Battle Frenzy
723 Wang Zhong Arrives!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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723 Wang Zhong Arrives!

"Wow, being a Great Teacher's disciple has its merits. Next time, it'll be convenient to gain information from you," Sharmie said cheerfully as she slapped Scarlet's butt.

Scarlet blushed as Sharmie seized the chance to pinch her butt. "You female hooligan!"

"Oh, so now we're doing this here instead of going back to the dorm?" Sharmie wasn't embarrassed at all and laughed loudly. She acted like she was going to attack Scarlet, making Scarlet beg for mercy.

Laura chuckled while looking at them have fun. Honestly, Scarlet looked less sad these days after entering the Holy Land. Scarlet acknowledged her own power and the teachers valued her, helping her dismiss many of her pessimistic thoughts. This was good.

While they were messing around, the Skylink rang and Laura picked up. She saw a guy who covered his whole face with a cloak. "Hey, young lady, guess who?" he said in a creepy voice.

Sharmie and Scarlet stopped what they were doing. The voice sounded unfriendly. Did Laura get into trouble? Unexpectedly, Laura giggled, "Molton, enough with your nonsense! I've been here for so long, and I haven't even seen you once! You're using your time to tell lame jokes instead of rushing here?"

The creepy scene changed immediately as Molton took off his cloak. He was not satisfied with the reaction he received. He wanted to show off in front of Wang Zhong, but his sister didn't play along. "Dammit, I couldn't even recognize my own voice, and I even covered my face. How did you guess it was me?"

"I could tell it was you immediately from your silly acting. I can recognize you no matter what you look like," Laura laughed loudly. "All right, enough of your nonsense. I'm right in front of the Mystic Sect's zone. I'm deciding which force to join. Hurry up and help me!"

Molton heaved a long sigh at the other end. "No problem. Just that someone else is here with me, and I'm not sure whether it would be convenient to head there together. Wow, there are quite a few people at your side, and all of them are beauties."

"Did you find a girl? I told you before, I need to approve her before you guys get together! Do you have a death wish?"

Both Scarlet and Sharmie had heard of Molton before. It was apparent that this young master from the Potter Clan was pretty formidable; they knew this especially after they entered the Holy Land. His teacher was a 7-star Great Teacher of much higher status than Scarlet's teacher, and he held considerable power. The main thing was, that Great Teacher was very fond of Molton. It was extremely uncommon for a Successor Disciple to be allowed to return to Earth for a year while still at the Heroic Soul Stage. That being said, this exception could be made if the teacher held enough power and liked his disciple enough to go to such great lengths.

Sharmie and Scarlet imagined such a character to be one of the most glorious beings in existence. However, after seeing him get dissed by Laura, and still smile like an idiot, this totally destroyed their first impression of him, and they almost laughed to death.

"Geez, you're so sharp-tongued!" Molton coughed loudly at the other end of the Skylink. He looked at the unkempt and disheveled Wang Zhong beside him. How could this person be his other half? That would be utterly repulsive! "It's a guy! I met a guy in the desert, and he said he knew you."

"Of course many guys know Laura. The problem is whether Laura knows him," Sharmie interjected. She was a natural at socializing. In her dictionary, only the words 'friends' or 'enemies' existed. The word 'stranger' didn't exist.

As soon as she spoke, another guy's face emerged from the Skylink, and the three women were instantly stunned.

Wang Zhong's head popped up on the screen as he waved at them with a smile on his face. "Hi, Laura, Scarlet. Oh, Sharmie's there too. It's been a long time."


The three women froze for eight entire seconds before three high-pitched voices resounded across the quiet café.

"W—Wang Zhong!" Laura and Scarlet felt tears forming in their eyes.

"Wow! You haven't died yet, Wang Zhong?" Sharmie screamed instead.

At the other end of the Skylink, Molton and Wang Zhong stared at each other helplessly. What kind of person would curse someone to die the moment she saw him?

"Sorry, I'm gonna have to let you down on that one." Wang Zhong was very happy to see his old friends.

Sharmie noticed her weird choice of words and scratched her head. "Oops, just a slip of the tongue. Haha, I was too excited!"

Scarlet and Laura recovered from the shock as this discovery lifted their spirits. They stood up excitedly and grabbed one corner of the Skylink each. "Where are you guys? We'll go to you right away!"

"Hey, hey! Ladies, this is not very nice of you." Molton was upset. "You asked me to scram when I appeared, and now that you see this guy, you want to find us? What kind of unfair treatment is this!"

"Stop your bullshit! Location! NOW!" Laura was hollering into the Skylink. She was too worked up. Both she and Scarlet had been hoping that Wang Zhong would not be defeated by the so-called training, that he was persevering somewhere in the Fifth Dimension, and that a day would come when they could meet again. However, they didn't expect this day to come so soon.

Scarlet nodded her head eagerly. She was choked with excitement, to the extent that she couldn't even form words.

"Don't bother finding us… I'm joking! We're just saying hi for now," Molton laughed heartily. "We just reached the platform outside Adalia space. It will take us a while to get to the Holy City. When we get there, I still have to bring Wang Zhong to sign some paperwork. It's going to take a while. We'll find you when we're done."

They hung up on the Skylink. The three girls stayed quiet for about four or five seconds before they couldn't help it anymore and screamed happily. This drew much attention from the other people in the café as they stared in bafflement.

Wang Zhong was actually back!

Although the three girls did not spread this news, there were many people in the café. Newcomers from the Federation were among the crowd, and they naturally recognized Wang Zhong's name. The news spread like wildfire through the circle of Federation newcomers within minutes. This was absolutely headline news.

They weren't interested in what Wang Zhong experienced this whole while, but rather, whether Wang Zhong casted his Heroic Soul and what kind of Heroic Soul it was.

Other than the newcomers, even some seniors had heard of Wang Zhong and Mo Wen. Although the Casted Soul Stage did not represent anything for normal people, it was different in the case of these two. They would possess great power even if they were only at the Heroic Soul Stage, and miracles could happen.

One happened to Scarlet despite her level.
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    《Battle Frenzy》