerful force managed to form behind the evil multi-armed king. It gave out a terrifying sense of danger, even putting a halt to the evil multi-armed king's attacks.

One of its heads turned around immediately, only to see a Blood Red Cobra, one with a body wider than its arms. Snarling with its mouth wide open, it had already charged towards the evil multi-armed king.


Responding almost immediately, a pair of arms turned backward at the first chance to grab the snake's body. As it came into contact with the body, it could feel that it was merely an energy-formed illusionary shell instead of a true physical form, and it was about to slither across its palms.

Clap! Clap!

Its face immediately changed and stretched out another two arms to grab the snake's head successfully. At the same time, a huge burst of dark energy was released from its palms almost automatically and it penetrated the huge snake's energy body. As the snake coiled around the palms, friction and pulling forces were formed and the snake was caught!

Thud thud thud thud thud!
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    《Battle Frenzy》