Battle Frenzy
722 Things Are Different Here
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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722 Things Are Different Here

A lesson in the Mystic Sect was being conducted. Everyone gained a lot from that lesson, but some of them were troubled by what they had learned.

Honestly, Laura felt pretty overwhelmed these past few days. In the Federation, she had always been proud of the fact that she possessed a soul beast; yet here, it was insignificant. It was as if anyone could have a soul beast if they wanted to, and she needed some time to adapt to this new thinking. The good thing was that her Dharma Idol was quite powerful, or she would feel really inferior since not everyone was as optimistic as Sharmie.

Sometimes, she really envied Sharmie and Scarlet. They didn't seem to trouble over which supreme force to join; the former because it was quite straightforward for her, while someone else already made the decision for the latter.

Walking out from class and rubbing her forehead, she called Sharmie using the Skylink.

"Have you just ended class? Was it the one at the Mystic Sect?" Sharmie's chirpy voice came from the other end. "Go out and turn left toward the Weiss Forest Café. Me and Scarlet are already waiting. Come quick!"

The Weiss Forest Café was the property of a Great Teacher in the Mystic Sect and managed by Dimensional Humans. The environment was not bad; it was a place where many students of the Mystic Sect usually congregated. Teachers and Great Teachers needed help in running their errands too; at their level, they needed a lot more Holy Coins for their research and cultivation. They wouldn't waste their own time to personally purchase things such as Evil Demon Blood.

Making full use of manpower has always been a trait of humans.

In the Holy Land, only Holy Coins could be used in the core regions; however, Federation Coins could be used in certain service-oriented outer regions. One Holy Coin was equivalent to more than ten thousand Federation Coins according to the floating exchange rate. In some situations, one Holy Coin could even be exchanged for one hundred thousand Federation Coins. However, it depended on your luck if you wanted to exchange Federation Coins into Holy Coins as Holy Coins were priceless.

Although she had been in the Holy City for a period of time, she still hadn't fully adapted to everything here. Anyone who reached the Heroic Soul Stage was already an expert on Earth, and they were normally of high social status too. Even in the 10 Great Families, a Heroic Soul Soldier was respected and valued, but this did not apply to the Holy Land — Heroic Soul Soldiers were worth nothing here. Despite the fact that Laura was the heiress to the Potter clan and she often interacted with Heroic Soul Soldiers, she still felt uncomfortable looking at Heroic Soul 'experts' attending to them like servants.

"You still haven't decided which force to join, huh?" Sharmie teased her, "If you ask me, you should join the Sparta Clan with me. Wouldn't you feel uneasy if you joined the Mystic Sect? I've heard that the strongest few of this cohort are joining the Mystic Sect. All of the teachers' attention will be on them, like our dear sister, Scarlet. If the teachers at Mystic Sect use her as a benchmark, you would be very stressed out there."

"Stress will bring motivation." Laura didn't really care about that. "That's not my concern. I think I should choose the one that suits the future direction I'm going in. Even if I eliminated the Tyrants from my choices, it is pretty hard to choose between the other two."

"When it is time for us to officially register, there will be a segment where teachers judge and select students." Beside her, Scarlet smiled. "If you really can't decide, you can look at the teachers' remarks and attitude toward you for reference. You don't need to hurry in your decision."

Laura nodded. "Where's Grai and the others? Any news of them?"

"Grai is probably joining the Sparta Clan," Sharmie was rather informed of the news concerning the Sparta Clan. "I see him in the Sparta Clan territory pretty often. There are many people belonging to the 10 Great Families there. On a few occasions, Gui Hao wanted to stir trouble, and things got pretty unpleasant."

"What's going on with Gui Hao? Does he not know his place here? Don't tell me he lost his judgment after getting thrashed by Wang Zhong."

"Actually, Gui Hao doesn't have a good reputation in the Sparta Clan. I heard that a senior brother cheated him of his money a few days ago. According to the laws of the Holy Land, it's your own fault if you're dumb enough to get cheated. In the end, he found a senior brother that owed the Gui Family a favor, forcing him to give him Holy Coins so that he could even out his loss." Sharmie laughed heartily. "He really thinks that he can do anything he wants in the Sparta Clan just because of his family background. But now, a lot of seniors are disgusted by his behavior. They are waiting for the chance to teach him a lesson. The Gui Family is not strong enough to protect him from everything."

Scarlet shook her head. "He can't possibly behave that way for long. I think the 10 Great Families have very limited influence here." Laura and Sharmie nodded in agreement and sighed.

"I wonder what happened to Wang Zhong. We're going to choose which force to join soon. If he doesn't come then, he might miss a good opportunity." Sharmie regretted it the moment she opened her mouth. Scarlet, Laura, and Wang Zhong were close friends; she was rubbing a sore spot with her words.

Sharmie quickly changed the subject. "By the way, I heard that Great Teacher Nolan from the Mystic Sect likes Carolyn very much. Although he is only a 3-star Great Teacher, he is still a Great Teacher after all. He has the right to accept a Successor Disciple. If he really accepts Carolyn, she would be the second Successor Disciple among the newcomers this year."

The three of them became closer recently, only having each other while living in this foreign land. They had the same values, and they grew very close, to the extent that they pledged to become sworn sisters. Sharmie was the oldest, followed by Scarlet, and then Laura, who had the biggest boobs despite being the youngest.

"Don't expect so much from me. The competition is too fierce. Besides, my foundations are weak to begin with. This is just so stressful." Scarlet smiled. "There are so many outstanding people in this batch of newcomers. I heard that local Hyde Alexander had been offered a place in the Tyrants some time ago, and a few Great Teachers already want him as their disciple. Solomon from the Kaiser Empire is a dark horse too. He kept a low profile after coming in, yet a few Great Teachers from the Mystic Sect have already started to notice him. He has a very rare and unique power of the natural laws that seemed to be related to time. Even the underlings who came into the Holy Land with him — that young guy called Enoch and another called Micah — were accepted by the Sparta Clan and the Tyrants, respectively. Also, Napier Mo is highly valued by teachers in the Mystic Sect. There's also Vladimir, who actually rejected a Great Teacher from the Tyrants who wanted to accept him as a disciple…" Scarlet grinned after elaborating on every stellar newcomer with great detail.

Sharmie and Laura were astounded. "Where did you get this information from? We didn't hear about it."

"Some passionate seniors told me."

If you had a higher status, you didn't even need to inquire for information. Scarlet did not take the initiative to learn about this information, but since she often interacted with the Mystic Sect seniors and even teachers, she had all the information at her fingertips.
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    《Battle Frenzy》