Battle Frenzy
704 Wang Zhong, Where“s My Cola
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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704 Wang Zhong, Where“s My Cola

Occasionally, a handful of plants could still be seen in the desert — for example, the cactus, aloe vera, the centennial orchid, the ammopiptanthus mongolicus, etc. Gong Yi knew how to get water from the desert sand. He would dig downwards, following the rhizomes of these plants and would often succeed in digging up wet sand. He would then wrap the wet sand with a thin cloth, squeeze for water immediately or hang them up at night, to get water the next day.

But even so, that meager amount of water was definitely insufficient for four people. In fact, Gong Yi had already drunk his own urine, but soon his body was so dehydrated that urine could no longer be produced.

This was extremely terrifying. The human body produces a lot of toxins every day, and almost all of them are excreted through urine, but now, even their kidneys were about to stop working.

Everyone tried to think of various methods to leave. Wang Zhong even attempted to enter the Fifth Dimension many times, but what could be easily done in Tianjing was next to impossible here. It might have been due to being too far away from that spatial coordinate in Tianjing, but Wang Zhong was unclear about the specific reason. He began to slowly fall into despair.

Gong Yi racked his brains as well. However, the problem was that being in such a terrible place made him feel that brute strength was more useful than brains. After all, the whole world was deathly silent and had nothing else other than yellow sand.

Sister Hong grew weaker and weaker as the collapse of her Soul Sea not only caused the loss of Soul Power but also expended her energy greatly. She eventually passed out; after all, she had already been in a dazed state for three days. Only when Wang Zhong or the others gave her a little water, then she would instinctively respond with an "mm".

The second to collapse was Gong Yi, probably because he had already started to feel ill a few days ago. He had a high fever on the night of his collapse, and his temperature was around 42 degrees according to Wang Zhong's assessment by hand.

New Humans generally do not get sick, let alone Heroic Soul Soldiers. But once such a person fell ill, his condition would usually be very serious. Gong Yi was a perfect example — with his high fever reaching almost 45 degrees, making his forehead hot to the touch. If he was a common person, his internal organs probably would have already been cooked.

Thus, Wang Zhong piggybacked Sister Hong, while Reynolds piggybacked Gong Yi. The four silhouettes in the desert were reduced to three, and then two. Reynolds was initially seriously injured, but as one who often walked on the edge between life and death, he had an unusually fast recovery time. Reynolds had managed to escape death — in an almost miraculous manner — several times after getting chased by enemies, showing his strong physical recovery speed. This was not even his most critical situation, as there were people around him at the very least; thus, he could still hang on even after Gong Yi's collapse.

Everyone stopped speaking to each other as that would just waste energy. However, they could still sense each other, they would not give up. Maybe, just maybe, when one of them was about to give up, he would regain determination once they stopped to look at the already passed out Sister Hong and Gong Yi. Several cracks can be seen on both of their lips which were covered in sand. The sun also appeared to be mocking human ignorance and vulnerability.

They assumed that there would be a new life waiting for them after escaping the cursed lands, but were they going to die here instead?

Reynolds and Wang Zhong were the kind of people who had extreme perseverance. They had to piggyback two people, hunt for food, search for water, and continue on with the journey, bracing themselves throughout this ordeal.

But the human body has its limits. How long could they last?

Sister Hong and Gong Yi's situation was sometimes good and sometimes bad. If they could find water for the two of them, although they would still be groggy, they would sober up a little. They would then say a few words before passing out again, losing consciousness most of the time.

"Just leave." That was Sister Hong's last words before she fell into a coma.

As for Gong Yi, he gave Wang Zhong a small button and it obviously contained all his secrets. His last look seemed to say that he had won and that those bunch of bastards shouldn't be let off that easily.

Wang Zhong and Reynolds had no reaction. At this time, it was no longer an issue of whether to leave Sister Hong and Gong Yi behind. If they were to leave, they would be giving up on themselves, and that urge had been with them since long ago.

There seemed to be an abundance of yellow sand. The desert was boundless, as though one could never walk to its end. Wang Zhong was the only one left with a little bit of strength. During this period, he had cut off communications with Simba. Simba also knew not to talk because he knew that Wang Zhong would only collapse faster if he did, especially since Wang Zhong was almost out of energy.

Wang Zhong did not give up. He did not want to give up either. If he died here, wouldn't that be granting the wishes of the Gui and Zhao Families? Furthermore, Scarlet and Ma Dong were still waiting for him to return.


That was the sound of someone falling behind him. Reynolds had collapsed. He was not going to make it either. Only Wang Zhong was left in that seemingly boundless world, and still, there was no end in sight in that desert of despair.

Panting heavily, Wang Zhong sat down and stared into space for quite some time. Time no longer had any meaning and the scorching sun continued to emit heat tirelessly.

Wang Zhong's movements were extremely slow then. He had compressed his Soul Power to a minimum, trying to stay conscious and retain his judgment. Wang Zhong slowly tied the other three's clothes together. This simple action took him half an hour before he struggled to stand up, dragging them along slowly across the desert…

As he continued walking, Wang Zhong was only left with instinctual, mechanical movements. He grew slower and slower and his body began to shake. It seemed he was not as strong as he thought.

His body began to falter, but the strap on his body remained tightly gripped. Wang Zhong eventually saw a hallucination before him. It looked like someone was walking over in the distance. Was it all a mirage?

Why would anyone be walking here in the desert? Wang Zhong's vision started to blur, and he gradually lost consciousness. At the last moment, he seemed to have heard someone speak to him. "Wang Zhong… Did you bring Cola?"
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    《Battle Frenzy》