Battle Frenzy
731 Unleash Your Anger When You Need To 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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731 Unleash Your Anger When You Need To 2 in 1

The living habits of alien races were weird. Apparently, there were aliens who had been allocated dormitories but were not accustomed to human accommodation. They built basements and tree holes everywhere, creating a mess. In the beginning, the higher-ups of the Holy City had adopted a compulsory assimilation policy for these aliens. However, accepting Holy Apprentices of alien race origin was a new thing to the Holy Land too, and they needed to further experiment and observe how things went. They realized that it was far more important for the alien races to identify with humans rather than force them to adapt to the human way of living. The latter matter seemed too urgent and caused the alien races to develop an aversion towards humans instead; so they eventually did away with the rules that forced these aliens to live in human buildings.

In the dim moonlight, night owls hooted from time to time. Walking on this deserted street made one feel as if one had suddenly moved to the countryside from a big city. In this place, prosperity and desolation coexisted. This was a feature that only existed because of the many races that lived in the Holy City.

The joy that Wang Zhong felt after reuniting with old friends was apparent even in the night sky. Wang Zhong brought along a lot of Samsara wine that Mu Zi gave him and drank half a bottle with everyone while barbecuing. The alcohol was so strong that both Sharmie and Grai had to be carried back by Mario, and even Wang Zhong, who had a high tolerance, was mildly affected.

The Skylink here came with a runic space that functioned like a storage bag. In fact, it was similar to the runic space bag that Aiolos taught him to use before; but this was obviously more stable and lasted longer compared to the small space constructed by ordinary runes. You only needed to spend two or three Holy Coins to recharge it and you could continue using it. That was very convenient.

This storage space of three square meters was standard in the Holy Land. If you spent money, you could upgrade it at the administrative hall to expand the space, or else, a cheaper option would be finding a private alchemist.

Apparently, some wealthy Holy Disciples and teachers had hundreds of square meters of Skylink storage space, and the Great Teachers in the ruling class could even possess thousands of square meters of storage space. It would not be an exaggeration to say that gardens could be built directly in the storage space.

This would definitely cause an uproar in the outside world if they knew about it; thus, it could be seen that the Holy Land had control over all these things.

Looking at the 3D map on the Skylink, he had almost reached his residence. This area was relatively cold and desolate. Suddenly, he sensed a killing intent and felt overwhelming power crushing him. Wang Zhong moved his body slightly and dodged it.


The whole ground seemed to be shaken fiercely as waves of air collided with a bang; they rippled out hundreds of meters, causing thick plumes of dust to surge forth!

It was a huge palm print surrounded by a faint golden light and was particularly noticeable in the dark night. Nonetheless, such a fierce Soul Power attack did not have any impact on the surrounding environment. It was apparent that the Holy Land was different indeed.

Wang Zhong looked up, thinking that the other party was way too impatient.

After reaching the Heroic Soul Stage, the enhancement of his Mind's Eye was the biggest surprise after his Dharma Idol and the increase in his Heroic Soul power. That killing intent had followed him this whole way, and he had sensed it from the start; how could he fall prey in this deserted area?

"Heh, you dodged that pretty fast."

A black figure jumped down from the roof of a demolished building nearby; falling gracefully, the tips of his toes touched the ground lightly. "Nice reflexes you have there."

Wang Zhong narrowed his eyes and sized up the guy. The other party didn't bother hiding his appearance at all. He had a yellowish mustache and smiled a little creepily. Wang Zhong had seen him before at the gathering just now; this guy was following Okuyama Domoto around like a dog.

Frankly, Wang Zhong was a little disappointed. Having offended such a large group of people, he thought that they would at least appoint two decent guys to deal with him. He was itching to try out the power of his Heroic Soul, but if he was just against this guy… Wang Zhong had already discovered this guy a few miles prior, while he was still attempting to be secretive. Well, at least his Soul Power wasn't weak; this guy had probably reached the Middle Heroic Soul Stage, but even so, he couldn't pressure Wang Zhong in the least.

The rules of the Holy Land were actually somewhere in the middle between the Federation and the Empire. Their belief was not "survival of the fittest" like the Empire, yet neither were they as gentle as the Federation. To be honest, this setting was very suitable for Wang Zhong. In the Holy Land, you didn't need to be a good guy; you needed to be a strong guy.

A golden demigod figure had appeared in front of the little-mustache guy. The demigod figure was five or six meters tall and very muscular. It held a dazzling golden spear, with a crown made of antlers on his head. It was just like Achilles, the war hero in ancient mythology!

The palm strike that came out of nowhere just now was the result of a joint attack from the little-mustache guy and the demigod figure. The Dharma Idol was already preparing for another attack as it radiated a strong pressure directed at Wang Zhong. Violent streams of air swirled around it as if there were strong winds blowing from all sides!

The little-mustache guy licked his lips and saw that Wang Zhong was completely unresponsive on the other side. He laughed, "Did I scare you silly? You put up a good front at the gathering just now though. This is really disappointing. Can't you at least resist a little? Otherwise, this won't be enjoyable."

Wang Zhong smiled and waved his hand. A fiery shadow materialized in the air quickly.

After seeing the Flaming Spirit King, the little-mustache guy could not conceal the hint of contempt on his face and looked as if he found it funny.

Your Dharma Idol was a reflection of yourself and was also connected to the dimensions.

It reflected your innermost being and your true thoughts. If you had a big heart, you were a king, a god… but a spirit? Humans did not know much about elemental spirits.

Dimension-wise, flames were considered to be one of the powers of the natural order, but it was a very minor subsection. However, it wasn't that the 5 Elements weren't strong. On the contrary, the power of the 5 Elements was above average, but that was referring to the combination of the 5 Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth altogether. If you possessed a flame of merely one element, it would be considered lower level.

This type of Dharma Idol was judged to be very ordinary, even among newcomers. With such a low standard, how did he dare to show off in front of Senior Brother Domoto or even him?

The demigod Dharma Idol waved his hand, and a golden holy gun appeared in the little-mustache guy's hand. He took on a stance just like his Dharma Idol and condensed power into his gun. "No wonder you didn't dare to show your Dharma Idol at the gathering just now. Scared of embarrassment, eh? Haha, I've overestimated you. I'll defeat you with just one move!"


As the gun was fired, the little-mustache guy became one with his Dharma Idol, launching a combination attack. They moved together, radiating a brilliant glow that illuminated the nearby ruins with a golden glow, making it look like a divine place. Wang Zhong, who was right across, just folded his arms and did not move at all.

Soul Domination — Imperial Lightning Gun!

Over 2500 Grassos of Soul Power coupled with a lightning attribute meant that a high-speed lethal attack was about to crush Wang Zhong. To the little-mustache man, Leo, this sort of mission was the best. He had reached the Middle Heroic Soul Stage, and this power allowed him to completely dominate a newcomer.

But the next second, an alarming sign popped up as his attack completely missed. He didn't even notice when his target appeared in front of him. Wang Zhong was pretty speechless. He didn't underestimate the power of the Holy Land, but that didn't refer to these Holy Disciples; it was just like how he didn't think Mo Wen would be weaker for not having come to the Holy Land.

Wang Zhong was just about to attack when Leo disappeared. The next moment, Leo reappeared, having run dozens of meters ahead. His Soul Domination technique was evaded easily by his opponent. Although he wasn't among the best of the Holy Disciples, he wasn't a fool.

His opponent wasn't easy to deal with; he needed to think of a better plan. Wang Zhong would not be able to catch up with him, Leo believed, as he was pretty confident of his speed.

Just at this moment, a terrifying palm strike crushed Leo.

That was a palm strike constructed purely of flames. The Flaming Spirit King was not flashy in his moves but extremely fast, such that Leo didn't have time to react at all.


The Flaming Spirit King, which was barely more than two meters high, had a palm that was, at most, the size of a big man's hand. However, this palm was overwhelming to Leo, as if a mountain weighed down on him!

Like how a fly swatter would smash a mosquito, Leo and his gigantic Dharma Idol were flattened into the ground instantly. The Dharma Idol dissipated and Leo's body shape was imprinted onto the ground, creating a giant hole.

Immediately after that, the flaming palm reached slightly into the pit and squeezed the little-mustache guy before lifting him out of the pit as if he was a little chick.

Leo felt that the bones in his body were almost smashed; not to mention his Soul Sea being blocked, he couldn't generate an ounce of energy. He could feel an oppressive heat from the flaming palm, and he sensed that the other party was trying to control it; if not, he would have already been turned into a pile of ashes. Opposite him, Wang Zhong stood with his arms folded, and there was no sign that he had moved.

What kind of Dharma Idol was this? What kind of power was this?!

Leo didn't even feel the acute pain coming from various parts of his body; he just felt his brain turning into mush and all he could see was red.

Thud, thud, thud, thud…

He heard someone walking leisurely toward him and faintly saw a figure slowly approaching him. Leo suddenly regretted his actions. What kind of monster was this? Wasn't he supposed to be useless trash? Why was his combat power so astounding? And what kind of Dharma Idol was this?!

A fire attribute? Still, even a materialized Spiritual Soul Dharma Idol shouldn't be that realistic. If he didn't know better, he would have thought it was a Soul Beast!

This time, he was really done for.

"How should I deal with this, my king?"

That low and rough voice came from above Leo's head; meanwhile, the Flaming Spirit King — still holding on to him — knelt down in front of the approaching figure.

What was this situation?!

Even if he was about to faint, Leo was still unable to suppress his fear and shock, and his mouth full of blood hung open. His core beliefs were shaken.

Notwithstanding how strong that attack was just now, the main thing was the Dharma Idol actually spoke?

Everyone knew that Dharma Idols were just a reflection of oneself and an illusion; the real essence was still in the body and the soul. A Dharma Idol should not even have a real body! Yet, not only did this flaming dude have a real body, it had its own consciousness and could even speak!

Leo was extremely disconcerted and felt like he was going to pee his pants.

What the heck was this?

Before Leo came back to his senses, Wang Zhong snapped his fingers, and the Flaming Spirit King knew what to do. It held Leo by his neck, then punched him.


Another solid punch landed on his tummy, and Leo felt like his soul was separating from his body.

It was Wang Zhong who had punched him, but Leo felt that the power from it was comparable to the other punch just now. Even the most talented newcomers from the Tyrants couldn't pack a punch of this power! He was already half-dead from the punch that the Flaming Spirit King dealt him; now, Leo felt like he was going to die with this punch.

"Do you know why I left your face unharmed?" The elegant voice sounded like a devil instead to Leo.

He was kneeling on the ground and retching — his eyes almost bulging out — yet he was still conscious. Before he could answer, Wang Zhong stepped on his back.

Crack! Leo could clearly hear his bones breaking. He almost felt no pain as he slipped into a paralyzed state. "W-wh-why…"

He actually wanted to reply, but he couldn't even form a word in his tormented state.

"Because I need you to report back," the devilish voice rang again. Leo felt like dying, he came to torture a newcomer, but who knew he would meet such a perverse person? How was this person a newcomer? He was around the same level as Molton! To think he actually wanted to teach this person a lesson…

Wang Zhong squatted down, his foot still on Leo's back. He grabbed a bunch of Leo's hair. "You're a smart guy. I don't care who sent you here, just tell them you completed your mission."

Wang Zhong knew that this little-mustache guy was not brainless from how quickly he attempted to escape just now. This way, things wouldn't be so complicated. Although he needed to demonstrate his power, it would be better if he didn't attract trouble at this point in time.

"If you agree, you would have 'completed' your mission, and I would be free of trouble too. If you don't, the only other option is for you to die."

Leo was on the verge of tears. How was this even a choice?

"You don't agree?" Wang Zhong stepped harder on his back.

"A-agree! Agree! I agree!" Leo shivered; his back was almost shattered due to his slight hesitation. Wang Zhong was so violent; how could he not agree? Leo managed to squeeze out these few words with the last of his energy.

"Very good." Wang Zhong smiled. "Then, I hope you have a pleasant night ahead. Bye."

Wang Zhong was not worried at all. Leo looked like a smart guy; he wouldn't go against his 'suggestion.' Even if he did… so be it then.

After his near-death experiences in the cursed lands and the desert, Wang Zhong was not planning on swallowing his humiliation anymore. Sometimes, compromising blindly would not bring peace anyway.
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    《Battle Frenzy》