Battle Frenzy
730 “True Love“
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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730 “True Love“

Everyone was most concerned about Wang Zhong's experiences over this long period of time. They had burning questions. How did he get sent to the cursed lands? What did he experience there? And how did he condense his Heroic Soul? There was too much to know, and too much had happened. Scarlet and the others wanted to get to the bottom of things, but unfortunately, he could not explain everything in just a few words. Wang Zhong only chose to tell them the gist of certain things that had happened, but everyone had already begun to exclaim loudly at him.

They were having a good time chatting when Scarlet's Skylink suddenly rang. She opened it and saw a short message.

"Scarlet, come to the Dimensional Exploration Headquarters in the Great Teachers' District, right now."

Her teacher was the one who sent her that message, and a two-hour authorization card for entering the Great Teachers' District was also attached. 'Great Teacher Sophia.' That eye-catching, glittering name. Even through the screen of her Skylink, the named looked unique.

The voice of her teacher always revealed an unquestionable aura. Scarlet stuck out her tongue. Her teachers' orders were not to be ignored, but she was a bit reluctant to leave Wang Zhong. She continued to dilly-dally and refused to leave. In the end, it was Sharmie who prompted her to leave. "It's not like you can't see him anymore. Look at your reluctant little eyes. You can offend anyone but your teacher. Hurry up and leave. There will be plenty of time tomorrow for you to hang out with this dude."

The two girls had always joked with each other; therefore, they were already accustomed to such comments. However, Grai and Mario were there as well, causing Scarlet's face to turn slightly red. She naturally knew that she could not go against her teacher's order, so she finally turned around and said goodbye to Wang Zhong. "I'll go over first. Wang Zhong, tomorrow you have to tell me all the things that happened to you during this long period of time."

"You should hurry up." Wang Zhong nodded with a smile. "If you're free tomorrow, you can accompany me to do a little sightseeing in the three supreme forces."

Wang Zhong could see that Scarlet was full of concern for him, and he was rather moved. It was needless to say that this bunch had tacit understanding with him, especially after going through the CHF together.

The Dimensional Exploration Headquarters in the Great Teachers' District was not too far from here. From the Holy Disciples' District, one would only need to cross three or four streets. The Dimensional Exploration Headquarters was considered another world for ordinary Holy Disciples. It was a mysterious place. Ordinary Holy Disciples would be denied entry unless they had specific orders. Every time a Great Teacher travels to the Dimensional World, the glory he or she brought back would be enough for a Holy Disciple to show off for a long time. Occasionally, if there was a Holy Disciple who could tag along with a Great Teacher, it would be considered a blessing that had fallen from heaven. This experience and expansion of one's outlook would be invaluable assets for one's future growth.

Naturally, the Dimensional Exploration Headquarters was not crowded with people at all times, unlike the outer areas. However, even though it was already the middle of the night, the Dimensional Exploration Headquarters was still brightly lit. The staff who worked here was all carefully selected. There were three or four aircraft parked in the open space, and there were two Hippogriffs with golden reins. They were two or three times larger than the normal Hippogriffs which were bred outside. The creatures rested on the ground with their eyes closed and did not make any noise that would destroy this tranquility.

Scarlet noticed the largest Hippogriff at first glance. It was the mount of Great Teacher Sophia. It was definitely not an insignificant mount. The Hippogriff itself was already a 7th rank dimensional creature: it could even take on an expert at the Heavenly Soul Stage. It seemed to sense the familiar aura of Scarlet and opened its eyes slightly. It looked at Scarlet — with the kind of gaze similar to how a senior would look at a junior — and nodded at her slightly.

Scarlet did not dare to show negligence and hurriedly returned the salute. For a creature that had reached such a high level, even if it could not utter words, it still had extraordinary wisdom. Rather than saying that it was a mount, one could say that it was Great Teacher Sophia's companion. It often accompanied her on expeditions to dimensional secret realms and had gone through thick and thin with her countless times. Even Sophia herself would not think of it as a beast.

Upon entering the lobby of the headquarters, the staff immediately came forward and greeted her respectfully. "Are you Miss Scarlet? Great Teacher Sophia is resting in the VIP area on the second floor right now. Please come with me."

In the VIP area, the staff bowed with great respect and left, leaving only Sophia and Scarlet in the room.

Sophia appeared to be rather young. From her appearance, she looked not more than thirty years old, but in fact, she was already over sixty. Her black hair was curled up behind her head, and she wore a golden robe specially made for Great Teachers. Her face appeared to be slightly weighed down with sorrow, and on the whole, she exuded a holy aura that would make anyone fall in love with her. However, one should not be deceived by her weak appearance. As a rare female 8-star Great Teacher in the Holy Land, Sophia's stratagems and cold personality were famous throughout the Holy Land.

A smile appeared on Sophia's face when she saw Scarlet. "You're here? Let's go for an expedition. There is a dimensional secret realm that looks rather interesting. It is suitable for you to train there. You may need to spend some time outside."

If a Great Teacher had any demands for an apprentice, they would often order them around without explanation. For Sophia to explain herself like this, especially when she was bringing her disciple to a place to train, it could be seen that she indeed 'truly loved' her disciple.

Most Holy Disciples would definitely be ecstatic after getting such a great opportunity, but Scarlet froze slightly instead. Her teacher said it would take some time; that definitely meant more than two or three days. The important thing was that Wang Zhong had just arrived, and she had not even spoken much with him…

"Don't worry about signing up. I've already informed the Mystic Sect. You are different from the rest."


"This secret realm is of great help to your Dharma Idol. It is a god-given opportunity. It is also a blessing for you that the Holy Land wants to go for a conquest there." Although Sophia's voice was gentle, there was no room for discussion. She shot a slight glance as she interrupted Scarlet. In the Holy Land, a Great Teacher had power and authority to decide the life and death of their Successor Disciples. The fact that she bothered to explain her actions meant that she thought highly of Scarlet, but Scarlet had no right to go against her.

"Yes," answered Scarlet as she looked to the floor. She understood that she was in no position to refuse; after all, not everyone had the confidence of Wang Zhong. "Teacher, I'll go back and get ready and say goodbye to my friends."

"Scarlet, you have to understand that what you have today is not because of how good you are, but because you have extremely good luck. However, one's luck will not always be good. You have to give up your past and devote all your energy to cultivation if you want to succeed. If you can't do it yourself, I don't mind helping you with it."

Sophia paused and gave her a meaningful look. One need not say much to smart people.


As Wang Zhong had arrived too late, he was assigned a residence in the A38 district, which was rather far away. After separating from Grai and the others, it was already late at night when he arrived at his residency district.

The place was relatively close to the teaching area of the Tyrants. Due to the place mainly being the base camp of dimensional people and aliens, the commercial area and residential area of the Holy Land were still clearly distinguishable. There was enough space for the Holy Disciples to have their own private area. The Holy Land would not be stingy in this aspect. Things that were a big deal on earth were merely basic configuration here.
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    《Battle Frenzy》