Battle Frenzy
727 Put One in His Place
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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727 Put One in His Place

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder. But Domoto, you need to take action instead of using your words. If I were you, I would show my cards today. Sister Scarlet's new to the Holy Land. As a cadre of the Alchemy Department in the Holy Disciples' Union, aren't you going to give her something?" Faye was also rather optimistic about these two. Both of them were outstanding people and considered top-tier in the Mystic Sect. The most important thing was that Okuyama Domoto had never been interested in finding a partner until he saw Scarlet; it could really be a well-made marriage between them.

"You people are really speaking nonsense. A simple senior-junior relationship can become twisted through you guys' words. Be careful not to scare Junior Sister Scarlet away," joked Okuyama Domoto.

"Of course, I have no problem with that. If Junior Sister Scarlet needs anything, she can look for me anytime," added Okuyama Domoto, laughing.

It had to be admitted that this guy was acting like a true gentleman. Although he was expressing his interest in Scarlet, he was not too overboard, making it difficult for people to be disgusted by him.

It was a pity that Scarlet had no intention of accepting him. She was about to decline when she spotted Grai, Mario, and Sharmie rushing to the entrance. Scarlet's heart skipped a beat as she instantly guessed who had arrived.

"I'm sorry, Seniors. Please excuse me," said Scarlet, as she tried to suppress her excitement. She could hardly wait to rush to the door.

Everyone noticed the tremble in her voice. She immediately turned around and rushed to the door, leaving Okuyama Domoto and the others shocked.

Laura excused herself as well and followed closely behind Scarlet. Molton immediately knew who was at the door once he saw their faces; thus, he defused the situation with a laugh. "Let's go. A little brother of mine is here. We recently met on Earth. You guys should get to know him as well."

Although Molton claimed that it was his little brother, everyone present could see Laura and Scarlet's reaction. It was obvious they were interested in him.

Robben coughed slightly, and Faye looked to the side with a smile. Surprisingly, Okuyama Domoto was the first one to smile and agree. "Come, let's go and see who's the big shot."

Having walked alone in the desert for more than a month, it was a rather unkempt young man who was at the door. He had, in fact, accompanied Molton back to the Katchirda Village; however, knowing that water was a rare commodity to villages in the desert, the two could not bear to take a bath with the water that the villagers cherished so dearly, choosing only to wash their faces. Molton had returned to the villa to clean himself up long ago, but Wang Zhong had been going through the formal procedures ever since he had entered the city. Thus, he appeared to be travel-worn and weary, especially with that old and yellowed tattered bag on his shoulder. Although his face was pretty clean, the fact that he was in clothes covered with dust made him appear like a beggar or slightly better.

Even though he was dressed so sloppily, Scarlet, who appeared to be extremely cold throughout the little gathering, rushed straight up and gave him a warm hug.


Most of the people present here were Seniors in the Mystic Sect and knew how powerful the legendary 9-star Great Teacher who had chosen Scarlet was. Although Scarlet was just a freshman, her future was bound to be extremely bright, probably even brighter than for those who were present; thus, she was thought highly of by the rest. She also had a strong aura. Although she was friendly to other females, she had always kept the men at arm's length. Even Okuyama Domoto, who was publicly known as the most attractive man, did not manage to get close to her. Accordingly, she had slowly gained the title of being an 'Ice Queen' in the Mystic Sect. Everyone could not believe their eyes: what exactly were they seeing right now? She actually hugged that guy who looked like a beggar?! Hugged?!!

The other seniors who came over there revealed profound expressions, while Faye nudged Okuyama Domoto. "There's your love rival," said Faye as she smiled, as though she wanted to see a fight break out.

"Haha." Okuyama Domoto smiled slightly and ignored her instigation. When he decided to pursue Scarlet, he had already found out everything he could about Scarlet's background and familiarized himself with all her connections back on Earth. He had long known about Wang Zhong, the CHF's so-called number one expert, but so what? What kind of Dharma Idol could he form? He knew that Wang Zhong had not even entered the Dimensional Blessed Lands and spent most of his energy on low-level combat research during his Casted Soul Stage. Therefore, he did not consider Wang Zhong a threat at all.

Besides, it had been many years since he came to the Holy Land. He had seen too many couples who were initially inseparable, but soon parted ways after entering the Holy Land. It was typical. Their so-called love was impotent in the face of reality. Furthermore, those young people did not understand what love was at all. After setting foot in the Holy Land and without the interference of a third party, they would eventually break up, wanting to pursue their own interests. One exception would be if the couple remained on the same path and at the same level.

Who could imagine a notable Great Teacher at the Heavenly Soul Stage dating an insignificant Holy Disciple? Scarlet was a genius that had been handpicked by a legendary Great Teacher; she was bound to be extraordinary in the future. Did she really think that a random lowly human boy could be worthy of her?

At this point, he was just a passerby. Okuyama Domoto appeared to be rather calm and continued smiling.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong got the best welcome in his life. After Scarlet hugged him, everyone else took turns to do so. Next was Laura, Grai, Sharmie, followed by Mario. They were all very good friends even before the CHF. Although they had been separated for only a few months, too many things had happened. With the various ups and downs, life was like a dream.

With the impression that 'Wang Zhong had been exiled to a land of death,' everyone undoubtedly felt like the last time they saw him was a lifetime ago. Everyone had always held on to the thought that they would see Wang Zhong again. They always mentioned him during conversations, as though he was going to return at any time, but in fact, everyone knew deep down that it was just their own wishful thinking. It was highly likely that they would not have the opportunity to meet him again in this life.

Scarlet and Laura's eyes turned red slightly. Fortunately, they had already mentally prepared themselves for this, as they had received the news in the morning; otherwise, they would definitely cry on the spot.

Naturally, they had many things to talk about after such a long separation. However, they could not ignore the others who had begun to crowd around them at that particular moment.

"Come, Wang Zhong. I'll introduce you to a few seniors." Molton then began to warmly introduce Wang Zhong to Okuyama Domoto and the others.

As the host of the small gathering, Okuyama Domoto appeared to be extremely enthusiastic. He shook hands with Wang Zhong and praised him with a smile on his face. "I heard that you were framed by jealous people after having achieved first place in the Federation's CHF back on Earth. Although you were exiled to a dangerous place, you safely returned and even managed to condense your Dharma Idol and enter the Holy Land. You are indeed an admirable young man."

"You're too kind, Senior."

"Brother Wang Zhong, you arrived later than the others. It is only a few days before the major forces formally select their disciples. Have you begun to find out more about the different forces here? Have you considered which one is suitable for you?"

"I've got the general idea. I'm still thinking about it."

"You can't be sloppy in terms of choosing your cultivation path." Okuyama Domoto looked at Robben and the surrounding people with a serious look and continued to speak, "Junior Brother here is both a friend of Molton and a good friend of Miss Scarlet. We can't leave him to fend for himself. We all should help him out."

Robben was his closest friend, so he immediately got the hint. "We'll have to see what your Dharma Idol is. It's closely linked to your path of cultivation. The direction of cultivation is different for each of the forces, and they each have different requirements for one's Dharma Idol. The Dharma Idol would affect one's choice greatly," said Robben, smiling.

"Exactly. What kind of Dharma Idol did you condense?" Laura was in a state of excitement and blurted out without thinking. Entering the Holy Land meant that Wang Zhong had already condensed his Dharma Idol, she was also very curious about it. Additionally, she had been confused for some time about whether to join the Mystic Sect or the Sparta Clan. She was all too clear about the importance of her choice; thus, she also couldn't wait for someone to help her make a decision.

Others were also curious about who this guy was and why he could attract so much attention as a freshman.

Generally, it was a taboo to ask others about their Dharma Idol, but no one would care about an apprentice in the Holy Land.

"A Flaming Spirit bodyguard," replied Wang Zhong, smiling. He did not seem bothered by the question.

As the host of the small gathering, Okuyama Domoto still had to maintain his bearing. "I heard Little Brother Wang Zhong is thought very highly of by the Federation. Even the Dimensional Blessed Lands is beneath you. We are all very curious. What kind of great Dharma Idol have you condensed?"

The Dharma Idol was actually similar to a girl's measurements. It was personal privacy. Other than teachers, no one had the right to ask about it. Okuyama Domoto's question had a hint of sarcasm, but it was understandable. All the other apprentices were respectful toward the Holy Disciples, and that was especially true since they were experts even among the Holy Disciples. However, Wang Zhong did not appear to know his place ever since he stepped in here; thus, he was considered to be arrogant in their opinion. And Okuyama Domoto was not one to let such matters go lightly; so he had to put him in his place.
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    《Battle Frenzy》