Battle Frenzy
705 Holy Disciples
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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705 Holy Disciples

A massive mirror portal stood in front of them. This was the entrance to the Dimensional Blessed Lands. The Federation had used a locating crystal to find its spatial coordinates. At the same time, a few youngsters laid unconscious by the portal, their limp bodies sprawled across the ground.

Gigantic and oddly-shaped celestial bodies were visible in the sky here; some even felt considerably close to the ground, appearing at the end of the horizon. It was as if one could hop right onto that planet if one took a big enough leap.

Other than the huge mirror portal, there was only silence and barren land around them. The Fifth Dimension was too vast and endless; such desolate places were almost too common.

These few youngsters had fainted for God knows how long. Suddenly, a ray of light lit up the place, and a man with a silvery glow surrounding him advanced toward them.

He did not move at a fast pace; however, the length of his strides was shockingly long, as if he was walking on air. He was merely a small dot from afar, but it only took him 30 seconds to cross several miles, arriving in front of the mirror portal.

He was dressed in an ironed military uniform similar to that of the Federation's, except there wasn't a Federation military badge on his chest, only a silvery shadow of a figure. It was an odd imprint. Upon a closer look, the figure appeared to be seated, but it also seemed to be moving at times.

He walked to the mirror portal and glanced at the unconscious youngsters on the ground, a trace of pity in his eyes. "It wasn't easy for us to send them up, yet so many have been eliminated."

"Senior Brother Zhao, this is already considered good." A gentle and delicate voice rang at his side. "I heard that the Earth had sent over 30 people here, and so far, only four or five have been eliminated. The quality is better this time around. Have mercy on them later, senior brother."

Zhao Kunlun turned to see a girl beside him, with dimension power fluctuating around her. It was a very small change that could only be sensed by an expert like Zhao Kunlun. The girl had obviously just arrived in this dimensional space not long ago.

This girl was extremely beautiful, dressed like an aristocrat from the olden days. Her lacy low-cut outfit that emphasized her thin waist showed off her curves. She looked incredibly sexy. However, her face looked very innocent and unseductive at the least, as if she were a holy priestess from the fairy realm, making others respect her. In addition, the silvery glow surrounding her gave off an elegant and refined aura.

Sexy and innocent at the same time, this paradox complemented her even more, not seeming abrupt on her at all. She had the face of a goddess and the body of a supermodel.

Zhao Kunlun chuckled and nodded at the girl. Before he could speak, both of them felt a vigorous force of power heading toward their direction from the sky, and a burly figure fell from there at the next moment, like a meteorite hitting the ground.


Despite the unique geology of the Fifth Dimension, a large part of the ground sunk in, whipping up several dust clouds.

"Boors!" Zhao Kunlun grinned, radiating a blast of Soul Power from his body, dispelling the dust clouds around him immediately.

Helen merely smiled and raised her left hand: a crystal-clear, energy-ripple mirror formed in front of her, seemingly opening a portal into the void. All the vigorous dust clouds entered the mirror and disappeared.

Once the dust settled, a gigantic figure with a sturdy build appeared in front of them.

This giant stood more than three meters tall, emitting a golden glow around him. However, he was not a Heavenly Soul Stage expert. If one looked closely, one would realize that the golden glow only came from certain parts of his body, such as his left forearm, right hand, left thigh, right chest and foot, and so on. Even his two eyeballs were made of golden 'metal.'

But these did not seem like ordinary mechanical alterations, as those golden body parts retained the shape of muscles and were different from cold and stiff metal, having substantial flexibility. They were able to mimic the slightest muscle movements and changes, similar to that of biological muscles. Other than the unique color that showed it was made of metal, it was no different from a normal body.

The burly man had clearly heard what Zhao Kunlun said and laughed, not taking offense. "Zhao Kunlun, you are still such a sissy. Junior Sister Helen, hit me up if you need someone to 'help' you with your cultivation."

Helen gave a faint smile and did not take offense against his lewd choice of words. "Senior Brother Russell, we cultivate in different ways. That would not benefit us."

The huge figure, Russell, shrugged and toned down the golden glow around his body. "I see you haven't changed at all. Need someone to teach you a lesson?" Zhao Kunlun frowned.

"I'm bored anyway, let's see whether you damned academy people have improved." Russell curled his lips nonchalantly.

"Senior brothers, it would be better for you to settle your matter in the Holy Land. We shouldn't act recklessly since we are on a mission." Helen smiled. "It is hard to find easy jobs that have generous remuneration. We might not get another chance like this again if we ruin it."

Zhao Kunlun and Russell knew better than to act thoughtlessly in this situation. They had always been at loggerheads with each other; the tension between two elites of the same generation inevitable.

Three of them came from the Holy Land but had different methods of cultivation. They represented the three supreme forces — the Tyrants, the Mystic Sect, and the Sparta Clan. They came here to guide the Holy Disciples who were gifted enough to go to the Holy Land.

The Holy Land had always been superior above all. Most humans that were Heavenly Soul Stage experts would choose to cultivate in the Holy Land, and only those who have not overcome the life and death barrier would go back to Earth to retire. Although the Federation and 10 Great Families were inextricably linked, it would be naive to say that the 10 Great Families had influence over this place. They had no control over the Tyrants and the Mystic Sect, but it was hard to say for the Sparta Clan since many of its disciples were from the 10 Great Families.

However, one would have a different mindset and vision once one reached this level of power. Both parties had a tacit agreement that the Holy Land would not intervene in the internal disputes of the Federation; however, the Holy Land would ensure the safety of the Federation since it was the foundation for humanity.

The Federation could only dream about having influence over the Holy Land since this was a world where absolute power leads and had its own set of rules. Those experts who had attained a certain level of power pursued goals different from that of the Federation, and the only commonality would be that they were all human beings; this could not be put aside no matter what level of power they reached as the reproduction and development of the human race had to be ensured.

If these young talents picked from Earth were able to pass the Dimensional Blessed Lands's test and cast a brilliant Heroic Soul, they would then obtain the right to enter the Holy Land. However, this was the most basic barrier to cross, as once they entered the Holy Lands — even if they were the descendants of the 10 Great Families — they would just be an ordinary student there. If there were exceptionally outstanding students, the three supreme forces would compete to accept them as their disciples. Thus, it was important for them to send their people to select and gain firsthand information regarding outstanding talents. It was the norm for disciples from the Tyrants, the Mystic Sect and the Sparta Clan to get a head start in selecting talents under the name of guiding them; although the disciples are not the ones who make the final decision.

The three of them ignored the unconscious youngsters at the door of the Dimensional Blessed Lands. To them, those who were eliminated were as weak as ants and would be sent back to Earth by the military.

"I heard that there are quite a few outstanding potential talents in this cohort. Hope they don't disappoint." Russell sat on the ground, playing with the two small golden balls at his fingertips that appeared out of the blue.

"They said the same thing about the previous cohorts too. In comparison, I feel that the newbies from the Empire are more worth looking forward to." Helen's eyes glinted with an unknown emotion.

"Don't tell me you got your eye on that little boy, Solomon. I heard that the teachers from the Mystic Sect treat him as their prized object. Hope his power is comparable to his looks." Russell laughed.

"The teachers have said that regardless of whether they are from the Empire or the Federation, they are all humans in the Holy Land," Zhao Kunlun said.

"Don't be such a goody-two-shoes. There's no one else here anyway. No need to put up a front. I heard that there are two super newbies in this cohort. One didn't want to come while the other was banished. Were you guys behind this?" Although Russell had a sturdy build, he was not simple-minded. No matter what they practiced, those living in the Holy Land could not survive without brains.
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    《Battle Frenzy》