Battle Frenzy
707 A New Life
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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707 A New Life

At this point in time, many people had come out. Gui Xinying, Mario, Zhao Yilong, Bobo Torrest and others who were closer all gathered to talk about their reflections in the Dimensional Blessed Lands. Everyone was excited. Other than the few who fainted at first and were eliminated, the rest had gained much and casted their Heroic Soul and Dharma Idol.

Everyone had a different aura now, compared to before they went in. Although unlike Mo Wen and Wang Zhong's extreme Dharma Idols of a higher level, everyone managed to break through the Heroic Soul Stage and had a silvery glow surrounding their bodies. One could feel the power radiating from their bodies with just a glance; it was vastly different from ordinary soldiers with 200 Grassos of Soul Power and who had just cast their Heroic Soul. This group had casted their Dharma Idol and Heroic Soul, and they had an average of 500 Grassos of Soul Power. There was no difference between casting their Heroic Soul earlier or later since one would improve more if one accumulated more power.

Most importantly, power brought confidence. CHF was a thing of the past, and now, a new era was beginning!

Everyone noticed the three Holy Ambassadors standing across from them. They had learned about the trio's identities from their families or the Federation Parliament; they knew that these were the guides to lead everyone to the Holy Land. Even so, because of the trio showing a superior and cold attitude, no one was willing to swallow their pride, especially after they had just cast their Heroic Soul.

The trio was not anxious at all. Honestly, they did not treat them as threats. It was one thing to be talented, but it also depended on luck to be able to reach a level that could threaten them. Not everyone could reach this level before they died. Although this young bunch had concealed their Dharma Idols, the trio could see past it since the Dharma Idols were just freshly casted and left a light shadow on their owners.

"These girls are not bad." Russell's eyes glinted with interest. There were too few girls in the Tyrants. Even the Heavenly Soul Stage teachers had mocked them: if they followed the Tyrants' way of cultivation, no girls would fancy them unless they had a twisted mind.

Zhao Kunlun and Helen stared at this young bunch intently, with two people catching their eyes. One had used a black veil to cover her face and stood at the side alone after coming out. According to the records, she was the little girl Gui Xinying from the Gui Family. Her Dharma Idol was a silhouette that took the form of a non-entity somewhat resembling spatial laws. The other just came out having a floating storm goddess as her Dharma Idol, Laura of the Potter clan.

These two were not bad at all. Although Laura's Dharma Idol was slightly inferior to that of Gui Xinying's, it was still quite impressive. Zhao Kunlun had confidence since the Sparta Clan was normally the first choice to members of the 10 Great Families.

The mirror portal glimmered again. This time, Napier Mo came out, flashily dressed with clown makeup on his face. He was laughing merrily and did not keep his Dharma Idol hidden like the others. It was a clown that looked exactly like him. When both Dharma Idol and his own body stood together, it was nearly impossible to tell who was who as both shared the same appearance, facial expressions, and both were materialized.

"This one is interesting." Zhao Kunlun smiled. To be able to materialize his Dharma Idol to this extent, this person was truly one of a kind.

"To be able to materialize a Dharma Idol fully is a rare occurrence indeed." Russell nodded. However, these were not the special traits looked for by the Tyrants. Rather, Zhao Yilong was satisfactory, although his talent paled in comparison.

"A spiritual talent. I would consider this middle-upper level." Helen from the Mystic Sect was interested. Though the Sparta Clan won in numbers among the three supreme forces, it was hard to determine which force possessed the most power; therefore, they had to select their talents carefully.

More and more people came out after the appearance of Napier Mo as if this was the typical timing for most to end their reflection.

There were people who were more flamboyant and did not conceal their Dharma Idols immediately, though most chose to have a low profile. Nevertheless, the trio could easily see the others' Dharma Idols. They originally thought that it was rare to find a few talents such as Gui Xinying or Laura, but they unexpectedly found more budding talents after that.

The first to catch their attention was Grai. His Dharma Idol was a young man wearing a tuxedo who looked like a gentleman. Most people would see it as an average humanoid Dharma Idol; however, Russell could tell with one glance that it was a baron of Blood Race descent!

The blood tattoos across its forehead were very important to a Dharma Idol that had a distinct bloodline. They often held astonishing and unique power, and this was very suitable for training the Tyrants' way. This discovery excited Russell.

The second talent would be Carolyn, descendant of Stuart City. The union of her spirit and radiant talent, her Dharma Idol was a Goddess of Light that also radiated terror and fear. It wore golden heavy armor and held a giant shield that was as tall as a person in one hand, and a large golden sword in the other. In the world of Dharma Idols, those who had any connection to gods were considered extraordinary, and in addition, spiritual talent was exclusive to the Mystic Sect.

Undeniably, the Stuarts were the No. 1 family for good reason. They had a certain degree of influence over the Mystic Sect, as they had started to spread out their investments when other families were concentrating their efforts on the Sparta Clan. It was only in recent years that the other families changed their methods of cultivation, such as Laura's brother.

The other person that the trio showed interest in was Vladimir from the Vasilyevich Family. His Dharma Idol was an ice dragon, but to be honest, that was still considered average.

What piqued the trio's interest was the tattoo on the ice dragon's forehead. It had unusually strong law power fluctuations and was formed naturally.

"Congratulations, Carolyn. A warrior goddess for a Dharma Idol is exceedingly rare even in the Holy Land." Vladimir walked toward Carolyn, a faint smile on the ice prince's face. He was still confident while complimenting her as he could feel that his ice dragon Dharma Idol was abnormally strong and would not lose out to Carolyn's warrior goddess.

"I have heard from the elders of my family that the standards of the Holy Land are very different from Earth. Our knowledge of Dharma Idols might be flawed. It's a pity that all knowledge about the Holy Land is strictly confidential. Even the family elders would not take the risk to divulge anything." Carolyn did not show any smugness on her face and glanced toward the three Holy Ambassadors instead. "See, they are not alarmed by us at all."

"Those from the Holy Land have always been very mysterious." Vladimir chuckled. "But that also makes them seem pretentious."

Although they were descendants of the 10 Great Families, they did not know much about the Holy Land; it was just that Vladimir did not want to belittle himself. All of them came from the same roots, even if he was weaker than them now, he would surely surpass everyone here in the future!
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    《Battle Frenzy》