Battle Frenzy
728 Never Afraid of Trouble
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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728 Never Afraid of Trouble

Molton stood at the side with a wine glass as he smiled. He was not planning to stop what was happening. He could already feel Wang Zhong's arrogance when they were in the desert. It was impossible for such a guy to survive the Holy Land without suffering a loss. That was a step every freshman had to go through. It was considered to be for his own good if Okuyama Domoto were to teach him some rules in advance. Anyway, he was there to step in if things become too serious.

There were many others who wanted to see a show, thus they all chimed in as well. "Yea Little Brother Wang Zhong, it's rare for Senior Domoto to think highly of someone. Show him your Dharma Idol. He could give you some pointers!"

"Dude, this is a rare chance."

Except for Molton and a few others who just smiled without saying a word, many others joined in the goading. They did not necessarily have ill intentions, but they disliked Wang Zhong for sure. As number one in the CHF, his position created a certain conflict with the Holy Land itself. There existed a paradox regarding which side was the endorsement of power. The experts of previous CHFs would mostly enter the Holy Land, but they did not necessarily have a bright future. However, there were some who were indeed outstanding. The people who were currently present were all famous and had worked hard in the Holy Land for many years. Accordingly, they naturally felt a little uncomfortable when a freshman acted all high and mighty. Since Okuyama Domoto wanted to educate him, they were all willing to assist.

Scarlet and others' faces changed. They had been in the Holy Land for quite some time and knew that Wang Zhong should not agree to their request. It was definitely common for senior Holy Disciples to bully freshmen. It was obvious that Okuyama Domoto was targeting Wang Zhong because of Scarlet. His question was definitely not just a casual inquiry; uglier words had yet to come.

To show everyone one's Dharma Idol was almost equivalent to a woman taking off her clothes for people to measure her bust; thus, it was considered rather insulting. Naturally, this situation was considered normal in the Holy Land, where one's level within the hierarchy was everything. The reason why Scarlet and others had not faced any trouble — other than Gui Hao, who stirred trouble on his own accord — was that they were all still in the protection period. After formally making their choice, they would understand how blissful they were in the novice period. Of course, Scarlet was the exception. Some people just had a different starting point from everyone else.

Scarlet responded before Wang Zhong could reply. She knew Wang Zhong's character all too well. "Thank you for your kindness, seniors. Wang Zhong has only just arrived. Us old friends want to talk to him alone. Let's not trouble you seniors this time."

"Haha, Junior Sister Scarlet, that's where you're wrong. What is more important than cultivation in the Holy Land?" asked Robben, not willing to let the matter go.

"Yeah, there's no time like the present. You guys can have a casual chat at any time. It's rare for Senior Domoto to give someone pointers. Wang Zhong has just struck the jackpot, shouldn't he hurry up?"

"What's with the dilly-dallying? Are you looking down on Senior Domoto?"

"Wang Zhong?" Okuyama Domoto smiled and looked at Wang Zhong while Molton remained silent at the side. He had seen many other insolent people, but in the end, they would all become obedient as temperaments could be changed in this place.

Wang Zhong was a little stunned. He had initially thought that it was just a gathering to welcome Molton back and that he would get it over and done with by just speaking a few sentences. He did not expect such childishness to exist in the Holy Land. He somewhat began to understand why Mo Wen did not want to come here. Mo Wen's personality was even more unsuitable for this kind of life compared to him. Furthermore, he was also unwilling to waste time on such people; however, he was part of the Mo Family and had to take his family's position into account. Unfortunately, Wang Zhong did not have to do so.

Wang Zhong smiled slightly and looked at Okuyama Domoto, who had a condescending smile plastered on his face as well. "Are you fit to do so?"

The originally lively hall quietened down in an instant. Everyone felt a little stupefied, and their mouths fell wide open.

What? What did he just say? Were they hearing things? It had been years since a freshman dared to speak so boldly to a Holy Disciple!!!

He was definitely courting death!

Those who could enter the Holy Land were all rather talented. The most dangerous time for them was actually the apprenticeship period, in other words, the novice period. During this period, it was only a flick of the finger for the seniors to kill an apprentice without attracting notice. Generally, the teachers also could not stop such things from happening. After all, many accidents could happen during the journey of cultivation. Besides, in the Holy Land, death just meant that the person was a good-for-nothing; thus, there was no need to show pity.

The entire hall suddenly fell silent, and even Molton could not believe his ears. He had long known that Wang Zhong was arrogant. But this was not merely a problem of arrogance, he was getting too big for his boots! It seemed like things had gotten too far. As a result, Okuyama Domoto's face changed, and it took a long while for the people at the side to recover from the shock.

"Is this dude courting death?"

"Senior Domoto isn't fit to give you pointers? This is the biggest joke I've heard in a year."

"Dude, do you even know who you are speaking to? Do you know who Senior Domoto is? Are you directing your words at Senior Domoto?"

Wang Zhong waved his hands and began to explain. "I'm sorry. I'm just a blunt person. But I definitely have no intention of targeting Senior Domoto."

He scanned the surrounding people with a smile. "All I'm trying to say is, all the people here aren't fit to give me pointers."

The hall fell into a deadly silence once again. Only after a long while, finally, someone could not help but laugh out loud. "This fucker is definitely the proudest freshman in the entire history of the Holy Land. No one can compare to him."

"I think he's the dumbest!"

"Come here, let's dance. A fucker like you won't learn how to speak nicely if I don't put your stinky mouth into a toilet bowl full of shit."

A group of respected Holy Disciples from the Mystic Sect turned out to be collectively despised by a freshman. He truly had no respect for anyone. Seven to eight people stepped forward immediately, ready for a fight. There was absolutely no need for Okuyama Domoto to speak again. Different types of Soul Power of the Heroic Soul Stage began to radiate across the room, and a fight was about to break out at any moment. In the Holy Land, whoever was more powerful would have the last say. There were many other freshmen who did not understand that rule, but they were certainly not going to waste time explaining it to them.

Scarlet, Laura, Grai, Sharmie, and the others did not even think twice before they stood beside Wang Zhong. The atmosphere became tense at once, all set for a showdown. Molton froze slightly; it appeared that he had underestimated Wang Zhong's influence. Even though he went up against so many seniors, Scarlet and the others did not even hesitate to choose to side with him. This young man did not seem so simple after all. Unfortunately, his power needed to match up to his pride.

Laura was in the most difficult position. One side was her brother, while the other was her friend. Laura was not stupid. She knew that her brother had a certain influence in the Mystic Sect, but she did not imagine his influence to be that strong. She originally had good intentions, but she forgot that Wang Zhong was the kind of person who could attract hatred anywhere. Additionally, Scarlet's attitude really made those few seniors upset. After all, she was the most sought-after female in the Mystic Sect.

Molton was actually a little unhappy at Wang Zhong as well, but he knew he could not let matters get out of hand. "Are you guys celebrating my return or causing trouble for me? What are you guys doing? If you guys want to dance, I'm game."

Molton forcibly interrupted them: it could be considered as giving those seniors who had already rolled up their sleeves an out. However, the atmosphere in the hall remained a little stiff and awkward.

Robben clapped his hands to help out in diffusing the situation. "Let's go, let's go. A gathering is meant for people to have fun. Music, please! Let's have fun!"

As chaos was finally prevented from erupting, many people stared at Wang Zhong, trying to figure him out.

"Young people shouldn't speak so rashly. This is the Holy Land. Be careful. You might get into trouble one day," said Okuyama Domoto as he smiled.

With a shrug and a smile, Wang Zhong replied, "I'm never afraid of trouble."
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    《Battle Frenzy》