Battle Frenzy
702 “Living“ in the Deser
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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702 “Living“ in the Deser

"You two should leave. My injury is also a bit problematic. I'm afraid it's too late. I'll stay here with Sister Hong. Come back for us if you guys are lucky enough to find someone." Reynolds, who had just sat up, felt that he had exhausted his Soul Sea and power. Even though his wounds were no cause for concern in normal times, but it was too difficult to move around with his condition in this environment, where food and water were scarce.

"Don't bother talking nonsense. If we leave, we leave together. Even if we die, we won't die alone," said Wang Zhong. He squatted directly in front of Sister Hong with a smile and motioned for her to get on his back. "I'll piggyback you. We will survive this. Also, the great entertainment industry is waiting for you to join them and relieve the Empire's citizens of their suffering!"

Sister Hong gritted her teeth as her eye circles turned red. What the hell? Over the years, she had long forgotten what it was like to cry. She didn't expect to meet such reliable brothers just before her soon-to-come death. She had always complained about God being unfair to her, but now she didn't need to anymore. To her, it would be worth it even if she died.

"Come, Reynolds. I'll hold you, even though I would rarely come into close contact with other men," said Gong Yi as he laughed.

A hint of happiness appeared on Reynolds's originally pained face. Although the environment was harsh, death was not enough to scare them.

Humans may be weak, but at certain times they can be the most powerful beings in the world.

Seeing that Reynolds could not hold on much longer, Sister Hong suddenly slapped Wang Zhong's perky buttocks. Only a faint slap could be heard due to her lack of energy. "What a sturdy butt. You seem like a virgin, I'll let you be the first member after I build my entertainment Empire!"

Wang Zhong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "I don't think that's necessary. My first time is very important. I haven't thought about…"

All four began to laugh, inserting a hint of "liveliness" into the originally deathly silent desert.


While there was laughter in the terrifying desert, there were several tight frowns in the so-called blessed lands, which were supposedly places everyone dreamt of going.

It was an extremely peaceful-looking haven. In the sky, there was a soft and bright sun, clean fresh air, and gorgeous rainbows that modern humans would never get the chance to see.

The ground was filled with grass, blooming flowers and a refreshing, cool breeze could be felt. It was like a paradise on earth. Thirty young men and women were on the grass patch. Some sat cross-legged, while others stood. They all had different postures, but there was a similarity between them — all of them were frowning.

Upon entering this place, everyone would enter their own world. The blessed lands were actually a place to help forge the Heroic Soul. The form of the Heroic Soul originated from the needs of the soul and spirit. It was linked to the main consciousness, but it was not easily controlled. Thus, the blessed lands were actually just to strengthen self-control so that the formed Heroic Soul would be as close as possible to its ideal state!

A good start is half the battle. Forging a satisfactory Heroic Soul was undoubtedly crucial to the long journey of increasing their Heroic Soul Stage. But no one could predict that Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen of the Mo Family would give up such a great opportunity. To be honest, even the other 10 Great Families could not fathom why they did it.

Perhaps geniuses could be wayward. However, it was impossible to find out who had the right idea right now. Only time would be able to tell.

Among the crowd, Scarlet was also one of them. The blessed lands and the cursed lands were completely opposite. Here, positive energy was flowing abundantly, rich in luck and various elements as well. This place was really extremely precious to those at the Casted Soul Stage.

Only this time, Scarlet was under tremendous pressure. Without Wang Zhong, Tianjing was no longer important. Furthermore, Scarlet was the weakest one amongst the rest. The blessed lands were not almighty. It didn't matter if one's foundation was weak, but if one had poor talent, it would be a total waste to come here.

Tianjing's victory had actually offended quite a handful of people. Although Grai was outstanding, he did not have absolute authority, unlike Wang Zhong. In addition, with his Blood Race bloodline, there was bound to be a certain estrangement from other people. Fortunately, Grai had a cold personality; thus, he was not affected by it. On the way here, Scarlet had actually sensed some malice. If it wasn't for Laura, who knows what could have happened?

In the eyes of outsiders, she was sitting cross-legged on the grass, eyes closed. But in Scarlet's inner world, what she felt was far more enriching than her calm external image… and much wilder.

She was in an ice world.

Towering black glaciers could be seen everywhere, while the ground was literally just thick layers of black ice — its thickness unknown. Black ice was also suspended from the sky hundreds of millions of miles away, exuding its unique, magnificent color and giving the sky the same "ice-y" color.

The whole world was literally ice.

That was indeed the situation in the beginning.

As an ice-attribute special ability user, ice should have been the most intimate element to her. But staying in such an environment made her feel unfamiliar, cold, and even afraid. The freezing cold radiated by the glaciers was hundreds of millions of times lower in temperature than what she could form, and the structure of the black ice also felt wholly unfamiliar to her.

It was unlike normal ice, at least unlike what she had ever imagined it could be. Ice was supposedly thin and brittle. Although her internal elements moved relatively calmly, they would eventually turn active. Otherwise, why was it said that the ice element could condense and scatter imperceptibly, interchanging between ice and water forms?

But here, Scarlet could only sense dead silence from the black ice, that was also the source of this terrifying cold. Not only was the ice element completely frozen, it seemingly aimed to freeze everything in the whole wide world, so that the world would return back to a tranquil state.

Scarlet's limbs could no longer move; the moment her consciousness entered this world, it got completely frozen. It even felt like her blood was no longer flowing and her heart had stopped beating. All her body functions seemed to have condensed into ice in that terrifying, freezing-cold world.

The only thing that remained active was her mind and consciousness.

The temperature was like absolute zero.

Scarlet had heard of similar legends before. That was the true limit of the ice attribute special ability, it was 273.15 degrees below zero. Even steel, meteorites, and other elements — such as flames and light — would be frozen in that terrifying, freezing-cold place.

Most people appeared happy as they were controlling their own state of happiness. That was due to everyone being powerful enough, but also stemming from having made sufficient preparation beforehand — such as taking drugs to enhance their mental state and sensitivity; although there might be repercussions, it was nothing if they could forge a powerful Heroic Soul.

On the other hand, Scarlet was expressionless. Some of the others had already finished forging their Heroic Souls and left the dimension. This was a very magical place: when someone achieved his goal, his body would automatically leave. Everyone was in a good state and all kinds of Soul Power radiated with strength and excitement. Under the blessings from their surroundings, everyone became stronger. On the contrary, Scarlet became weaker and weaker instead.

Here, no one could help another, and no one would intervene.

Dimensional Blessed Lands were not all-powerful; its power was relative to one's ability. The reason for opening the place to only the most talented was that the effects would be counterproductive for anyone with low ability. With too strong of a boost, it would be similar to the action of pulling up seedlings to help them grow.
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    《Battle Frenzy》