Battle Frenzy
700 A Different Kind of Casted Soul Stage
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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700 A Different Kind of Casted Soul Stage

"Really? That's really smart of you, but why didn't you expose me then?" asked Granny Fly, smiling.

"I had my doubts about you, but everyone is entitled to their own secrets." Wang Zhong then continued to explain himself, "The second time was when you cut your fingers to attract the evil multi-armed king. There were no particularly sharp edges on that cliff wall, yet your Heroic Soul Stage finger could be cut. What else could explain it if you didn't do it on purpose?"

Clap, clap, clap, clap.

Granny Fly applauded him. "It is rare for one to be able to analyze the situation so carefully under such circumstances. Even though it is only a belated effort, you still deserve to be praised. But what can you do about it now? Since you are so smart, I have decided to begin my feast with y-you… you?!"

She had yet to finish speaking when she saw Wang Zhong start to glow with bright-silver Soul Power. Granny Fly was startled and a little surprised. She could see a Plague Fly lying on his neck, yet he could still move?

"How is that possible? No one could resist the psychological toxin of the Plague Flies. No one…"

"Are you talking about this little thing?" Wang Zhong reached out and pinched something close to his neck. As the dark energy flowed out from his fingertips, he actually accurately caught hold of a fly-like thing.

On the other hand, Granny Fly's mouth gaped wide open, as though she had just witnessed the absolutely impossible.

The Plague Flies were her specialty, a unique Dharma Idol. Although they did not have a strong direct combat power, they had incredible magical effects, able to specifically inject paralyzing toxins targeted at the Soul Sea. Even a Peak Heroic Soul Soldier could not escape the corrosion effects of her Plague Flies, so how could this insignificant little dude at the Casted Soul Stage do it!

"Targeted at the Soul Sea?"

What an absolute joke. Even a 7th rank monster would meet its doom if it came, let alone this kind of small fry.

"No wonder I didn't feel anything." Wang Zhong smiled slightly and pinched that energy body in the form of a fly.


A sharp sound echoed as the energy body exploded.

Granny Fly's face instantly contorted. Each Plague Fly was a part of her Dharma Idol. It was like a piece of her was chopped off when Wang Zhong destroyed that fly.

"No, don't come over!" Granny Fly's face changed as she sensed Wang Zhong's killing intent. "Let's not be rash. We have already come so far. We can leave together too! Killing each other is not good for us!"

Although she was famous, she was not apt in head-on battles. It might be all right for her to deal with one or two ordinary Heroic Soul Soldiers, but how can Wang Zhong be compared to them? She had already witnessed how powerful Wang Zhong was during the battle with the evil multi-armed king. She couldn't help but stagger backward, tightening her grip around her knife and the dimensional channel instrument.

But in the next second, Wang Zhong's fist had already reached her face. The reason he spoke was only to regain his strength and control the situation. Now, he definitely would not give her a chance to spout any more nonsense. Wang Zhong rarely hated a person, but the woman in front of him could barely be considered human.

2nd Drive!

A terrifying force smashed into Granny Fly's face before she could even react, denting her already horrendous-looking face as the blast sent her flying backward.


Her entire body smashed into the cliff walls, shattering the wall into rubble. However, she was a well-known old demon after all. Not only she did not faint, she struggled to get up at once.

"Ahhhhh! You hit Baby's face. You hit my cute face!" Granny Fly appeared to have gone mad for a moment. She certainly did not expect that the boy could regain his combat power in the blink of an eye, especially after the evil multi-armed king smacked him till he was on the verge of death.

A huge shadow — made up of countless fly phantoms — formed behind her, giving out the loud sound of humming wings.

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.

Granny Fly screamed as her face twisted hideously in fury. She unleashed her Plague Flies in an instant, forming a crimson hurricane. It was made up of hundreds of thousands of flies, and it appeared as though an immeasurable amount of plagues and poisons was emitting from its surface. Releasing a bloody stench, the vicious flies surrounded and attempted to swallow Wang Zhong. The scene was scary enough to terrify anyone.

These Plague Flies did not only look terrifying and disgusting; they would specifically target one's mind and Soul Sea, attacking their opponent in the most unexpected way. They were indeed extremely powerful, but Wang Zhong's mind and Soul Sea were his strong suit, making him immune to most poisons; thus, rendering the Plague Flies — which had never failed before — totally useless before him.


A blast of hellfire was released in an attempt to exterminate the Plague Flies. In this kind of environment — where dark elements were abundant, especially in the fourth layer — it was a piece of cake for Wang Zhong, a darkness-attribute special ability user, to build up his attacks. Meanwhile, hellfire — a burn attack — was simply the nemesis of the Plague Flies. The malevolent aura of the Plague Flies was nothing in the face of deified hellfire.

As the powerful hellfire forced Granny Fly to retract her Dharma Idol, Wang Zhong took the chance to attack.

Ever since his birth, Wang Zhong had cherished feelings and relationships with others the most, fuelling a hatred for liars and fakers. "There is only one thing that is right. You really have no combat power at all."

With his left hand, Wang Zhong snatched the dimensional channel instrument from the shellshocked Granny Fly and flung his right fist into her face at the same time.

Punch, punch, punch, punch, punch, punch~~~~~~~

Granny Fly was instantly beaten to a pulp. Her Heroic Soul Stage power was unable to withstand a single blow from Wang Zhong. Granny Fly had always lived on luck and focused on her Dharma Idol, putting on a show every time she struck, instead of facing her opponents head-on. Normally, her tricks would never fail her and have even aided her in escaping from people even at the Heavenly Soul Stage. Who knew she would face her downfall here and now?

She fell to the ground like a piece of rotting meat and was only left with enough energy to continue breathing.

At that point, the voices of other creatures, who seemed to be approaching, could be faintly heard. Wang Zhong did not hesitate to go back to Gong Yi and the others. Meanwhile, the Plague Flies had dissipated around Granny Fly as she lost control of her Dharma Idol.

Gong Yi was at a loss for words as Wang Zhong tossed the instrument to him. He had always thought that he was the most meticulous and even the strongest in the team. Although he believed that Wang Zhong would become more powerful in the future, he realized that he had truly underestimated the young man in front of him. There was only one word suitable to describe him — unfathomable!

Much insight was gained from this. It seemed that good-heartedness would often meet with recompense.

Ready to leave, Gong Yi quickly reactivated the dimensional channel and helped up Sister Hong, as well as Reynolds, together with Wang Zhong.

Just then, the trembling, hoarse voice of Granny Fly could be heard. "Please. Please, guys. Don't, don't leave me alone. I don't want to die here… cough, cough…"

"Just stay here, this is a suitable place for you," replied Wang Zhong coldly.

"Killing you would only dirty our hands. Haiz. Sometimes humans can be more monstrous than monsters. See you never." Gong Yi sighed as he pressed the button.


The dimensional channel shone brightly as though it had exhausted the remaining bit of energy within this space coordinate. With a dazzling flash, the entire mountain fell into darkness completely.

"What a bunch of damned and lowly things! I curse all of you! I-"

Granny Fly flew into a rage, with deep resentment and hatred in her eyes. She wanted to curse more, but as the words just arrived at her mouth, she was intimidated by a terrifying aura that sent chills throughout her body.

Several pairs of jet-black eyes appeared from above the cliff wall, transmitting rays of darkness. A bead of cold sweat then emerged from Granny Fly's dry and withered forehead.

The dark figures then jumped down as they bellowed madly. They were obviously not picky eaters, as monstrous roars and sounds of struggling echoed throughout the darkness…
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    《Battle Frenzy》