Battle Frenzy
721 A Visual Angle in the Holy Land
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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721 A Visual Angle in the Holy Land

Of course, it was more important to consider which area he needed to improve on. Strengthening his Soul and Spirit were not what Wang Zhong focused on over this period of time. His body was not strong enough and the Tyrants could help him improve in this area. Although he did not like the idea of transforming his body, but the Tyrants definitely had other ways to help him strengthen it.

One had to make up for wherever one was weak in. It was a simple reasoning, but it definitely contained truth. Sometimes, it was not necessary to blindly pursue the ultimate goal. Cultivation was a long journey. One could not just focus on quick success. The best would be to emphasize balance and let nature take its course.

It was suitable for him to join the Tyrants as they mostly focused on the concept of physical cultivation. Although some extreme methods of improving the physical body sounded terrifying, members would be able to choose their own methods. At the same time, one would be able to derive the essence of the concept of physical cultivation, which would definitely greatly help him on the road of cultivation.

It was a long journey from the Inca Ganges River to the Katchirda Village. Even if Wang Zhong halted his cultivation process and focused fully on traveling with Molton, it would still take around 10 days or so.

His originally lonely and silent journey was filled with all kinds of marvels and discussions after he met Molton. It didn't take long before they began to chat with each other without reserve. Wang Zhong was most concerned about the Holy Land, while Molton was most concerned about Wang Zhong's attitude toward Laura. He had previously found out from his family's old man that this little young man might actually become his brother-in-law. After hanging out with him, Molton realized that Wang Zhong was rather to his liking. Additionally, Wang Zhong also did not intend to pester his sister. Frankly, Molton admired Wang Zhong's character, but he was very dissatisfied with Wang Zhong's power.

CHF? That shit was nothing. The key was to look at one's Dharma Idol.

Molton felt a little worried as he recalled how Laura sobbed when she contacted him via the Skylink. He suspected that his sister was indulging in her own wishful thinking.

Fortunately, that little bit of unhappiness did not affect the rapid establishment of a revolutionary friendship between the two. Molton had always admired people who were obsessed with cultivation because he was such a person himself. Therefore, two fast-paced travelers who could not stop chattering could be spotted in the vast desert as they hurried toward the direction of Katchirda Village, which was situated in the south.


Cultivation in the Holy Land had already begun. Everyone was trying their best to understand the differences between the three supreme forces as much as possible via their own resources and channels. Actually, the advice given by seniors was more important.

The selection of forces was a very serious process. Not only did the students need to make their own judgments and choices, the major forces and teachers would also be observing and allocating scores to the freshmen and then compete for the best among them.

This process had already almost come to an end now. In fact, most people had already made their decision in their minds after taking more than half a month to learn and understand more about the respective forces. Naturally, such decisions were not to be announced publicly. There was only one exception, and it was Scarlet.

It was said that Scarlet caused a great stir once she entered the Holy Land. The teachers were excited, but they knew that they were out of their league if they tried to fight for someone like Scarlet. An 8-star Great Teacher extended an olive branch to Scarlet and took her under his wing even before she obtained the qualifications of a Holy Disciple.

These sorts of things rarely happened in the Holy Land; it usually only happened once or twice in a decade. Most students had to follow a specific path: Holy Apprentice, Holy Disciple, Successor Disciple. Only when one's Dharma Idol showed incredible potential, could one enjoy such privileged treatment.

Becoming a Successor Disciple directly was definitely like reaching the heavens in a single bound. What made it even more enviable was that it was an 8-star Great Teacher who took her in! Even in the all-powerful Holy Land, an 8-star Great Teacher was already at the upper level of the hierarchy.

The teachers were usually elites at the Peak Heroic Soul Stage. They were responsible for imparting some basic cultivation directions for Holy Apprentices and Holy Disciples. At the same time, their teacher's identity would also bring great benefits to them in terms of helping them break through to the Heavenly Soul Stage in order to become a Great Teacher. The basic requirement to becoming a Great Teacher was to be at the Heavenly Soul Stage.

The Great Teachers each had a rating, ranging from 1 star to 12 stars. An 8-star Great Teacher definitely had rather great authority in the Holy Land.

To be such a powerful person's Successor Disciple would really place her at an unreachable starting position. When the news came out a few days ago, it really caused a big hoo-ha in the Holy Land. Not to mention the freshmen, even countless Seniors in the Holy Land — including people like Zhao Kunlun and Helen, who had acted all high and mighty in front of the freshmen — seemed to instantly fall short of Scarlet. It had to be admitted that the girl who was once thought to be a burden, Tianjing's mascot, had been reborn to become an outstanding person of the Holy Land.

The future had already changed.

In the Mystic Sect, there was a young teacher on the stage observing the Holy Apprentices and Holy Disciples with a flat expression. His youth was merely an outer appearance. No one knew the true age of the teachers; some of them might even be older than Great Teachers.

"The dimensional contract does exist. It is more binding than the contract between humans. This binding force is the power of the natural order. The soul beasts associated with humans on Earth actually do so due to a type of instinctual contract."

"… This is the principle of the soul beast contract. Many people call soul beasts summoned beasts. In fact, this statement is not accurate. For example, if you are on Earth and you summon a dimensional beast, in fact, the beast's true body will not travel from the Dimensional World to Earth. Instead, it is only through your interaction with each other that will transmit a projection of it into another world or place. The combined power of the soul beast is linked to the Soul Beast Master's own power. Therefore, if the soul beast gets wounded, the Soul Beast Master will also become injured. The essential reason for the disappearance of the soul beast is the destruction of the contract."

What the teacher said on stage was subversive for freshmen from Earth. The classroom was very quiet, as ranking was extremely significant in the Holy Land. Especially in certain circumstances, teachers had the right to punish students in their class. Only extreme disputes would be reported to the higher-ups.

As for Holy Apprentices and Holy Disciples, they had the freedom to choose not to attend lessons, but if they came, they had to abide by the teacher's rules. Naturally, as teachers, they had major convenience in their lives. They could assign tasks to students, even if it was to serve their own wishes or purposes.

In the Holy Land, slaves from the Dimensional World were at the bottom of the hierarchy. Although a considerable number of the slaves were captured demonic creatures, some of them were also ordinary aliens brought in from the Fifth Dimensional World; these people had begged teachers who had gone out for training for a place in the Holy Land. Perhaps it was because they had relations with a certain teacher in the Holy Land, or maybe because they just yearned to enter the place. The slaves had extremely low statuses, especially the demonic slaves, who were supervised by ordinary alien slaves. They would whip the demonic slaves into doing back-breaking work for the Holy Land.

The classification above the slaves was the second class, made up of a considerable number of non-staff humans. In the early days, it was composed of staff and some military forces. Later, following the growth and expansion of the Holy Land, the lack of service personnel became more pressing, leading to the formation of such a group. Most of them came from the Federation, with the power of the Heroic Soul Stage. Some were forcibly promoted, while some came to the Holy Land to seek opportunities. Additionally, some of them were just following orders to come here. They eventually settled down in the Holy Land and they had basic rights; the only difference was that their level was relatively low.

Over time, New Humans were also born into the second class. They were the descendants of these workers and service personnel. Although their parents were not considered strong and outstanding in the Holy Land, but when compared to Earth, they were definitely superior. Additionally, due to the special environment of the Dimensional World, this new generation was mostly endowed with natural talent. Although they were humans, they were definitely 'New Humans.' They could also be called Dimensional Humans. They would often inherit the work of their parents. Of course, if they were talented enough, they could also enter the Holy Land. For them, entering the Holy Land would be the only chance to change their destinies.

The third class would be made up of Holy Apprentices and Holy Disciples. They enjoyed welfare and protection from the Holy Land. They had relative freedom and was also the future of the Holy Land, but they did not hold any authority, and it was required for them to prove their worth through their own efforts.

Within this class of people, Holy Apprentices were at the lowest level. If they were recognized by the major cultivation forces, they would be better than the second-class citizens by only a little. However, if they failed the test, they would be expelled or downgraded to the second class.

Becoming a Holy Disciple would mean that one had obtained formal qualifications and could truly be regarded as part of the Holy Land. The only task that needed to be undertaken was to protect the Holy Land. At the same time, they would enjoy many benefits.

The fourth class was the dominant class. They were made up of teachers, Great Teachers, Sacred Teachers, The Patriarch Society, and the Holy Saint Teacher.

Teachers would be selected from those who have entered the peak of the Heavenly Soul Stage. They had to possess absolute strength, and they had to be a person of authority in a certain field. The power of a teacher was much stronger than that of an ordinary Holy Disciple even if they were both at the peak of the Heavenly Soul Stage. Within their own professional fields, even some Great Teachers could not compare to them. When they entered the Heavenly Soul Stage, they would automatically be promoted to Great Teachers. This was the process of the dominant class in the Holy Land. Frankly, this could be seen as a contribution system. If one wanted to enjoy more special privileges, one would have to contribute to the Holy Land; because most powerful experts were usually unwilling to waste their time giving lectures to stupid students.

Of course, there were also some people who were directly doing so for the welfare and future of teachers. This reflected the personal will of people. This particular way guaranteed that the legacy of the Holy Land would be passed down, as well as entrenching the development of its subsequent strength.

Those ranked above the Great Teachers were the true dominant class. They could decide one's life and death as well as one's assets. They could even interfere with the division of power in the Federation. At the same time, they had also surpassed mortals in strength.

The teacher on the stage had a calm look and even appeared to be a little bored as he shared his knowledge on soul beasts. It was merely knowledge used by the major forces to attract freshmen and did not involve the real core knowledge about themselves. Although it was only the tip of the iceberg, this information was undoubtedly already considered to be of essence to the freshmen from Earth, causing a huge ideological shock to them.

Among the audience, Laura could be spotted diligently recording down the information. There were still two to three days until she had to make an official choice; thus, she was still just an external student. Over the past few days, she had listened to many lectures conducted by the three supreme forces. They had all conducted lectures regarding soul beasts, but each of them had a different angle of analysis. The Mystic Sect's lecture on soul beasts was based on souls and dimensions as well as unearthing the origin of soul beasts' power. They paid less attention to actual combat and instead shared their research on a soul beast's nature and origin. The Sparta Clan shared information regarding one's combination with soul beasts and paid more attention to actual combat. On the other hand, the Tyrants' lecture focussed on figuring out how to use soul beasts to transform their bodies and shared some other crazy ideas that Laura could not accept.
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    《Battle Frenzy》