Battle Frenzy
701 Another Kind of Despair
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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701 Another Kind of Despair

On the other hand, although the dimensional channel formed by the mini-launcher appeared to be pretty good, they immediately felt the difference once they entered it. It was undeniable that it was really more convenient for their souls to enter and that the dimensional world did not reject their physical bodies. The unique rules of the fifth dimension were compatible with almost all planes, but their experience was really unpleasant. Sister Hong and Reynolds were considered lucky to have passed out, whereas Wang Zhong and Gong Yi really…

Fortunately, this entire journey was very short. Due to it being a channel of a natural spatial coordinate, it was unlike those long-distance transmissions with designated fixed points in the 7th Regiment. Only three to five seconds passed before they reached the end of the channel.

As the four of them fell out of the dimensional channel, and their seemingly fragmented bodies began to re-assemble. Nausea, numbness, swelling, and various negative feelings instantly engulfed them, nearly causing them to pass out.

Wang Zhong and Gong Yi convulsed on the ground for a rather long time before they recovered. They looked up at the sky, feeling the hot sand behind them. This was Earth!

They were truly back on Earth!

The two were about to throw back their heads to laugh long and loud, but only a faint sound was produced. This period of repeated craziness really took a lot out of them, thus they could only stare at each other for a while. They smiled. This indeed was the definition of a silver lining behind every cloud.

After a while, they slowly regained their strength.

"Next time, I must raise the bet if I'm gambling with such high risks again," said Gong Yi with a bitter smile as he slowly stood up. He couldn't help but sigh when he saw that Wang Zhong's ability to move had been fully restored. Although he did not pick up girls, neither smoked nor drank alcohol, his body was really a far cry from Wang Zhong's.

Hidden from sight in ordinary times, the difference between each person's fundamentals would become more obvious in times of suffering. It was indeed undeniable that students from Heroic Soul Academies were extraordinary.

However, before they could start to immerse themselves in happiness, they noticed that they were surrounded by a scorching desert that appeared to stretch infinitely. Unfortunately, they had fallen into the desert of the Tutankhamun Empire. There were already many deserts here initially, but matters grew worse after the dark era. Although some turbulent oases existed, the area of desertification was much wider in comparison.

"In fact, we are already very lucky to have left that place alive, we can't help it if we actually die here," Gong Yi commented, laughing.

"Don't be pessimistic, there are bound to be oases in deserts. We even survived that place, let alone here!" said Wang Zhong. His voice was extremely firm and free of doubt.

Gong Yi froze and wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry. "I respect you, dude. Wang Zhong. If you don't amount to much in the future after surviving this, I will gladly chop off my head for you. Alright, I'll listen to you, let's look around!"

Gong Yi was an extremely smart gambler. He was not easily convinced, even when others were stronger, richer or held more power than him. But for this guy, Wang Zhong, he actually had more perseverance than a gambler, thus Gong Yi was truly convinced. The key was that his tone was full of hope and it began to rub off on Gong Yi.

He was strong, talented, calm, persistent, and meticulous. In fact, he could have killed Granny Fly, but he did not do so, showing that he had a good conscience. It was not weakness. He merely did not want to cross the line. Even though Granny Fly had been acting all along during their journey together, it was impossible that there wasn't a single speck of genuity for them!

His actions weren't for Granny Fly, but for himself.

A cold-hearted person could be very powerful, but he would still have his own limits. Bold and decisive, yet true to his heart, it was no surprise that he could defeat Mo Wen. All of a sudden, Gong Yi thought of a bigger gamble; of course, assuming they could leave this place alive.

This boundless desert of Tutankhamen was no doubt a place of death to anyone's eyes. It was not due to the presence of scary mutated beasts, but rather, the environment itself that held more danger. One would probably not leave this place alive if he lost his way.

They knew that it was probably evening on Earth, thus the sun would set in the west. After a short span of observation, they were able to tell the different directions. "Let's go north. Most of Tutankhamen's cities and oases are in the north of the desert. Let's try our luck."

In such situations, the worst case was to go around in circles. As long as one kept walking, he could still try his luck, making it possible to run into people or oases.

"I'm guessing we'll have really bad luck." With a bitter smile, Gong Yi opened his backpack, only to see that his originally huge backpack had been emptied out completely. There was a large opening at the bottom of the backpack, probably due to the previous battle. All the food and water stored in the bag were gone, together with the small bottle of Evil Demon Blood. "My Dharma Idol has a certain luck component, but he still successfully chose the Straight Flush and King Bomb one after another. It seems like our luck has run out."

Other than Gong Yi, both Wang Zhong and Reynolds's backpacks were in similar states. Originally, there would have been enough food and water to last for a month, but now there was nothing left.

No one took any notice of the backpacks previously, before they left that place; this was probably due to the battle being too intense, as well as Little Xin's incident, making them only realize it now.

Fortunately, Sister Hong's backpack was safe and sound. There were still three bottles of water and three cans of food left. They were all that was left. If they were to be distributed to everyone, the four of them could probably only last five or six days.

Just then, Reynolds and Sister Hong also began to stir. Although they were injured, they both had solid foundations; thus, they regained consciousness not long after Gong Yi gave them some water.

Wang Zhong explained the situation to them while Gong Yi attempted to tell his version of the story. Although speaking made him thirsty, he was delighted to tell the story. He would be driven to his grave if Granny Fly managed to escape the cursed lands without them.

He wasn't afraid of death, but he was afraid to die with injustice unredressed.

"Take the food and water and go." Sister Hong's voice was rather weak but surprisingly calm.

She could feel that her Soul Sea was bound to collapse. All hope would be lost for someone like her if her Soul Sea was to shatter. Without her power, she would neither be happy nor be free in seeking vengeance, as well as being unable to protect the group of sisters under her wing. To be honest, she was already free of regrets and ready to leave the world, as she had met this bunch of friends with whom she could speak freely on this journey.

As a top assassin, she had already come to an understanding with her own death since the day she chose this profession.

Also, in the cursed lands, everyone helped each other during battles because they needed each other. But now, why would these people need her now that she was a good-for-nothing?

Sister Hong felt like laughing. It made her think of the past.

Relationships, be it love or friendship, were never truly selfless. Humans live to be "needed" by others. All kinds of close relationships were merely mutual exploitation of each other.

Her ex-boyfriend was a perfect example. He could sell her out for money alone, let alone for matters regarding life and death.

Sister Hong could not bear to experience being chosen over again. She had built a strong relationship with these people over the past few days. She would rather be the one to initiate leaving herself behind, rather than being kicked away by others, so she could still retain a good memory of the world before her death. She was free of complaint because she knew that leaving the injured person behind was the best chance the others had.

"You guys can't leave if I'm there to drag you down." She was straightforward and direct. "Don't waste time giving me that look, just dig a pit for me and bury me deeper. I don't want to be a snack for the desert monsters."
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    《Battle Frenzy》