Battle Frenzy
724 Mass Chaos
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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724 Mass Chaos

Carolyn heard the news not long after. Although Stuart City could not change the entire Holy Land for her, they still the influence to provide Carolyn with a level of convenience one could only imagine. Just like how she had a thousand Holy Coins now, investigating this sort of thing was no problem for the Stuart Family.

Her feelings were complicated upon learning this news. That was a place Heavenly Soul Stage experts could not deal with easily; yet Wang Zhong was able to come out alive, and he even came out from an exit that wasn't guarded by the military. This was inconceivable.

While she was frowning, her Skylink rang. It was Solomon calling.

"Hi, Carolyn." Solomon's trademark smile could be seen at the other end of the Skylink. "I have organized a gathering for just a small circle of friends. Will you come? I would be honored." Solomon smiled.

The two of them became closer during this period of time. Both of them chose the Mystic Sect and were geniuses valued by the Mystic Sect teachers. They were of a similar status on Earth too. Honestly, the lengths that Solomon went to in order to enter the Holy Land made sense. The things that he saw in the Holy Land deeply impacted his way of thinking. It was fortunate that he came, or else he would have continued thinking that the Empire could win against the Federation. Only a person with a limited outlook would harbor this thought. If the Holy Land wanted to intervene, the Empire had no chance of winning.

"I feel like resting." Carolyn's voice was very gentle.

"I know he's back. And no wonder, he's the number one expert in the CHF." Solomon smiled, "But I believe that there are many others more outstanding than him. While you, Ms. Carolyn, are one of a kind."

Carolyn smiled slightly. Currently, she and Solomon were rumored to be a pair, which both acquiesced to casually. Both of them were smart people, they would never put romantic love as their main priority like ordinary people. In terms of status, strength, and future development, they were quite compatible, so they neither clarified nor acknowledged the rumors.

Solomon said all this as he wanted to put the past behind him. It was apparent that Solomon had not only the elegance of a gentleman but also the confidence of a man.

"Come and pick me up tonight then." Carolyn nodded her head gently. Her goddess-like style was very captivating indeed; it was no wonder men were enchanted by her.

After confirming the time to meet, Carolyn hung up on the Skylink, but it immediately rang again. It was Gui Hao.

Honestly, Carolyn was pretty disappointed in him. Gui Hao's Dharma Idol was not weak, and although he wasn't strong enough to attract Great Teachers, his power was among the best in the newcomer group. He could even be considered to have a place in the top 10. In addition, with the Gui Family's influence in the Sparta Clan, Gui Hao had a bright future in front of him. She had wanted him to work for her, yet this guy proved to be too silly and was dumb enough to disrupt her plans.

Carolyn no longer wanted anything to do with him and didn't hesitate to switch off her Skylink.

At the other end, Gui Hao only heard the beeping sound of the other party hanging up, and his face darkened.

Nothing was going his way recently. First, he got cheated of his money by a dumb prick in the Sparta Clan, and this was already very infuriating. What's wrong with using family connections to get back his face? That dude was just a good-for-nothing trash who couldn't reach the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage even after staying in the Sparta Clan for more than 10 years!

He should have displayed his power and influence through this incident. How did things end up this way?

He had always been the bully; never had he been bullied and unable to retaliate!

How dare that bitch hang up on him! How could she disregard him and hook up with that sissy, Solomon! He couldn't take this lying down!

The paperwork turned out to be very complicated. Previously, Scarlet and the others belonged to the special yearly batch, and their names would be submitted together in the application process. All information about them was already registered before they entered the Holy Land, so they only needed to verify their identity. However, special cases like Wang Zhong that were brought in separately by a member of the Holy Land needed to go through various tests.

Molton was an impatient guy, and his teacher asked to see him the moment he returned to the Holy Land; thus, he left immediately after bringing Wang Zhong to the place. After all, Wang Zhong was the No. 1 person of the CHF even if he registered late, so there shouldn't be too many hiccups in his application.

After verifying Wang Zhong's identity and making sure he was the real deal, they started to examine Wang Zhong's Dharma Idol. This was the crucial part — if his Dharma Idol couldn't pass the test, he couldn't stay in the Holy Land. The CHF was an admission pass while the Dharma Idol was the score.

Wang Zhong summoned his Dharma Idol, the Flaming Spirit King, in front of the staff, and they conducted evaluations repeatedly. To put it simply, just like making a credit card, after you take the initiative to find a bank, the bank has to do all kinds of investigations; but in this case, the bank looked for you, which made things much easier. Evidently, Wang Zhong's Dharma Idol was not too outstanding. Having a sole flame element was not very highly regarded, and it did not carry the power of the natural order. This meant that his future was not too bright, yet the quality of his Dharma Idol wasn't bad. They debated for quite a while before they decided to pass him.

After that, they went through the relevant procedures for Wang Zhong to enter the Holy Land. They were kept busy from morning till late afternoon. It was only after 4 p.m. that all the procedures were completed. A sophisticated Skylink system that he could wear on his wrist was given to him, and he could tap it to see some very basic information.

Wang Zhong, male, 20 years old, Holy Apprentice. Verdict of Dharma Idol: C+.

There were much more detailed information and subcategories next to it. There was also the 100 Holy Coins reward that the Holy Land gave to Holy Apprentices. Something that surprised him was that the two billion credits that Ma Dong transferred to Wang Zhong were still there. This was weird as the Federation had frozen all of Assassin's assets that they had control over. Also, could Federation Credits be used in the Holy City?

From the data, it could be clearly seen that Holy Coins and Federation Credits were classified together, and both belonged in the Holy City. There was an official exchange rate, but Wang Zhong was left speechless after looking at it.

Ten thousand Federation Credits could only be exchanged for one Holy Coin; in addition, there was there a redemption limit every month. Although he didn't know the specifics going on, Wang Zhong knew the importance of 100 Holy Coins to a newcomer.

As Wang Zhong walked out of the administrative hall, he saw that Laura had bombarded him with consecutive Skylink messages.

"Why aren't you here yet?"

"Are you still going through the procedures?"

"Need us to pick you up?"

There was a message from Molton too. "Wang Zhong, Molton here. Have you finished the procedures? Go to Holy Disciple District A31. There's a small gathering there. Laura and the others are coming, you can meet some seniors too."

He replied with an 'OK' to that message. Looking at the pedestrians walking on the street, Wang Zhong felt that he had arrived at another world. He had seen many places in the Fifth Dimension — and even escaped from the cursed lands — but it felt like humans didn't belong in those real places. On the other hand, although the Holy City belonged to humans, it felt like an illusory world instead.

On the street, many cars powered by dimensional beasts were flying everywhere. These Dimensional lifeforms looked quite docile. These ones had the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, as well as huge wings. Their shoulders and torsos were chained to the two-wheeled carts behind them, with the chains being engraved with runes. They looked similar to the legendary Hippogriffs. He could tell that these dimensional beasts had been on Earth before, but Wang Zhong had never even heard of these other dimensional beasts.
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    《Battle Frenzy》