Battle Frenzy
726 Holy Disciples“ Circles
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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726 Holy Disciples“ Circles

The hall was filled with all kinds of friendly and complimentary voices. The people who were invited here were basically from the Mystic Sect, and they were all seniors with relatively close ties to Molton. Circles would definitely exist as long as there were people. The same was true within any of the other forces. After all, they were no longer children in the Federation anymore, and they knew that resources were limited. If one wanted to become more powerful, one had to join a group and stay on.

Among the freshmen, only Laura and Scarlet were eligible to attend, and they asked Sharmie, Grai, and Mario to come along as well. This little gathering actually had little to do with them; they only came as they wanted to meet Wang Zhong as soon as possible after knowing that he would also be attending. At that particular time, much like with Carolyn and her group, Grai and a few others gathered in a small corner of the room to talk.

The center and star of the gathering was naturally Molton. He brought Laura and Scarlet around to help them build connections with others. It could be seen that Molton went to great lengths to help his sister, whereas Scarlet just went along with them. However, with Scarlet's rapid rise in the Mystic Sect, even if she wasn't introduced by Molton, the seniors would have been more than happy to befriend her.

"This is Senior Robben." Molton began by warmly introducing a rather good-looking young man to the duo. He was someone had been in the Holy City for a few years and knew all about the place. Cultivation here was not all about improving one's power. Interpersonal relationships were also very important here — representing countless resources, more opportunities, and confidence. He laughed and said, "Don't just look at Senior Robben's face and assume he's weak. He's really famous for being powerful. Definitely within the top 10 in our sect."

"Hey, are you trying to kill me with flattery? I've missed you for the past year, and I came here to celebrate your return. So, how could you try to sabotage me?" The young man, Robben, was unpretentious, and it was obvious that he was good friends with Molton. "Even if you are not afraid of being beaten up by Lang, Junior Sister Faye is here too. What if she hears you and decides to challenge me to a fight? Aren't you just causing trouble for me?" asked Robben.

"Cheh, what nonsense! Lang does nothing except train. He certainly can't hear us bragging. As for Junior Sister Faye, does she look like the kind of person who will resort to violence?" Molton laughed as he introduced another beautiful lady to them. "This is Sister Faye, one of the three beauties in our sect. We do not bother her in fights, but when it comes to infinite pharmaceutics, she can already become a teacher."

"Hello, Senior Sister Faye."

In the Holy Land, the pharmacist was a very admirable occupation. If one got injured during Dimensional Exploration, then congratulations, no one would care. In such situations, one would have to ask a pharmacist for help, and it would be extremely costly. There was no such thing as free service; but if one knew an excellent pharmacist from one's sect, one would most likely get a friendship discount and that would be a real bargain.

Among the Holy Disciples, there existed an organization named Travelers. They were made up of small teams that would often voluntarily explore the Dimensional World together. Generally speaking, it was a necessity to have a pharmacist in each small team.

Throughout the night, Molton never stopped introducing his sister to the people within the Mystic Sect's circle. Laura naturally understood that her brother was doing it for her own good and knew the importance of interpersonal relationships in the Holy Land. Additionally, she could not take her brother's goodwill for granted; thus, she remained rather serious the entire time. On the other hand, Scarlet appeared as though her heart was no longer in it. The guy who had not arrived after eons occupied most of her thoughts.

Faye was quite tall for a woman. In high heels, she was almost the same height as Molton, who stood at more than 1.8 meters. She shot a glare at Molton, but although she appeared fierce, her eyes revealed a hint of romantic ambiguity. After that, she stretched out her hands and hooked her arms around both Laura and Scarlet. "What Senior Sister? That's too formal. Just call me Sister."

"Sister Faye." The two girls changed their greeting as requested, but Laura glanced at Molton with a hint of curiosity as she wondered if there was something between them.

Molton rubbed his nose, as he pretended to not see the glance.

"I'm definitely liking you two lovely girls more and more." Faye became friendlier by the minute and continued holding on to their arms. The sight of three beauties standing together made countless men unable to take their eyes off them. "It's too bad I didn't know you girls were coming. If I had, I would have prepared a present for you two. I thought only that annoying brat was coming back. I'll distill a few bottles of normal medicines for you girls when I go back. They will be my welcome gift to you two."

Robben gaped his mouth wide open in exaggeration, while Molton appeared absolutely shocked, and a little envious. "A few bottles? You are willing to part with them? I remember the last time I asked you to distill two bottles for me, you never stopped complaining and even laid down many conditions."

"Senior Sister Faye is being really generous. You girls will find out how useful the medicine is in the future," said Molton, explaining the situation to Laura and Scarlet.

Having attended the various lectures offered by the three major forces, Laura also gained some understanding of the so-called infinite pharmaceutics of the Holy Land. It was a totally different concept from the so-called medicaments of the Federation back on Earth. Due to having been researched in a Dimensional World, the technologies and methods being used were at such an advanced stage that it became far beyond the Federation's ability. There were also various mysterious and strange materials that could elevate pharmaceutics to such a high level that the possibilities became infinite. In the Holy Land, pharmacists could definitely be considered as one of the best side occupations.

Those who could join Molton in this gathering were mostly experts in the Mystic Sect. Laura and Scarlet both tried their best to build relations with them, but their thoughts eventually flowed to that still-late guy.

"This is Senior Okuyama Domoto, one of the top 10 experts in our sect, and he is also a cadre of the Alchemy Department in the Holy Disciples' Union. As you girls know, that place is almost fully occupied by the Tyrants, so he is like our sect's signboard there. This party was also initiated by this dude. You should eat and drink as much as you can. Don't try to save money for this guy. He's filthy rich!"

Molton had already begun to introduce another person to them again. This time, it was a man who looked rather tall and handsome; he was also the owner of the villa.

He wore a long robe and had a gentlemanly smile, but most of his focus was placed on Scarlet. He first greeted Laura with a smile, then looked toward Scarlet. Today, he had specially invited her. Okuyama Domoto had longed to develop a relationship with Scarlet, who was known as the girl handpicked by a legendary 9-star Great Teacher. Recently, he had been trying to get a hold of her in the Mystic Sect. Naturally, he behaved as though they only met by 'chance' this time. "Hi, Junior Sister Scarlet, it's been a long time."

"Domoto, didn't you just meet her a few days ago?" joked Robben. In the core circle of the Mystic Sect, everyone knew that Okuyama Domoto was interested in Scarlet. In fact, most people supported him. Firstly, he was rather popular in the Mystic Sect, and secondly, his status in the Alchemy Department really had a lot of weight. Alchemy was basically a necessity for cultivation in the Holy Land. Knowing Domoto would be equivalent to having a real shortcut; thus, the number of people who wanted to curry favor with him could encircle the whole Holy Disciples' District.
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    《Battle Frenzy》