Battle Frenzy
710 Vying for the Same Thing
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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710 Vying for the Same Thing

Frankly, Helen, Zhao Kunlun, and Russell from the Tyrants all knew that the multi-decadal competition between the three supreme forces was about to start. Even though it had nothing to do with them, but if they performed well and eventually aided their own force in recruiting this person, they would be considered to have done a deed of merit. In the Holy Land, which was fair in meting out rewards or punishments, their merit represented more resources, more approvals from teachers, and more opportunities!

There was a wide smile on Zhao Kunlun's face as held out his hand to Scarlet like a gentleman, completely different from the cold expression he had when he met Gui Hao and the others just now. "Hello, Junior Sister Scarlet. I'm Zhao Kunlun from the Sparta Clan. I've come to lead you to the Holy Land, the Sparta Clan–"

Before he could finish speaking, Helen had already slapped his hand away. "How rude can you be? Don't you know that there should be a prudent reserve between the sexes? How could you just randomly stick your hand at cute younger girls?"

Helen had already hooked her arm around Scarlet's arms as she introduced herself. "Little Sister Scarlet, my name is Helen. I should be a few years older than you. You can call me Sister Helen. Us girls should have many things to chat about."

Russell could hardly wait to join in. He was not picky with his words. He was the type to speak directly, as compared to the other two compelling speakers. "I am Russell from the Tyrants, Junior Sister Scarlet! I sincerely welcome you to join us on behalf of the Tyrants. We would definitely provide new members like yourself with the best welfare! Also, we will always side with our own. If anyone bullies you or even when you want to bully someone, I will help you wallop the person!"

"Good sister, don't listen to his bullshit," said Helen as she shot a glare at him. "All of the Tyrants are psychologically perverted. They try to remake themselves all the time, making them look weird. He still has the cheek to claim that their training is relatively easier? Look at his glittering golden body. That's all mutated gold. He will become a monster next time."

"Are you tired of living? This is precious Bio-gold from the Golden Dimension. It represents a more advanced life form. Don't talk nonsense if you are out of your league!" Russell was furious, but he didn't seem to want to leave a bad impression of himself in front of Scarlet.

"Cough, you two…," Zhao Kunlun finally spoke and interrupted Russell. "Don't try to mislead Junior Sister Scarlet. No matter what, I think the Sparta Clan is the most suitable for Scarlet. It must be noted that Heroic Soul Schools in the Federation has actually copied us to a large extent. You will be well looked after if you join us, and there will be no inconvenience in your life."

Helen scoffed, Russell shot a glare, and the three of them began to squabble all of a sudden. They argued for their own clan as their face turned crimson with anger, as though they were about to fight to prove their strength.

The three of them got into a hot dispute, totally ignoring the presence of others. Laura, Grai, Sharmie, Carolyn, Vladimir, Gui Hao and the rest watched with their mouths gaped wide open.

What was happening? Was that the treatment the lousiest person here deserved?

What the hell was this? What Dharma Idol did Scarlet forge? How come it could make the three arrogant Holy Disciples squabble as if they had lost their discipline and dignity?

Having forged her Heroic Soul, Scarlet seemed a little different from before. There was a calmness in her gentle but firm eyes. "Thank you. I think I will make the most suitable choice after I better understand the situation."

She walked towards Laura, Grai, Sharmie and the others as she replied to the three. Honestly, the rest could not tell what was so formidable about Scarlet as they sensed that her aura was only ordinary. However, they were all happy for Scarlet's success in forging her Heroic Soul; after all, she had the lowest success probability out of everyone.

Gui Hao and the others frowned instead as they sensed Scarlet's strength. It truly seemed to be average. Although they weren't sure of the exact might, how strong could she be with such weak fundamentals?

Even if she was lucky, the three Holy Disciples absolutely had no need to behave so shamelessly.

Even Carolyn, Vladimir and the others felt a little baffled. The three probably acted that way on purpose, but no one knew their motive.

Zhao Kunlun already couldn't wait to take out a badge of unknown material from his pockets. He infused Soul Power into it, activating the rune array on the badge, and it began to instantly enlarge.


The space in front of him cracked opened all of a sudden, and the inside glittered with golden light. It was as though a beautiful voice could be heard, and a huge channel appeared.

There was no doubt that this was the Holy Land's transmission channel, which could directly lead to the Holy Land. If such a superb item was available in the Federation, chaos would definitely ensue as everyone would rush to snatch it up. However, in the Holy Land, every official Holy Disciple could have one of these.

That was the disparity between different squadrons.

The three led Scarlet inside attentively, totally ignoring the confused 'audience' in the back. If Scarlet hadn't turned back to call Laura, Grai and the others, those three would have probably forgotten about them completely.

"Follow us and keep up!" Zhao Kunlun finally remembered to call the rest amidst his 'busy schedule.' With a look of unhappiness, he shouted at them. "Why are all of you still standing there? Do you expect me to carry you in?"


Wang Zhong had a very freaky dream; it was long and exhausting. He could not remember exactly what had happened in the dream, but he felt as though a century had passed.

As he regained consciousness gradually, he slowly began to feel the soreness and swelling of his body. He finally opened his eyes.

A dark silhouette came into view, who appeared to be really dark-skinned. He smiled at Wang Zhong, revealing his sparkly white teeth, and it contrasted deeply with that dark skin. "You're finally awake Wang Zhong. Are you hungry?"

Wang Zhong remained dazed for a short while before his mind recovered. "Mu Zi, how are you here?"

That black man in front of him was Mu Zi. This was the first time they have met in the real world. Mu Zi seemed to be taller and bulkier than he was in the Fifth Dimension, and naturally, darker as well.

That man and the bald head he saw in the desert before passing out was Mu Zi. He had saved everyone.

"Where are the others?"

He was in a small, dome-shaped tent. Although the conditions weren't considered superior, it still contained the essentials. It not only had a small bed, which he was lying on, there was also a small table and a set of chairs next to him. There were even several inferior oil paintings with indistinguishable contents hung up as decoration.

"I've set your friends up in the camp next to you. They are all fine. The girl's injuries were a little more serious, but I have already treated them. The rest even woke up before you," said Mu Zi, with a smile.

"Where are we?" Wang Zhong held his forehead and attempted to stand up, but he felt weak.

"We are in Katchirda Village, an oasis in the desert. Rest assured, you will be safe here. The people here are very friendly." It was obvious that Mu Zi was elated. He wanted to help Wang Zhong up at first, but he eventually resisted.

Fortunately, Wang Zhong quickly stood up by himself. Although he was the last to wake up, Wang Zhong's physical recovery ability was much better than others. Wang Zhong had also captured this detail; and he could not help but take a closer look at Mu Zi.

"You seem to have changed drastically."

Honestly, after experiencing CHF, Wang Zhong's sight and perception ability was no longer the same. Originally, he only thought that Mu Zi was powerful. Although Mu Zi killed thousands of mummies on his own in the pyramid of the S-rank secret realm, the only thing that seemed strange at that time was his 'coffin,' not Mu Zi himself. But now, Wang Zhong felt a little shocked and astonished. At this moment, what he saw was a kind of immeasurable strength emitting from Mu Zi. It was not only because of his enhanced sight, but also due to Mu Zi having matured at an even faster speed than himself. However, his appearance had not changed; he was still carrying that coffin even in the tent, exactly like before.

"I've had a bit of enlightenment recently, but it's a far cry from Aiolos," said Mu Zi as he scratched his head in embarrassment.

Wang Zhong rolled his eyes after hearing that statement. Those two fellows were really spoiling the market!

Simba, who had been silent for a long time, had already started to shout in his Soul Sea. "It's baldy! Wang Zhong, let me out. It's time to take back my number one mount from him!"

"Simba says hello." Wang Zhong smiled, but he did not plan to let Simba out. "This time there isn't any Cola for you."

"Remember to bring two cans for me next time," said Mu Zi as he smiled.

"Wang Zhong!"

"Wang Zhong's awake?"

The tent suddenly opened from the outside during their conversation, and several heads popped in at the same time. They were Gong Yi, Sister Hong and Reynolds. The three of them were also wrapped in bandages, looking like 'mummies.' Additionally, Gong Yi was also holding a walking stick. Even so, all of them appeared to be thrilled as they rushed to enter the tent.
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    《Battle Frenzy》