Battle Frenzy
706 The Core of the Problem
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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706 The Core of the Problem

"Russell, watch what you speak. The Federation has its own way of dealing with things. They don't need to report to you. Besides, that was just a trial for him. If he couldn't pull through this minor setback, he would never amount to much. As for that one from the Mo Family, forget it. He thinks he's a prodigy but, in reality, he's a person with limited vision," Zhao Kunlun said coldly.

"Haha, I agree with you. The most interesting segment every year is teaching the newbies how they should act." Russell laughed. It was not hard to tell that no matter which force they joined, it would not be an easy process for the newbies. That was why, most of the time, aristocratic family members were more willing to join the Sparta Clan since there were others from their own family there that could help them. Although it ultimately depended on the disciple's power, it was natural for people to take care of the people they were related to.

"This might not be the case for all. Cultivating by yourself without joining a clan has its own benefits too. Maybe they'll really be able to find their destiny," Helen responded. There was some truth to her words, as most people in the Holy Land came from the Federation. As relations between the Empire and the Holy Land improved these past few years, teachers and seniors from the three supreme forces would travel the Empire and bring back talented disciples; thus, the disciples would not be differentiated by their backgrounds. In this process, many top experts were found in the three great empires, and it was truly amazing how they wielded their incredible power. Of course, on the whole, this still could not be compared to the Holy Land.

The Federation and the Holy Land were not scary because of the top-notch power they wielded, but rather the quantity and scale of the power they possessed.

The three of them chatted casually. Zhao Kunlun was a tad arrogant. Although he wasn't the best when he was in the Federation, his potential exploded after he got into the Holy Land, and he swiftly rose up the ranks. Helen was the daughter of a rich businessman, while Russell was a commoner. It was obvious that Russell was interested in Helen, but it was also obvious that Helen did not share that feeling.

The Mystic Sect focused on psychological and spiritual cultivation, and while soul mates did indeed exist — who would also be one's cultivation partner — she would never find someone like Russell to do it with. Although he did possess combat power, this would be of no use to her.

After around 10 minutes, a military vehicle belonging to the Federation Armed Forces sped toward them and stopped a few hundred meters before the trio.

An army official donning a colonel insignia came out of the vehicle first, followed by several soldiers jogging towards the trio. Once the colonel saw what the trio was wearing, he was struck with admiration and saluted them. "The Federation wilderness battalion's 7th Regiment Armed Forces Camp Colonel Zhang Han reporting, at your command!"

Russell and Zhao Kunlun merely glanced at him and ignored him, while Helen smiled and nodded. "Bring those who have been eliminated to the side and wait for backup to arrive. We need some space here alone."

The colonel stood bolt upright and saluted them. With his soldiers, they carried the eliminated youngsters to the military vehicle and stood there, not daring to bother the trio.

Just like that, they waited for another 30 minutes or more, when the mirror portal suddenly gleamed.

This alerted the trio who was chatting casually. "Someone came."

How much one benefitted from the Dimensional Blessed Lands had no correlation with the amount of time spent inside, as everyone gained different insights inside. Some may take a very long time, while others may only need a mere two or three hours. Of course, there were also those who were completely lost in the laws of the mirror world, losing their consciousness and, as a result, were 'spit' out by the Dimensional Blessed Lands: the eliminated ones…

In the Dimensional Blessed Lands this moment, most people have come around.

Extraordinary! No wonder this was a place coveted by many to cast their Dharma Idols. It targeted your mind and brought out the essence buried deep down inside you, guiding you to understand yourself. Those who got the chance to come here were the cream of the crop and had reached the maximum point of the Casted Soul Stage a long time ago. Guided not only by Soul Power but also by the accumulation of other aspects, such as one's level, it was honestly not hard to cast a Dharma Idol under these circumstances. Those who were eliminated earlier were just too unlucky. Some people had great ambitions that they did not have the power to keep up with and, as a result, created illusory worlds that were terrifying: that kind of Dharma Idol was beyond their ability.

In a nutshell, the most suitable was the best, instead of the strongest.

Sharmie opened her eyes slowly. She had casted her Dharma Idol. In the Soul Sea world, an enormous artillery weapon appeared. Frankly, Sharmie always thought that if she casted her Dharma Idol, it would be a humanoid shape or consciousness related to the fire attribute. However, in essence, her personality craved sweet revenge, and this violent Dharma Idol came from her innermost trait.

Although the weapon-type appeared to be low-level, it was hard to estimate its actual combat power. This was just a start, and a suitable one would definitely be best.

In conclusion, Sharmie was satisfied to feel the power of the Dharma Idol, and, as for the Heavenly Soul Stage or whatnot, she honestly had not planned that far ahead.

On the other hand, Laura had just ended too. Time in the illusory world was not the same as time in reality; the difference was pretty extreme. A few days in the illusory world would translate to merely a few minutes in reality.

Behind Laura, a huge humanoid shadow was dissipating. She did not show off but instead chose to hide her Dharma Idol; nonetheless, Sharmie saw it anyway and was stunned by it. The fact that it was a humanoid Dharma Idol was not why. She did not believe that humanoid Dharma Idols were necessarily stronger than weapon-type Dharma Idols, but the issue was, the humanoid one looked way better than her weapon!

Before that humanoid Dharma Idol disappeared, it floated in the air for a while, its golden hair flying in the wind, making her look like a goddess in the center of a storm. The most detestable thing was, this storm goddess had larger breasts than her! Her outfit was fairly revealing: the sight making even women blush. No wonder Laura rushed to conceal her Dharma Idol; this thought made Sharmie laugh out loud.

After finishing their reflection, individual bodies were not allowed to remain in this space. Sharmie and Laura both felt a force pushing them out from the Dimensional Blessed Lands. Every person who came out of it would inevitably reveal their Dharma Idol, and although Zhao Kunlun and company were expressionless, they were observing intently in fact. They were shocked that the quality of this group was truly outstanding, but it was still within a range that they had control over.

Be it humanoid or weapon-type idols, these "little kids" were still at a low level and did not know the key to the essence.
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    《Battle Frenzy》